Kayleigh McEnany: White Nationalists Should Not Be Allowed Into Harvard

What is Z.O.G.?

Z.O.G. is when you are strongly “America First,” but that always means putting Israel First in practice.

Z.O.G. is when you style yourself as an anti-woke crusader for free speech, but support draconian hate speech laws in Florida and Georgia to cater to your Jewish donors.

Z.O.G. is presenting yourself as a supporter of civil liberties while working to pass anti-BDS laws for your Jewish donors.

Z.O.G. is spending years condemning racism and championing civil rights and praising MLK and colorblindness while supporting the most vicious actions of Israeli settlers in the West Bank.

Z.O.G. is when you spend years decrying cancel culture and building your career mocking “snowflake” college students only to hold press conferences and congressional hearings about the plight of Jewish college students at Ivy League universities who are offended by pro-Palestinian protests.

Note: We have already looked at the gravitational pull that Z.O.G. exerts on liberals and leftists.


  1. HW you do seem to be having fun poking at this rat’s nest. You’re doing a fine job of it too. You trolling us here with the AGB persona? If so, very Mark Twain of you.

    • No, I don’t have the time between work and two kids. AGB is free to share his opinions here. I don’t care

      • ALL Ivy League supposed Universities are a joke. You can actually buy Universities and make money and policy in and with them! Then (((they))) hold the power to make your University “accredited” or “not” accredited. 🙂

        Just ANOTHER thing to change / fix in our enlarged all white CSA II.

      • Jews have it both ways. They can be narcissistic supremacists & victims of oppression but their narcissism & subversion is what caused their “oppression”. Jews have stolen Harvard & other Ivy League schools from the WASPs & Northern Europeans who founded them & yet they are worried that Whites who made these places are going to “steal it from them”. These people are sick.

    • Actually, I was supposed to be Hunter in a previous time period. Other shit, namely war, came along, and I couldn’t stay. Instead, he showed up, saw the ball, saw the field, saw no one doing anything, and went in and bagged himself the entire network and a wife in the process. But maybe someday he’ll get bored and transfer the sword to me.

      So, no, not another HW persona. Still, I’ve been keeping tabs for awhile, but it was only recently we reacquainted. HW, is his own person and now has a family. I, on the other hand, am a free bird and can swoop in and play anytime I want here as long as he’s game.

      This bird doesn’t change and doesn’t change his color. Always red, huwite, and blue. You’ll find me time to time thru the years under a different name but always around. Right now organizing Aryan nations before the last of the fair haired, bright eyed ones are gone like the ancient Greeks. Thus, Aryan Globalist Bro.

      From an era around our time of birth (I am older than HW though) back when almost all the youth were Aryan White types, and even hippie chicks were mostly unFuentes types who didn’t like spics, niggers, and were cool with the Confederate Battle Flag. Note: They played this after our last part of training ended up being our first combat jump. Imagine doing that lads! The last of the old boomers in the military were cool. Shows how times have changed. Thank you PMC lame boomers and your downwardly mobile zoomer kids and grankids for fucking it up. https://youtu.be/QxIWDmmqZzY?si=vGnLDdGb49EOO3QX

      • Aryan Globalist.Bro ” I was supposed too be HUNTER in a previous time period ” that’s a bit of a stretch their bruh, thee SOUTHERN INTELLECTUAL/SOLDIER/HISTORIAN/GENTLEMAN, known as HUNTER WALLACE is one of a kind, in a league of his own, stay in your lane bruh, let’s try too keep this conversation serious ok ….

  2. Thank you Brad for not selling out to the anti-free speech Zionists like BAP and so many other dissident rightists have done. This conflict in Gaza has been clarifying in separating the genuine (on both left & right) from the grifters, infiltrators, and warmongers. I’ve even gained a slight respect (very, very slight) for Nick Fuentes due to his consistency on the matter.

  3. At least the illiberal, undemocratic, Anti-American Zionist shills are out of the closet now.
    If you donate to, support or vote for the duopoly/uniparty, you’re a sucker.

  4. Meanwhile, Jews making clear that they are not interested about useless virtue signaling.

    Biden is the primary obstacle to Israeli victory

    “””…Israel’s dependence on the United States was stated bluntly by retired IDF Maj. General Yitzhak Brick in an interview earlier this week. “All of our missiles, the ammunition, the precision-guided bombs, all the airplanes and bombs, it’s all from the U.S. The minute they turn off the tap, you can’t keep fighting. You have no capability. … Everyone understands that we can’t fight this war without the United States. Period.”

    Lawmakers must understand the source of the Israeli government’s fulsome praise for Biden. They should then take action to prevent the administration from maintaining its policy of paying lip service to an Israeli victory while preventing Israel from achieving one..””


    • Another thing too, this isn’t the mid 20th century where the US is the industrial monster of the world, as Admiral Yamamoto lamented when the Imperial Army ordered him to plot the Pearl Harbor attack. Yes the US has these fancy bombs, but are they being used up in Gaza and the Ukraine faster than our impotent, bastard infested, post industrial dystopia can ever replace them? And with what money? Clearly the neocons would cut off the old folks social security if forced to choose, but that would be wildly unpopular and destabilizing. Is Biden paid off to basically blow up our arsenal in a staged manner by foreign actors?

      As far as this MacEnany talking head, the audacity of the elites to try to spin all these hispanic, middle eastern, and blacks shouting out pro Hamas slogans as if it’s coming from a bunch of “white neo nazi rednecks.” Seems they’ve watched too many network cop dramas in which the problems of policing the brain dead, bastard infested black inner city crime is shifted into all these white guys in suits and white rednecks as the culprits instead.

  5. “Kayleigh McEnany: White Nationalists Should Not Be Allowed Into Harvard”
    But … but … these ‘White Nationalists’ are actually poo-skinned Palestinians on the campuses of our country – when they should be in Palestine.
    Israel should be a safe space for Jewish students, not Harvard…

  6. Kayleigh is just another Irish Roman Catholic O’Asshole. I bet her parents are real famous Irish Catholic assholes too. LOL.

    • Having just visited the auld sod not long ago, I find your Catholic descriptions amusing. Though not an RC myself, I visited an RC Church while in Dublin – one which advertised “Traditional Latin Mass” on the sign. Damned few Irish to be found in the Saturday Evening Mass. Mostly white at least, but the most common language recognized was Polish, plus some what might have been Lithuanian. The lavender mafia did a fine job with alienating the Irish a three decades ago with their pedo-priests. Given how heavily gaslighted the Irish are about most things today, the end result of the pedo-infiltration was just as Schlomo & Co. planned. Vatican II was of course a kind of Scofield dispensation for cooked up as poison for the Catholics – only adding fuel to the dumpster-fire.

      The only ones having kids are the Poles (apart from Irish girls with jungle-feaver – though that was less widespread than in Murika). Schlomo and his shabbas-goy henchmen got the Irish exactly where they want them – on the path to extinction. Browning should be happy. Oh, and the Protestant churches there – Presbyterians and Church of Ireland (whose head is Chuck the Turd, Kang of Kuck Island) are attended even less.

    • Yes. Everyone consistently looks only for the Jew, always missing the Shaleleigh wielding Irish Papists that actually run our media, especially on the pseudo-Rightwing side. It’s a sophisticated game these Papists run with controlled opposition both on the Anti-Zionist (Fuentes) and Pro-Zionist (Fox) parts. They play against each other like kabooki theatre to entertain the sheeple. They aim on being the only game in town either way.

  7. These people, these Jews are so strong, so mighty and so powerful, but they are afraid of a penniless carpenter who has been dead for two thousand years, why is that?

    When a Jew henchmen/Irish hencherette express negative thoughts towards whites or white nationalist, they mean Christ and Christian but are too afraid of that dead carpenter to say so. What are these Jews so afraid of?

  8. So, the South is not justified in hating the USA and the Yankee invaders which destroyed their homes. lands and killed or maimed 1000s of their menfolk who were trying to fight them off.

    So, the civilians in Gaza and their supporters are not justified in hating Israel for all the destruction they have unleashed on Gaza recently.

    But somehow, Ukraine IS justified in hating Russia and many here in the USA join in their hatred against Russia for invading and trying to set up a government that is friendly to Russian interest just as Kennedy wanted to do with Cuba (Bay of Pigs Invasion) and then later Castro allowed the Soviets to setup nuclear missiles aimed at the USA back in the 1960s. (How many times did the USA try to assassinate (“Operation Mongoose”) Castro?) Are the Cubans justified if they hate the USA today because of this?

    You know these “can hate, cannot hate” positions are politically based and should be treated as such. Just don’t discuss religion or politics at all and most would be better off.

    To digress a little on hatred toward Russia:

    It is hard to hate a country and its leader who just recently outlawed the LGBT movement in Russia. (Where are all the “fine” people here in the USA on this social issue?)

    – The Kremlin’s crackdown on gay rights intensified following the full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022. The government passed legislation banning the public expression of LGBT identity in Russia on Dec. 5, 2022. The law criminalized what it calls “propaganda” related to “non-traditional sexual relations” in media.

    – Putin has rhetorically linked his anti-gay and anti-trans policies to the invasion of Ukraine. He included remarks against the LGBT community in a ceremony held on Sept. 30, 2022, to formally announce the … annexation of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kherson oblasts. “Do we really want perversions that lead to degradation and extinction to be imposed in our schools from the primary grades?” Putin said in his address.

    – The Russian State Duma targeted the transgender community the following year, banning gender-affirming care in July 2023.

    – Russia’s Supreme Court declared the “international LGBT social movement” to be an “extremist organization” on Nov. 30, 2023 and banned its activities.
    — Source: web

    I hope the South as a separate nation would do a much better job than the USA is doing.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

    • You can tell whose queer in your town by the blue and yellow flags they put up. Our Ellis Island Oligarchs may be a dominant segment in our elite, but besides the minorities, they have staffed our system top to bottom with sexual deviants with a grudge against traditional America. You can bet all the queers in the state department were fanatical about stirring up shit against Russia. The Kremlin seems to have figured out what Tailgunner Joe was onto 70 years ago. That sexual deviants are a natural fifth column in your government and when given influence destroy the social structure in order to force their square peg lifestyle into a round hole.

  9. No White Nationalists at Harvard, no White men in the military either. Good luck with your democracy crusades without White men.

    • Whites go to college to get advanced indoctrination in self-hatred and why should any White person fight for a government that hates them? Let the queers and darkies die for Israel and the 3rd world.

  10. The paid trolips like McEnany are always dyed blondes with muscular calves,never actually pretty except maybe to the sex-crazy Jew.She comes off as a total air-head reading her script(they usually do).The one thing that sets her apart are her unusually widely spaced apart eyes,very bizarre look.White woman love to sell us out for Jew dollars and many seem to have no soul or concern for their own heritage or race.Anything on Jew TV is rotten.Blessings to all here in good faith this Christmas.Thank you Father for sending your Son to die for us.May the Holy Spirit send angels to protect all of us who love God,love the White race,love our heritage and never betrayed it or you Lord.Merry Christmas!

  11. Whites haven’t been allowed into Harvard in decades, not in any numbers. As Ron Unz famously pointed out, nearly all the students labelled as “white” at Harvard are actually Jews.

    • Yes. Damned few whites attend these schuls. Seriously why would any self-respecting white attend? Just read that Haaavahhd’s new negroid DIE president refused to step down despite the chorus of demands from Jewish donors. Ironically, Haaavahd ended up with an endowment in the billions – basically FU money – thanks to the thievery of Jews like Larry Summers back in the 1990s. Of course the bitch is a monstrous anti-white but three guesses who engineered her elevation?

      Just keep on remembering Napoleon’s axiom: Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a fatal error.

  12. The effective removal of white Christians from Harvard already took place a long time ago. Maybe if you’re an athlete, you might get a shot.

    There really is the equivalent of a religious test for advancement in America, and increasingly a racial test. And the people who are in charge of it are the Jews. And if you criticize that test and the people carrying it out, you are called a “white nationalist” as Pat Buchanan has been called.

    Jews are supposed to decide who gets advancement in America, and if you oppose that, you will be prevented from social advancement. Got it, bitch. Fuck Trump the Zionist stooge. All the Democrats had to do was give the Zionists a blank check and they kicked lickspittle Trump to the curb.

  13. The thing with “White Nationalist” as well as “Racists” is who gets to define who a White Nationalist and who is racist. As it stands now the Lunatic Left considers all conservatives as White Nationalists. They even call conservative Jews White Nationalists. Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller in the Trump administration were called White Nationalists.

  14. Kayleigh McEnany illustrates why the Dumb Blonde is a stereotype. It has nothing to do with her being Irish; she’s a Bimbo who temporarily who recited the Trump Administration’s more intelligent talking points so well that she got the credit rather than Stephen Miller, I suspect. She’s a Bimbo, but she graduated Harvard, so she’s a well-indoctrinated Bimbo. Whether she’s Irish or not is irrelevant, Robert Browning. Bimbo is universal.

    Now, is it just me, but does anyone else think that these university presidents are all book smart bimbos whose university indoctrination has eliminated any street smarts? How hard is it, as University President to ban ALL religious symbols, foreign flags, political clothing, and any organized protests on the university campus? All of this crap is nothing more than brandishing gang chants, signaling, and gang colors – Zionists vs Hamas is nothing more than that region’s version of Bloods vs. Crips. Gang warfare, by any stripe, can do nothing else but constitute a hostile work or learning environment for anyone whether they are partisan or non-partisan.

    While the Jewish students whining about being targeted by vicious “Anti-Semites” (rather than brown people who only see them as the most privileged White oppressors) represent the proverbial squeaky wheel getting the grease, if I, as a woman with no dog or interest in this Zionist-Hamas feud, were the parent paying the overpriced tuition of a Harvard student, the last thing I would want is my child being caught in the middle of gang violence by any other name.

    Outside of the university, off campus, are places for either Hamas supporters or Zionist supporters to assemble, protest, and petition for their causes. It requires a little more planning and expense than spontaneous eruptions on campus; i.e. getting a permit and having the local or city government get police and security out to maintain the peace, but
    demanding that students and faculty at these universities do so is not unconstitutional, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, or Anti-Semitic.

    On the positive side, for any disgruntled “White Nationalists” pouting because straight White Gentiles (men more than women) have effectively been banned from attending Harvard, kick back, break out a cold brew, and some hot buttered popcorn and enjoy the clown show while laughing your collective asses off.

    Sooner rather than later, we will see that being a graduate fresh out of an expensive Ivy League University is going to be a bigger impediment to getting a good job – especially being – H/T to Frazier “five different types of minorities who can’t be fired” – than some middle class or working class White guy who worked while going to community college and night school.

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