2023 Predictions, In Retrospect

This has become an annual end of the year tradition.

1. The Ye Train Crashes

It took no great insight to predict that this fiasco was going nowhere and would diminish everyone involved, but a year ago there were people in the Dissident Right who were hyped up about this and taking it seriously. Just the other day, Yedolf apologized and begged for forgiveness from the Jews on Instagram only to be rejected by the official Twitter account of Israel. The Ye Train crashed with no survivors.

Just as I predicted, the wheels came off the America First movement in 2023. Ye ghosted Fuentes who became the new Richard Spencer as America First splintered and all of his lieutenants at Cozy – most famously, Baked Alaska and Ethan Ralph – publicly turned against him. The negative energy snowballed and it took a huge toll on America First. We have seen it all before with the Alt-Right. Nick Fuentes is still around and producing content as an influencer, but 2023 was another terrible year for him and he lost altitude. Late in the year, he even lost Andy Anglin for hanging out with Richard Spencer.

2. Supreme Court Strikes Down Grutter v. Bollinger

This was another easy call.

The Supreme Court officially ended affirmative action over the summer in the Students for Fair Admissions v. Presidents and Fellows of Harvard College case. Universities are also already trying to weasel their way around the decisions to promote diversity over merit. This has provoked more litigation. Hopefully, the wrecking ball that is Students for Fair Admissions will be seen in retrospect as a turning point in the direction of the law and the scope of the decision will be built on and expanded in subsequent rulings to take down practices like considering disparate impact as proof of racial discrimination.

3. Illegal Immigration Hits New Record High

Yet another easy call.

FY 2023 was the worst year in American history in terms of border security with at least 2.4 to 3.2 million illegal aliens being encountered by the Border Patrol in the official statistics. For this reason alone, it is hard to see how a Trump victory in 2024 could be worse than a second term for Joe Biden. The total collapse of the border under Biden has been much worse than all the frustrating failures of the Trump administration which ultimately brought illegal immigration way down toward the end in 2020.

4. The Revenge Tour Fizzles

This is easily the worst prediction that I have ever made and I should have seen it coming because it was obvious what would happen once the indictments started.

The Revenge Tour dominated 2023 and Donald Trump – the author of Trump: The Art of the Comeback – was the biggest winner of the year. The MAGA base loves Trump and will be with him to the end. Ron DeSanctimonious was exposed on the trail as a robot with no charisma whose campaign was the stalking horse of Con, Inc. Trump won the debates and consolidated his base by not participating in them.

Don’t underestimate Trump!

5. Ron DeSanctimonious Runs For President

Ron DeSanctimonious took his time getting in the race.

A year ago, he was riding high after his huge victory in Florida in the 2022 midterms and with the stinging rejection of Trump endorsed candidates – Kari Lake, Herschel Walker, Adam Laxalt, etc. – by Independent voters in races all over the country. DeSantis was one of the biggest losers of the year

6. Joe Biden Runs For Reelection

Unless he either died in office or was forced out of the race by his health, Joe Biden was always going to run for reelection. No one has ever come back from a hole this deep in the polls. Trump was polling at 44% on this day in 2019 which is where Joe Biden is now. He lost the popular vote. Most people have already made up their minds about the relative merits of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

7. Twitter Remains In Chaos

Overall, it has been a good year on Twitter.

Even though lots of accounts still have not been restored and my account is shadowbanned to the point of being useless, the #BanTheADL campaign and all the horrific videos and images coming out of Gaza have had a major impact on attitudes, which is ultimately all that matters. I haven’t personally benefited from Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, but I think it has made it easier to talk about some very taboo topics like the Jewish Question. It has been a net positive for the cause.

8. Kevin McCarthy Becomes Speaker of the House

Kevin McCarthy ultimately became Speaker of the House, but he didn’t last a year and announced he is cashing in his chips and leaving Congress before the end of the year. Along with Ron DeSanctimonious, Kevin McCarthy was the biggest loser of the year.

9. The War In Ukraine

As I suspected, it grinded on for another year and remained a stalemate with enormous losses on both sides. Ukraine’s counteroffensive sputtered. House Republicans have refused to approve more Ukraine aid. Neither side really won or lost in 2023. Russia will ultimately win a war of attrition though.

10. The Biden Recession

In 2023, inflation cooled, but the economy did not tip into recession. It feels like a recession though because everyone is poorer thanks to Joe Biden’s economic policies. The perception is that the economy is terrible and politically speaking we might as well be in a recession. Trump presided over the worst pandemic in a century and the sharpest recession in American history during the COVID lockdowns only to survive that too and go on to thrive politically. Most Americans prefer Trump to handle the economy by a huge margin. This is another compelling reason not to bet against Trump.

Note: The biggest development in my life was having another son. 2023 was a great year for me. We were blessed.


  1. Do you predict that, with ever-increasing censorship, whether any anti-imperialist websites and commentary will still appear on the internet by this time next year? What is the future course of internet censorship?

  2. I have seen this happen many times in the USA right wing (not all of course)………. so-called activists who first fight for a cause and then like children ask for forgiveness and apology saying it was just “a phase of their life in which they were full of hatred etc…” Of course I agree with Brad when he says that it was predictable that Kayne West would turn out to be a fake, he was just being funny. The thing they have managed to inculcate in American culture with the movie American History X is that the far-right or right-wing dissident activists can one day convert and apologize because they were a bad baby. Only far-left activists can continue in their political struggle, their extremism does not need to be moderated or left behind because it suits the globalists in power. I really think that with that film the left succeeded in converting a lot of dumb people who at best just apologized, and at worst switched to the extreme left or at any rate to the left.

    OBVIOUSLY I REPEAT there are many examples in the American right wing of people who until the end fought for their cause without apologizing or switching to the left (Luther Pierce, Jared Taylor, Michael Hill and others of the past and present). In Europe this phenomenon occurs much less, in the sense that when you adhere to a cause, you can change your perspective but not betray and totally change your mind like a bipolar, switching from right to left. There is also some example of that here but they are fragile people, who were often in certain movements just because they wanted to pass the time. I carry on the cause without hate, I just defend my values, I am a high school professor and I have students of color and of any race, I respect them too when i’m working but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I am against immigration (especially when it wants to ditruct European culture), against leftist craziness (LGBTQ and drugs and antifa) and in favor of a traditional society.

    • “I am against immigration (especially when it wants to destruct European culture), against leftist craziness (LGBTQ and drugs and antifa) and in favor of a traditional society”:

      The genuine Left OPPOSES the unlimited, mass immigration of cheap labour, but unlike the anti-immigrationists on the Right, genuine Leftists also oppose imperialist war, exploitation and inequality that are the CAUSE of the mass immigration. The promotion of the “craziness of LGBTQ, drugs, etc.” is a smokescreen of the FAKE (woke) left, and also happens to be the policy of the libertarian RIGHT. The Left has historically protected traditional cultures and morality, which are destroyed by capitalism. If you are French, “Marcel,” and a teacher you should know the origin of the terms Left and Right in late eighteenth century pre-revolutionary and revolutionary France. The Left is the side of the (common) people, their rights, liberty, and fraternity. The Right side supports the rich so-called “noble” elites who really are scoundrels, thieves and murderers. The fake so-called “left” also supports the elites, and promotes immorality (LGBTQ, drugs, etc.) and mass immigration that harms the common people of a country, taking their land and jobs, and destroying their culture – in order to further enrich the already super-rich elites, and their rich upper-middle-class toadies. There is a war on everywhere, around the world between the side of people and the side of exploitation of people.

      • We already had this discussion a short time ago……… Today’s left is anti-people, pro-immigration and degenerate. We must remember that the left, from 1945 onward, better from 1968 onward became what we know today. Already from those years they were preaching the same things as today, and it was in those years that as the Marxist Antonio Gramsci said, the left infiltrated the institutions (for example, the universities). The common people do not have left or right defenders, the people are defended by different people depending on the historical period and context. We should not think about what ideally the left should be but what it really is today, we should not be based on the ideal but on the real. The elites are not right-wing but they change according to their interests……until the beginning of the last century they were right-wing, for a years now, however, they prefer the left. A famous philosopher said this “capitalism is a system that reproduces itself on the right in economics, in the center in politics and on the left in culture.”

        Anyway my focus was pay attention to people who convert themsves……the system love these stories.

        • “Today’s left is anti-people, pro-immigration and degenerate”:

          That’s what “They” want you to think. But “Woke” degeneracy and anti-people governance is not left. Pro-immigration is not left. I also do not accept your thesis that today’s elites “prefer the left.” They merely disguise their right-wing preference in a cloak of Neoliberalism which is nothing but capitalism, right-wing, and conservative. Their Obama-nomics and Bidenomics are more disguises of capitalist conservatism. All imperialism is right-wing, anti-peasant activity. Throughout history nothing has fundamentally changed. Left is still left, if you can find it, where it has not been crushed. In Germany for example the most leftist (or closest to left) party is the new party of Sahra Wagenknecht; it is the most morally conservative, the most focused on people’s welfare, and most anti-war, anti-imperialist, anti-NATO., and anti-immigration party. The fascist AFD (Alternative for Deutschland) party doesn’t come close. In Russia, the most left party, the smaller of the two communist parties (not Trotskyist) is by far the best for common people’s welfare, immigration, war, and morality. Putin and his vaunted United Russia party don’t come close.

          “The common people do not have left or right defenders, the people are defended by different people depending on the historical period and context”:

          I will agree in so far as the common people throughout history have had very little defence from elite predation. Otherwise the class system would have perished and there would no longer be “nobles” and commons, just people. Right populists may appear to defend people, like a pressure relief valve for the system, to distract and sidetrack the people in a time of crisis, while real left movements that pose a real threat to the elites seem to fail because their place is being taken by right populists and real leftists are regularly crushed or exterminated before they have a chance to take power or do much good. You know it wasn’t very long after the successful French revolution until the royalty was back in power, behind the curtains, with the assistance of all the other royals all over Europe who were frightened to death by the French revolution.

          “capitalism is a system that reproduces itself on the right in economics, in the center in politics and on the left in culture”:

          That is a good quote. I agree.

          • Merthyr it would be a long discussion………. i’m not saying that capitalism has always been left-wing but it changed on the basis of its own interests. At the beginning of last century it was right-wing and i’ve no difficult to admit it (even if there were some right-wing movements anticapitalist). After WWII and especially 60’s capitalism understood that right wing was now out of fashion and that left-wing was more interesting. While i agree with you that conservatives mask themselves as populists in order to gain power and that they don’t care about people, i disagree with you when you say that leftists are the true heroes of people.

            The distinction of right for the rich and left for the poor has always been a trivial simplification. It depend on historical context or if we want to be realistic: no one is truly for the poor, because when they got power they all become corrupt whether they are from the right or the left. Leftists today realized that they don’t care anymore about taxes, salaries, ect., they prefer gays, white guilt, cancel culture, mad climate activists and others……….and this is for all to see and undeniable.

            I’m glad you like my last quote because it explain how today capitalism works: it uses right-wing politics in economy, even if a lot of economists ad financiers are leftists; then it need to be center in politics (if you pay attention mainstream parties are centre-right or centre-left because they cannot be radical), be moderate means change nothing and be centrists mean that on the important issues they’re the same, they’ve the same employer that give them money and told them what to do. The last but not the least in the culture they need to be left-wing, radical chic or woke, because be morally conservative or traditionalist is dangerous for capitalism……….instead if you’re radical chic you can buy everything with money: you can buy children, you can buy your sex, drugs, you can use immigrants to work at a lower cost and you can push the globlalist agenda that teach “we have no differencies”, because for capitalism is better whether we are all individuals without any cultural or historical distinction, but with the same wallet to empty and the same labor force to serve their interests.

      • If your definition is really the true Left, you need to rebuild your movement, because it does not exist anymore.

        • @Tikkun Olam,

          We should hope that MR’s obscurantist communists never come to power, as we can see the corpses and failures they leave in their faux utopian ideology.

          As we are all affected by the inertia that Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov exposed as the four stages of “a great brainwashing.”

          We are quite likely in the late “crisis” stage where power is weaponized in ideology, structure, and economy. The last stage “normalization” is where the nation is taken over, and living under an alien ideology and reality.

          Merthyr Rising is as much as an enemy of the European race, as hasbara troll GAB imho.

  3. HW,

    Your bouncing little bundle of joy looks so happy. The blessings of innocence and ignorance.

    May his future not be a dystopian AI hellscape. Fingers crossed.

  4. My prediction for 2023: Hunter’s new son will give him unending joy and pride.
    Baby-baby! Can’t wait until he wants to borrow the car.

  5. First off, congratulations Brad & Renee (George, too)! He’s beautiful and we know he is highly intelligent, good looking, and will always remain on the white side.

    Second, Ye opened a lot of eyes. It doesn’t matter what the hell the goal was, those eyes will never again be closed on the Jewish problem.

    Wishing you immense happiness, incredible health, and never ending prosperity little man.

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