Poll Watch: Genocide Joe Flatlines In Key Swing States

Joe is screwed.

He is boxed in on Israel by Congress and his donors.

The Left is already in open rebellion over Israel / Palestine.

The clips and images of dead Palestinian civilians have set the whole Muslim world on fire.

The war in Gaza could easily spiral into a regional conflict that sucks in American troops.

New York Times:

President Biden is trailing Donald J. Trump in five of the six most important battleground states one year before the 2024 election, suffering from enormous doubts about his age and deep dissatisfaction over his handling of the economy and a host of other issues, new polls by The New York Times and Siena College have found.

The results show Mr. Biden losing to Mr. Trump, his likeliest Republican rival, by margins of three to 10 percentage points among registered voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Mr. Biden is ahead only in Wisconsin, by two percentage points, the poll found. …

Trump is now clobbering Joe in the swing states in the NY Times poll.

Note: Just wait … an even bigger mess lies ahead when Trump is convicted and sent to prison next year.


  1. Who knew that so many Arab sympathizers were in the US. If Joe were smart he’d hang draw and quarter Blinken. Genocidal Joe will stick on this old evil man. But he can atone by offering up Blinken as a scapegoat.

    • The overwhelming majority of those protesting for Hamas in U.S. cities and on college campuses are Arabs/Moslems or first or second generation descendants of Moslem immigrants. There are very few Whites in the protests especially outside college campuses. A few purple haired women, bored young people who couldn’t find Gaza on a map and other misfits make up the White contingent.

      This crucial point is studiously ignored by the Lügenpresse because it shows one of the long term effects of immigration. They cannot reconcile their slavish devotion to The Usual Suspects who are the prime movers behind third world immigration and immigrants’ hatred for The Usual Suspects. They brought a snake into their house and now they are shocked that the poisonous thing has bitten them. As long as it only bit the neighbors they didn’t care.

    • The policy differences between King Cyrus and Dementia Joe regarding Our Greatest Ally are zero. The next president is going to get burned to a crisp on the issue of conscription, not support for Our Greatest Ally. The Pentagon is begging for a return to the draft but no politician will endorse conscription in an election year. After the election next year all bets are off no matter who gets selected.

  2. Even in my country the left Is supporting Palestine…… far-left and far-right had Always supported Palestine…….the difference is that: The left has always used anti-Semitism and the Holocaust as a weapon to eliminate their opponents when it suits them. Now that Jews accuse the pro-Palestine left of being anti-Semitic, the Marxist left says the charge of anti-Semitism is ridiculous and used only to discredit……but haven’t they been doing that all these years with us right-wingers? And especially the Jews or the main stream in general has served them well all these years with LGBTQ and cancel culture.

  3. Re: “The Left is already in open rebellion”:

    It’s not literally a rebellion. And what “left”? The Left is almost extinct within the borders of the U.S.’s (U.sury S.ystem’s) fifty-state “homeland.” What is called “the left” in “our democratically elected” government is the “good cop” expression of government imposing worker exploitation and global imperialist warfare. “Leftist” Nancy Pelosi said what “the left” really is: She said “Sorry, we are all capitalists.” The Squad including A.O.C. can’t even define socialism when asked to. The so-called “our representatives” that we will elect more of on Tuesday really represent the masters of the system, who own nearly all the wealth. This is the nature of the system. Populist reformism cannot change the nature of the system. Populism is a mere safety valve to relieve dangerous social pressure building up. When the danger of an explosion (revolution) is past, the system doubles down on exploitation, to make up for lost time. So I insist there is no left in the U.S. government. As President Calvin Coolidge said, “The business of America is business” (NOT to serve people). The system won’t let you vote your way out. When a Socialist Presidential candidate, Eugene Debs, was on the ballot over a century ago, he had to be imprisoned through the campaign season.

    • “As President Calvin Coolidge said, ‘The business of America is business’ (NOT to serve people).”

      No healthy person would write that sentence, Merthyr. Nobody, that is, capable of human connection would sense a lack of human concern in what Coolidge said there. Only those persons who are unable to connect with others are constantly seeing such a lack, everywhere they turn. It is their own emptiness that drives them, perversely, constantly to invoke “human” and “people,” which they never stop brandishing, in accusatory demands such as “People over profits!” They’re always over-correcting, rather as Hillary Clinton, having been made to a understand that she has no sense of humor, has taken to cackling and smiling constantly, no matter what has been said to her.

      That is what it is to be a Marxist: to be incapable of human connection. Marx wrote with the very intention of rousing those who are incapable that way, to make of them an army against the healthy. His is the true attempt at genocide.

      • Another version by Coolidge is: “The chief business of the American people is business, they are profoundly concerned with buying, selling, investing….” His administration cut income tax rates and removed regulations, “to help large corporations better serve the people.” So yes, he did say “serve the people,” but the Great Depression is what the libertarian policies served to most people. As to whether socialist thinking is healthy or not healthy, consider the fact (statistics prove it) that socialist government is associated with improving health and lengthening lifespan for the vast majority, whereas laissez faire thinking and government shortens lives, reduces health, and impoverishes the vast majority. Figures prove it, yet most of the population of the U.S. is romantically attached to laissez faire “rugged individualism,” since it is the culture we grew up in, even though it is not a healthy culture, and especially unhealthy for foreign victims of our imperialism, many of whom end up fleeing from it and coming here.

        Re: “It is their own emptiness that drives them, perversely, constantly to invoke “human” and “people,” which they never stop brandishing, in accusatory demands such as “People over profits!”: Note that your corporations use those expressions as their advertising slogans. Banks that say they put “People first,” yes indeed! Weapons manufacturing corporations, death merchants, all have “human rights policies” on their books that they completely violate as they lobby hard for more war to sell more weapons to kill more people, to increase their stock prices and profit. Finally, the label “Marxist” is not entirely accurate but I don’t think it is dishonorable. Some commenters here who admire Hitler and Mussolini are proud to be called Fascists. Thanks for your concern and your sincere and articulate comments.

        • “Note that your corporations use those expressions as their advertising slogans. Banks that say they put ‘People first,’ ….”

          Unless my recollection is way off, Merthyr, you’ve helped make my case by noting that. That sort of insipid marketing arose, as I recall, in and after the ’60s, as the corporations of that time strove to respond to the attacks by its Marxists, the New Left, as they were called. If you’ll look at advertising from earlier periods, you’ll see, I’m pretty sure, that companies merely touted the virtues of their products, their offerings. They didn’t have constantly to protest that they were “human.” Developing something as useful as, say, liquid soap was evidence enough that one was human—and that one was concerned about humans.

          That sort of defensive advertising is part of the anti-human mush with which our entire culture has been polluted, in consequence of pressure exerted by the non-humans of the left. Similar is the constant polling—“Were you satisfied with your purchase?” “Would you recommend our service?” I don’t remember any of that before the crusader Ralph Nader began contending that corporations didn’t care about their customers or whatever it was he was saying, in his championing “consumers.”

          That word, by the way, “consumers,” has also always seemed to me part of this, though I don’t know its history. It has always seemed to me to reflect a Marxist view, that there are “producers” and “consumers,” as opposed to parties who exchange. What has long struck me as odd about it is its inhuman ring. Only a leftist would think it human to speak of persons as “consumers,” to defend and fight for “consumers.” That goes, too, I’m inclined to think, for “human resources,” a term a human would be expected to scorn, which is why I’m inclined to think the left promulgated it.

          It’s hard to be struck by the presence of mush when you’ve spent your life neck-deep in it.

          PS From the human era: https://repository.duke.edu/dc/adaccess/BH1209 (“Keep That Wedding Day Complexion”—Palmolive, 1922)

          • “Marxists, the New Left”:

            I’m of the Left which was before the New Left and even before Marx. I don’t like those insipid advertising slogans either, and I also find the fake leftist expressions “consumer” and “human resources” revolting. We do disagree, but not in some of the ways that you think we disagree.

  4. Bad idea importing all of these people for the neo-con and intel communities psyop’s/gayops cells? Are any of their pets getting any innocent protestors solitary or excessive pig force for this little gayop?

    Anywho, I’m never voting for any of these coke v pepsi pieces of ******* **** in “our” rigged elections ever again.

  5. Trump was also leading on election night 2020 and Cenk Uygur was flippin’ out. The reason Hillary refused to concede in 2016, and Podesta went out to say they were going to keep counting, is because the Democratic Party CAN when called upon, produce however many “votes” that they need to win.

    The polls haven’t mattered for a long time now.

    • Yes, I noticed that one too. Muh’ ‘Holy Izzreal’ never bothered to sign the NPT and failed to ratify any chemical or biowarfare treaties. Funny that, since Schlomo was traditionally the one always carping about the need to ‘treaties’ to ensure “free” trade. Always remember that Schlomo lies, and there is nothing free about a rigged market, just as there is nothing free about a rigged election. Ditto for “democracy”. Word spells, nothing more.

      • Nuclear weapons are a bunch of BS just like everything else that our jew-run governments tell everyone in order to maintain control.

  6. Re: “Gaza could easily spiral into a regional conflict that sucks in American troops”:

    The “homeland” troops are ALREADY in occupied Palestine, including Gaza, where the U.S.’s Delta troops and other American troops are said to be “mostly helping with logistics.” They are not sucked in but sent in entirely by choice, fully, originally, deliberately involved. An American three-star general and his staff have been sitting in the colonial capital for weeks, doing the planning and taking charge of the execution. The U.S. supplies the weapons and fuel, and does the drone and satellite reconnaissance, and the targeting work, just like it does for its proxy “Ukraine” in the war to destroy Russia.

    This is the “good cop” AMERICA’S war against the people of the Middle East, using its most important colony Israel as the bad cop proxy, for “plausible deniability.” If Israel did not exist it would be necessary for the U.S. to invent it (again).

    America and the Zionist entity are one. They are united, along with the regimes running Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, etc. – one solid, united force for the promotion of evil and punishment of the good, the exact opposite of the role of proper, God-ordained government stated in the first epistle of Peter: “for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well.” I Peter 2:14

    • Yes. I fully expect they are already there doing a lot of the heavy lifting. There will be some unfortunate ‘helicopter crashes’ to explain any Murikan corpses. Many likely wearing IDF uniforms, too. Hell, we already have a video of Murikan troops singing the Zionist national anthem. That might have been part of the swearing in ceremony. If Hezbollah enters to the north, expect things to go full retard in very short order.

    • This seems like a poor argument to get any policy changed nor gain converts. If the destruction of Palestine enriches Anglo Saxon’s, then most Anglo Saxons will happily exterminate. Never get in the way of an Englishman and his money.

      If the destruction of Palestine eventually impoverishes Anglo Saxons then okay let’s run with that argument. That will give Anglo Saxons pause.

  7. I do not know who they are calling. We are not happy about the US funding Israel and are making it known.

    Almost 70% of Americans agree. Why would they vote for the King of Israel who promised to Glass Gaza and necessarily bring those refugees to the US?

    Or any republican for that matter? They all voted for unlimited Israeli funding.

  8. Jews, Jews, sure Joe Biden is a treacherous Irishmen but that does not mean he is going to stab you in the back, in your hour of greatest need, it does not mean that at all……… not in a million years Jews, sleep well. BAHA

    • Joey Shitpants controls nothing – not even his bowels. He’s a senile pedophile who serves as a kind of sick ‘rub-shit-in-their-faces’ joke for the monsters who actually run things. A literal retarded ventriloquist-dummy. They might as well get a real donkey and use technology to make it appear as if it were speaking to the nation. Half or more of the morons residing in today’s publik-edumacated Murika would believe it. There’s little point in ascribing anything at all to him – apart from the vast grifting/looting operation he nominally heads. They might well arrange for his demise long before the election is held – if it is even held.

      • Exalted Cyclops ” They might as well get a real donkey and use technology to make it appear as if it were speaking to the nation ” excellent idea, but not a donkey, a Horse, not just any horse, but MR. ED, the talking horse, he can really speak, seen it with my own eyes, MR. ED is better looking than j.biden, more articulate, doesn’t run around sniffing the hair of little girl’s, MR.ED is polite, has manners, conducts himself formally and believe it or not, is honest

  9. It is still eatly enough to have Genocide Joe and Cackling Kamala exit stage right and be replaced by Gavin Newsome.

    If Zion Don goes to jail and is disqualified from running by the 14th Amendment then Meatball Ron is right there ready to run and continue the Forever Wars.

  10. The next President (Newsom) was cutting off the electricity of people resisting his Martial Law lockdowns in 2020 and 2021.

    A lot of us have had our bank accounts closed. No access at all to the banking system. We can use crypto, if we can get access to our paychecks. Not always possible, many companies only do direct deposit, which we have no access to.

    Newsom has a history of cutting off the power of people he doesn’t like. If you are not off grid, developing some kind of back up plan is advisable. Some solar, some firewood and a wood stove, a good generator, whatever. This Newsom is absolutely ruthless.

  11. Hey Hunter, congratulations on your son man. I have two young daughters it’s fun watching them grow up. Have you noticed a bunch of hit pieces on BLM in the mainstream media lately? It looks like Jews are trying to rally whites and play both sides again. It seems like desperation. Meanwhile the Left is cannibalizing itself over this. It’s interesting to watch it all fall apart.

  12. Voting is over. White American voters have no good option. Vote for the party of thieves and whores, or the party of whores and thieves.

  13. At this point it seems this will be over in three months. It is now clear that Hezbollah will do nothing much. Iran is too scared to do anything at all.

    Egypt is run by a literal Jew. Zog is offering him debt relief in exchange for taking the Palestinians into Egypt. This will be far bigger than 13 billion.

    Russia is fortifying Syria with troops and s-400s, but that is purely defensive.

    As usual, no one at all, except Turkiye, will support the Palestinians. This is nothing new. And Turkiye will have problems marching an army through Lebanon or Syria. No can do.

    So the genocide attempt will succeed. Probably by February. Given the 6 month rule (American voters forget things within 6 months), this little genocide will not hurt the dems at all next November.

    If there is an Islamic Revolution in either Jewish run Egypt, or in Arabia, run by the crypto Jew Saudis, the situation would change.

    • As I said on Twitter, I am not worried about what Trump will do in Gaza because everyone there will probably be dead in a year at the rate people are being killed. Israel is claiming it has already killed 1% of the population.

      • It’s clearly an extermination plus expulsion. The footage of the stream of people heading south is quite singular. Jews will never live this one down. It’s all on tape.

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