House Speaker Mike Johnson Responds To Calls For Ceasefire

There is no place in the Republican Party for anyone who objects to plunging into a huge new war in the Middle East for the sake of Israel which is Our Greatest Ally.

Let me be clear.

That’s anti-Semitic.


  1. The question is whether American soldiers will be deployed? If it is just aid then perhaps it won’t devolve into global bloodletting. If it is both financial aid as well as American troops deployed then we will probably have a global bloodletting.

    • It has already been decided. If Hezbollah attacks in the north with massive rocket fire, the U.S. Navy launches air strikes against them. Marine Expeditionary Units will also be deployed as the situation goes from bad to worse. U.S. Army airborne units can also be rapidly deployed as the mess continues to get worse.

      Of course, the number of troops who are deployable is quite limited which will necessitate the call-up of Reserve and National Guard units if things escalate too far. The NG may not be deployed overseas especially if there is a big terrorism problem domestically from all the Moslems in the country. The U.S. Government will blame the terrorism on “White Supremacists” like it has with several attacks against the electric grid already.

      “We” have nothing to say about the U.S. Government’s decisions. The Usual Suspects, working the levers of bribery and extortion together with a massive propaganda campaign in support of Our Greatest Ally will decide things. The moral cowards in Congress, with few notable exceptions such as Thomas Massie (R. Kentucky) and MTG (possibly Rand Paul) are alone in their opposition to this first of many aid bills. There isn’t an ounce, not even a grain of moral courage in these politicians, especially Republicans, exceptions noted.

  2. Glad I switched my registration to Independent after Cocaine Mitch supported the 1.7 Trillion Omni-Monster that was full of Critical Race Theory (anti-White) stuff snd even money for a Museum for The Gays in like New York.

    Going forward I will be taking a hard look at the Constitution Party and Libertarian Party and maybe even a protest vote for uppity negro Cornel West. He might be mad at Jews after Larry Summers tried to discipline him at Harvard years ago.

  3. It’s going to be fun to rub noses in shit and laugh as they get drafted.
    The war of all against all will also include a civil war in this sodomite sewer pipe sick satanic sideshow abomination that is AINO.

  4. @12AX7,

    “The U.S. Government will blame the terrorism on “White Supremacists” like it has with several attacks against the electric grid already.”

    There is a distincy probability in that assessment. Most likely, it would be an attack by some follower of a well known White Supremacist. Say for example, a Nick Fuentes’ Gay Mexican cult follower attacking Jews, or Israeli targets.

    The Feds would of course blame all so called White Supremacists whether they are followers or supporters, or friendly or not, to said White Supremacist. The would 1round everyone up assocoated and/or target them in civil court for millions of dollars. They would of course try to justify it by whether they posted said White Supremacists stuff on their websites. Said agent provocetuer would probably get off on some technicality though.

    This is for course, the whole objective of running obnoxious and odious individuals like Nick Fuentes. The Gay Mexican after all issued a fatwa declaring Holy War on Jews and Israel just a few months before Hamas slaughtered a bunch of Israelis.

    Imagine if some Anal First clown wiped a bunch of Jews, Israelis, and Republicans on a campus. You won’t have to imagine too far. There is already a suspect with Patrick Dai from Cornell, who is just the type of autistic non-White fuckhead to have been a follower of Nick Fuentes supposed White Supremacist Anal First movement.

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