Israel At War


Our Greatest Ally is currently storming al-Shifa hospital and opening fire on the patients inside.

Rick Wiles of TruNews is aghast at what we are witnessing and what is being covered up by the media:

Here is the president of Israel describing the war in Gaza:

Here is Netanyahu on Hannity last night claiming that Hamas, which has been confined by the siege to Gaza for over 15 years, is poised to overrun Europe:

Here are some of the bombs which Israel has fired at hospitals in Gaza:

Here are some dead civilians who were carrying white flags:

Here is a bipartisan request in the Wall Street Journal from members of Knesset asking the West to take millions of Palestinian refugees:

Here are Israeli settlers describing their plans:

Here are Israeli soldiers casually shooting some kids playing on scooters in the West Bank:

Here is Israelis killing some kids getting water:

Here is what people who are Standing With Israel are doing in Gaza:

This one stands out to me.

This one tells you everything you need to know about Israel.

This isn’t the first time.

How is anyone “blessed” for “standing” with this genocidal state and its psychopath leader?


  1. These images are off the fucking hook. Check out that Wolf’s head logo on that loathsome bearded Jew with old Hajji. What the fuck are these Jewish bastards playing at?

    • That was an interesting observation. Here’s her lengthy tagline:

      Nordic Viking Girl | Proud Muslima | Royal Lineage | Skilled Surgeon | Avid Reader | Chivalrous Knight | Precision Archer | Peace Activist

      Sweden is a dumpster-fire where ‘Christianity’ (the state-supported “church”) has been a rotting carcass for many decades now. One can hardly blame a girl who identifies as “Nordic Viking Girl” for converting to Islam. Maybe she’ll find a suitable ‘Nordic Viking Man’ and have ‘Nordic Viking Children’ to take back her homeland from the stinking jews who’ve turned it into a shithole with all the wogs they’ve imported. It’s not as if there is anything resembling genuine Christianity there. Sweden’s kind of the poster-child for Globo-Pedo and everything it stands for. Murika isn’t really much far behind in that respect. They even dropped their last pretense of neutrality and submitted to NATO. They’ll probably be sending retarded Swedes over to fight for the jews soon.

  2. The Israelis haven’t received the memo that for every Hamas member they kill, they’ve probably created ten more. For every child they kill, they’ve probably created another twenty future terrorists. And the cycle continues.
    As the American elite help, and stand with Israel, global hatred of Israel rubs off on America as well. You’re being dragged into the sewer with them.
    How many refugees who go to the West as a result of this war, will then go on to commit a terrorist attack on our soil because of lost loved ones? We either help Israel’s war effort, or supply the artillery. We’re involved. Hate to break it, but to any future terrorists, we’re legitimate targets.

  3. Hypocrisy alert——the line of thought is being circulated that Jew employers have every right to fire workers who speak out against the Jew killing of innocent children. It is they’re business and they can hire and fire who ever they want, the argument does. They can not. The same argument was used in favour of segregated lunch counters in the south and government said you can not discriminate. A morally just opinion can not and should not get you fired, period.

    • It doesn’t matter whether they have the right under some law or not. Jews do whatever they damned well please. The Talmud even says so – though it takes hundreds of pages worth of kvetching and whining to state what Crowley boiled down to four words:


      Murika abides by the Goldman Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules and is deemed as Too Big to Jail. Voat moar harder, zeks!

  4. Rick Wiles is right about Netanyahu, but wrong about Hitler who was a grassroots anti-communist that rose to the head of the class in Germany, just like Mussolini did in Italy and
    Franco did in Spain. All 3 learned by experience that over 3/4 of the members of the Communist party in their nations were Jews. If he wants to summon the memory of a murderous tyrant associated with WW2, Stalin would be a better choice-or Churchill for that matter.

  5. At least the world is now seeing the reality of jewish values. How hateful they are. Slaughtering their way through Gaza.

    Just one great big crime against humanity. They are blind fools, not realising that, eventually, what goes around comes around.

    The Earth is a house of pain.

  6. Meanwhile at the largest hospital in Gaza: Israeli tanks encircled the hospital complex, mostly destroyed by American-made bombs and armored bulldozers. Hundreds of Israeli soldiers (and maybe some U.S. special forces) are roaming inside the main hospital building, where they destroyed the plumbing system and the medicine storage. There is no more oxygen, no electricity, and no fuel. Doctors and nurses in departments that still exist cannot communicate with each other. They have decided to stay with their patients until the bitter end. There is a total blackout of communications today, no internet service at all. But when some internet communication was still taking place, the Israelis were said to be firing live ammunition inside the hospital building, killing patients and medical staff, and taking the corpses. Note well: Palestinian soldiers (of the democratically-elected Hamas government) were NEVER inside the hospital complex! No bullets or rockets were ever fired at Israelis from inside the hospital complex! There is no command and control center in the basement or beneath the hospital! The bag of weapons that the Israelis claim to have “discovered” behind an MRI machine in the hospital is a too-obvious hoax.

    Israel (meaning: the U.S.) has deliberately destroyed all public infrastructure, including all medical facilities, energy systems, water supplies, food supplies, waste treatment and disposal, schools, churches and mosques, bakeries, and United Nations relief facilities, killing more than 100 U.N. relief workers in the process. This tops the intensity and brutality of destruction that the U.S. wreaked on Germany, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and all its other victims in the past, except that it is equaled by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    The “U.”sury “S.”ystem’s plan is to raze Gaza to the ground and build everything new as soon as the indigenous people are all exterminated or expelled. Then the big capitalists will begin to reap big profits from the tens of billions of dollars-worth of recently-discovered, untapped oil and gas, and from the new pipelines, new business and residential real estate development, and new tourism industry, and perhaps even a new improved Suez canal to be dug from Gaza City to Eilat on the Red Sea. The Gaza Strip is small but very strategic.

    There is a saying: “Money is thicker than blood.”

  7. The Jew religion literally worships murdering babies. What do you think their High Holy Day of Passover is about? The Jew god murdering Egyptian babies but sparing Jewish ones. Read the First Book of Samuel. The Jew god literally orders them to murder the “infants and suckling babes” of Amalek. Read the Book of Esther, about how the Jews murder Haman, his ten sons, and 75,000 of their enemies. This is the basis of their holy day of Purim.

    Nobody should be surprised at what they are doing in Gaza, they have been doing it for 4,000 years. It’s who they are.

    The question is, why is the United States backing it to the hilt and funding it?

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