Christmas 2023 Pilgrimage to Bethlehem and the Holy Land?

We at OD try not to fall down in to Christian church denomination disputes, schisms, theological hair splits. Some religious/political/pop culture issues aren’t complicated. The ’80s pop singer “Madonna” was shooting music videos of her getting F*##$&@& in an historic Catholic Christian church in Italy. That was an easy “NO” call there. Or, the National Endowment of the Arts ~ 1990 (under USA President George HW Bush Sr.) used tax $ to fund homosexual & child pornography and put Christ in urine. This was presented as “art” and supposedly only “bigoted, ignorant, non enlightened” hicks would object to such cutting edge “art”.

In the divisions and conflicts between Muslims, Christians and Talmudic Js in the Holy Land – it seems only natural that American Christians would take the Christian side or at least try to be fair to all sides and protect sacred, holy places like Jesus Christ’s birthplace at the Church of the Nativity in the town of Bethlehem.

Dec ’23- Jan 2024 probably isn’t a good time to make a Christmas religious pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Bethlehem, Jerusalem etc. The IDF Israeli Defence force is doing Kind Herod one better and slaughtering all the Palestinian children in Gaza, not just the 1st born. Under the direction of Israel Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, the IDF is looking to slaughter as many Palestinians as possible: “We are fighting against human animals”. … Minister Gallant announced what he called a “complete siege” on Gaza. (Link)

Here is a video link to a Lutheran Christian pastor in Bethlehem this year, this week who sadly says:
Christmas in the Holy Land has been cancelled. If Christ makes his second coming this year it will be under the ruble of Gaza. Link
Can some of our readers residing it what used to be the Christian “Bible Belt” tell us:
how is this playing down South? How is the unanimous GOP Conservative, Christian Religious Right’s support of the IDF’s invasion and slaughter of the Palestinians, many used to be Christians back in the day – how’s this playing in your area?
Finally, one of the 10 Commandments was to keep the Sabbath holy. Christians used to make Sunday the Christian holy Sabbath day. Now Southerners and Midwesterners, pretty much all White Americans waste all day Sunday worshiping genetically engineered, 300 lbs Negros smash he other with all kinds of gambling point spreads, fantasy football etc.
“The Fault dear Brutus lies not in our stars but in our selves that we are lesser men” (Shakespeare “Julius Caesar”). We probably could use the services of a later Roman General turned Emperor/Caesar: Titus – on of the 3 greatest enemies of Judaism along with Jesus Christ.
Did your SEC football team make a bowl game? I don’t believe either mine (Vanderbilt) or Hunter’s (Auburn) made a holiday bowl game this year. That’s a good thing.


  1. Your Talmud quotes are a complete fabrication. The actual words you have included in the article do not exist in the Talmud. Rather what you report is a purposeful dishonest distilled summary of longer portions of the Talmud. Not even close.

    I doubt you can read Hebrew and Aramaic, the language of the Talmud. You probably gathered this misinformation from other Hitler admirers. I have seen your Tweets celebrating Hitler’s birthday

    • If you can correct us/me then this blog will come down and apologies made.

      The quote of the Israeli Defense Minister were recorded live – he really did say the Palestinian Arabs in Gaza were animals and a total siege was going to be made against them.

      The link to the Palestinian Lutheran priest at the Church of the Nativity where Christ was born is accurate – that’s what he said very recently and is the main point of this blog. There’s no CHristmas this year in Bethlehem and in the Holy Land which is sacred to Js, Muslims and Christians. Most of us come from some American Christian side, so it’s only sensible that we should take our side, the Christian side in this aea, but few, pretty much no Conservative GOP political leaders or rich tax exempt American Christian pastors are doing that, taking the Christian side in the Holy Land.

      Sir, it wasn’t just AH that noticed these yes hateful comments about Gentiles and about Jesus Christ there are so so many sources Catholic Christian, Orthodox Christian, Lutheran Christian, and many many Js and ex Js.

      The source for Martin Luther’s angry rebuke to the Talmudic Judaism was a Je*ish rabbi that converted to Christianity (Rarely happens) and he told Martin Luther what the Talmud said about Jesus Christ, the Madonna Virgin Marry and about 3 three greatest enemies of Judaism, 2 are these:

      Jesus Christ
      Roman General Titus/Later Roman Emperor

      But, it’s Hunter’s blog, it’s his call. If he wants this blog down, sure, it will get taken down.

      Just from our perspectives – Midwest and Southern White Anglos, WASPs another brutal Arab vs Israel J war, slaughter looks terrible and in our presidential election campaign, nobody except sometimes that Indian Hindu guy takes our side.

      Everybody else..


      Who stands for us in what used to be our country?

      • He is correct. Your citations are inaccurate. English translations of the Talmuds are available online to check for yourself. I have read enough Talmudic literature in the past to appreciate that it is a deep and serious study, and that it contains not just one uniform view but many different views or opinions. The pronouncements by far-right, fascistic Zionist leaders that Palestinians are “animals” do hark back to the expression “not man” (in one English translation). However, it is possible for a “not man” to be converted, and then he/she will no longer be halachically “not man,” unlike a literal animal that cannot be anything else.

        What I find most interesting from a socialist, or ethno-socialist, perspective are the opinions and discussions of treatment of the poor and disposition of the collateral of the poor, including poor widows, and of Torah commandments regarding the Jubilee (which was essentially ignored) and debt, property ownership, and slavery. Jesus said the rabbis were “making void” the Law of Moses, and the Prophets, by their “authoritative” legal discussions and opinions, which were then mostly oral, pre-dating the Talmuds and I think even the Mishnah.

        • “I have read enough Talmudic literature in the past to appreciate that it is a deep and serious study, and that it contains not just one uniform view but many different views or opinions”:

          I should have added: it really is uniform in expressing the “racist” exclusiveness of the religion, and the “chosen-ness” doctrine, and the denial of the deity of Jesus, and the opposition (enmity) to Christianity, It is evident, as you read it, that there can be no such thing as so-called “Judeo-Christianity,” no more than there can be such a thing as “Islamo-Christianity.” Both anti-Christ religions deny that Jesus is the Son of God, God manifested in human flesh, although Islam respects Jesus as a genuine prophet (along with John the Baptist) who came before Mohammed. Islam is also more like Christianity in that it is universal and easy to join by affirmation, whereas membership in Judaism is limited to proof of recent Jewish ancestry, or to passage through a difficult process of conversion. Furthermore, Islam absolutely prohibits usury (not that the crypto-Islamic Saudi and Emirati royals care). Note also that many Christians in the Middle East use the term “Allah” for God, which simply means God, and that Muslim and Christian communities have coexisted peacefully for almost two thousand years (living next door to one another, eating together and doing business together, going to each others’ weddings and funerals, although only Christians paid taxes to fund the military) except for outside interventions by crusaders from the “Christian” (now “post-Christian”) West, that were always very detrimental to the indigenous Christians. This is a rule proven by history: With every new crusade or imperialist intervention coming from the West, the number of Christians in the East grows smaller. The main target of the Catholic Crusades was not Islam but Orthodox Christianity that would not acknowledge the authority of the Pope. The biggest losers of the current Western crusade, the war of genocide in Palestine, are the native Palestinian Christians who were once a very large percentage of the population of Palestine (the majority in some areas) but now seem likely to become extinct while some Muslims survive. But it all makes sense when you follow the money, and understand “the love of money is the root of all evil.” I Timothy 6:10 KJV

        • “possible for a “not man” to be converted”

          “A thousand Palestinian lives are not worth a single jwzish fingernail ”
          Rabbi meir kahane

          The truth leaks out.
          (He was being literal, not hyperbolic.)

        • ” English translations of the Talmuds are available online to check for yourself.”

          English translations are almost worthless, as concepts in judizm don’t translate into English.

          ‘Peace’ in judizm is nothing like the meaning of ‘peace’ in English, absolutely nothing.

          (Jwz use a lot of coding to conceal their doctrine and designs from gentiles.)

          • “use a lot of coding to conceal their doctrine”:

            True. It was oral tradition for many years before it was written down, and the rules of interpretation of the writings may remain oral. Judaism (Pharisaism) was creating its own written canon (Mishnah, Talmuds and Tanakh) at the same time that the Christian canon (the Christian Bible) was being defined.

            By the way, I should have added to my previous comment that although there is much variation or diversity of opinion in the Talmudic writings, there is great uniformity regarding the doctrine of chosen-ness and exclusiveness.

          • “there is great uniformity regarding the doctrine of chosen-ness and exclusiveness.”

            ,…..and the profound inferiority of gentiles with need to kill or enslave them.

    • OK, I’ll remove the Talmud quotes.

      But the quote of the Israel Defense Minister is accurate – caught on tape as are the sad observations of the very handsome, intelligent Lutheran Christian pastor in the Church of the Nativity in Bethleham. Those stay.

    • The offending Talmud quotes were removed.

      It’s still a terrible time for any remaining (Palestinian) Christians in the Holy Land or just for us dispossessed WASP Americans with our borders open to mass migrant invasions, and our once beautiful cities falling down to drugs, disease and despair.

      With anti White affirmative action, alien control of pretty much all our American media, including supposedly “Conservative media” like National Review, Fox News, our dispossession from American elite universities like my MBA alma mater supposedly the #1 MBA program in the USA – yeah, right.

      Life kind of sucks for us and definitely sucks for the Palestinians.

      • Glad you removed them. This Talmudic bullshit recently being spread, by of course, the Gay Papist Inquisitor, dates long before his time. But it’s still bullshit. So today, we get the Gay Papist Inquisitor using historically proven Jesuit disinformation about Protestants and Freemasons and declaring both Talmudically inspired and associating them with lies about Jews and Israel. Big Win for spreading universal lies and deceit by Papal Counter-Reformers like Fuentes who still seek to exterminate the Lutherans like Hunter Griffith.

        As to the Talmud, its really a commentary of the Old Testament and its original commentaries. Its kinda like reading Old Anglo-Saxon Common laws where its discussed how long should a women be allowed to drown before she is declared a witch. Its useful for scholarly reason regarding precedents and general direction, but few Jews are big pracritioners. Its either falsely attributed, misquoted, or twisted out of context by subversive liars like Nick Fuentes, Catholic reactionaries, leftwing revolutionaries or anti-semites for some ulterior motive.

        As to the crypto-Nazi Lutheran minister, he is a little shit. First, he’s clearly politically aligned with the Muzzies who’ve gone out of his way to publish him on Moslem owned Al Jazeera TV. That makes him suspect as Moslems in Palestine are highly politicized against Israel and Christians, especially Protestant Christians, like the Lutherans. Second, he is using a nativity scene just like an atheist revolutionary would to make a political statement. Third, this guy appears to be related to a Nazi-Commie family from Germany and the Middle East.

        So Herr Munther, speaks for anti-Western movements and individuals like the Brown commie bitch lighting a candle in the video. He doesn’t speak for the appx 30,000 Lutherans in the Holy Land. He doesn’t speak for the appx 85,000 or whatever other Protestants and certainly not for hundreds of thousand of Palestinian Papists and Orthodudes living in the Holy Land, none of which but maybe a couple thousand live in Gaza. Herr Munter is instead your typical Christian liberationist who were first institutionalized by the Jesuits during tje Counter-Reformation and then modernized by the Germans and Russians in the 20th century.

        The fact is, in reality, the Christians of the Holy Land are being ethnically cleaned by Moslem and secular Palestinian gangs. They aren’t being bombed by Israelis or ethnically cleaned by them. There were some Palestinian Christians at one time in Gaza, including the Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister’s husband. But, he was thrown off a several storied building by Hamas and splattered in the street cuz insufficiently Jew Killer and Anti-Western way back in 2007. The enemy is Hamas not Israel.

        • I disagree with several points: (1) I thought the Nativity scene was excellent, and the reason for a Nativity display is not to entertain but to teach or send a message. (2) The decline of Christians in Palestine and the Middle East is correlated most directly not with Muslim activity but with the rise of Western Zionist colonialism, and every other form of Western crusading since the Middle Ages. (3) I think the “Nazi-Commie”-related (as you call him) Lutheran minister expressed the sense of the gospel of liberation perfectly. Read the red letters of the Gospel of Luke. (4) Finally, I disagree that “there were some Palestinian Christians at one time in Gaza,” because in fact there ARE Christians in Gaza, although now, with this last and perhaps most deadly of all Western crusades (Operation “Swords of Iron”) the remaining one thousand might all be killed, and then you would be correct.

    • Oh look, another Maga cult member completely ignorant of all the damage that jews have done to Western civilization and White people. Guess what, your country is going down, and Donny Trumpstein isn’t going to save it. Keep worshipping a tribe who hates you and wants you gone.

  2. Where I am living, opinions are split. The older military crowd zealously supports Israel, while the younger ones, quietly and in huddled corners, condemn Israel and the US. The wealthy say we have a responsibility to help Israel in their time of need, and become belligerent when the local poor demand support during this recession (which exists in every way except the name). The women have the opinions of their men in public, but online one can see their unbridled support for the Palestinian underdogs.

    Yes, where I live, the Middle East has once more become the deciding litmus test.

    • “older military crowd zealously supports Israel”

      I don’t understand that, other than their religious persuasion and gross ignorance.

      • The problem is rooted in the Dispensationalist heresy, which is widespread among Evangelical Protestants and has even been inserted into Catholic doctrine via Vatican II. Niel Kumar, who ran against the incumbent member of the Gay Old Pedos in the AR 3rd district, recently wrote an article about the heretics who support endless wars for a Israel which reminded me a bit of our own Jaye Ryan’s article asking what the hell is wrong with South Carolina GOP. They love their Lady G – one of the most flaming Sodomites in all the great dismal swamp. Their Arkansas counterparts are not much different from the Palmetto Poofters.

        I can’t remember who first made the remark but it applies here: Sinners can repent but stupid is forever.

  3. Jaye, I know the oft talked about comparison between football/sports ball and bread and circuses. Spectator sports never did much for me because my dad wasn’t into it either. I did have an uncle who started listening to broadcast baseball games as a young adult back in the early 1930’s. I still remember him listening to baseball games back in the 1960s using a pocket transistor radio (when those were a big deal) and an ear bud, on AM radio. For me, that would be pretty boring, but he enjoyed it.

    My point being, I’m willing to cut white guys a little bit of slack *in the manner you bring it up*. At the very least, they are sitting on the couch or in a recliner and not working. Sunday used to be considered the Lord’s day and a day of rest. What bothers me more than watching football on Sundays is spending 2 hours outside mowing the lawn on a hot summer Sunday or changing engine oil on all 3 family cars or working on that remodeling project the entire day or hauling out the deer stand half a mile to the road. That is definitely not resting from manual toil. I still remember as a kid back in the 60’s that many, many smaller stores were closed on Sundays. For that matter, the large Chicago department store chain Carson Pirie Scott (which no longer exists) was always closed on Sundays even into the 1960s, even during the “holiday” shekel season.

    You mentioned Muslim and Christian conflicts and Christian holy sites. I noted the link above the comments to another article with a picture of the spire of Notre Dame going up in flames. There were reports of Muslims dancing or celebrating with the destruction of Notre Dame. Pardon an old man for maybe repeating himself – I don’t always recall what I post where. How things were different under monarchies though. Back in 1823, the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome was completely destroyed by fire. This is the church that was built over the tomb of St. Paul, with the original church being consecrated by Pope Sylvester in 324. When Pope Leo XII made an appeal for donations to rebuild the church after the fire, he received donations not only from RCs but also blocks of malachite and lapis lazuli from Tsar Nicholas I and Muhammad Ali Pasha, Viceroy of Egypt gave columns of alabaster. No dancing Muslims there.

    • The largest crowd celebrating the destruction of Notre Dame de Paris were Jews. Yes some of their Muslim shabbas-goys were cheering also. One of the better French monarchs ordered all the Talmuds in the city gathered and burned in the street before the Cathedral. The plan to is to rebuild it as a Disneyfied woke-palace, much more fitting for today’s EUSSR and its godless denizens.

      As for sports. There are several excellent ones not yet dominated by negro-worship. Rugby, Hockey, Gaelic Football, and even (to an extent) Baseball. Despite the interesting strategy aspect, I find American football to be very boring to watch (numerous timeouts, etc). The endless negro-worship reduces it to an insufferable afternoon in the ape-house of a zoo. I just don’t watch it or pay attention to it.

      • Thank you sir, for yet another excellent comment. Did you watch the recent Rugby World Cup. I followed it – lots of great matches, rivalries, great international – still mostly White players and fans. Though the Fiji upset of Australia was a stunning upset, victory for Blackish Pacific Islanders. But I didn’t mind it – both teams and their fans were very good sports about it. The South African Springboks have been racially integrated but the White South Africans still hold their own there and the SA Springbok’s second Rugby World Cup victory in a row gains them respect to stay on in South Africa. My friends in Cape Town were very happy about the victory.

        I went to college undergrad at Vanderbilt – we had an upset good year in football my junior year, our basketball team was always competitive and racially integrated back in the mid 1980s. I didn’t follow college baseball then I do now. I love College Baseball the sport and fans are very, very White. The Season in shorter and the finals in the College Baseball World series is played in Nebraska – a real White middle American folk festival. PLease promote it.

        College hockey is also a good sport – season is short not like the NHL that goes from what late September to June.

        One good thing I noticed on my last trip to HIlton Head SC and Savanah GA was Ice hockey being introduced as an SEC college club sport – so the North Eastern Snow birds did at least bring something good down South. That’s about it IMO

        Yeah, “Football” (wrong name) is a religion in the South, along with Cuckservativism, Christian Zionism. Sigh. Religion doesn’t work for me in the South or pretty much everywhere in North America. The LDS Latter Day Saint MOrmons was my last shot at some White Christian church – LDS is now woke, their pols are THE worst CUCKS, RINOs – it’s basically a McDonalds style real estate franchise with tax exempt stastus for their buildings – hell the entire LDS church is a financial racket and everyone now bows their heads, wears sweaters during the week and suits on Sunday and works to agree with whomever is in the room with them at the time.

        The LDS church is another once all White institution that now bends over backwards to show everyone “See We’re not Racist anymore”. FI#$** em. I call LDS the CHurch of Latter Day Sissies.

        • The endless negro-worship reduces it to an insufferable afternoon in the ape-house of a zoo”


          It’s a pumped up distraction, to keep most people’s minds away from serious issues or real heathy recreation.

          Better to spend 5 minutes lifting than 2 hours of idiot box vegetating.

        • Jack, way back when you first got started in this and then got involved in the LDS, another buddy of ours took a different course and is now one of the largest if not largest podcasters in the world. He remained at least nominally, a Baptist if I recall. Regardless, he felt strongly about retaining his faith in Jesus. He didn’t decide to retain his faith in order to gain political clout, but rather he pushed his political clout and prayed for support from our Lord and Savior, and Jesus blessed him.

          My point is, your faith shouldn’t be guided by earthly things like politics or social or cultural norms. Thats the way of the so called “Judaizers” in the New Testament. Keep your faith in the universal and invisible faith of all believers in God, his Son our Lord and Redeemer, the Christ, and the Holy Spirit our Guide and Counselor. Follow His teachings by daily readings of the Bible, study the theology expressing it to ground your faith, then search for a congregation whose faith matches yours AND where you fit in socially and culturally. Dont solely pick a congregation just cuz Whiteness or cuz Hate Duh Jews. Fuck the LDS and that Lutheran Minister. Bunch of real estate racketeers and political subversives.

          • Well. why does any White guy join a church? Looking for some community – a group of people that shares something in common and a lot of it back in the day was to try to be in an area where there were some decent women to find a wife. IMO – what’s the point of being in any church if a decent, healthy, athletic, well educated financially secure/successful White guy (that was me) can’t find a wife? Why put up with any of the boredom?

            My main criticisms of the LDS Church in urban university communities is that they are going with the flow in Lib politics and… a decent White guy (me) can’t get a wife. They used to have some good policies that did get young people married youngish, promote lots of children (White) but that someone moved over to getting White women to think all sex was dirty and wrong. My other main observation with LDS is that they are ..

            Incredibly boring. Their Sacrament meetings are torture – they let anybody speak, with no speech coaching, no preparation. This really shows in LDS (We’re not Mormons anymore – that was RACIST). LDS pols like Mitt Romney, Orin Hatch don’t seem to have any positions, opinions about anything that matters like mass immigration, the Great Replacement. John Derbyshire “the Derb” back before the Neo Con Js at National Review purged him for righting “The Talk”, the Derb used to interview Republican Presidential Candidates such as Mitt Romney. John Derbyshire asked Mitt Romney ~ 2007 what his views were on mass immigration, the great replacement and Mitt Romney admitted that he just hadn’t thought about it…. Then he moved on.

            Boring stiff White guy LDS such as Mitt Romney are easy prey for the Grima Wormtongue Je* Advisor in Mitt’s case the horrible J Max Boot. Max Boot got Mitt Romney to say and run on the #*$&@ idea that “The Russians were America’s #1 enemy/adversary!


            To be honest – all tax exempt denominations of American Judeo Christianity are dead for me – just look at their positions on the latest Arab vs Israel J war in the Holy Land – none are for the Christians/US? Just look at the USA Presidential campaigns in both parties – no intelligent pro us American Christians at the table.


          • “Well. why does any White guy join a church? Looking for some community –”

            Like the American Bund ?

            They had formed over 20 camps and resorts for WHITE people, from los Angeles to long island, even neighborhoods for WHITE people on long island, until the jwz mafia and uszog destroyed them, by murder and lawfare.

        • I caught part of the Rugby World Cup when in Ireland, where they are quite nuts about it. It’s much more exciting to watch that Murikan football and the game moves along a lot faster. When I was there the Irish beat Scotland and then it was on to fight the French. I’ve watched some Aussie and New Zealand matches as well. Gaelic football is kind of a mix between Rugby and regular soccer (called football by most of the world).

      • “One of the better French monarchs ordered all the Talmuds in the city gathered and burned”

        Futile theatrics.
        The opposite course would have been better. A deep analysis and exposer of the sinister designs in the books.

        • Only the clergy and the some of the aristocracy could read at the time, as I recall. Clergy probably tried to warn the parishoners about the Synagogue of Satan. It was ultimately the aristocracy (from whom the monarchs were drawn) who refused to live according to their means and ended up borrowing from the usual suspects. That’s what got the whole usury racket under way.

          • Makes sense. But wasn’t it the evil, bad guy King in Braveheart “Longshanks” that expelled the Js from England? And didn’t the Js stay out of England until Oliver Cromwell brought them back, borrowed money for his Protestant Christian armies against Catholic royalists in Scotland and just against the Irish Catholics?

            Borrowing $ money from J bankers for sort of personal White vs White wars, brother wars – that seems to be something the Js get rich doing “for us” (yeah right).

          • Yes it was Edward I ‘Longshanks’ who issued the Edict of Expulsion in 1290 – after some 200 years of usury-rackets going in England. Cromwell indeed allowed them back in because he borrowed money from the usual suspects, who of course were more than happy to lend to both Christian factions killing each other. Not only is the usury itself a ‘mitzvah’ but enabling and encouraging Christians to kill one another was another ‘mitzvah’ piled on top. Not even to mention a handsome blessing of their ‘god’ with those interest payments flowing in for decades.

            That’s why wars should always be regarded as a last resort. Defending against an invasion is a just cause for war (one of the few), and note that our southern border under direct invasion right now. Yet notice which wars the regime and all of its lickspittles are interested in?

          • “didn’t the Js stay out of England until Oliver Cromwell brought them back,”

            Be certain, many cryptos stayed behind in England just as they did in Spain and Portugal, 100,000’s remained as cryptos.

          • “the aristocracy …..who refused to live according to their means and ended up borrowing from the usual suspects. ”

            Oh, not so much, as the chosen have 100’s of tricks to trap the simple goy in the snare of debt, both the rich and the poor.

            “If you won’t borrow from me goy, I’ll just have to lend to your enemy, hehe *rubs hands together*”

  4. “We probably could use the services of a later Roman General turned Emperor/Caesar: Titus – on of the 3 greatest enemies of Judaism”:

    Titus’ forces destroyed the Temple, killed almost one million Jews, and brought almost 100,000 Jewish prisoners back to Rome, where they came to stay: (empires always bring in the slaves and the refugees of imperialist wars to create a mixed population). Remarkably, the monument to Titus’s victory over Judea is still standing in Rome – not taken down yet, but don’t speak too loudly! But Titus belonged to the elites and hobnobbed or carried on an affair with the Jewish Queen, Berenice (she is mentioned in the Bible), the daughter of King Herod, who had already had four husbands. After becoming Emperor, Titus did distribute aid to the poor survivors of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, so you could say he wasn’t all for the rich.

    We could also use the services of Julius Caesar, who was a man of (and for) the people, which is why he was assassinated by the wealthy elites, the one percent who had amassed all the wealth and power of the “republic,” and opposed Caesar’s socialistic policy of re-distributing land and trying to lift the exploited Roman workers out of poverty. Talmudic influence had already reached Rome in the time of Caesar.

    But we could use most of all the services of another Spartacus!,%20Michael%20Ch%208%20Spartacus-Film%20and%20History.pdf

    Back on topic, I agree that the twenty-first century is just as inhospitable for the birth of the Son of God in Bethlehem as the first century was. Survival of the poor there now is just as perilous and miraculous.

    • “Titus belonged to the elites and hobnobbed or carried on an affair with the Jewish Queen, Berenice (she is mentioned in the Bible), ”

      Looking over the greater scope of history, this is a primary method that jwz attain power and wealth, marrying their women into it (often by devious means).

    • “Survival of the poor there now is just as perilous and miraculous.”

      Keep them in your prayers if you can’t go there to succor them.

  5. @ Jaye Ryan

    College football is a RELIGION In Alabama! Just ask Brad. I live here it and it makes me want to vomit.

    • I love Auburn.

      It is like a second hometown to me.

      As for college football and increasingly basketball, it has never really bothered me. I have always associated it with tailgating, BBQ, socializing, getting drunk, relaxing and destressing. That’s the appeal.

      I usually work during the games and occasionally hear some of it on the radio. I’m not obsessed with football like Bama fans. I don’t pay much attention to it.

    • South Carolina has 5 religions: Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, USC and Clemson. You can choose any two and at least one of them must be USC or Clemsen.

    • Former Bama rush gal, here. I haven’t watched more than a handful of games since I left the place during the Reagan era. ?
      It *is* a religion down here. Yet another that I’m no longer a part of.
      They can keep the Jew worshipping at my local Southern Baptist churches, I’m a hard pass.
      I also don’t drink sweet tea.
      I don’t watch terrible “Conservative” TV programming nor do I listen to “Conservative” Country music.
      I don’t own Taylor Swift merch.
      I have no granddaughters named Tractor or Trigger.
      I don’t care what happens to Chick fil a.

      Despite my family being Southern nigh on 380 yrs, I’m currently failing as a Current Year, 2023 Southerner.

      • Thank you dibutler – that was one of THE best comments I’ve ever read on OD comments, certainly to any of my blogs.

        You are a very interesting gal. Would you be interested in networking a bit – all privacy and safety assured as much as can be possible in North America coming in to 2024.

        DO you follow any of our/my contributions on TPC radio show hosted by James Edwards?

        Thank you again.


  6. “White Americans waste all day Sunday worshiping genetically engineered, 300 lbs Negros smash he other with all kinds of gambling point spreads, fantasy football etc.”

    So true.
    “genetically engineered,” just shows what a few generations of selective breeding can do when administered by conscientious slave owners.

    Just imagine if WHITES applied benevolent eugenic principles to their children.
    WHITES were starting to, from 1880s to 1930s, until the process was crushed by outside forces.

    America once had a nascent eugenics movement, killed in its infancy.

  7. I delayed doing it because I thought it would be depressing to hear more b.s., but I tapped the link my old fellow traveller Jaye Ryan provided to the Lutheran pastor in Bethlehem. It was of course bullshit, but it was absolutely interesting and terrifying. I didn’t know there were literal Nazi descendents living in Palestine. Musher Ishaq is descended from a literal real German Nazi who lived among the Moslems after WWII, and even has the German accent and German liberationist ideology to prove it. Nazi Germans in the East? It was like watching a classic old Hollywood movie.

    Surprising that Herr Munther is still still alive and not liquidated. Liquidated at least for the blatant blasphemy of stating Christmas isn’t for celebrating the birth of our Lord, Messiah, and Savior, but for stating its for showing solidarity with oppressed brown heathens from around the world. Its terrifying to realize how these dark actors like to twist and blaspheme the good. That is why they are Satanists and must be stopped.

    In fact, Herr Munther’s statement is taken word for word from the Jesuit’s liberationist ideology. So I am not sure if he is some sort of Post-Hitler Martin Boreman Nazi, spouting Jesuit Catholic talking points as a Lutheran minister or a Jesuit infiltrator of the Lutheran Church trying to bring it into disrepute. Either way, I think I will visit Herr Munther and have a talk.

    What its going to take is reviewing Herr Munter’s lineage to see first how the phuck he managed to get into Palestine and stay, and number two what religion his father or grandfather was. Fellow travellers on Occidental Dissent, your help is needed. Just remember, that while most Nazi Germans were Catholics and Deputy Fuher Himmler rebuilt the Nazis as a neo-Jesuit order, not all were Papists, some were Protestants.

    Its frankly interesting to see how third worldist revolutionary doctrine didn’t start with the communists but it started with the Imperial Germans just prior to WWI. Very few people know this but that bitch the Kaiser, created a plan to overthrow his enemies the French and British using national liberationist revolution against their empires and his enemies the Russians using Judeo-Bolshevism. All of our problems with the muds and lefties were caused by that fool.

    It started when the Kaiser visited the Temple Mount, publicly broke down a wall separating Moslems from entering the Al-Aqsa square, and converted to Islam and publicized it from New Delhi to Casablanca. His intelligence agents spent the next decade building up the political infrastructure of the Grand Mufti in Jerusalem, pro-German sentiment among the Moslems, and the political movement of the Moslem Brotherhood.

    The later is of course the father of all Moslem influenced revolutionary groups from the PLO, to the FLN, to Islamic Jihad and Al Queda. In turn, Germany’s backing of Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky and Judeo-Bolshevism spawned all of the secular leftwing revolutionary movements from the Fed Guards, to Mao, to Trotskyites who like to comment on Occidental Dissent. But, like the sorcerers apprentice it initiated a major blow back. Obviously, Herr Munter, like most Nazis, doesn’t give a shit. But, there is still the old guard around to make sure he does.

  8. Forever stuck in my mind was an event in America of some Palestinian Christians which Ted Cruz was about to address. But he found out they were critical of Israel, and he said, “If you won’t stand by Israel, I can’t with you” and walked off the stage. That was crystal clear. He picked Jews over Christians. As regards work on Sunday have you been to Germany? The shops are all closed on Sunday. America reminds me of Brave New World whereby drugs and sex and spectator sports drain any revolutionary discontent they may have had.

    • “Forever stuck in my mind was an event in America of some Palestinian Christians which Ted Cruz was about to address. But he found out”:

      Stuck in my mind is a Bernie Sanders campaign rally where some Palestinians were in attendance. He found out and ordered them to leave his event. Both Cruz and Sanders are Zionists.

      Incidentally, Rafael “Ted” Cruz is of Sephardic Jewish descent (on one side), coming to the seat of empire via the Spanish Canary Islands and pre-revolutionary Cuba. He is part of the capitalist disaspora from Cuba. His mother was a British citizen when he was born, so he is technically not able to run for President, but he did. He was the favored Republican nominee, favored by the System and the fake opposition (the Tea Party) over Trump. I remember when Glenn Beck was calling him “the White Horse of the Book of Revelation” who was prophesied to come. The Evangelicals, as well as the Mormons, were very excited about him.

    • “Forever stuck in my mind was an event in America of some Palestinian Christians which Ted Cruz was about to address.”

      @Feric Jagger,

      I was there. Actually it was Assyrian, Syriac, Coptic, and Chaldean Christians who he was principally addressing, not just Palestinians. Most of the later no longer effectively exist as an ethnic lobby group or are almost totally integrated in the countries where they have been in exile. Nonetheless, it was a discussion on what to do about all Christian survival in the Middle East.

      Cruz kept wedging Israel into the discussion about their own survival after our stupid policies regarding them during the wars. The various Christian communities there started getting angry over this response until someone in the crowd said something along the lines that their interests came first and wanted to know if he would help them.

      That’s when he said basically, fuck you, follow Israel or forget it. They screamed and yelled and that’s when he made his “stand with Israel” comment and left. That was the end of Cruz’s attempt to take over the Middle East Christian Community which my team had been organizing, principally on behalf of Trump. Cruz has never recovered with them from that moment.

      Senator Cruz is likable in many ways but he is probably autistic. He also does immoral things for clout chasing. For instance, like running for President when he knows he isn’t eligible. He also autistically tends to not listen to what people are saying but fixates on separate issues. For example, ignoring the Middle Eastern Christian needs and saying, “Duh, Stand with Israel.” Cruz still does things that are very beneficial for America in the Senate, but like most Hispanics he has some deficiencies that often fuck things up.

      Overall, the “Duh, Jews” v “Duh, Stand with Israel” sides are meant to polarize communities for more insidious reasons that have nothing to do with Jews or Israel. It’s the utter lack of nuance in these two sides where those in between, namely us and the Middle Eastern Christians, etc get destroyed. A pox on autism and stupid politicians and even less sophisticated activists. Be smarter, alls ya.

      @Merthyr Rising, 1831

      “He is part of the capitalist disaspora from Cuba. His mother was a British citizen when he was born, so he is technically not able to run for President, but he did. He was the favored Republican nominee, favored by the System and the fake opposition (the Tea Party) over Trump. I remember when Glenn Beck was calling him “the White Horse of the Book of Revelation” who was prophesied to come. The Evangelicals, as well as the Mormons, were very excited about him.”

      For many of those reasons, my team mobilized to stop him. We are sick and tired of foreign origin nationals gaining entrance into our political system, let alone gaining in the Presidency. This is late stage degenerate republicanism. It happened with Poland and most other republics, this foreign infiltration of politics, and ended with destruction. The evangelicals and Mormons were so goddamned stupid about Ted Cruz we called them Cruzbots. They are still a problem even though noticeably disciplined by the events of the Trump era. Stay hopeful, and keep faith in God and his son our Savior, whose birth we remember this season.

      • “Duh, Jews v Duh, Stand with Israel sides are meant to polarize communities for more insidious reasons that have nothing to do with Jews or Israel”:

        Please elaborate. I really don’t understand your position and reasons for it.

        “keep faith in God and his son our Savior, whose birth we remember this season”:

        I agree. Now, keeping to the topic of Jaye’s post: Who wants to celebrate it in the usual, festive ways, this year, when ancient churches are being bombed in Gaza, and Christians are being genocided all over Palestine now? To call attention to this religio-genocide, there should be a strike or boycott against all the corporations and capitalists, who expect to make their usual huge profits selling Christmas merchandise.

    • @Feric Jagger – That’s good to hear about German shops still closing on Sundays. When I was still making frequent trips there back in the 90’s, some of my cousins were complaining because there were such limited hours even on Saturday. They (the women) had to hurry scurry to get grocery shopping done on Saturday because on Sunday, they were out of luck. I’m actually surprised shops still close on Sunday. I would have guessed that Ameri-con-ization would have taken over more by now.

      I’m an RC and know many of you don’t like RCs but I’d still urge you, as a fellow Christian, to try to whittle back on the amount of manual labor you do on Sundays (that excludes hobbies, for example lifting; but try to be honest and don’t stretch the letter of the law). Not for me or anyone else, but for the Father and His Son. And for those of you men with children, they will grow up and learn by and imitate your example, which you set for the family.

      If you think Jews only have shekels on their mind, guess what, the orthodox Jews do the same. For example, if you’ve ever browsed or bought at B&H photo and video, the physical store in New York is closed on Saturday with no online/telephone help available either from their website.
      If they can do that, how much more should we, as Christians, do?

      • Casper KOCH ” How much more should we, as Christians do ” well since the Church of Rome, changed the true SABBATH, too the one observed now by Catholics and Protestants alike, a return to the” TRUE.SABBATH ” might spur a renewed observance of this ” DAY OF REST “………..I was taught Protestants by observing this fake SABBATH, place themselves, right back under the he authority of ROME, once again, the SABBATH begins Friday evening at dusk and ends Saturday evening at.dusk …….
        Their are many who believe, I among them, that’s the only thing the judeo/Islamic reprobates have correct …….


  9. The yids created Hamas, and sustained Hamas all these years. Satanyahoo according to reports in Israhelli media, was in Qatar last year begging the Emir not to cut off Hamas, but to keep funding them.

    The yids had the October 7th plan a year in advance. They probably are the authors of it. They have even admitted participating in it, using missiles and tanks and sp oc soldiers to kill anything around there that moved, Muzzi or Yid they were killing them all, yes even their own people.

    So it is not wise to support Hamas. It is a beast of the yids.

  10. @ Jaye Ryan: Did you see the breaking news? Two out of the three university presidents have just resigned, who were ordered to resign after being grilled by Congress for not doing enough to restrict university students’ “antisemitic” speech. But the president of Harvard University apparently hasn’t resigned yet. 2023 is not 1968. There is no longer freedom of speech and thought in American academia. Students must now shut up about the genocide, and buckle down and prepare for their “lucrative careers” that they will never have if they are doxxed and recorded as antisemites.

    • > 2023 is not 1968. There is no longer freedom of speech and thought in American academia. Students must now shut up about the genocide, and buckle down and prepare for their “lucrative careers” that they will never have if they are doxxed and recorded as antisemites.

      Not even 1983 was the same as 1968, much less earlier years. The two resigned presidents certainly didn’t take their golden parachutes and jump because the Gay Old Poliboro circus-clowns in the swamp held a hearing in the Great Dismal Swamp. They resigned because their university boards are majority zionists or shabbas-goys and ordered them to jump because fat-cat donors (all jews) said they’d not give them their allowances. Those who control the fake-money machine know there are few people who have the courage to stand up to their bribes. Once the Petrodollar collapses things will start to change but not before. It’s not as if a single one of these DIE presidents actually believe in free speech anyway, any more than the DIE students there who couldn’t pass even the watered-down entrance exams of elite schools and were admitted solely on the basis of skin-color. Just another side-show under the big top.

    • “But the president of Harvard University apparently hasn’t resigned yet. ”

      Are there any gentiles at Harvard, aside from a few tokens ?
      Since rigging the entrance system and coaching jz with ‘borrowed’ SAT answers can any gentiles, aside from POC, get in ?

      • > Are there any gentiles at Harvard, aside from a few tokens ?

        There are plenty of gentiles of color. Likely some gay whites as well. As for actual whites, not even really a token presence. Maybe some children of rich whites who forked over the Haahvahd numbah (up to tens of millions now). Most of these are self-hating whites in any case. It’s just an overpriced indoctrination camp, a total waste of money for anyone who is not already connected.

        • There is still a small group of old line families who send their sons there and have for generations but they are a distinct minority. As with all the Ivy leagues they can be found in the exclusive undergraduate clubs on campus which are all White, gentile and old line, no wogs or other undesirables allowed.

  11. Yes MR – I ve just noticed the inquisitions , purges , crucifictions of the Ivy League Presidents that supposedly allowed anti Israel hate speech .

    I m also noticing the usually readable NY Post is going bat shi& crazy over this .

    The Js really do dominate our media and Ivy League universities . What they don t actually control they intimidate – same as that White Hispanic “ Sanches “ that made the mistake as saying there were a lot of Js at CNN and in the media

    We don t have a dog in this fight or a horse in this race .

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