President-Elect Javier Milei Arrives In New York

You couldn’t make this up.


  1. He came here to get his marching orders. The ruling class in the U.S. and Israel know they have this guy on a very tight leash and are going to milk it for everything they can. It’s a very limited time offer as this guy is a one term wonder.

    First order of business besides genuflecting before all things Jewish is to plan the plunder of Argentina along with crushing austerity measures in the name of Freedom & Liberty.

  2. This is very bizarre. Why isn’t this guy into Catholicism?

    The Neo-Conservative Octopus is growing. Tentacles have infiltrated the broader Populist movement and Libertarianism.

    Right now it seems like the hope lies with Independents like RFK Jr. or maybe hard core Christian Nationist like the Constitution Party.

  3. He’s getting right to work with no delays, and no “gradualism” or softness like the previous Fernandez administration was “guilty of.” He is determined to prove himself obedient and fully effective for his elite bosses.

    The accession to power of Mr. Milei and Ms. Victoria Villarruel comes less than forty years after the U.S.-backed “National Reorganization Process” dictatorship (look up “CIA Operation Condor”) was murdering thousands of known or suspected leftists, dropping some of them out of planes and helicopters into the ocean to drown and “disappear.” At least 30,000 Argentinians murdered by the regime “disappeared” without a trace. (Thousands of mothers who protested, demanding to know what happened to their sons, were persecuted and silenced.) The U.S.-backed death squads known as “AAA” (Argentine Anti-communist Alliance) roamed freely and killed thousands with impunity.

    Vice President elect Vicky Villarruel happens to be a daughter and niece of some of those murderers and torturers. She keeps lying about it and is unrepentant. During the years of Operation Condor, this sort of thing was happening not only in Argentina but in many other Latin American countries that had dared to veer toward the left (“turn pink”) when the U.S. was preoccupied with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:

  4. Compare and contrast Populists like Milei, and Vicky Villarruel, who are wrong about everything, with the German Left leader Sahra Wagenknecht: She is culturally conservative, anti-immigration, anti-NATO, anti-war, pro-Russia, pro-Palestine and very socialistic: I haven’t paid much attention to German politicians (a waste of time) but she caught my attention. If she were on a ballot I could vote for, I might consider doing so. But I wonder: if she is sincere, how could she have been allowed to advance so far in “German” politics? Sorry this comment is slightly off-topic.

  5. He’s just another shill for Israel’s genocide, American imperialism, the big banks and corporations, that’s all he, Trump, Geert Wilders and Georgia Meloni are.
    This is the 2nd wave of rightwing poopulism (covert neoconservatism).
    And the 2nd wave of Islamophobia in the wake of 10/7, the 1st wave was in the aftermath of 9/11.
    Leftwing neocons are more Russophobic and rightwing neocons are more Islamophobic.
    Different hues of neoconservatism, different piles of the same crap, that’s what ‘our democracy’ means in practice, we’ve got leftwing neocons, centrist neocons and rightwing neocons.

  6. Like I said earlier, I can’t really get excited about this guy or his country short of some major institutional or geopolitical change. It’s clear on the other side of the globe. The Straights of Magellan are critically important though, and there is large oil and gas reserves in nearby international waters, as well as in the Falklands. But mostly Southern cone politics aren’t very exciting.

    Thankfully, the Falklands are still in Britain’s hands. So, the vast oil and gas reserves there should remain in Western control. Additionally, the islands serve to illuminate centuries old Catholic bigotry. Whether its progressive Jesuits, reactionary Opis Deaists, or libertarian corporatists like Melei, these Argentinian Papists rail non-stop about the British Prods having control over an island across the South Atlantic from their country. Just proves what a bunch of arsholes these papists can be. So, until they decide to invade Faklands on behalf of Israel or Hamas, he will merely serve to prove why we shouldn’t let more gay Latinos like Nick Fuentes into the country.

    The new President is a libertarian. Which means he is going to be a sell out cuz libertarians have no moral compass except being free to pursue their self development and pursuit of money. But he’s also a Latino which means he is going to be a bigot against anything Anglo. So, I can’t get really to excited about him or Argentina. I’d rather go fishing.

  7. Chabad. This form of Talmudism is more overtly Satanist than most. They believe they’re tricking God as I recall. Jared and Ivanka are into this Kabbalistic cult, a Kushner Krime family tradition. Their messiah Schneerson is a rotted carcass. So the bad-hair day gaucho-clown is in NYC to visit the tomb of the rebbe and the IMF for a handout. Amusing…. as HW notes: One cannot make this shit up. Perhaps he can make a fast trip to see the no-hands pianist in the Bankova section of Kiev while he’s on his fellation tour. Perhaps Cheetohead can pick him as running mate…

    • The whole Kushner thing was just weird. At first, way back in 2015, I was picquet by the Kushner name and their rebbe. So, looked it into it and was led to believe they were Proto-messianic and their rebbe basically said Jesus was the messiah. But, then I couldn’t get further sourcing on the veracity.

      But, I did discover where I recalled the Kushner name. His uncle was the guy New Jersey and Fed law enforcement had used to expose a huge Jewish international organ and child trafficking ring that included many of the Rebbe’s biggest supporters. It’s a real case and truly medieval.

      They all went to jail and then Chris Christie took over and made a deal with the uncle and the whole episode was memory holed. That’s when I knew Kushner was going to be a major problem for the Trump Administration if he stuck around which he and Ivanka did. But, he got his relatives off in the end.

      That the Argentine guy is also a follower of the rebbe but also a Papist from Argentina like the Jesuit Pope, is just more weird upon weird. Goes to show there is some serious effed up shit going on in global politics. But, I already got so much on my plate I will take a pass. Never liked him anyways, cuz lolbert Papist and Latino Anglophobe already made him odious to me.

  8. All I can say about Milei is…what a freak! The Jews are clearly mocking us with this cast of freaks groveling before their pentagram flag.Stay clear of it all.The Lord God is in control and the Synagogue of Satan will only enjoy a few foul days yet.

  9. “President-Elect Javier Milei Arrives In New York”
    well let’s be real here; he’s got to tell Biden who’s boss here …

  10. The more it changes the more it stays the same. Being in office and being in power is not the same thing.

  11. Years ago, someone quipped that we had reached the point where a Jewish POTUS would be a formality. Not just the US, apparently.

  12. Intresting, do Jews become suspicious ?

    Jew power shall lie in shadow. Those who you must never mention.

    And now this. Btw, Orban arranging similar clown show down here in Europe. His supporters are sftly say, surprised.

  13. “President-Elect Javier Milei Arrives In New York”
    to pray at the grave of an old dead Jewish Fuck – classic !

  14. He’s not visiting the Mises Institute or even the Cato Institute?

    Why don’t the jew idolizers convert?

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