House of Representatives Votes To Affirm Israel’s Right To Exist As a Jewish State


I was worried there.

I was beginning to doubt that AIPAC owns Congress.


  1. This “affirmation” is just another red herring distraction from facing the issue of the genocide of Palestine, which they are ignoring and denying, and also supporting and COMMITTING (yes, it is really the U.S.’s war, the U.S.’s genocide, using its colonial proxy to do most of the “work”) – at the same time.

    They are merely affirming the U.S.’s unlimited support of its chief colony and most important military base, in the world’s most central strategic location. The U.S. IS imperialism!

    Would they ever vote to affirm the existence of an ISLAMIC republic? Would they ever affirm the right of Cuban, Nicaraguan and Korean people to be socialist?

    • Jews control the USA. The USA doesn’t control Israel. “Most important military base” – to do what? Settle the West Bank? The importance of the occupation regime in Palestine is entirely a matter of the Jewish religion. James Forrestal and President Kennedy were not killed over Palestine being a kind of US colony. Israel is a 100% liability, but Leftists are committed to protecting Jewish domination: ALL LEFTISTS that can properly described as such are committed to serving Jewish power, those who are not are no longer counted as Leftists. This is why they are obsessed with inverting reality. Yes, we have a Congress with large numbers of Left-oriented politicians, we have a government where the people come from universities where they are indoctrinated with Leftist ideology, and the Congress votes almost 100% for Jewish domination, the US government serves the Zionist state. A LEFTIST invariably supports the current system in the USA, except insofar as white gentiles bourgeois still have economic prospects and rights. Those they are determined to strip.

      • “The USA doesn’t control Israel. ‘Most important military base’ – to do what?”

        Well. it is not uncommon for a colony to seem to wag the dog, so to speak. The relationship of the Anglo-Zionist colony to the U.S./U.K., Canada, Australia, etc. is complex, and the superwealthy cabal of elites stand behind it all. I submit that the establishment of the Zionist “religious state” in the place it is, was a strategic decision to divide and control the Middle East at the center of the Eastern hemisphere, with all its resources.

        “The importance of the occupation regime in Palestine is entirely a matter of the Jewish religion. James Forrestal and President Kennedy were not killed over Palestine being a kind of US colony. Israel is a 100% liability, but Leftists are committed to protecting Jewish domination: ALL LEFTISTS that can properly described as such are committed to serving Jewish power, those who are not are no longer counted as Leftists”:

        I disagree on all three points, especially the last one: The real Left, the Left properly described as such, is the side of common people against Class – the royals, the nobles, the private bankers, and all the other exploiters of the people. Zionism was never a really Leftist movement (though some of its founders styled themselves as socialist) and its non-Jewish, Gentile supporters are all classist, right-wing, conservers of class division and exploitation, no matter how they style themselves as being “progressive” or “woke.” Their words mean little or nothing when their actions contradict the words.

        • Israel was established where it is because several jewish terrorist groups consisting of Euro-semitic mongrels decided they had a Biblical mandate to displace the native population and the British ruling authority. There would have been much easier and more effective ways to manipulate the region if that had been the purpose.

    • Sigh.

      It’s nothing close to genocide of Palestinian Arabs in Gaza. The pre IDF invasion of the Gaza strip Palestinian Arab population was over 2 million. I’m confident that well over 1.5 million Arabs will survive only the IDF, Israelis and their American “Ayemen” lobby, AIPAC, ADL has put the word out that they want all the survivors to go to…

      “The West” ie remaining White majority countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland , Europe.

      This demand that all the Palestinian Arabs who will survive the IDF assault must be allowed to migrate to “the West” this demand was published in the American Wall Street Journal (USA Conservative Newspaper of Record) as an Op-Ed piece last week by two sitting je*ish MPs in the Israeli Knesset.

      So it’s not “genocide” for the Palestinians. But…

      It is part of the Great Replacement of White Western People in …

      The west.

      I hope that clears things up for you.

      • @Jaye,
        When YT doesn’t get involved in third world conflicts, we get their refugees.
        When we do get involved in their conflicts, we get their refugees.
        Refugees, students, workers doing ‘the jobs that whites won’t do’, and whatever else, is all designed to replace us.
        My government just issued ‘temporary’ visas to about 850 Palestinians. Trust me:- there’s nothing temporary about them. They’ll still be at large, in my country in thirty years, with no real attempts to remove them. Human rights lawyers and activists will have their backs.
        They never do anything that the common citizens want.
        We’re always told we’re not doing our share…….as they slowly just take our country.
        It drives me batty!

      • I respectfully disagree with the view that a genocide of “only” one quarter of the population of this open-air concentration camp in a few months does not meet the definition of a genocide.

        Even the beginning of a genocide is already genocide, and this slow (sometimes fast) and deliberate genocide of the indigenous people of Palestine by the Anglo-Zionist colonial entity with the assistance of the U.S., and the U.K. etc. has been going on for more than 75 years. If this genocide is not genocide, there has never been one.

    • Are you high? The US does not control Israel. That’s totally absurd. Clearly, Israel and their international diaspora lobby (commonly known as “the Jews”) control the US. You have it exactly reversed.

  2. Who would want to get involved in the feud between the “Hatfields” and the “McCoys”?

    For those of us old enough to remember the 1972 Munich Olympics…

    German soldier to American Olympic basketball player, Tommy Burleson: “Son, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.” He said, “We’re in the process of bringing the hostages out RIGHT NOW…”

    Think about it: “IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME…” That sounds familiar…

    Every Congress-man/woman who wants to join in this Middle East feud — just send everyone of these politicians (no exceptions) to the Middle East to straighten this feud out. Don’t send 18-22 year old young people over there to end up getting into the wrong place at the wrong time… because these older Congressional hacks know exactly what we are getting into and they will gladly/gleefully will send others to do their dirty work while they get big pay outs from Jewish donors.

    No, we have our own borders and feuds to take care of right here in the USA…remember?

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

    • Israel went on a revenge operation after Munich: “Wrath of God”

      November 10, 2000
      History Bookshelf
      One Day in September: 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre

      Simon Reeve talked about his latest book, One Day in September: The Full Story of the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and the Israeli Revenge Operation “Wrath of God”.

      Mr. Reeve gathered information from the recently released Stasi files and interviews with key figures, including the families of the hostages, politicians, policemen, advisers, fellow athletes, media figures, and also the lone surviving member of the group that carried out the September 5, 1972, attack at the Olympics in Munich, West Germany.

      Palestinian terrorists kidnapped and killed 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team. This book was published to coincide with the release of the film of the same title, which won the 1999 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. After his presentation he answered questions from members of the audience.

  3. So that’s what it was really about. Equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. So what are are the going to do with those jews leading pro-Palestine protests? Anti-Semitism is already a crime which will get you jail time in much of the so-called “free world” (which sounds better in the original German – freiwelt, as in “Arbeit macht frei”. Thus continues The Greatest Show on Earth … Let’s beez good-goys: Pray to Rebbe Schneersohn and voat harder next time!

    • @Exalted Cyclops,

      So there are anti-Zionist who are not anti-Semitic? Then, why cant someone be anti-Semitic but pro-Zionist. Just imagine Europe and North America having another 8,000,000 Jews to contend with. Think about it.

      • > Then, why cant someone be anti-Semitic but pro-Zionist. Just imagine Europe and North America having another 8,000,000 Jews to contend with. Think about it.

        Schlomo, it’s been discussed here quite a bit already. See the oxymoronic term “Christian Zionism” for details (yes, your rabbinical bosses call it anti-Semitic). There are a lot more than 8 million of those heretical morons but nearly all of them reside in Murika. After being sent off to be killed fighting Iran, Russia and China there will be many less of them though. Think of it as the “Darwin Award” version of “Christianity”. This heresy is heavily concentrated among white protestants, even southerners. As I noted over at Unz, it’s so utterly retarded that I called it “Barcalounger Theology”.

  4. God says no. God says the Jews do not have a right to their own state, not less and until they accept Christ and his teachings. It is Gods will. You Jews want to be like everybody else, you want to be treated like human beings, then you gotta act like one, and that means you stop killing innocent women and children, apologise for all the harm you have and continue to do to the innocent and make things right. But you are not capable of such things now are you Jews?

    • You write the above as if coming from a position of power- Sadly, it’s US who aren’t being treated like human beings while the Jews are treated like genetic royalty. It’s our enemies who have all the power and get to determine how people, groups and ethnicities are treated.

      I’m case you havnt noticed , we have lost control and decide virtually nothing… And we arenot going to vote our way out of this.

      The first step is acceptance of our situation. It’s quite dire.

      • As the “old ones” in the Gulag Archipelago answered the constantly asked question: “Why has all of this [destruction and misery] happened?”: Men have forgotten God. That’s why all of this has happened.

        As for Christianity in the west, this book review at Unz and the hundreds of comments in the thread beneath are telling – and largely prove the unchanging truth of the above answer from the “old ones”. Michael Hoffman at least has the courtesy to describe Wilson’s ‘theology’ as “Churchianity”. There was one comment in particular which hit the nail on the head as far as what is happening to the church. Douglas Wilson is an example of the “conservative” branch of “Christianity” in Murika. It’s merely (Israeli) flag-waving Satanism. The “liberal” branch is Rainbow flag-waving Satanism. The differences between the two are essentially the same as those between the Republicans and the Democrats.

        • 1) Michael Hoffmann is a sedevacantist (possibly) pre-Vatican II RC (definitely). Therefore, he has an axe to grind- don’t we all?
          2) He does laud Doug Wilson’s stances (as a Reformed/Protestant intellectual) so for you, Cyclops to call the Reformed wing as ‘Churchianity’ is both a lie and disingenuous. As it would be for Hoffmann, whose own Bergoglian Antichrist cult is racking up its’ own fair share of pseudo-Church dislikes among the RC faithful.
          3) Hoffmann actually says: “I cringe at Right-wing Christendom’s implicit naiveté, which holds that the Israelis made an honest, good faith offer to the Palestinians which the Israelis firmly intended to uphold; that claim is a sinister joke.”
          THIS is MOST CERTAINLY TRUE. But I AM astounded that he would level it at WIlson, and the Geneva crowd, who have NEVER (up until this review?!?) bowed the ‘knee to talmudic Baal.’ The Dispensationalist crowd, yes- Oh, GOD, yes!
          But the Reformed?
          4) So, don’t lump all prots together. I don’t. Though it is an easy ad hominem to make.

          Just sayin.

          • I wasn’t calling the Reformed wing “Churchianity” unless they are also Chistian Zionists (see my riposte to the hasbara AGB above). I believe Hoffmann’s use of the term in the article title was referring to these, and it seems Wilson has more-or-less joined them. As I understand it at least some what’s left of the reformed wing who haven’t gone over into full Church of Woke Satanism (see mainline Presbyterians and UCC for examples) still reject the Dispensationalist heresy.

            I didn’t know Hoffmann was pre-Vatican II sedevacantist. Not many of those around, but even Barnhardt is now a kind of sedevacantist after Benedict’s demise. I’m no RC, but Bergoglio is a surely an Anti-Pope if ever there was one. The only other pre-Vatican II sedevacantist I know of is The Kurgan, who makes a strong case for his position. Vatican II truly is apostasy.

            Even Adam Piggott notes that Barnhardt’s position is very weak in continuing to argue that post-Vatican II popes are somehow legitimate (all – even Benedict and JP II – explicitly affirmed the apostasy). Also, who elevated Bergoglio and his Lavender mafiosi colleagues to the College of Cardinals? There is no segment of Christianity in Clown-World that is not seriously in trouble. Even Orthodoxy has been infiltrated.

  5. “House of Representatives Votes To Affirm Israel’s Right To Exist As a Jewish State”
    But not Europe or US to exist as white…

  6. I suspect all this love of Jews and Israel is mostly feigned. I can’t help but suspect blackmail is involved, and I don’t just mean Epstein’s client list. It could be far more sinister, like crashing all Western economies thru the international banks if we don’t give them what they want.

    • The crash is coming anyway. The enormous debts are unpayable and governments will just print money to cover the difference between what they receive in taxes and bond sales and what they have to pay out. That was the purpose of the Federal reserve, to accommodate enormous government spending in the U.S. particularly for the 20th century’s wars by just printing up the money not backed by one grain of gold or silver.

      The power of The Usual Suspects comes from their control of money or credit; who gets it and who doesn’t. Once the money goes bad through inflation the debts decrease in value because they get paid back in diminished dollars until the monetary system seizes up like an engine without oil. Tangible goods, particularly gold and silver, which have zero counterparty risk soar in value as paper currencies and their derivatives are spurned. This process is inevitable.

      No tree grows to the sky and eventually this fraudulent monetary system based on ever increasing debt must come to an end. When it does the power of The Usual Suspects and their toadies in government and business will also come to an end and a new system will replace it. Globo Homo Shopping Mall Empire requires this endless metastasizing debt monster to sustain its wars and power but like an ever growing tumor, it eventually kills its host.

    • Indeed. Totally conceivable. But, that’s a one shot deal. And its potential damage depends a lot of circumstances at the time. Additionally, the financial ecosystem would ultimately recover, likely with less Jews involved. It’s more worth as a deterrent of last resort.

    • @more of the same

      I actually think you could be right. Bribery and blackmail can only go so far to get a unanimous House to vote your way. But I think they just might crash the financial markets anyway, just for fun and profit.

    • “I suspect all this love of Jews and Israel is mostly feigned.”
      Some is some isn’t . Alot of white traitors out there.

  7. Daaaamn, that’s the real MAGA right there, make apartheid great again. What a bunch of useless hypocrite traitor scum. Fellate that joo **** harder coke and pepsi, don’t worry we’ll all wait while you guys have the who’s the biggest cuck for the jooooooos contest. Is the keev cucking boondoggle still a thing?

  8. They should affirm that indigenous Palestinians also have a right to exist as whatever kind of state they choose to be.

    On a brighter note, you may have heard the saying: “Beauty will save the world.” I ran across this beautiful video of Palestinian Christians (who were once over 20% of the population but are now being exterminated at a rate even higher than the extermination of Muslim Palestinians) who were marking the beginning of the Advent/Christmas season with a Christmas celebration dance, in the streets of Ramallah, about four years ago. In my opinion this scene is a very persuasive anti-genocide message:

  9. In the west, in politics, there’s only two sides, Zionism, and globalism, and they’re two sides of the same coin.
    If a politician says he’s a Zionist, he’s a globalist, and if a politician says he’s a globalist, he’s a Zionist.

    That’s because Jews were the first globalists.
    They were landless, so they turned to water/currency/capitalism.
    They also turned to organized crime, religion and ideology (memes/abstractions), hence Judaism, Christianity, Islam (Mohammed was a Jew), Marxism, academia and mass media.

    They became extraordinarily wealthy, and with that wealth they bought power, especially in the west and in the Anglosphere, because the Anglosphere was and is the most globalized and globalist of all the nation blocs.
    And with that wealth and power they rule the world.

    Their convergent evolutionary sisters the gypsies have a low iQ so they turned to begging and disorganized crime.

    At this point in time there are no viable political challenges to Zionism/globalism in the west.

    Liberal Christianity, capitalism and Marxism are all similar because all 3 memes are abstracted from blood and soil.
    Marxism largely fell but liberal Christianity and capitalism in the form of neoliberalism remain a force today, for now.

    • Marxism largely fell but liberal Christianity and capitalism in the form of neoliberalism remain a force today, for now.

      Yeah….they will fall too, but it will probably be too late by then.

  10. Q: what State has the most votes ?? n Congress?

    A: the State of Israel

    Please call your Congressmen ask the staffers if we in the United States have a right to exist or they going to replace us?

  11. The Capitol is a whorehouse, nothing more. The answer is secession. I suppose it is better to have the red whores control the House than the blue whores during the process of deconfederation.

  12. Worthless virtue signaling. Jew need boots on the ground supported by massive artillery and air force. Declarations do not win wars.

    Maybe we already passed point of Jew control. In the end of the WW II, German commanders also radioed useless loyalty messages to the surrounded Berlin without any intention to go save their führer. Hitler was very angry about those empty words.

    • Thank you, Juri:

      This cutesy joint resolution affirming Israel’s Right To Exist and equating Anti-Zionism with Anti-Semitism reminds me of the last time Netanyahu and AIPAC tried to bully Congress into signing off on the country going to war with Iran, no doubt reinstituting the draft to put American boots on the ground.

      Congress declared their endless love for and loyalty to Israel and unanimously avowed Israel’s right to exist and the right of Israelis to defend their country, pretty much greenlighting the Israelis to attack Iran all by their lonesome.

      Netanyahu went home and the whole matter was dropped.

      If Iran is behind this, the mullahs there picked the perfect time for Hamas to attack Israel. An American election year. Since the first duty and last duty of any politician is to get elected and secure his incumbency, it is highly unlikely that any in Congress are going to give Netanyahu what he wants.

      There will be no America attacking Iran and no resurrection of the draft to put American boots on the ground. The population has aged and is out of shape. Since support for going to war for Israel diminishes faster when in populations that are closer to the age of military service – raising the age of military service and expanding the draft to include women will only mean that pro-Palestinian sentiment will spread from the Zoomers to the Millennials to Generation X and even the Baby Boomers if a draft threatens their children and grandchildren.

      The one reason for Whites in the West to be Pro-Palestinian and their Right of Return is to keep an influx of Palestinian refugees out of the West. We already have our hands full with all the other Mideastern and African migrants flooding White countries and in America, we have the invasion of Mesoamericans from south of what was once our border.

      Of course, that means the West will have to deal with millions of Israeli refugees pouring in; the one thing I noticed, in their efforts to draw West White Christian countries into the fray was how many hyphenated Israelis were attacked and taken hostage. There was a lot of coverage on the “Americans” Hamas was holding hostage in Gaza.

      I totally believe an article I read about the vast majority, if not all, of the Israelis have passports from other countries … even Netanyahu allegedly has an American passport. So, they will definitely flood the West and while that’s not a great thing, in view of all the trouble the Diaspora has created in the West, I’m not sure it’s a bad thing.

      It means that there is no Jewish state to bug out to and our newest Western citizens will have to deal with the same consequences of the Anti-Western policies that the Diaspora has engineered when they were laboring under the delusion that Israel would give them the pass over they needed when their chickens come home to roost.

  13. Sigh.

    Our people, (and all Congress critters “representing the rest of people in the USA) are slaves of $ money and thus slaves of the Js.


    It was all of the US Congress from Liber Left to Right, Black (well sort of) New York City Demorats named something like Hakeem Jeffries to rural White, Religious (Wrong) Right GOP that fell down in to “Standing with Israel as a J only ethno state” – that s pretty much no rights for Palestinians or yeah, Christians in Jerusalem, Bethlehem.

    Did anyone here see any “Christian” leaders here in the USA stand up for the rights of Christians in Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, the Holyland? Anybody even talking or thinking about a Christian crusade to take back any of the Holy land from either Islamists or Talmudists?

    I sure haven’t heard or seen any Christians in any church denominations stepping up for Christian rights in the holy land.

    It’s either “We Stand with Israel”, “Israel Uber Alles” or.. What football game is on the TV now 5 to 6 days a week.

    Yeah, slaves of money, slaves of the media, slaves to the Js.


    Now would probably be a good time to throw away, give away all that racist literature you might have, clean out your computer hard drive and see that your fire arms and ammo don’t look out of the ordinary.

    We don’t have a horse in the USA Presidential horse race, not a dog in the fight (Sorry Michael Vick reference there) all the candidates stand with Israel and won’t defend our borders or resist The Great Replacement of our people here or anywhere in Ireland, Australia, White farmers in S Africa. Maybe Donald Trump says something sane, but then he has dinner with his pretty Shiksa daughter Ivanka and her Nosferatru son in law J Jared Kushner.

    I’m thinking of going abroad for a lot of this cursed Presidential election year.

    I recommend OD readers just keep a low profile. Nobody that matters is going to listen to us and so so many people, including (my) relatives are ready, willing and able to turn us in to “big brother”, “the Powers that be’, “The Chosen”.

    Yep, keep a long profile and practice these 5 words:

    “I have nothing to say”.

  14. What ignorant politicians we have pretending to be leaders. NO STATE has a right to exist. States exist only because they are willing and able to defend their existence. Rhodesia was a state. Gone. The Confederates States of America, gone. Roman Empire, Nazi Germany, on and on and on. One day these idiots may learn that lesson the hard way. The worm will turn.

    Deo Vindice

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