1. Dems stole elections in Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio yesterday. Nothing has changed. Trump has zero chance. The fraud in Virginia was the worst ever.

    Odd that the waterhead’s surname is Kirk, meaning Church. In the 2,000 year struggle between the Synagogue and the Church over who is the legitimate Israel of God, he rejects Jesus Christ and his Kirk and embraces the Synagogue of Satan.

    • Yes, they have always cheated, Trump’s election caused them to cast off all restraint, and now they know Republicans aren’t going to fight back or try to stop them. That’s not to say Republicans were trying very hard to get their voters out there. Pretty hard to get rural conservatives to vote in an off-year. However, with these races, it wasn’t enough just to win, they wanted big margins and they’re going to run up the margins with cheating from now on, more and more, and if you talk about what they’re doing they’ll compare you to Hamas.

    • When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had learned from the Magi.
      —?Matthew 2:16

      Jews in a frenzy.

    • This. /\/\/\ Best comment yet plus the link, good find.

      All White guys jumping from the Chinook, no diversity in sight. I guess Fox TV didn’t get the memo yet, they are still slobbering all over the BIPOCS in their military “Salute the Troops” BS.

      This ad shows the desperation of the military to get young, straight, White guys in the ranks. No diversity at all, as though this were a TV ad from 1942. Fuck em, it’s too late.

      The comments are great too, people are starting to catch on. The U.S. Government will have enormous problems getting Whites to comply with conscription.

  2. Destroying the Kosher Right should be the #1 goal of every Nationalist. It is time to stop worrying about the Left, BLM, LGBTQ and all the other shit that Zionists want nationalists to be distracted by and focus on the most mortal enemy of all, those who seek to criminalize “anti-Semitism” and fight wars for Israel. The Kosher Right isn’t “controlled opposition”, much less our “misguided right wing brothers” it’s THE ENEMY.

    And anyone advocating voting for or allying with those snakes is also the enemy.

  3. While Jewish apologists(Kirk), Jews (Maher) and the woke left (Tlaib) are quickly associating Israel with Whiteness and Western Values (each for their own reasons) the bitter irony is that White Nationalist States would not have backed and armed Israel.

  4. These poll results show what was already obvious to me: that the overwhelming majority (like 99%) of the population of the U.S. “homeland” are sociopaths and psychopaths. We couldn’t care less about the sufferings and premature deaths of billions of victims of our (the U.S.’s) exploitation of the “third world.” We don’t like to admit that we really enjoy what imperialism does for us, as long as crumbs of the spoils keep trickling down to us from the groaning table of the master class, which they will, to keep us happy. We are secretly happy that we, and our chief colony and military proxy Israel keep getting away with this genocide of the indigenous Palestinians, along with many other crimes against humanity all over the world year after year. We always get away with our crimes, because we are the one exceptional nation of the Almighty Dollar. We are “Babylon” the world capital of the usury system, that “holds the cup that intoxicates the world,” makes the nations drink it, and holds them in its spell.

    The genocide of Palestine is superficially a religious war, but in reality it is a secular BUSINESS DEAL. It is a typical Western imperialist land-clearing operation that will give our big capitalists control of third-world Gaza’s large and still-untapped natural gas and oil reserves, and the “right” to develop new beach real estate and tourist industry, and build the new oil and gas pipelines that are “needed,” and dig a new canal like the Suez Canal, from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, running straight through Gaza: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20231105-an-alternative-to-the-suez-canal-is-central-to-israels-genocide-of-the-palestinians/

    • I was being hyperbolic of course about the majority of the U.S. population being “sociopaths and psychopaths.” It seems as if we are, when we who live inside the Beast are mostly oblivious to the reality the destruction, suffering, impoverishment, and millions of deaths caused to “third-world” foreign countries by U.S.-led Western imperialism.

      Note that the U.S.’s (and Israel’s) old proxy ISIS is being taken down off the shelf, resupplied and rejuvenated and is on the attack against Syria and Russia. If it is effective, ISIS might be given a different name and recast as freedom fighters. But ISIS is only mildly barbaric compared to the official forces of the U.S. and of its best proxy, Israel, that have killed many times more than ISIS ever could, terror-bombing to death literally millions of people all around the world. Seventy years ago, when our (U.S. Air Force) genocidal terror-bombers ran out of buildings and infrastructure to bomb in Korea, because every building, dam and bridge in the country had already been turned to rubble, we resorted to bombing farm animals in the fields and bicyclists on the roads. And that is just one country that we genocidally terror-bombed to dust and ashes. Other names that come to mind are Germany (Hamburg, Dresden, and more), Japan (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Tokyo and more), Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan…the list goes on and on…Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria…. Our current bombing campaign in Gaza is not unusual. See what we did to Fallujah, Iraq. This video shows the result of one of our typical bombing campaigns, what remains of the city of Raqqa, Syria:


  5. Hunter,

    I’ve got a blog a draft mode ready to go – my take on not taking side in another Arab vs Israel J war.

    I’ll post in an hour 10 PM Central Time tonight Wed unless you say nay?


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