Free Speech Under Attack In Georgia

Editor’s Note: In related news, Goyim Defense League activists are being arrested and sent to jail in Georgia and Florida for distributing fliers. The GOP is currently making a big show of “Standing With Israel” and “fighting anti-Semitism” and is willing to trample all over the First Amendment to flex STATE POWER to crush anyone who criticizes Israel. Ron DeSantis has been harshly criticized by Rep. Randy Fine in Florida for not being tough enough on fighting anti-Semitism.

Michael Weaver reports:

On Friday, November 3rd, Mr. And Mrs. Catfish were arrested by 9 Douglas County Sheriff deputies from Douglasville, Georgia for Free speech. A tyrannical judge signed a warrant for “littering” even though Georgia Supreme Court case law says literature is not litter! Read Statesboro Publishing v City of Sylvania decided on May 17, 1999. This caselaw trumps their “littering” ordinance. According to jail staff they are facing 132 counts of “littering” which is unconstitutional and a violation of their civil rights. They have a bond hearing set for November 6th according to jail staff. We live under a Zionist Occupied Government and the Constitution is dead! How many more Americans will be arrested by the Bolshevik thought police for exercising their God-given constitutional rights? Mr. And Mrs. Catfish are currently being held as political prisoners POWs at the Douglasville, Georgia aka Douglas County jail.

Here’s their contact information:

Here is a video about the arrests of the activists in Georgia.

Note: Statesboro Publishing vs. City of Sylvania case law from the Georgia Supreme Court holds that distributing fliers is not littering.


  1. This type of development is unfortunately unavoidable. Donald offered them quietly go away but they refused and put up fight.

    They may squirm for a while but finally they have nothing else left than come out under Red Banner as open communists.

  2. ‘Conservatives’ and ‘Republicans’ are just showring their true colors.
    They’re authoritarians.
    They let ‘Liberals’ and ‘Democrats’ be the authoritarians for a while, with covid, Antifa, BLM, me too (believe all women), 1/6, Ukraine and so on, now it’s the right’s turn to be authoritarian because of 10/7.
    Neither of these groups cares about the constitution, civil liberties, free speech and ‘liberal democracy’, it was all just a show, they care about money, power and Israel.
    After 9/11 it was the right that was especially responsible for authoritarianism and militarism, but they took a back a seat since 2017 or 2020, now they’re back at it.
    It’s nothing new, these parties haven’t changed one bit, it was all a mirage.
    That’s why I say stop supporting them, don’t vote for or donate to them.

  3. This is Jewish rule. We are living under Jewish rule. And it is bound to failure. The Jews want more than anything to lead and rule over this world, unfortunately God did not given them the necessary capabilities to do so. But God did give them a way to reach their desired goal……….and they killed him. The Jews are doomed with Christ. The conditions are now being created for the destruction of the Jews and it is being done by the Jews themselves. God help these poor sick bastards.

  4. There’s a excellent article by a ‘Josephus Tiberius’ over at K-Mac’s Occidental Observer giving the full outline of the latest Jewish Declaration of War on America. This is a very powerful refutation of any of several reasons given for a white American to stand with the Zionist regime in any way, shape or form.

    Given the author’s rather curious choice of pseudonym, I wonder if the writer is a Jewish convert to Christianity. The name is not that of the famous historian Flavius Josephus, who was captured by the Roman forces and enslaved in the revolt of AD 68-70. Vespasian ultimately granted Josephus his freedom – hence the adoption of the Flavian family name. The pseudonym has more similarity to a later figure by the name of Joseph of Tiberias, a Jewish convert to Christianity.

  5. My liberal (I can fix her) crush Abby Martin sued the University System of Georgia in 2020 because they insisted that she sign a legally binding contract not to boycott the zionist occupying entity in Palestine, or they would renege on the offer for her to speak at Georgia Southern University.

    Ms. Martin won her lawsuit, and ironies of ironies, Judge Mark Cohen in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia found that her First Amendment rights were violated.

  6. Please alert local “Conservative” (not a lot left to Conserve that was good about 1950s White America) Judeo X’tians that the powers that be aren’t trying to ban the worst forms of J pornhub, Black on White, homo hard core porn, it’s perfectly fine for J Hollywood to fight their war on Christmas, release anti White Christian movies like “Bad Santa” , “D’jango Unchained on Christmas Day, homo pride month is a month long, and they’re tearing down statues of Robert E Lee, Nathan Bedford Forest and Christopher Columbus but it’s all supposed to be OK if we have more J wars of slaughter in Gaza and Ukraine, Crimea and of course.

    5 days a week of bread and circus Negro Felon League, College in Name only (even the name is stupid it’s rugby not Football/Soccer) “Football”.

    Please point out to your Zio BLM, NFL Negro Felon League addicted relatives, friends and neighbors that yes, they are slaves. Sunni Saudi Islamists openly call our soldiers White slaves and of course the self anointed Chosen People of God call us their slaves, – Shiksa whore slaves and goyim, lots and lots of dumb white goyim/cattle.

    Do any local White Conservative Christian leaders in your area stand up for any remaining Christians in Jerusalem, the Holy Land?

    I can’t find any near me.

    • > Do any local White Conservative Christian leaders in your area stand up for any remaining Christians in Jerusalem, the Holy Land?

      Basically no. Though there are small remnants of Christianity in Murika, but most of what refers to itself by that term falls into one of two forms of idol-worship:

      1. The so-called “mainline” (like mainlining fentanyl) group worships the Holy Negro and anal sex. They are fully Church of Woke and might as well replace the cross, etc. with a Pentagram and offer blood sacrifices of white children to a Baphomet statue. The “long march through the institutions” has been going for decades in these places and is now completed. Besides the old Prot denoms, this group includes lots of Novus-Ordo Catholics.

      2. The so-called “Christian Zionists” worship Talmudic Satanists – their Chosen People. John Hagee is the perfect example of this apostasy. Not only to they worship the Synagogue of Satan (Christ’s own term), but they also operate scams like the objects of their worship but on a lesser scale since they don’t have a government act allowing them to create money out of nothing (110 years and counting). They too will offer their own kids to their idol – upon the Synagogue’s war-altar. Join the Marines, son!

      Is it any wonder so many folks stay away in droves from these places? Even a Hindu temple is more sensible. A total clown-show. That which passes for Christianity in Murika is largely a Satanic Zombie – kind of like the Nashville shooter. There are probably a few Orthodox and Maronite Catholics who are trying to help Christians being purged in the middle east by both Jews and Muslims (with one notable exception) alike.

  7. I’ve had this brilliant propaganda idea for many years and I’m just trying to find some bad ass younger White guy to do it – like that body builder lit dropper activist from Georgia.

    Here’s what to do, this is heavily borrowed for smart, sneaky dishonest Js:

    1) Convert to Islam

    2) Legally change your name to something Islamic

    3) Get dirty and hairy and dress to look alien, Islamic

    Then do honest, anti Zionist, anti Neo Con, anti J Porn, anti J “Who Rules the Media” lit drops, emails. videos kind of like that J convert to Orthodox Christianity did “Brother Benjamin”

    The propaganda message is two fold, both work great from our perspective:

    Document, educate Whites in Red States like Tennessee and Texas about the REAL JQ – AIPAC, ADL domination of both political parties, J media mafia monopolization of the American media including the supposedly “Conservative media” like NY Post, National Review and post Tucker Carlson purged Fox News. Document that it was the ADL, Max Boot J Neo Con, Zionists that got Tucker Carlson – the highest rated, most trusted Cable News guy fired.

    And – present Islam as the one True Religion, the fastest growing religion in the United States, UK, Europe, Canada – present White Christians as mostly nice people, but weak, cowardly, confused and subservient to the Neo Con, anti Christ J Pornhub, WaPost, NY Times, Harvey Weinstein J Hollywood . Present the honest Islamic view that Jesus Christ was an honored prophet while Talmudic Judaism presents Jesus Christ as one of th e3 creates enemies of Judaism with the Talmud saying he’s now boiling in Hell in hot semen and excrement (this is all true by the way).

    The implied threat is that in the conflict between Anti Christ, Homosexual, Woke, LGBT, Talmudist Je*s and Islam – the one true religion, Islam will win and Whites don’t want to be on the losing side because of mass unrestricted Muslim migration invasions to USA, UK, Europe – the Muslims are gonna win, so Whites might as well join the winning side and do things like give up their pretty White daughters as the ugly Muslim migrant men want (there’s the hint of rape if the local Whites don’t voluntarily give up their/our White daughters.

    This is something the Js successfully do ALL THE TIME – change countries, change their last names to fit in pretend to be German, British, French, Anglo American – Michael Weiner became “Michael Savage of the Savage Nation” not the “Weiner Nation”, Lev Bronstein became Leon Trotsky, that Comedy Central Yid John Stuart was born, named something J like Jonathan Leibowitz.

    And, sure it’s dishonest to do all this name/religion changing but let’s face it.

    Being 100% honest has always been a losing proposition for us since GL Rockwell’s days.

    Also, have some fun out there – if we’re destined to drown in seas of family fishing tides of mud, POC, 3rd world, COVID, bubonic plague, TB Islam migrant invasions, the Walking Dead Zombie attacks, we might as well go down with a smile on our lips having some fun.

    Yeah, have some fun out there in the streets, in the real world. So many Right Wing Conservatives, race denying Constitutionalists live their lives with a pole stuck up their arses



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