House Republicans Pass Iran Resolution

The Ayatollah has WMD.

Do you want New York City to disappear in a mushroom cloud?

Note: The shills and water carriers like Jesse Watters have a new war in the Middle East to sell. Racism against Muslims is now permissible. This is a limited time offer which will expire when Israel no longer needs our support.


  1. Iran isn’t doing anything at all for the Hamas Sunnis. Nothing. And I don’t think they will. Iran has no claim to Palestine. But Turkiye does. If Zog attacks Turkiye, how will NATO resolve that?

    Massie compares this vote to the Gulf of Tonkin vote. Not really the same. In 1964 Zog needed a vote from Congress to wage a big war. Today, no such vote is needed. The Constitution is no longer in effect.

    I figure Iran has at least 40 to 50 functional nukes. Or else they would have been attacked already.

    • If Pollard is to be believed, Oct. 7 was much more of a Gulf of Tonkin than most realize. If Pollard (keep in mind he’s a Traitor – released by Cheetohead in one of his many futile fellations to make Schlomo like him) is even partially right, he just nuked Netanyahu.

      We must always keep in mind that the first casualty of war is the truth.

    • They all but admitted Iran has nukes in the resolution, e.g. the following nonsensical statement:

      > Yesterday Congress passed a resolution (354 to 53) that claims Iran possesses all it needs for a nuclear weapon.

      If the Ayatollahs have all they need, and these quacks admit as much, it means some nukes are already likely deployed, with more gradually being added. I don’t blame Iran for building nukes. They’d be stupid not to. The resolution amounts to a de-facto declaration of war on Iran. BTW no war has been declared by congress, who is explicitly give this power under the constitution, since 1941. As you note, the constitution is a long-dead letter. They have to have UN approval to declare war under the 1947 treaty the criminals ratified. Treaties trump the constitution. We live in a lawless totalitarian regime under which “law” means whatever they say it means.

  2. The menshevik fellow traveler Grand Old Politburo Washington Generals, more worthless than the Clinton era faux $3 dollar bill.
    One day the world will be a better place and the neo-Whig designated losers will be a footnote.

    • “One day the world will be a better place”

      Really? I have a hard time envisioning it, taking current trends into account.

  3. Iran has been the target all along, also Hezbollah. There is a pro Israel YouTube channel called the watchmen with Eric Stakelback and they have been highlighting for at least the last 14 months the coming great Northern war (Israel v. Hezbollah).

    The jews are using the West as a cats paw and the blowback on the West will be brutal, including terrorism, financial collapse, collapse of the systems that sustain like water, power etc.

    The doom approaches. Those slimy dogs of Zion. I hope they get nuked.

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