Hezbollah Teases Major Announcement


The first American is dead at al-Tanf military base in Syria.

Will the Axis Powers declare war on Israel tomorrow morning?

Unlike our bumbling leaders, Hezbollah has waited while Israel slaughtered thousands of Palestinian children and was condemned by the whole world at the U.N. before declaring war.

Note: You have to give them credit for building suspense.


  1. White people need not show solidarity with Jews anymore. They’ve got their own armies. It’s not 1939 anymore when they ostensibly needed the British and French to rescue them in Poland (or whatever)

  2. They may declare war but it will be low intensity war to suck out last resources of the Empire.

    Or other way around. Some people thinking that they may go full Bakhmut so death toll will rise to stratosphere. This is necessary to freak out the possible supporters.

    For example Nato doesn’t have land war experience and pure idea that in case of Nato involvement may result 3000 deaths per day like they calculated in Ukraine, cools down most hotheads.

    Third thing is Iran. Anything less than nuclear bomb is very much useless. Iran has prepared for war 40 years, everything valuable is hidden and dispersed so even they accidentally hit something, the overall damage is small but consequences are horrific . 100 trillion derivate market will be blown out and this will be the end of finance system.

    I think tomorrow will be very much noise and very little war. Everybody want quiet death of the Empire, not apocalyptic Armaggedon.

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