Lee Smith: The Israel Op

There is an actual Israel op.

Conservatism, Inc. has spent years and millions of dollars astroturfing various influencers on social media who are “anti-woke,” but “pro-Israel” in order to capture and bottle up organic pro-White sentiment on the internet. Those people have been rejected like the Ron DeSantis campaign.

Among other things, our community has never liked Israel or the ADL or AIPAC or Bibi Netanyahu or Ben Shapiro or servile Republican politicians who Stand With Israel. The Palestinian cause isn’t our cause, but we have always recognized that the Palestinians have been treated horribly by Israel. Various White Nationalists like David Duke have brought it up over the years. Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, James Traficant and lots of other paleocons, populists and libertarians have also criticized Israel for its actions.

If I ever decided to sell out my principles and become an “op,” I would announce on here that I am pro-Israel and now support American military interventions in the Middle East.


But it’s not, and the right can’t afford to let itself be fooled into despair with so much at stake. The same U.S. government agencies and officials that pushed everything from Russiagate to the Russia bounty story and lied about the origins of COVID-19, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the character of Jan. 6 protests are now warning that Israel’s war against Hamas is likely to drag U.S. forces into WWIII. It’s another information operation designed to disorient and demoralize the America First camp. This time, however, there’s a big difference—an influential segment of the right is amplifying the left’s campaign against them.

But now, the right is in danger of transitioning into the left. Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that amid the ruins, some of those capitalizing on the chaos and preying on the shell-shocked are themselves from the right. A year ago, for example, right-wing influencer Jackson Hinkle sounded like a normal Trump voter. …

I don’t care what the Left thinks about Israel.

A broken clock is right twice a day. A blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut.

I wasn’t pro-war or pro-Israel before October 7th. I certainly haven’t seen any reason to change my mind about Israel after seeing it commit the most horrific atrocities that I have ever seen in my lifetime. Instead, I recoiled in disgust like the vast majority of human beings around the world. I am also not excited about the prospect of getting sucked into a huge new war in the Middle East to “Stand With Israel.”

If MIGA is coming back in 2024, then I will find something else to do.


  1. Do not let your hatred of Israel exceed your love for your own race. Brown people don’t give a damn about us any more than Jews do.

  2. Jackson Hinkle was not the “right.” It is true that he capitalized on some bugbears of the right like covid-19 but so what? That doesn’t make you “right-wing” again whatever the hell that means. Not everything is about this silly culture war and Trump’s legal problems. What about economics and foreign policy?

    Anyone who is smart saw right through Ron DeSantis and his games. Play the culture war heavily and pull stunts on immigration in order to sell you Israel-first and neoliberlism which has always been the GOP playbook. I’m tickled to death to see people waking up from this and focusing on foreign policy and economic issues which is the real obsession of the ruling class and the “deep state.”

    As far as what is at stake in this election? Nothing. Both sides are for endless wars, cheering on mass slaughter and getting us into WW3 which is the only issue right now for people who have a brain. The only thing that is at stake is opposing these people – all of them and that includes the “right.” Join up with those who agree and yes that means the “left.” Fuck boomercons and fuck Charlie Kirk-like astroturfers and the Israel-first crowd. There is no American first in the Republican party – it is just MIGA/Zionism and Reaganomics. I want nothing to do with those clownish bloodthirsty morons.

    • Jackson Hinkle simply rode the wave of disgust against Israel. I see a lot of people doing it. Some are genuine. Some are grifting.

    • Terms like “left” and “right” are basically now reduced to ad-hoc labels of convenience. They’re actually quite incoherent. Both the officially approved “right” (Dumpf, DeSantis, et al) and the officially approved “left” (Shitpants Joey, Gaslight media, et al) support foreign wars (Ukraine, Israel) while the southern border is wide open and being openly invaded by foreigners from all over. This is actually open treason and both factions are all for it. There is nobody in any position of power on our side in the lawless regime occupying Washington DC. They are literally all paid whores or worse. It is well past being reformable or fixable in any way. Most remain glued to their opiates of one kind or another, utterly stupefied.

      > Brown people don’t give a damn about us any more than Jews do.

      I’ve not seen a single instance of where HW even implied that the POX care about whites any more than Jews do. Hell many whites hate other whites (Nashville Tranny shooter, for example) as much as Jews do. Other whites in gaslight media, police, etc. worked very hard to keep the freak’s manifesto a state secret. Yes Jews dominate the ruling oligarchy, but the ugly truth remains that their ability to rule as they do is because there are large numbers of whites willing to carry out their orders for fake-money or less. These people are actually the very worst enemies of all those we face. They’re also probably the weakest link in Uncle Schmuel’s chain of command. Break a link and the chain weakens. The enemy of your enemy is hardly ever your friend.

  3. “” If MIGA is coming back in 2024, then I will find something else to do” Really ? Take your ball and go home ? The vision, clarity and truth telling of the SOUTHERN Intellectual, is needed now, more than ever, that means you SIR………

  4. Hunter, if you only consume political opinion shaping campaigns, you will always be disappointed. The only way to shape political opinions short of having billions of dollars and/or a major media outfit, is you have to organize. That requires getting involved in your local party, as a precinct committeeman, organizing clubs of like minded fellows, electing similar people to office in the party, creating a list of small donors, and fielding candidates for public office. You could do that and your little media outfit here and actually accomplish things other than waiting for someone to say something you like to get you “interested.”

  5. That picture of netanyah-jew & zion don…

    Remember when andrew anglin wrote an entire article based on that & other pics from that meeting gushing that the “body language” of netanyah-jew “proved” zion don had orchestrated a sort of coup d’etat where he had effectively discarded the star of david to reveal his supposed swastika costume & “established dominance” over netanyah-jew (& the jews in general, according to anglin).

    We were supposedly finally “in control” at that point.

    anglin & weevenstein must have had a jolly long hyena cackling after that nonsense that reignited the “spark” that was “trusting the plan”…

    It’s up there w/when anglin insisted that zion don telling the negro sportsball league nigz to stop kneeling & stand for the ‘merika song anthem was itself “the decisive turning point” where anglin asserted that jews were “handing over back control of america to whites”

  6. You might want to listen to David Duke’s broadcast today as he was talking about the Israel/ Gaza situation and what I am assuming is a angry Jews screamed “F*ck you Dave” and he and the Jewish protester went at it!

    • @Feric,

      There is a running joke of a drinking game. Who gets drunk the fastest when listening to David Duke by drinking a shot every time he says the word “Jew.” We had a friend who was hospitalized doing this game. So, we upped it to every time Davis says three “Jews” in a 30 second interval. Try it. You won’t last 10 minutes at best.

      The last time I played, David must’ve known I was listening cuz he literally said 15 Jews in a 30 second interval. I do know a lot of Russians so, I took it as some sort of modern Russian roulette game they played on me, and being Russians, cheated, trying to kill me. Needless to say I was out for a few days but came out alive.

      David Duke is clearly batshit crazy on some sort of high IQ triple agent way. Either that or the fact it took all these years for one Jew to call in and get in shouting match shows Jews can’t handle their drink. No let’s see if the Nazis can.

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