Tim Scott Suspends Presidential Campaign To Fight Anti-Semitism

This isn’t a joke.


  1. Well, I guess as a black man he knows how much he and his race owe to Jews. I feel a bit let down though. He’d be the perfect GOP presidential candidate.

  2. Lots of people in Washington say Tim Scott is a fag. Imagine the videos Mossad has of him. Same with Bobby Kennedy. He flew to Epstein Island. Multiple cameras in every room. Free girls, young too, pretty and willing. It’s a full feature movie, in Mossad’s dBase.

    I say Mossad, because no one knows what Shin Bet is. Epstein actually worked for Shin Bet. That is Israhelli military intelligence.

    Remember how Tim Scott got into the Senate? DeMint inexplicably just resigned. John McCain in 3 inch heels was Governor and appointed Scott as Senator.

    DeMint is a big question mark. He gave up completely on Washington years ago. He works for one of the groups pushing for a Council of States, and a new constitution. At least that makes sense.

    So probably DeMint just saw how Washington was unfixable and gave up on it, so he resigned. If he was blackmailed why then did they make him head of The Heritage Foundation?

    • > If he was blackmailed why then did they make him head of The Heritage Foundation?

      Because the Heritage Foundation, like the Boy Scouts, is now controlled by the usual suspects. Nobody gets selected for congress without their approval. They do allow one or two gadflies to exist as window dressing. Ron Paul served in this role for many years.

  3. So this retarded lawn-jockey is now appearing in Christian Zionist drag. It’s ironically appropriate to see Mr. Tim serving as a house-negro on the Shekelstein plantation. I wonder what Epstein’s black book has on him. Must be at least as good as what it has on Lady G. One little tank on the string and the puppet drops his campaign to serve his “god”. Uncle Jeffrey must be having a good chuckle somewhere – whether in the dungeons of hell or on a sunny beach in Haifa.

  4. You gotta fight Christ then Tim. Christ was the biggest anti-Semite there ever was. Good luck with your fight on Gods son Tim. You are going to need it Christ killer.

  5. Tim Scott like Lindsay Graham are both heavily subsidized by out of state donors. The primary vehicle geolocation is Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head. Huge amounts of money are funneled through there to those campaigns. The money’s origins are heavily skeward toward the North East. Its a mix of Catholic, Jewish, and Yankee in origin. This can be found in any FEC filing. Other donations from independent expenditures. Thats harder to trace but usually is a mix of special interest and small donors. Tim Scott isn’t owned by Jews, he is owned by the North East. He definitely isn’t owned by South Carolinian.

  6. Tim Scott is steppin’ and fetchin’ for his Je* paymasters. Got to give him that – I’m sure if the J paymasters asked him to give Lisping Lydsey Graham a blow J he’d say “Yes J Masters”.

    Hey Hunter,

    I’ve got a very, hard hitting, J awareness blog ready to go, it’s all tongue in cheek but you should look at it to see if you don’t want me to publish it under my nom d plum

    I think it’s funny. But some people don’t get my jokes.

  7. I looked out of my window a few minutes ago and Tim Scott was out by the street-light just staring at me. I turned away for a second and when I looked back, he was gone. I’m scared guys…

    • Somebody needs to tell that retarded negro that Platinum is referred to as a silvery white metal. It’s another one of the Stable-Genius’ 666-D chess moves to snag brothers like himself and hand him over to Yakub in the Mothaship. Their will be a fancy dinner with honkies waiting with platinum spoons while the poor BLM bro is paralyzed with his cranium open so ornate honkies can scrape out the small amount of gray matter therein – like like in the Indiana Jones movie.

  8. Buck breaking is something the Hymster really enjoys.
    Will his rent-a-wife go back to crisis actor?
    Pajeeta as preezy of the steezy would be hilarious!
    Be of good cheer the Kwanstain is going down.

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