House Republicans Vote To Censure Rashida Tlaib

At the behest of AIPAC, Rashida Tlaib was censured by House Republicans for being upset like any human being would be that Jews are allowed to exterminate her people.

Since Mike Johnson became House Speaker in October, House Republicans have voted to Stand With Israel no matter what the cost, to send $14.3 billion dollars to Israel, fight anti-Semitism on college campuses and authorize a war with Iran to stop it from acquiring WMD. Rep. Brian Mast, a Republican from Florida, even showed up to work in Congress wearing an IDF uniform. In the House GOP, it has been ALL ISRAEL, ALL THE TIME on the floor of Congress for a month now.

Voters rewarded the GOP last night by sitting out the 2023 elections.

Note: I don’t really like Rashida Tlaib, but I care even less for puppets of AIPAC.


      • Robert- pearls before swine. The non-elect cannot please God, and therefore, don’t pretend that they do, by appeals to ‘reason’ or ‘free will.’ He has neither. And it is God, only, who can convert those ‘predestined from before the foundation of the world.’

    • All the brown Generation Bastards seem perplexed they are getting cancelled for joining in on what they though was going to be another anti-white protest. They expected to be patted on the back by the powers that be for their anti-Israel campus protests and tweets just like they were when they took part in the CIA color coded revolution against Trump back in the Summer of Floyd. Are they learning who really runs the country and whose agenda they were serving?

      By the way how is this “Mast” guy allowed to serve in Congress and wear a foreign uniform? I specifically remember reading the fine print on my passport that warns that my citizenship will be revoked if amongst other things I serve in a foreign army? Jeez, that little exception sure is Captain Obvious.

  1. Because of redistricting, she became my representative in congress for what was, and still is, a majority white GOP neighborhood.

    They lopped us into a vast wasteland of a congressional district which includes a huge chunk of one of the most violent areas of Detroit.

    Needless to say, I did not like that.

    Yet strangely somehow, she is the only one in our hallowed halls of the capitol saying basically what I’m thinking on this one issue.

      • God can raise up stones, as they say. Even the most ungodly will do God’s will, when His own People (White Christians) will not. Mainly to shame U.S., and to give us no excuse when we are judged for not saying what is True, in the face of Satanic Lies by the Devil’s seed.

  2. If she was White, they’d have voted to expel her. She’d have gotten the Steve King treatment. His unforgivable sin was for being marginally Pro-White. Republicans don’t care how Anti-White you are as long as you’re pro-Israel. We are ruled by cowards and traitors.

  3. If Mikey and his brokeback boys (of whichever pronoun) invited Bibi to give a speech before the assembled brothel, how many standing ovations would he get? Might even bring in some entertainment with Zelensky playing Hatikvah on piano with no hands. It would be even tastier if they had some darkie capitol pohleece there to escort any of the assembled who sat down too soon to the capitol jail. You should know the prime directive by now, zeks:

    Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding.

  4. They killed Christ for the same reason they censured Rashida, they did not like what he or she had to say. Somethings never change.

  5. Neo-con shills call for the destruction of Iran, Syria, Russia, and China constantly; and these vermin control our foreign policy. America is the most hypocritical country on the planet.

  6. A pox on both their houses. Rashida should never have been allowed into the U.S. along with tens of millions of other wogs. She is a lesser enemy but still an enemy.

  7. I expect an enemy to wave his/her banners high.
    They aren’t deceivers like the Hymster.
    Look at how fast the worthless republicucks move when it comes time to fellate Israel.
    We should vote CPUSA (D) just to smite the Grand Old Politburo.

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