Javier Milei Elected President of Argentina

I don’t know what to think of Javier Milei.

Tucker Carlson interviewed him in September.

When he lost the first round of the presidential election in October, I thought he was done. He came across in the Tucker interview as a highly eccentric true believer in libertarianism. The economy of Argentina was in shambles with an inflation rate of 143%. It made sense to me why in the context of decades of Peronism and economic decline why populism could take the form of General AnCap down there. In lots of Latin American countries, rebelling against the establishment is rebelling against socialism. My initial charitable take was that Argentines are desperate and that his only job was tackle inflation.

Anyway, he won the runoff in a landslide by Argentine standards last week. We learned that he has a rabbi and attends a synagogue. He aspires to become Jewish. He wants to align Argentina with Israel. He wants to move the Argentine embassy to Jerusalem. He waved the Israeli flag after he won the election. He has said that he plans to visit Israel in his first trip abroad. He is attending Jewish ceremonies now.

Today, I assume that he will make good on his promise to implement a bunch of free market reforms consistent with his libertarian AnCap ideology. I also assume that Jewish vultures are circling, poised to take advantage of the situation and will swoop in and plunder Argentina like Russia and Ukraine. I think he will move the embassy to Jerusalem. I also think Argentina’s economy will get worse and there will be a swift reversion to the norm like in Brazil after Lula defeated Bolsonaro. Neoliberalism has been tried a bunch of times in South America including in Argentina at various points in the postwar era.

Are you noticing a trend?

Flamboyant Zionists with bad haircuts and populist rhetoric (Trump, Boris, Milei, Geert) are winning elections. They are riding waves of middle and working class resentment over immigration, inflation or loss of national sovereignty to power. They present themselves as outsiders and rebels against mainstream conservatism. Once in power, they fail to deliver and exhibit a bizarre obsession with Israel. Trump, Boris and Bolsonaro have already lost elections. Giorgia Meloni has been similarly underwhelming.


  1. Nationalists living in the U.S recognize all this stuff. It’s not new. It is exactly the same politics as the GOP or what we call the American right. All these “right-wing” movements or Trump clones popping up everywhere around the world are recognized as nothing more than exported U.S. right politics which regardless of election rhetoric is economically elitist, Israel-first and pro-war which is a toxic political cocktail especially in Latin America. They are all trying to be Trump with the same disastrous results he brought.

    Yes the economy will get worse. The plunder along with the hardcore austerity policies this “populism” will bring and subsequent economic nightmare for the working class will be disastrous and the usual predicted backlash will occur next election.

  2. So, the Soviet Union collapses, oligarchs rush in to buy everything up at bargain basement prices, then a strongman like Putin has to oust a bunch of Oligarchs. Of course, the American Libertarian Pary is ecstatic.

  3. Once bitten, twice shy.
    This guy ain’t foolin’ me.
    He’s another fraud, just like Trump, Boris Johnson and Meloni, like just about every head of state in the west, in my life time.

    He’s not an ‘anarcho-capitalist’ or ‘right-libertarian’ (not that I’m an anarcho-capitalist or right-libertarian, these two ideologies don’t appeal to me, but at least if he were an an-cap or right-libertarian it’d be a departure from convention), he’s a neoconservative, these guys are all the same.
    And what is a neoconservative?
    Above all else it’s a Zionist, a rabid, Jewish supremacist who believes Israel has a right and duty to ethnically cleanse/genocide Palestine, as well as destroy any nation state or group who opposes the project of ethnically cleansing/genociding Palestine.
    That’s the core of what a neocon is, but of course there’s more to it than that.

    It’s someone who wants globalism, open borders and free trade for western nation states, but of course not for Israel, they believe Israel must forever remain a Jewish ethnostate.
    A neocon is a crony capitalist/corporatist, they want to rig the economy to benefit the rich and big business at the expense of the proles and small businesses.
    A neocon is an imperialist/interventionist, an authoritarian who uses ‘enhanced interrogation’ (torture), prolonged detention and other unconstitutional tactics to achieve their objectives.
    A neocon is a lukewarm social conservative at best and woke/a cultural Marxist at worst.
    A neocon is a technoligarch, they believe wealthy technocrats oughta be in charge of society, government and the economy, not at all the people.

    There are different factions of neoconservatism, which’s what confuses people, gives them the illusion of choice.
    Neocons have a leftwing, a center and a rightwing.
    What so called ‘right-libertarianism’ and ‘national populism’ has been in practice is simply the rightwing of neoconservatism as opposed to its leftwing, center or center-rightwing, it’s not the real rightwing, not even close.
    Real conservatism is forbidden in mainstream western politics.
    Neocons will corrupt or destroy whatever seriously threatens their power.
    They are a mafia, a Jewish, Zionist and global corporate mafia.
    They are the real power in the word today and their reign goes largely unchallenged in the west.
    If it has any challengers it’s in the global east and south, which’s why I’m rooting for BRICS, because they appear to be the enemy of my enemy.

    What it boils down to is neoconservatism is the collusion between Zionism, and all that is corrupt and degenerate in the west and the world at large.
    Drug and human trafficking is also a huge part of what neoconservatism is, the war on drugs, like the war on terror is a fraud, these people are the biggest drug dealers, pimps and terrorists the world has ever known bar none.

  4. Re: “It made sense to me why in the context of decades of Peronism and economic decline (…) In lots of Latin American countries, rebelling against the establishment is rebelling against socialism”:

    Peronism is not socialist, and Argentines are not rebelling against socialism, which they need and really want. But they can’t get to socialism by voting. Genuine socialist parties are persecuted, infiltrated and destroyed in these capitalist-run countries. Genuine socialist candidates can’t really run in the “elections” in most of these Latin American countries, so the workers “rebel” against the system by voting for “something different”: the populist capitalists! Populism is a mere safety valve to release a buildup of social pressure, in order to preserve the system. Populists are reactionary, not revolutionary. Beware of them:

    “Javier Milei won by a wide margin, and will be the new President. We already know his anti-worker program, now supported by Mauricio Macri, who declared that the failure of his government was due to its ‘gradualism,’ to not having carried out reforms against the people quickly. In his speech, Milei confirmed that he will immediately advance in his plan against the working class, of submission to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the United States, of abandonment of the Malvinas cause, against all workers’ rights, of minorities, of women. And the defense of capitalist ‘private property.’ His future Cabinet expresses just that. We have to prepare for a brutal and swift attack. The libertarian will try to show himself reliable in the face of imperialism and the big bosses who doubt his ability to govern. We have to confront it from day one in the streets, in the factories, in the workplaces, in the schools and neighborhoods, with the greatest unity of the workers and people. There can be no truce or a day of waiting. Any delay in organizing the resistance will be paid dearly. The CGT, the trade unions, the social organisations, should show from tomorrow their willingness not to allow any step backwards. It’s your duty. But we don’t trust them to. Just as they allowed the disasters of Macri at the time, or with Menem in the 90s, they will be concerned with achieving a ‘dialogue’ with the new president. We demand the immediate call for a plan of struggle against all anti-worker measures, and against any attempt at repression on the part of this new government that admires the Military Dictatorship. It proposes privatisations, cuts in public spending, liquidation of education, health and public state sciences. In short, it is their plan of submission to the IMF. We have to organize this resistance from below, from the workers’ and people’s bases, the only ones with the capacity to face what is coming”: https://pstu.com.ar/ninguna-tregua-la-lucha-contra-el-nuevo-gobierno-comienza-hoy-mismo/

    The countries closest to socialism in Latin America still are only two: Cuba and Nicaragua. Incidentally. today was election day in the DPRK (uncolonized, unoccupied Korea) which has three socialist parties. Here is an essay worth reading on Korea by the late Andre Vltchek: https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/04/20/why-trump-is-wrong-about-north-korea/

  5. Indeed some people are astonished when they learn that i don’t support or care about Giorgia Meloni…….I voted for her only because I hoped for change, since her party has never been in government and has presented itself as anti-system. Total delusion.

    • Tucker knows where the guardrails are and he won’t go one inch over them after Fox cut him loose. He can’t afford to get kicked off Twitter now, it’s his only really big platform, he fades away to nothing without it. Either he knows who controls the money which controls everything and he won’t name The Usual Suspects and their collaborators or he is so dumb he can’t make the connection.

      Tucker isn’t stupid so I have to pick door #1.

  6. “””….Are you noticing a trend?…..”””

    Jews try to turn tide back to the 1980thies, when Jew was only holy cow. Jews tried this on the 1930thies too when events in the Soviet Union took ugly turn for Jews.

    But its too late. Most if not all of those ugly haircut guys are frauds and serve Jews only to get their support. Like Stalin played along until right time.

    When shit hits the fan, we will see how many Uglyhairs remain loyal. For some reason I think that not too many.

  7. These capitalist populists all say “LET THEM EAT CAKE” once they are in office. If he does all he is told by his elite bosses, Milei will feast on cake with the elites, while the workers of Argentina slowly starve.

    On Thursday, while half the population of the U.S. scraped together a holiday meal of the least expensive “discount” foods they can find, like frozen turkey injected with deli meat preservatives, King Biden (President) of the United States feasted on the most expensive, fresh organic turkey and gourmet trimmings at the 34 million dollar Nantucket estate of one David Rubinstein, notorious predatory hedge fund billionaire who makes obscene profits selling off the remains of taken-over businesses, after stripping them of jobs and assets. Rubinstein’s private equity firm supports Israel and the war industry and has employed some of the worst war criminals, including Frank Carlucci as chairman, former CIA director and Pentagon chief Leon Panetta as chief consultant, and George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush as directors.

    A lot of Argentinians deliberately failed to vote in this “election,” and there was a high incidence of blank ballots and spoiled ballots. But that makes no difference. The system doesn’t really care how you vote when all the choices you are given are bad.

    The old French revolutionaries showed you the only way out.

    • Merthyr Rising 1831″ king biden ( President ) of the United States feasted on the most expensive, fresh organic turkey and gourmet trimmings ” Our point of contention with the current occupant of the WHITE house, isn’t what he is dining on, or dining with !!! How stupid, do you think we are ?, ” When I had no shoes, I was thankful, when I saw the man with no feet ” Wisdom and hope are so much more, appealing than jealousy and envy, ……..” The old French revolutionaries showed you the only way out” WRONG !!!! The CROSS and the BLOOD that drips on it, is the only way out !!!!!

  8. 20 million Argentinians work for the government. About 7 million work in the private sector. The Jewish bank finances the socialist monolith. Hence the 150% inflation rate. Think about that for a minute or two.

    So the first move should be to abolish the bank. The second move should be to shut down most of those useless socialist agencies, and send the parasites packing.

    I believe the third move should be to make bitcoin legal tender.

    These 3 moves are exactly what Milei is focusing on, at the top of his agenda.

    So he moves the Capitol to Old Jerusalem. I couldn’t care less. Old Jerusalem has no more meaning than Old Israel. Old Israel and Old Jerusalem were just shadows of the things to come, New Israel (the church) and New Jerusalem (see the last few chapters of Revelation).

    Milei is a lunatic, but he might do some good, in what is still a white nation.

    • LOLOL “…in what is still a WHITE nation”. The Jewish shills here just can’t help but overreach and expose themselves…

      Argentina is not a WHITE nation. Like Chile, it’s a Latin country with a number of people who are lighter-skinned than say, Peru or Bolivia. But it’s not a white nation by any measure.

  9. Did you know? British-controlled Argentina, Uganda and Palestine were the three main candidates for hosting the future Anglo-Zionist colony “Israel” at the beginning of the twentieth century. Palestine won out (or you might say, the Palestinians lost out), but “the plan” for colonizing southern Argentina (Patagonia) was not completely abandoned. (Note that a WELSH colony was established in Patagonia – but with no billionaire backing – during the time when the British Empire dominated and even took the Malvinas/Falklands from Argentina.) There are now “immense territories in the South of Argentina and even neighboring Chile (…) an area several times larger than the State of Israël (…) In particular, they surround the Lago Escondido, which effectively denies (the indigenous people) access to the entire region, despite a legal injunction. The billionaire (Joseph Lewis) has built a private airport with a two kilometre landing strip, in order to be able to receive civil and military aircraft. Since the Falklands War, the Israëli army has been organising « holiday camps » (sic) in Patagonia for its soldiers. Between 8,000 and 10,000 of them now come every year to spend two weeks on Joe Lewis’ land. While in the 1970’s, the Argentinian army noted the construction of 25,000 empty houses, which gave rise to the myth of the Andinia Plan, hundreds of thousands have been built today. It is impossible to verify the state of the construction work, since these are private lands, and Google Earth has neutralised the satellite photographs of the area, just as it does with NATO’s military installations. Neighbouring Chile has handed over a submarine base to Israël. Tunnels have been dug in order to survive the polar winter.” See: https://www.voltairenet.org/article198968.html Furthermore, It appears that a divide-and-rule strategy using native Mapuche Indians as proxies could be used to split off the area from Argentina: “The Mapuche Indians who inhabit both Argentinian and Chilean Patagonia were surprised to learn that the “Resistencia Ancestral Mapuche” (RAM) had been reactivated in London. This is a mysterious organisation which fights for independence. First accused of being an old association recuperated by the Argentinian secret services, the RAM is today considered by the left as a legitimate secessionist movement, but by the Mapuche leaders as an initiative financed by George Soros.”

  10. A tweet putting out standard Jewish fare attributed to one Amjad Taha, and a reply by Syed Zaidi, here formatted for an easy read.

    Amjad Taha ???? ??
    If Muslims can have 57 countries, why can’t Jews have only one? The world needs to understand that #Israel is a crucial part of the future in the Middle East. However, #Hamas and Al-Qaeda have no place in the future. It’s a war between builders and destroyers, #Gaza and Israel…
    1/ One totally favors Jews having a country to themselves alone, so they can get weaned of parasitism over non-Jews. Goy countries with suitable laws for self-defense could forcibly exile Jewy Jews there for breaking laws forbidding Talmudic conspiracies.
    2/ The Jewish home cannot be Palestine, the historic homeland of Palestinians. Israelis must be banished from there for their unforgiveable sins against Palestine. Jewy Jews, with their habitual forethought, have already made provision for a more suitable homeland.
    3/ They have bought up a tract three times the size of Palestine in Patagonia and for some years it’s been guarded by Israeli security. The new president of Argentina is getting remade as a Jew to receive them – even the mohel, one supposes.
    4/ Argentina itself as a state has been caused to fail, for their more complete takeover. So be it. Bright Jews who are fleeing Palestine should be encouraged by Jews and goys alike to head to Patagonia rather than create problems for, say, Russia or Ukraine.
    5/ As soon as there is a critical mass in Patagonia, they can declare independence, and the UN General Assembly can rise to the occasion by revoking failed Resolution 181 that thrust a Jewish homeland amidst hapless Palestinians and by also approving a new Jewish land.
    6/ A land where there’s no one else to exploit or murder might do wonders for a Jewish return to human normalcy that early Zionists dreamed of. As for Palestine, let that remain the home of the real descendants of the Hebrews – the Palestinians and their Yemeni Jew brothers.
    7/ Palestinians in recovered Palestine would no doubt want to have with them truly spiritual Jews such as Neturei Karta, who have been heroic in support of Palestinian rights. Jewy Jews should be free to visit the boundary wall of Fort Antonia, their pretend Wailing Wall.
    8/ As tourists. Anyone caught trying to do ‘aliyah’ should be hit with a rolled-up newspaper and sent home.

    • Sarz ” Might do wonders for a Jewish return to human normalcy ” wishful thinking guy, what you espouse is just as delusional as them. Till they come too terms with the fact, that JESUS is their KING, whether they like it or not, they will continue on being the paranoid people they are, that’s why the want too rule the world,they know they are hated for crucifying our king and saviour, they think their control over everything, will save them, …….wrong, only JESUS can protect and save them and return them too human normalcy, JESUS is their only hope, our only hope,.but you must come too him on his terms, not yours, not ours, they are going to learn the hard way,.America cannot save them, their fake messiah, standing in the temple, can’t save them and evangelicals of America, we can’t save them either………

  11. Chilean savior Gen Pinochet also had an affinity for Milton Friedman U Chicago School of economics free market privatization J economics . It did actually work OK in Chile .


    Lots of reasons these people are worshipping J and Israel – they see Js as rich and the pathway to getting rich.

    Our people are slaves of money and thus slaves of the Js


    • See that SHIT? It’s really GOLD!

      Every. Single. Time. The joke is of course on the worshippers. They aren’t even enslaving themselves for real money, but for SHIT money. Schlomo fills his pockets with the real money and laughs.

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