House Republicans Pass $14.3 Billion Aid To Israel Bill

The most you can ask for from the GOP is to lose interest in funding an old war to fund a new one. Either way, the money goes the door to fund wars in Eurasia.


  1. Has anyone heard that Russia gave someone some kind of aid packages ?

    Russia always gives equipment to fight off enemy.

    This is problem everywhere. Russia declares that she will get 10 fighter planes, 20 tanks, 100 rockets and so on.

    Europe announces that it will spend 10 billions for defence and nobody knows where the money is going.

  2. It looks like Zog has decided on 70 billion to replenish the Ukranian front. But they want Zelensky out. Everyone there is terrified of the Azov Nazi berserkers protecting Zelensky. Zog may have to take the final resort, (i.e. what Diem got). As Moon of Alabama just joked, ” Z, don’t get in the back seat of the van” ( the last thing Diem did in this world).

    It is ALL ONE WAR, by the way.

    • $70B is a bargain to have the Ukies kick the shit out of Russia – that amount is about 3 weeks of the US military’s annual budget.

        • It’s Day 620 of Putin’s 3 Day Special Operation and Ukraine’s amateur army has recaptured half of the Ukrainian territory that “The Second Most Powerful Army In the World” held last year. How does that even remotely resemble “…Russia kicking the shit out of Ukraine”?

          • White men dying to defend an extremely corrupt, jew-led government. Does that make you feel good?

  3. Is that photo of Zelensky and wifey at a long white desk full of piles of cash not a photochop?
    Olive drab man should go directly to the source for shekels.

  4. The West is Israel’s bitch. We fund their defence. Jews fund our diversity.
    The wealth of many Jews alone could fund Israel’s war. Are they helping out?

    • Israel is not an economically viable nation at current living standards. They’ve run trade deficits every year since the late 1960s. Israel requires continuous inflows of cash from foreign aid, donations, overseas investments, profits from criminal activities, industrial espionage and central bank intervention to prop up their currency.

  5. This is so depressing. “our” “leaders” are all Zio prostitutes and our regular people are NFL Negro Felon League TV addicts.

    This pretty much guarantees we’ll have brutal Arab/Islamic terrorism, suicide bombings in USA, Europe, UK – these crazed, homicidal Arab, Pakistani, Afghan suicide, mass murderers don’t seem to take the time to find a J target – they just attack, murder the first White person they see like those Swedish tourists trying to watch their national soccer team play in Belgium, it doesn’t matter that Liberal Swedes always took the Palestinian side. Sigh.

    I can’t find anything or anyone to be hopeful about in American national politics.

    How’s the “We Stand with Israel”, the Palestinians walled off in Gaza are all NAZIS – KILL EM war propaganda going in Southern Red States? Has ZOG called out any of their C&W war propaganda prostitutes yet – what’s Tobey Keith saying, singing about all this?

  6. Apparently one of the big issues was taking money away from the IRS to give to the Zionist Entity.

    Why can’t they take money away from Critical Race Theory programs?

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