Geert Wilders: Jordan Is Palestine

Among other things, Geert Wilders’s Party for Freedom (PVV) came in first place in the Dutch elections while I was taking a break. It was another big victory for “national populism.”

New York Times:

The Netherlands, long regarded as one of Europe’s most socially liberal countries, woke up to a drastically changed political landscape on Thursday after a far-right party swept national elections in a result that has reverberated throughout Europe.

Geert Wilders’s Party for Freedom, which advocates banning the Quran, closing Islamic schools and entirely halting the acceptance of asylum seekers, won 37 seats in the 150-seat House of Representatives, making it by far the biggest party, in a clear rebuke of the country’s political establishment.

The results, tabulated overnight after Wednesday’s voting, give Mr. Wilders enough support to try to form a governing coalition. Centrist and center-right parties long wary of the firebrand have left the door ajar to a possible partnership, giving Mr. Wilders a chance to become the Netherlands’ first far-right prime minister. …

I didn’t say anything.

I have grown skeptical of Zionists with bad haircuts who run as immigration hawks. Anyway, it didn’t take a week for Geert Wilders to start spelling out his agenda.


Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and the Arab League on Saturday condemned statements by Geert Wilders, the Dutch far-right politician who won this week’s election in the Netherlands, that Palestinians should be relocated to Jordan.

The Palestinian Authority labeled the statements as “a call to escalate the aggression against our people and a blatant interference in their affairs and future,” the Wafa news agency reported. …

Is anyone else feeling déjà vu?

The Jerusalem Post:

Wilders put forth a radical proposal, suggesting that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be resolved by relocating Palestinians to Jordan, effectively denying their claimed right to an independent sovereign state. His comments stand in stark contrast to longstanding international consensus and United Nations resolutions that advocate for a two-state solution with east Jerusalem as the capital of a proposed Palestinian state. …

It is almost like we have seen this shitshow before.

A bomb throwing populist nationalist runs against the liberal establishment and wins a major election. He quickly pivots to his agenda of pardoning various Jewish criminals and traitors, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, assassinating Israel’s enemies, bombing Israel’s enemies, saber rattling against Iran, recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, etc. So much winning!

I voted for Donald Trump and all I got was a red hat and a few hundred miles of rusted George W. Bush era border fencing. I got tweets about LAW & ORDER and criminal justice reform.


  1. It’s all garbage, these fake populists are plants from the from the oligarchy and ziostein. The Argentinean fake populist or libertarian whatever has the usual ties to the Davis crowd and is another easy lookup WEF agent. OT is Keev still a thing or has everyone been robbed enough and it’s time to move on to the next false flag like it never happened? More than 10000 died there right? Couldn’t bother getting a cease fire there of course, I don’t think the words were ever uttered nor the new Orwell version “humanitarian pause”.

  2. It was a nothing burger story when Wilders won. Nobody cared except some center-right Israel-first Iraq-era “anti-Jihad” clowns from Europe. So-called European nationalism with very few exceptions has got to be the most worthless shit we have ever seen. For us living in the U.S. we have seen these politics all our life and yet it is presented to us by these jokers as something new.

    Whenever I see Tommy Robinson and PJW and people in that whole sphere of influence lecturing us I just laugh. It’s nothing but Israel-first conservatism only with a bunch of clowns living in one of the numerous U.S./Israeli vassal states in Europe. It is EXACTLY the same shit we see here in the GOP. It is exactly the shit we got with Trump and his MAGA “America-first” movement. Nothing new or interesting in any of it. From their economic policies, immigration polices and especially foreign policy. It is all Reagan/Bush era slop.

    They are for free trade. Wrecking the working class. Deregulating business. CHEAP Labor which means massive immigration legal or illegal. Very aggressive foreign policy centered around Israeli interests. Invade the world/Invite the world. “Owning” the libs. Saying the word woke a thousand times like it even means anything. It’s a joke and is only even worth mentioning in order to laugh at those trying to pretend this garbage is anything useful. Imagine siding with Israel. Exhibit A on why European nationalism is a DOA model. What a bunch of dopes and losers.

  3. So this mixed race faggot Wilders is a Zionist.
    And as a Zionist, he believes the Jews have a right to an ethnostate.
    He doesn’t believe the Dutch have a right to an ethnostate.
    He doesn’t believe the Palestinians have a right to an ethnostate.
    He believes Jews have the right to genocide the Dutch by mass immigration and the Palestinians by mass murder.

    So in other words, he’s a neoconservative/Zionist/Jewish supremacist.
    Neoconservatives have always had some degree of Islamophobia because Muslims aren’t as cucked as us, he just takes it a little further than some of the others, but watch him soften his stance over time, like Trump, Boris, Meloni and all the other members of the rightwing of the neocons.
    That’s all he is to me, the rightwing of the neocons, not the real right.
    He’s not a white, Christian or even a civic nationalist, just an Islamophobe (for lack of a better term), who curiously enjoys visiting Muslim countries, for some reason.
    Watch his Islamophobia soften over time while his support for white and Palestinian genocide remain steadfast.

  4. “””…it didn’t take a week…”””

    This is actually good sign. Gaza Amalek became ceasefire, yesterday Ukro TV announced that Ukraine lost 1 126 652 men dead or missing and now pushing all their shabbat goyims to their limit.

    When Jew World Order imploding, of course they send their Goysturm and Bibijugend to the last battle. Ukraine trenches are also filled with dead women. No men left anymore.

    As ugly as it looks, we are winning yuuge like one wise man promised.

  5. > Arab states condemn Wilders for push to relocate Palestinians to Jordan.

    Mr. Pot, meet Ms. Kettle. They’d be a hell of a lot more compatible in Jordan, where the language is Arabic and the religion is Sunni Islam, than the Netherlands. Yes Wilders is controlled opposition. As one of our regulars noted, Hamas was Israeli-created controlled opposition at one time. Such opposition can fall out of their control given the right circumstances. With all of the masks falling away at present, one can never be sure.

  6. “Among other things, Geert Wilders’s Party for Freedom (PVV) came in first place in the Dutch elections while I was taking a break. It was another big victory for “national populism.””

    I must be honest here; how is this (or anything) a “victory ” when even a single sq. foot of white territory has one poo- skin or Jew on it ?

    • I consider it a battle win – same as David Duke battle wins (DD wins LA State Rep race, gets 40% plus in US Senate and LA Governor’s race. That’s why I’m here – those battle wins). Geert Wilders win was like the Swiss People’s Party’s battle wins – Swiss People’s Party is the #1 party in Switzerland same as Geert Wilders’ party is #1 in the Netherlands. What do we in the English speaking Anglosphere have for battle wins? Again have to go back to David Duke’s battle wins in the early 1990s or George Wallace in the 1960s, 70s.

      A wins a win.

      Unless you are in the (always losing) Ron and Rand Paul race denying Libertarian/Constitutionalist cult

      Winning is better than losing.

      I hope that helps.

      Please study Geert Wilders win, the Swiss People’s Party winning streak, Victor Orban’s wins in Hungary, Polish Law and Justice Wins, Vladimir Putin wins and yeah, AH and the Socialist Nationalist wins in Germany and Austria in 1933. Study these wins. Why are these White people winning and our side here in English speaking Anglosphere, we’re always losing?

      As the Meat said in “Bull Durham” on the Bull’s winning streak:

      “Winning beats losing”.

      Don’t ya think?

  7. So anti Islam Dutch populist leader Geert Wilders once to bus the 2 million plus Palestinian Arabs walled off, now under rubble in the Gaza strip to Jordan, the Israelis will have to build bigger, mined border walls between the West Bank and Jordan, they’ll move to ethnically cleanse another few million Palestinian Arabs in the West bank to Jordan.

    But that’s not what the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza, the West Bank, Arabs in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia want nor is it what the Israelis in Israel or the J diaspora AIPAC, ADL want.

    Hunter didn’t you see the Op-Ed in the “American” (yeah right) Conservative newspaper of record the Wall Street Journal published last week?

    two sitting Israel J MPs in the Israeli Knesset made some phone calls to their J brethren in New York City and got their advice, demand that “The West” ie USA, Canada, Europe, UK should take in all the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza as refugees same as we did for refugees in the Syrian civil war, Yugoslavian civil war (more Muslims) and we should have taken in all Je* refugees during the sol called Holocaust.

    Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but the Js in Israel and elsewhere want, are demanding that the West – Europe, UK, USA, Canada ie White countries, must take in untold millions of Arabs, Muslims who are unhappy where they are living now. Just do the math – that has to be over 500 million unhappy Arab/Pakistani/Afhgan/Somalian/Sudanese Muslims that want to migrate to ”’ The West”.

    Js and Arabs/Muslims all know the Muslims conquered and occupied once White Western places/peoples like Spain, Greek Eastern Roman Empire, Constantinople, French Algeria and this Muslim Moor 700 year occupation of Spain is considered a golden age for both Arabs/Muslims and Js.

    Js and Arabs/Muslims/Pakis are on the same anti White side in politics/culture, hating on White people, dispossessing White people in places like Sweden, England, USA – Js will do things like make political marriages to get more power, dispossess us like the marriage of that Jewess to Roman Emperor Nero she got Nero to persecute/kill early, mostly J Christians blamed for the great fire in Rome and that horrible marriage in hell between sexting pervert Anthony Wiener (was groomed to be the next J mayor of New York City) and Hillary Clinton’s Arab chief of staff Abedin (something like that).

    All of this is true information we don’t really need to know.

    Our position should be a loud principled:


    Don’t flood Netherlands, Sweden, England, Ireland or Michigan, LA, New York City, my Chicago with millions of additional Palestinian Arabs, Muslims of any kind. And we need to drastically cut down J power in the West same as Vladimir Putin did when he put that worst ever J oligarch head of Yukos Oil in a public cage and sentenced him to hard labor work camp in Siberia.

    • Fair point. Yes Wilders is a cuck. I already know this and have for a long time. That all being said, I never heard any of our retarded Repuke “opposition” – including ZionDon – recommending that Jordan (or Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, or Oman, Dubai, et al) accept the civilians fleeing the IDF blitzkrieg while they were so ardently fellating Schlomo at every available opportunity. Those clowns will hippity-hop to resettle them as ‘refugees’ in the towns where their voters live – because some jews in Israel said so. Meanwhile, the border remains wide open to ongoing invasion….

      Why is it that Jordan would be complaining about accepting their fellow Arabs and Sunni Muslims? Maybe the Hashemite Kang there is enjoying the luxurious high-life that comes from all those banksta-bucks sent to him by Uncle Schmuel, plus some of that free oil provided by the Imperial Rainbow legion stealing it from next-door Syria. (Jordan doesn’t have a lot of oil, unlike some of its neighbors).

      • Yep. Some of us are ….

        Equal opportunity Anti Semites.

        We can’t stand Arabs/Moon Slums and we HATE the Je*s

        Just look how Arabs/Pakis act in England/Britain/USA – pretty much identical to Js when the first get here:

        Set up rip off convenience stores, 7-11s, sell lottery tickets, porn, energy drinks spoiled food to poor people in food deserts – play the role of “Kaufmans” – merchants of Venice and other still majority White cities, towns then the lazy playboy sons of successful Arab/Moonslum merchants like that Dodi something son of the Arab owner of “Harrod’s” department store in London go around chasing our most attractive White, Nordic Shiksa models, actresses or Princess Di same as ugly Js like Billy Joel, Harvey Weinstein, Steven Spielberg chase, drug, rape our most beautiful White, Nordic models, actresses like Playboy Playmate Dorthy Stratton, Marlyn Monroe.

        I’m seriously suggesting what racially, culturally, religious Whites back in the day did to both these Semitism, Khazaer Turk, “stan” Mooslems did:

        Burn the Talmud AND burn the Koran expel both from White “Christian” or other places like Spain in 1492.

        Please read study my favorite Instauration/OD Occidental Racial, History lesson about 15th Century Spain when “our people” fought, defeated and expelled BOTH J Talmudist, Money Getters AND Moonslum Moor Koran White slavers.

  8. Our side needs to quit coming up with cutesy names in the hopes we will be more accepted (Alt Right, Dissident Right, National Populism…) Let us call our movement for what it is: The Racialist Right! Whatever party arises if it does not have the name “White” somewhere in the official title it has already comprised itself. After all our enemies have stated front and center the fight is against “Whitism” and the bodies who incubate it! We are those bodies!

  9. Donald Trump has Jewish grandkids. Wilders has a Jewish wife. Why do Jews always somehow have their noses entwined in Western politics in some way, shape or form? There’s just always a connection. They’re always just there, in the middle of it all.
    They’re like a ringworm that won’t clear.
    The system ensures that David Duke or Mark Collett types (real white advocates) will never stand a chance. Instead, the best we can hope for is these pro Israeli shills who pretend to be the answer. You just can’t be pro Jewish and pro white. But my pet hate is anti white whites.
    For them, there is just no excuse!

  10. Goose writes/asks:

    “NOVEMBER 27, 2023 AT 5:55 AM
    Donald Trump has Jewish grandkids. Wilders has a Jewish wife. Why do Jews always somehow have their noses entwined in Western politics in some way, shape or form?”

    I answer:

    It’s just another J trick in their centuries old, millennial old play book trick to get very close to the seats of power, get close to the thrown like being the “Financial Adviser” to the White King/Pharaoh as Joseph was to the Egyptian King/Pharoah as the Rothchild and other J central bankers were to White Gentile Kings, Kaisers, Czars.

    Traditional, the ethnic/racial Talmudic Js have successfully gained huge wealth, power and avoided honest work like farming or manual labor by being…

    “The Je* of the Kings, instead of the King of the Je*s”

    Hard was like this to the Roman surprise Emperor Claudius of “I Claudius Fame” – see the great 1970s BBC production of I Claudius, the Hard, Roman/Pagan interaction with the Js in Roman ruled Jerusalem was very historically accurate.

    See this scene:

    The Je*ish Harrod (claimed to be the J messiah, warrior King) break with Rome come about ~ 19 minutes in to episode 12 of “I claudius” – I highly, highly recommend this BBC series from the 1970s.

    • That production of I Claudius has numerous amazing lines. Livia’s response to someone surviving an attempted poisoning for example: “Oh, goodness had nothing to do with it.” Caligula remarking to Uncle Tiberius: “Aren’t people just awful“. The old Livia to Claudius about the Roman senate: “They won’t let me in because I’m a woman and they won’t let you in because you’re a fool. It’s ridiculous because there’s nothing in there but old women and fools”. Oh, and who can forget Caligula’s nomination of his horse Incitatus to the Senate? The actors were first rate, even features the young Patrick Stewart as the scheming Praetorian Praefect Sejanus. Sian Phillips now 90, did an brilliant performance as Livia, wife of Augustus. I read the Robert Graves books of course and the series does follow them fairly closely, though as usual some details are left out.

      • Yes EC – agreed and very well said. “I Claudius” is one of my favorite historical drama series in TV or movies ever – AMAZING.

        Would you like to do some TV and book reviews in our what do you want to call it? “Movement”, “Cult”… “Something”.

        Keep the faith W brother.


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