Politico: Cardin Staffer Linked To Sex Tape Leaves Senate

Put his name on a military base.

Build a monument depicting this in Arlington National Cemetery.

This is a better symbol of the Global American Empire than Robert E. Lee.


A junior aide to Sen. Ben Cardin is no longer employed by the Senate, the Maryland Democrat’s office said Saturday, following news reports linking the staffer to a sex tape filmed in a Capitol Hill hearing room.

Portions of the tape were published by the Daily Caller on Friday showing two men having sex in the cavernous Hart Senate Office Building hearing room that has played host to Supreme Court nominees, 9/11 Commission meetings and former FBI Director James Comey’s blockbuster 2017 testimony on Donald Trump. The American Spectator previously reported that a Cardin staffer was involved. …

This is the first time that something like this has leaked.

Washington has become just another imperial court infested by catamites. We have always suspected that this is the kind of thing that goes on there, but it is nice to see it confirmed.


  1. What do you think ‘cloakrooms’ are for ?

    When major legislation, like NAFTA, is being passed, you see all these nubile 18 amd 19 yr olds running in and out of ‘cloakrooms’ in the halls of congress.

    • Arrian Where I went too high school in Detroit, it was like that, if you were a coward, GOD help you, the demonstrative willingness, to do what is and was necessary, is what increased your odds of survival, but WHITE people generally, have to find themselves in circumstances, like that poor boy on your video went thru, before they will stick together, sadly it seems only circumstances such as that, will induce WHITE people too embrace racial solidarity and their racial identity ………..One day our people will get tired of getting their ass kicked and perhaps, this evilness, can be stopped …….but what I do wonder about is, how many of those, fine young black gentleman, went and fucked their WHITE girlfriends, later that day, perhaps regaling them, with a stomp by stomp account of their beatdown of the WHITE BOY ……..

      • “only circumstances such as that, will induce WHITE people too embrace racial solidarity ”

        Nope,WHITES don’t and won’t stick together, I’ve seen it.
        They are like sheep, when one is attacked the rest just scatter.
        Experienced it too many times.

        I wish you were right, but it doesn’t happen that way

  2. This Aidan Maese Czeropski person “was the staffer who confronted Jewish Republican Ohio Rep. Max Miller over his support of Israel, yelling “free Palestine” in the halls of the Cannon Office Building on Wednesday, December 13, 2023. ”

    We gotta get these Jew haters. The problem is becoming everybody and his sister is a Jew hater these days. I worry for these poor stupid Jew bastards. A unanimous opinion is building and it sounds like —-Hey Hey Ho Ho these Jew bastards have got to go.

    • Agree. Anti semitic alliance in much more important that fighting with irrelevant perverts or people who could be our allies. Like Hamas and Hezbollah.

      • “Anti semitic”

        I wish folks wouldn’t use that term.
        Most jwz aren’t semites, most semites aren’t jwz.

        Call it ‘jew aware’, something descriptive.

  3. Well, I see the media reporting that a “sex tape” was made inside the Senate building, but they didn’t say what kind of sex. They want to leave you with the impression that Harry Highschool took Sally the Homecoming Queen from Smallville Kansas into the chamber for some lovers lane tryst. As if heterosexual people are so deviant? Yet once again, it’s another example of how twisted homosexuals are and the kind of breakdown of all boundaries that occurs when they take over. Just like that “Orgy” the Spanish broke up in March 2020 in the middle of the Covid Panic, it went unmentioned that they were queers. On purpose to confuse young men that they actually live in this fake, Hollywood sexualized world where women would do something that so goes against their instincts like show up for an orgy as if they were a “hungry gay bottom.” Sort of like the strange, sex charged lyrics these 10 degenerate men who write all the pop songs put into the mouths of the female singers performing for the industry.

    • Yep, there’s an agenda.
      Some commentator was saying how they are mixing tranny porn into regular straight porn in order to get normal men to accept trannies and the queer agenda.

      Just think of bud light as a leader into this kind of brainwashing.

  4. Back in the 1980’s, Jon Hinson a family values conservative from Mississippi elected in the Reagan landslide was arrested in the restroom of a DC library while giving oral to a negro. He resigned, became active in gay causes, and died of AIDS. I think his wife was a former Ole Miss beauty queen, no pun intended.

    • The Republicans have always had a big problem with having lots of closeted homos who get caught. Remember Sen. Larry Craig (R. Idaho) who got caught for soliciting gay sex in the Minneapolis airport bathroom? His defense was that he had a wide stance.


      Then there was Mark Foley, (R. Florida) who had a thing for young, male House pages. He was another “family values” kind of guy although not the kind of family that scumbag Ronald Reagan kept yammering about.


      This is probably the biggest reason the Republicans stab their supporters in the back every time, even more than the bribes they constantly solicit. They cannot withstand the blackmail.

      That was the purpose of the Epstein operation, to get the goods on everyone possible for future blackmail. Epstein’s operation was using under age girls so it was designed to keep Democrats and their donors in line, not Republicans who are already kept women like $10 whores and prefer homos anyway.

    • “1980’s, Jon Hinson a family values conservative”

      Stories like that are legion.

      Mike Duval, calif ‘family values’ rep was caught on open mic talking about banging a female lobbyist, in graphic detail.

      Dennis Hastert, repub house speaker banging underage boys.

      The list is endless.

  5. How many times have things like this occurred without anyone getting caught? In the eyes of most of the Washington types the only thing these perverts did wrong was to get caught. Did any well known figures like Lady G. have cameo roles in this fag film?

    This is late stage Empire decadence. It will be interesting to see how The Empire; broke, indebted, full of foreigners, divided at home, overextended everywhere, governed by a corrupt, incompetent, self-serving, out of touch elite handles this latest crisis in the Red Sea. They are already drowning with the crises they have going on now, they can’t handle another one. They sure can’t rally the public, many of whom are wogs, around the flag like they did after 9/11.

    What will the scumbags in charge do if they get in another big war in the Near East? This time they are on their own, the public isn’t signing up for for another war.

  6. If you want better encouragement never to enlist in this degenerate central government’s army/self defense, look no further. Btw, we pay income tax? For this? Why?

  7. Mao would say a new Cultural Revolution is needed. These idle fornicators need to be rounded up and taken to the farms where they can forget money and entertainment and learn to do useful, hard physical labour.

  8. In theory I understand the libertarian argument that fags should be able to do whatever they want in their own private bedroom, but in reality it is never like that. Fags are inherently deviant and subversive, everything in their lives ultimately revolves around their perversion, if you let one fag into a “normal” environment he will always bring in other fags and corrupt it. You see this everywhere — churches, schools, government — it’s never “oh, that’s just his preference, IDGAF” It’s ALWAYS how they feel the need to push their faggotry on everyone else, they actually enjoy offending normal people.

    Faggots cannot be treated equally, period. A certain German politician was right… they belong in the camps. No healthy society can allow fags to roam free and flaunt their sickness among normal people.

    • “Fags are inherently deviant and subversive, everything in their lives ultimately revolves around their perversion, if you let one fag into a “normal” environment he will always bring in other fags and corrupt it.”

      BINGO !

      IT equally applies to jwz, perhaps more so.

    • It’s the same when you hear the stories of the absolute narcissism of these perverts with autogynephelia who walk out on their wives and children to prance around in women’s clothes. They expect everyone to bow down and worship their new “persona” they are pretending to be, everything revolves around them. Perhaps why our selfish, post modern, atomized individual, consumer culture so easily fell into worshipping such creeps in such a brief time. If this goes then anything goes.

  9. Believe it or not, this amusement has a link here to Germany.

    One of the people in it is one Georg Gauger, who, among other things, helped manage the failed candidacy for the SPD’s chancellor candidate in 2017, and currently works directly under the Labor minister in the current government.

  10. I’m just not outraged, angry, or “fed up” as conservatives used to say in the 60’s…the Howard Beale “mad as hell” type who was pretty useless. I recall when Barney Frank was caught screwing with a male Congressional page, and nothing was done. it was apparent then that homos were granted a permission slip. So, now we have this.
    Like Andrew Anglin said, Congress, especially the GOP, is full of gays. The difference is, the GOP will cover it up, while the Democrats believe it’s a good, noble thing.
    As Anglin again said, the picture in the chamber is exactly where and what we are in America. “I’m mad as hell, and we’re not taking any more.” Wrong, pal: you’ve been taking it, and liking it. Enjoying muh democracy?

    • recall when Barney Frank was caught screwing with a male Congressional page,

      ….and running a fag brothel out of his DC townhouse.

  11. Well, I hope like hell that all this gay sex tape flap is about getting this aide fired from his job over his Queers for Palestine antics.

    But then what is this fourteen day ultimatum (delay) by this judge about releasing the names of the perverted pedophiles who took the Lolita Express to Epstein’s Island?

    Who is this deadline directed at? The FBI? The one that has NO problem working against a duly elected president to the point of framing him and various members of his administration, and continues to stonewall Congress? THAT FBI?!

    Or is this deadline directed at the perpetrators themselves … on Capitol Hill. Something tells me that The Usual Suspects want more from our Congress Critters than more noisy passages of bills to condemn Antisemitism.

    Three guesses as to what and the first two don’t count.

    Note: It has been just over fifty years since there was active involuntary conscription in the United States to the military service. The draft was allowed to expire on June 30, 1973.

    • You know Washington is chomping at the bit to bring back conscription but 2024 is an election year and conscription would be wildly unpopular. It would have to be an unprecedented emergency for these scumbag politicians to try to bring back the draft during an election year. After 2024 all bets are off.

      They want to conscript White, Christian males, the type you see in WWII newsreels operating U.S. Navy ships with their high tech equipment like radar directed AA guns and sonar equipment. They are the only ones the hypocrites in the U.S. Government ultimately have confidence in.

      The military is full of wogs now, many of uncertain loyalty and competence. Would Chinese in the military provide intelligence or sabotage for the PRC in a war over Taiwan? How about Moslems firing on other Moslems in the various wars in the Near East? That ” . . . All Men are created Equal” bullshit may get tested in combat and found somewhat wanting, to say the least.

    • If they passed a draft out of the blue there would not be compliance.

      At this point, Congress has more to fear from the people than they do from the Jews. The next “insurrection” will not be boomers ambling between the guide ropes on a Capitol tour.

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