Bill Maher: Young People Are The Ones With The Tiki Torches Now

Bill Maher can’t wrap his mind around why Israel is so unpopular.

Note: I’ve seen a lot of wars in my lifetime, but I have never seen so many dead children in such a short span of time. Broken little bodies just piling up.


    • I think that the problem is, that Bill with other Jews is freaked out that their main weapon, hasbara, doesn’t work. World Jewry became defenseless and they are panicked.

      In Europe , Jew panic is also visible. For example, those Jews who normally avoid politics to keep their reputation as academic’s or artists or neutral lawyers or judges, come out to support atrocities.

      In my home country, here lives one of the most famous Jew compositor in the whole world and he never ever made political statement in his 88 years long life. Now he made first political statement in his life supporting Israel atrocities.

      Even the Eastern European experienced antisemites were shocked. We know that Jew is always Jew but this guy…we never believed that.

      The other guy is Martin van Creveld. Wise Elder of Zion. Just read what he is writing in his blog.

      “””…I’ve been trying to answer this question for years: why?
      Why, of all the conflicts in the world, only this one interests them?
      Why is a tiny country which struggles to survive criminalized?
      Why does manipulated information triumph so easily?
      Why are all the people of Israel, reduced to a simple mass of murderous imperialists?
      Why is there no Palestinian guilt?…”””

      Jesus. You are not school bullying victim, you are 77 years old one of the most known military analytics of the whole world. And best advice you can give your supporters in the crisis situation is this.

      I think that all Jew and shabbat goyims erratic behavior demonstrates that they know that final battle is here and they are badly losing. Bombing Gaza is also example. Wasting ammo for bombing civilian targets, PR disaster and ignoring fact that they need ammo for future battle against army is all about simple fact that they know that they are f..ed and they don’t care anymore.

      • . . . and of course those 2,000 Lb., 1,000 Lb., and 500 Lb. bombs as well as every gallon of fuel are provided by the U.S.A., and everyone in the Near East knows this.

    • (((Maher))) IS the reason there is a rise in antisemitism, smug kike lecturing the young generation and acting like boomers are infallible all while completely ignoring semitism. I use to watch his show even though I disagree with him on about 75% of all the issues because I do think he’s funny and it’s good to know what warped view of reality these people have. Since the Gaza incident, the show is completely unwatchable. You’d think it’s 2002 again, absolutely zero acknowledgement of the conditions the Palestinians have endured for decades or the atrocities Israel has committed to the entire world. For a guy who hates religion, he sure loves to ignore the crimes of his fellow Jews.

      • Maher is a Jew Irish hybrid. And the traits qualities and personal characteristic that are apparent in the Jews and the Irish show in Maher, a desire for power and a treacherous nature.

    • The rise in anti-Semitism in the U.S., really anti-Jewish sentiment to be exact; the Palestinians are Semites too, is one of the fruits of diversity and multi-culturalism. The Usual Suspects believed they could inflict diversity and multi-culturalism on Whites without consequence to themselves. We all get to enjoy diversity and multi-culturalism now, Usual Suspects included, for the first time. The majority of those protesting against Israel are colored people: immigrants, children of immigrants or other “diversity” who just see another anti-White cause even though The Usual Suspects don’t see themselves as White, except when temporarily advantageous.

      Their Golem has turned on them and they are shocked, shocked! Telling these wogs that: “No, no, we are anti-White too” just doesn’t work, the diversity doesn’t care. To them it’s just another anti-White cause.

      The best thing for Whites to do is to avoid the whole filthy mess. Keep our heads down, watch and laugh from the sidelines as the Left tears itself to pieces. If anyone thinks things are bad now wait until GloboHomo tries to bring back the draft which will fall overwhelmingly upon Whites who aren’t wealthy enough to buy their way out if it.

      First they deny it, then agree to “discuss” it, then it’s the law, at least for the unfortunate ones without connections or money to escape conscription.

      • Not to worry, for Schlomo already has the Latina AOC – fresh from the Hampton barrios and backed up by the synagogue – to corral all that diversity into a war on white-supremacism, for which the Zionists are merely jackboots on the ground. The Christian Zionists are playing into this narrative ‘yugely’ as Kang Cyrus would like to say. Are the diverse clever enough to see this game afoot?? I seriously doubt it.

        As you noted, there are whispers of resurrecting the selective service system. I’m guessing they’ll be wanting whatever white boys remain, and fill in the support units with the diversity and white females for their ‘comfort wymyn’. A real recipe for victory, no? (((Max Boot))) has been preaching this line for decades.

      • Good to see someone who also sees this. So many in this alt right nerdom are so blinded by their spergie anti jewish attitudes that they fail to see that the whole motivation of all these Generation Bastard punks on college taking the Palestinian side is hatred of whites. I see these cases of young Mexicans speaking out pro Palestinian slogans such as “River to the Sea,” young Chinese kids making harassing calls to synagogues, various flavors of immigrants shifting their focus from pro “trans” to pro Hamas on college campuses all completely shocked with disbelief when to their surprise they get cancelled for this? They seemed to not get reality at all as to who really runs this country. They actually expected to get patted on the back by the powers that be for joining in what they see as yet another anti-white cause, these light skinned Europeans who formed an unapologetically nationalist colonialist nation in the near east back in the forties.

        As I’ve said about all the foreigners in this country, to them America is like watching a foreign film with the subtitles turned off, they see all the flash, glitz, and glamor but don’t have a clue as to what is really going on with the plot. Seems this generalization can be expanded to not only the “fresh off the boat” types who go to big high profile cities they see in Hollywood movies and are then surprised when fatherless, teenage black thugs beat and rob them on their front porch, but is also applicable to some extent to their kids who actually expected to lead a huge anti Israel pro Hamas protest movement in the streets and get applauded by our oligarchs in the same way as they did when they obediently did the same against Trump back during the Summer of Floyd. In a way what happened is our elites created a golem and it is now out of control and coming back to destroy them.

    • This. My mom survived the Dresden slaughter as a young adult in her early 20’s. She told me enough about what happened there so what’s happening in Gaza doesn’t shock nor surprise me. The Yankee-masonic-judaic elite along with their cousins in England have never hesitated to inflict or support similar atrocities on other peoples. Only technology makes it easier than ever but also makes it more apparent to the rest of the world.

  1. I grew up in southern Arizona, less than 100 years after centuries of wars with the Apache bands in the region. Some people’s great grandparents remembered how vicious the tit for tat fighting was. Over in Texas, the same thing happened with the Commanche. Men, women, sometimes children, raped, dismembered, scalping, etc. both sides could get really ugly. Just go read the history. Eventually, you get to the point, where you can have the Apache, or Arizona, or New Mexico. Or the Commanche, or Texas, you can’t have both, simply because both sides after 400 years, hate each other. The U.S. had the space for reservations for thousands of Indians. Israel doesn’t have space for reservations for 2+millions of Gazans. There isn’t going to be peace until one side or the other totally crushes the other. That’s just how these things go historically. I wish we could stay out of it. By the way, just like all these groups in the Middle East hate each other, so Comanches and Apaches also were traditionally enemies.

  2. Our fellow white people ruined their future by indoctrinating entire generations in the West against imperialism, colonialism, white supremacy, and racism. We’ll, by their own definitions, is Israel not an imperialist, colonialist, white supremacist, racist settler apartheid ethnostate, and one run by bloodthirsty religious kooks like Netanyahu to boot?

    The “Judeo-Christian” concept would have been a better idea for the Zionist project. They could have emphasized how Jews from Spinoza to Mendelssohn to Von Neumann have made priceless contributions to Western civilization. Then Israel’s existence could be at least superficially justified as a shared fight between civilization and fanaticism. That dog won’t hunt anymore. America is a multicultural empire now thanks to our greatest allies and we somehow make it work without mass murdering children, so why can’t Israel join the multicultural future they created for us?

    That’s why their ethnostate is doomed after the Boomers and Boomervision are gone. Even Hollywood is disintegrating because there is no longer a shared American culture. Browns in the West are quickly diminishing the influence of both Israel-worshipping goobers, and the conspiratard grugs who are easily distracted by tall tales about vaccines and stolen elections.

    Imagine a world where the United States not only does not support Israel, but actively arms the Palestinian side. That’s the future Israel now faces.

    • You abject fool. Nobody can be anti-Zionist while supporting Jewish power and Jewish lies at home. Anyone who defends the vax or the special voting and vote counting procedures of 2023 is either an ignorant jackass or a liar. People who believe in Jewish historical narratives “can be moved” as Netanyahu says.

      “Imagine a world where the United States not only does not support Israel, but actively arms the Palestinian side. That’s the future Israel now faces.”

      While elections are stolen and deadly injections (developed by kikes) are forced by the party that starts a proxy war with Russia and is staffed from top to bottom by kikes. Talk about delusional.

  3. These kikes and their messaging about “young people” is one of the most disgusting things about them. As if they’re in charge, or should be in charge, of what young people think about the world and how they should live. The torches in Charlottesville were carried by young men.

  4. Of course Zionists don’t want to take responsibility for anything.
    Israel started this by continuing to occupy, blockade, displace and treat Palestinians as 2nd class citizens.
    I don’t condone 10/7, but I don’t condone Israel starving millions and killing thousands of civilians just to get a few Hamas either.
    I don’t condone ethnic cleansing and genocide which’s what this is.
    It’s an illegal occupation under international law and the way they’re conducting this war is also illegal under international law.
    Israel is more in the wrong here than Hamas because they started and are continuing this.
    They should cease fire and fully withdraw from Palestine immediately.
    They should stop occupying, blockading and displacing them immediately.
    Neither the mainstream left nor right are calling them out on this.
    Defund Israel.

  5. Don’t you just love shit-libs like Maher after decades of lecturing everyone about human/civil rights all of a sudden screaming antisemitism and acting confused as they approve of the wanton slaughter of children in droves – something all their enemies they slandered through the years never did. They are even more disgusting and monstrous than we ever imagined. It was always about holding power and getting rich at any cost for these vermin. They are the lowest lifeforms on the planet. Total fucking sociopaths and psychopaths running the West.

  6. Some on the dissident right have suggested that we use this situation to try to make some alliances or cooperation with zionists. For myself, I say nothing doing. I don’t trust any of them. It always boils down to their interests — and Israel — first. It’s also said we should not support either side. I agree, but it’s a little late for that, the USA having spent decades supporting Israeli blockbusting, “mowing the lawn,” and ethnic cleansing in the Palestinian Territories.

    We’ve seen all this before, the blown up buildings, the bodies — just not on this scale. I support the Palestinians.

  7. the Palestine dilemma isn’t Europe’s or America’s problem either – why should it be ? Israel caused the mess; let them take care of it.

    • It is our problem because Israel has been/is a massively destabilizing presence as well as their being directly complicit in sending masses of MidEasterners/N Africans flooding into Europe and the US since the 1970s. Where do you think Millions of these Palestinians will eventually end up?

      • Israel IS a problem (and a BIG problem) because Israel HAS INDEED been/is a massively destabilizing presence as well as their being directly complicit in sending masses of MidEasterners/N Africans flooding into Europe and the US.

        BUT short of Israel being eradicated by God himself we have to stop selling weapons and giving money to Jews so that they can continue to operate – we need to stop enabling Jews from stirring up trouble.

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