Fourth 2024 Republican Presidential Debate

In case you missed it:

Vivek the Impaler wants to impale the heads of Hamas members.

Chris Christie wants to send American troops into Gaza to fight for Israel.

Ron DeSantis thinks Joe Biden is kneecapping Israel.

Nikki Haley wants to bam TikTok because it is making Zoomers more antisemitic.

Tim Scott wasn’t on the stage last night. He suspended his campaign to dedicate his life to fighting antisemitism on college campuses.


  1. My question——which of the national presidential candidates is going to be the first to call for the bulldozing of the Al Aqsa Mosque?

  2. I read it was quite the clownshow. Vivek starred as King Cobra, while Nimrata appeared as War Karen (spokes-zombie for the Kagan-Kali cult), Christie as Fat-Ann Coulter, and DeSantis as ‘Bootsy’ the Trump mini-me. According to the above review, the King Cobra was deadly: “War Karen and Fat Ann Coulter were poleaxed, while Bootsy looked like he was about to poo himself.”

    The should be using Lassus Trombone (De Culled Valet to Teddy Trombone) as their entrance tune. Maybe if they’d played it, Mr. Tim could have showed up.

    • That’s some funny shit there Exalted One Eyed! King Cobra and War Karen! Gotta use those from now on. Well done.

  3. Don’t give them encouragement by giving them views. Maybe the last time I watched a presidential candidates’ debate was when the anti-war and semi-socialistic gadfly Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland, Ohio was on the stage. The “Democratic” party was very relieved when he was gerrymandered out by the “Republic”-ans. I predict Nimrata, but it doesn’t matter which candidate the System (s)elects.

  4. where we are headed:
    “Obama Faces Backlash for Film’s ‘Warning’ About White People”

    ‘The scene in question shows a Black couple lying in bed as the lines, “I’m asking you to remember that if the world falls apart, trust should not be doled out easily to anyone, especially white people.”

    X user Libs of TikTok noted the scene, while claiming the scene was “demonizing” toward white people.

    “Netflix film called “Leave The World Behind” produced by the Obamas includes a scene demonizing white people. White people are the only group you’re allowed and celebrated to be racist towards and it will be put into movies by the most influential people,” Libs of TikTok wrote on X.’

  5. I sincerely hope that this entire Gaza situation is at last forcing normies to see Western politico-media structures as foreign occupied territory.

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