Nashville Shooter Audrey Hale Targeted White Crackers

Well, this explains the cover up.

Louder With Crowder

Finally, we have some news big enough to break away from a month of Israel / Palestine.


  1. Atlanta, once upon a time, had a minor league baseball team, proudly named, the Atlanta ” CRACKERS ” I would wear some gear, that had, ” CRACKERS ” splashed across it, in a heartbeat……..

  2. At least its a good Bolshevik RAT POS now.
    O/T-What happens when the nukes at US airbase in Cirlik, Turkey get captured?

  3. > Finally, we have some news big enough to break away from a month of Israel / Palestine.

    Muh Izrael will simply provide an excuse for all of the usual suspects and their fellating cuck followers to ignore the Nashville slaughter. It’s old news, after all…. That’s why they waited until now to release the “manifesto”. Possibly in advance of some white-looking “dissident right” wind-up toy to go and shoot some 80-90 year-old jews in a synagogue, or better yet some ancient crippled holy negroes or other POC. That way AOC and other ‘cowboys’ will be able to herd their leftoid cattle back onto the trail to exterminate YT.

    Once again, proof that the worst enemies of all those we face are fellow whites. This is something that the WN crowd never seems to grasp in any serious way. The Church of Woke has far more foot-soldiers than the Synagogue of Satan does – though the synagogue completely owns the Church of Woke as it does the Gay Old Pedobears and the Chirstian Ziotards.

    • @Exalted,
      No minority groups of any kind would have clout and traction without the aid of libtard white compassionista groups.
      As I keep reiterating:- an external enemy is harmless without an internal traitor assisting.
      Leftist whites hate whites more than your average non whites do. They’re the sewer of society.

  4. Please send this long suppressed tranny, “Kill the White children” hate crime mass murderer report to all the White GOP state representatives in Tennessee

    Here’s where you can get their contact (emails and phone numbers) information. Try not to spam.

    Send a personal e-mail or better yet some old fashioned US Mail mail, follow up with phone calls – Thank you for listening to my concerns. Try to work in that the Mainstream Media now including post Tucker Carlson purged Fox News WILL Not honestly cover these anti White children hate crimes, everything is about BLM and the Chosen (Maybe best not to discuss the Chosen in the first contact).

    Please make the calls, write the follow up e-mails.

    Here are some tips:

    1) Keep it short

    2) Be polite

    3) Start a back and forth conversation, not a one way rant.

    4) Get a personal name, an assistant’s name who’s job it is to listen to constituent concerns

    5) Never lie, but don’t voluntarily offer information that hurts our case, if you live out of state just honest say that you live “outside of a Tennessee city”, try to establish a real world relations to the state rep, in my case I went to Vanderbilt and lived in Nashville TN.

    If you get any contacts that took the time to listen in a personal way to your concerns, start a contact list.

    Never spam.

    Please PM if you want any advice on how to successfully lobby our representatives. I something of an expert on this.

  5. What is the difference between LGBTQ anti-Cracker trannies who don’t like Israel and symp for Palestinian savages, and Catholic anti-Cracker catboys who don’t like Israel and symp for Palestinian savages? One is left wing the other is right wing. Otherwise they are the same. They both hate Israel, Duh Jews, and Whites, especially White Southern redneck crackers who drive mustang convertibles, listen to country, and are blonde. Is it an op? No, it’s a feature of a broad Catholic neo-Trotskyite anti-American front barreling down on us.

    As the country dissolves under pathetic leadership and a libertarian individualist nihilistic citizenry, and non-state Moslem savages launch ballistic missiles into space to bomb Israel, and Latinos, Asiatics, and Blacks storm thru the Darrien Gap, and Jihadis prepare to set up a ballistic missile launch pad in a Catholic Church in Panama targeting a fishing hole near Hunter’s place in Alabama, things look bleak. Somewhere in that place where LGBTQ meets Catholic catboy, there is a political and rhetorical solution to the problems facing White Southern redneck crackers. But I don’t expect to find it here.

    • One thing which is absolutely not a solution to all of the above is standing with those who want to exterminate you, regardless of whether they are Talmudic Satanists, Goodhwytes, Dindunuffins, Ukronazis, Mexican gangs or Musloids. So why are you here again, Schlomo? Shilling for Uncle Schmuel and the Globo-Pedo Empire of Lies must pay well but they are definitely not sending their best these days.

      Neo-Trotskyite? The only neo-Trotskyites around are like those who run the State Dept. promoting wars around the world on behalf of usury, anal sex and open borders (except for one small country in the middle-east). Those nice folks are the true political descendants of Lev Davidovich Bronstein, who even visited the United States just before he and his homies were sent back to Russia to overthrew the Kerensky regime, aided by tons of cash from the Schiffs, Warburgs, et al. While addressing Bolsheviks here Bronstein repurposed a word first coined by a white government official whose fondest wish was to exterminate the American Indian and advocated it’s use against white goyim (then a vast majority in America): Racism

      This magic word is never used against anyone except white gentiles. Negroes can be as racist as they like, so can Chinese, Mexicans, Indians, Polynesians, et al – especially if used against white goyim (the source of all evil on earth). It worked like magic, so well in fact that even overt racist violence by POX are now routinely blamed on YT – hence the infamous “white hispanic” (actually Peruvian octaroon) George Zimmerman. Your boy Lev was finally sent to his eternal reward via ice-axe on the orders of a bigger gangsta after he failed to take over the CPUSSR and fled to Mexico City.

      Left and right are fairly useless terms by now. You have the nominal ‘left’ like Shitpants Joey, Cackling Kamala, Clown-Prince Gavin and the nominal ‘right’ like Meatball Ron, Mikey Johnson, and Lady G all faithfully standing by “our greatest ally” (who even back in 1967 deliberately bombed and strafed the USS Liberty). While there are all sorts of clown acts and scams going on like Fuentes and his Catboys, Zion-Don the God-Emperor of Grift, AOC and the Squad, etc., the real divide is ultimately between those who stand by the Globo-Pedo Empire and those who want it gone.

      Someone came up with a very useful formula for describing the behavior of those who run the empire in charge of clown-world and their many step-n-fetchit supporters: They always lie. They always project. They always double-down. Nice shoe, that. You should wear it with rainbow PRIDE.

      • Is Aryan Globalist Bro the latest incarnation of the ‘Christina’ character who frequented Hunter’s fine blog as a perpetual sixteen year old precocious Mexican schoolgirl? That tired routine was all done so the geniuses in Langley, in cooperation with their masters on the Hasbara troll farm are testing out this new persona. They have switched from just sowing division in anti-GloboHomo sites to using tortured logic to prove how it’s critical for White people’s survival to ally with colored people who hate us and especially important to support Our Greatest Ally.

        Langley/Hasbara really should stop wasting U.S. taxpayer’s money on these stupid schemes, they never work.

  6. Hey Brad, what’s up with that tranny mayor of Smiths Station, AL in Lee County who offed himself after being outed. He was also a Baptist pastor (surprise, surprise). F.L. “Bubba” Copeland. Should be lot on google.

  7. Zog took long enough to come up with a manifesto for this alleged shooting. Not sure why they took this angle. Perhaps the FIB got spooked when Chad Johnson took about $15 billion from the IRS.

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