2024 Predictions

What will happen in 2024?

Here is my best guess about our near future:

1. Donald Trump Wins The Republican Nomination

There won’t be any surprises this summer.

The GOP isn’t going to stand up to Trump and deny him the Republican nomination. It didn’t happen at the RNC in 2016. It didn’t happen after 1/6 during his second impeachment. It surely isn’t going to happen at the RNC in 2024 with Trump at the peak of his popularity, having run the table in the primary and crushed DeSanctus and Nikki Haley and with 91 felony charges, convictions in multiple frivolous lawsuits, deplatforming and attempts to remove him from the ballot having confirmed his victim status, undermined faith in elections and proven to even people who dislike Trump that actually there is a conspiracy by a shadowly cabal of elites to rig elections against him.

2. Donald Trump Finishes Remaking The Republican Party In His Image

I’m not betting against Trump.

It makes more sense to bet against his enemies.

When Donald Trump was first elected president in 2016, he was an island in a sea of Con, Inc. types and establishment Republicans who dominated Congress and who staffed his administration with “responsible” figures who acted to preserve the “guardrails” of “Our Democracy.” Now all those people are pretty much gone. Trump’s victory in the 2024 Republican primary will finish them off for good.

Paul Ryan is gone. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are gone. Ben Sasse is gone. Mitt Romney will be gone. Most of the True Con haters and losers who voted for Trump’s second impeachment after 1/6 are gone. There isn’t going to be any doubt that Trump sycophancy is the path to a successful career in the Republican Party. The reaction to the 2022 midterms when the Red Wave fizzled and the DeSanctus campaign getting crushed in the primary will remove all opposition to Trump in the GOP.

3. The Supreme Court Rules Trump Is Eligible To Run For President

The Supreme Court will slap down this novel legal theory to keep Trump off the ballot in the 2024 election which is controversial even among Democrats. There are elements of the liberal establishment who will be outraged, but common sense will prevail and voters will decide Trump’s fate.

4. Sleepy Joe Biden Remains Deeply Unpopular

There isn’t going to be a Joe Biden comeback.

Most people have already made up their minds about the relative merits of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. There aren’t many events that could possibly change that. Student loan debt relief isn’t happening. Ukraine isn’t going to win the war with 40-year-olds and 50-year-olds. Congress isn’t going to pass major bipartisan legislation in an election year with a Republican House. Joe Biden’s big legislative wins like the Inflation Reduction Act haven’t put any wind in his sails. Illegal immigration isn’t coming down. There are no potential black swan decisions from the Supreme Court on the scale of the end of Roe v. Wade. Inflation is cooling down, but prices aren’t going to back down. Voters will remain pissed off about the cost of living. There just isn’t anything in the cards that can alter our current trajectory.

5. Ukraine Has a Bad Year

Things could get a lot worse for Joe Biden in 2024.

Specifically, Russia has a huge incentive to push Biden over the cliff and get Trump back in power. Ukraine aid is currently stalled in Congress. Russia’s mobilization of vastly greater resources over the long term and the fact that Ukraine is running out of willing cannon fodder is more significant. Even if Ukraine gets lucky and gets the aid, a Russian victory is becoming more likely by the day. A debacle in Ukraine in 2024 could make the narrative stick that Joe Biden is the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

I don’t think the current stalemate in Ukraine will last through 2024. I think the war will eventually break in Russia’s favor although it could drag on for a few more years.

6. Israel Goes To War With Hezbollah

After finishing off Hamas in early 2024, Israel will expand the war to Lebanon and will go to war with Hezbollah. Israel’s Defense Minister is already talking about a seven front war – in Gaza, in the West Bank, in Lebanon, in Syria, in Iraq, in Iran and with the Houthis in Yemen. Israel is already a major political headache and albatross for Joe Biden. It will only get worse as the war expands in 2024.

7. Donald Trump Is Convicted On Felony Charges

Donald Trump will not succeed in dodging all of the 91 felony charges against him and will be convicted by one of these Democrat juries. It will play out though like E. Jean Carroll civil suit or the fraud case in New York. Trump will present himself as a martyr and the victim of a conspiracy by the liberal establishment. It will work to his advantage in both fundraising and with unlikely general election voters.

Trump is currently beating Joe Biden by something like 20 points with people who didn’t vote in the 2020 election. Unlikely voters are far more likely to believe the system is rigged. Trump is crushing Joe Biden with those voters who don’t show up to vote in special elections or in midterm elections when highly motivated, college educated voters have more of an edge in turnout. Working class voters now lean Republican. It will give Trump an edge that Democrats used to enjoy in general elections.

8. BIPOCs Continue To Drift Away From Democrats

BIPOC voters (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) will continue to drift away from Democrats who are slowly becoming the party of shrill college educated White women who live in the suburbs and watch too much CNN and MSNBC. Democrat margins with black and Hispanic men will shrink in the 2024 election. More significantly, there will be a drop in black turnout in 2024 which will help Trump in the swing states. The fraying of the Obama coalition played a key role in his victory in the 2016 election.

9. Disaffected Democrats Vote For Independent Candidates

Independent candidates like RFK, Jr., Cornel West, Jill Stein and perhaps Joe Manchin will suck a significant slice of Democratic voters away from Joe Biden from both ends of the Democratic coalition. Disaffected black pilled progressives will vote for West and Stein. Disaffected moderates will vote for RFK, Jr. Were it not for Evan McMullin, Donald Trump would have won Minnesota in the 2016 election.

10. Democrats Have a Plan To Energize Their Base

In the 2016 election, BLM was given the green light to riot in cities all over America.

In the 2020 election, COVID was used as an excuse to meddle with election laws and absentee balloting to screw Republicans. BLM and Antifa were also given the green light to riot in the Summer of Floyd.

2024 is an election year with the Orange Pumpkin looming as a “dictator” who is poised to end “Our Democracy.” Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that there is a plot to create chaos and a sense of emergency in order to stir up the comatose Democratic base which is blackpilled after three long excruciating years of Joe Biden. What will it be this time?

11. Trump Avoids Prison In 2024

I don’t think Trump will end up behind bars in 2024.

Even if he is convicted, I can see him appealing the rulings and pushing some of these trial dates past the election. If Trump is elected president in 2024, he will pardon himself.

12. Civil War 2 Doesn’t Happen Except In The Movie

As James Kirkpatrick keeps reminding us on Twitter, it is impossible to imagine Red State governors really doing anything meaningful to resist the encroachment of federal power. It is impossible to imagine the GOP Congress taking a break from fighting antisemitism on college campuses or Standing With Israel to secede from the Union. There could be riots or spams of violence from ordinary people on the scale of 1/6, but there are no elected leaders who are willing to revolt against Joe Biden, which is unlikely to happen anyway since it looks like Joe Biden will be the loser of the 2024 election.

13. Debates Are Over

There will be no presidential debates.

Liberals won’t abide “legitimizing” Trump by acknowledge that half the country is supporting him. Trump won’t debate Biden. He has an edge. It also worked in finishing off DeSanctus.

14. Donald Trump Is Elected President and The Revenge Tour Begins

Donald Trump will win the 2024 presidential election.

The Supreme Court isn’t going to allow Trump to be disqualified. The Democratic base is blackpilled and more likely to fracture. Joe Biden isn’t getting any younger. Both Trump and Biden are known figures. Most people have had years to make up their minds and nothing is going to change their minds. Republicans also have an edge with general election voters who think the system is rigged.

Trump is Moby Dick and the liberal establishment is Captain Ahab. All of these efforts to stop Trump/net Moby Dick have failed and backfired. He nearly won the 2020 election after the sharpest recession in history and the worst pandemic in a century. Joe Biden has nothing going for him and his record as president is a huge albatross. He doesn’t have the luxury of campaigning from his basement.

15. Democrats Riot In 2024

After Trump is elected president, “Our Democracy” will have perished and we will find out what would have happened if Trump had succeeded in winning the 2020 election. Back then, the memo went out and the organized violence was called off. Who knows where it will go from there?

16. Alt-Right Remnants Continue Clowning Themselves

What will it be next year?

Last year, these people rallied behind the #Ye24 campaign before falling out and turning against each other after Yedolf ghosted them. The National Justice Party collapsed. Blood Tribe marched in Orlando. Nick Fuentes lost all his political allies and minions and ended the year doing a podcast with Richard Spencer. Most of the rhetoric of the Alt-Right went mainstream. Figureheads didn’t make it. It is safe to assume that the old scene will continue fragmenting and fading away.

Someone will launch a new Neo-Nazi group to fill the void left behind by NJP’s collapse. It will have a new flag and make all the same points. It will have zero appeal outside of the >5% of the population that has always supported Third Reich nostalgia based politics. Everyone will eventually turn on everyone else and the cycle will repeat itself. It has been an endless loop since GLR’s time.

17. Alabama Wins BCS National Championship

I’m an Auburn man.

I have a sportsball prediction though.

Sorry Michigan, but I don’t see anyone beating Alabama in the playoffs. 2024 will be a great year for Bama fans with the Crimson Tide winning the national championship and Trump being reelected as president.

Picture a fat guy in a MAGA hat in a pickup listen to Jason Aldean with a t-shirt that reads “You Want Bama?” That’s the limit of mainstream rightwing populist politics in America in 2024. That’s who we are and where are at now.

I’m feeling bullish on Trump.

It is not because I am eager to vote for Our King. I don’t what I will end up doing. I could be totally wrong about this, but I am not betting against a man who has survived all of this that has been thrown at him and is still standing and thriving like never before in American politics.


  1. Just one “lone nut assassin” could change everything. And I know the Deep State, PTB, whoever, are ballsy enough to try it.

  2. From this country, MEP elections are in June, and three eastern states go in September. AfD is most likely going to be the strongest force in all instances. Then there is the ever looming prospect of the current federal government (“Ampel”) imploding and early federal elections in the year about to start.

  3. No way will Trump win. The numbers simply aren’t there, and that’s if democrat hijinx doesn’t trip him up so bad he can’t run.

    Interested what dems allow their base to do in 2024 though. That was an interesting thought.

  4. Israel will be the central player in 2024. Jew is not winning, Israel situation is very bad. Hamas lost very few fighters and hasn,t weakened not even a little bit.

    Economic situation in Israel soon will be very dire. For example, Israel consuming 220 000 barrels of oil per day. They got 180 000 barrels per day via Ashkelon what is war zone now and closed. Then they have terminals in Eilat but Red Sea is also closed by Houthis. Then they have terminal in Haifa what could process only 40 000 barrels per day, this is less that 20% what Jew used to consume in peace time.

    And Haifa is in shooting range of Hezbollah. Jew of course has some strategic supplies , nobody knows how big but every supply run out in some moment and nobody can have a war with less than 20% of peace time oil consumption.

    Then there are other fronts of economic warfare.

    “””….Israeli high-tech factories have difficulties importing components from China
    Importers say that the Chinese recently started raising bureaucratic obstacles for shipments to Israel of components that can be used for both civilian and military purposes; Government official: ‘It is clear that there is a connection to the war’…”””

    Now desperate Jew put hard pressure to its supporters to break the blockade. This creates more tensions between semites and antisemites. Some semites are antisemites in deep heart and a lot of people do not want pick up fight with Russia, China and Iran when they strangle Jew via economic warfare.

    So the only force what could save Israel from collapse is US Army and every day pressure grows to deploy it in the open warfare in another war. Of course there are also lot of opposition and this could push political tensions to the unseen heights.

    • Yes juri,
      But uszog has a treaty obligation to supply oil to israhell. We are treaty bound, even if it means denying fuel to Americans.

  5. My prediction for 2024 is, there’ll be a whole lot of sound and fury, perhaps even more than in 2020, signifying nothing.
    But we’ll see……

    It’s human nature to think the times you’re living in are pivotal, and maybe they are cause, you never know, but I don’t think so.
    We saw more geopolitical action than usual in the last few years with the fake or at least wildly exaggerated pandemic, the Summer of Floyd followed by Jan 6, the Russian peacekeeping mission in the Donbass followed by 10/7, but what did it all ultimately amount to?
    Well, for Ukrainians and Palestinians, a whole lot, but for Joe and Jane average living in the west?
    Business as usual, more inflation, that’s about it.

    More than anything I’m predicting an even shitter economy 2024, at least for us proles. Things will continue to get worse and worse economically, year after year.
    American/western power and influence around the world will continue to decline while Eurasian power and influence inclines.
    Gradually America/the west will be pushed out of more parts of the world in the coming years and decades.
    ……eventually, people may not want to immigrate to the west anymore because of a progressively crappier western economy, and that may be the one good thing about having a third world economy, fewer brown people will want to come here, and good riddance, some brown people may even head back, see ‘reverse immigration’.

    In many senses the revolutionary era in the world may be over.
    The discovery of the Americas/the new world along with the industrial, scientific and technological revolutions meant opportunities for remaking society…to some extent, and we are now living in the outcome of what was produced.
    There was a limit to how rich, prosperous and just the world could be remade.
    This is it, just about everyone in the west has enough food to eat, running/hot water and a smart phone, but apart form that, life goes on *shrugs*.
    There may not be many opportunities to remake the world like there were in the past.
    We may be headed for stagnation and mediocrity, more than anything else.

  6. No matter what happens my hope is that God avenges and God finally delivers the South from this godless Yankee Empire. A hundred and sixty+ years and still counting…

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  7. Illegal immigration will continue to be America’s #1 problem that will be ignored by most
    … until the illegals are camped out in your back yard.

    The fallout from the 15-20 million illegals added during Biden’s tenure is the last nail in the coffin.
    Trump MAY win 2024, but after that the DemocRATs have the numbers to win forever.

    • @Gunny,

      At his point, they are literally camped out in the parkways in front of people’s homes in “sanctuary cities.” Those in lily White rural areas will not be immune, any more than Fargo, ND was over 20 years ago when TPTB and their Christian (Lutheran) allies imported Somalis to that cold and sleepy city. The mind virus of color-blindness and egalitarianism is not confined to cosmopolitan cities and their suburbs. As long as ‘salt of the Earth’ country folks watch the ‘electric jews,’ and listen to their preacher’s universalist sermons.

      The new Orwellian Newspeak calls them “New arrivals,’ instead of illegal immigrants.

      • Orwellian Newspeak calls them “New arrivals,’

        Realists call them ‘criminal aliens’.
        (It’s a crime to enter the US illegally.)

  8. I cannot top this prediction.

    I don’t see much future for the Americans… Everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it’s half Judaized, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?

    Adolf Hitler

    • half Judaized……..half ?

      Almost entirely, they are at the root of nggrization. They have been wrecking this society in high gear for 60 years.

      • @Arrrian,

        You are correct. Remember though, Hitler expressed that prediction over 80 years ago.

        For him the niggrified part of American culture was jazz music which, if I recall correctly, he said something to the effect that it was more bestial than the sounds created by actual animals in the jungle.

        Another prescient prediction was made by Dr. Goebbels when he wrote, “Humanity would sink into eternal darkness, it would fall into a dull and primitive state, were the Jews to win this war. They are the incarnation of that destructive force that in these terrible years has guided the enemy war leadership in a fight against all that we see as noble, beautiful, and worth keeping. For that reason alone the Jews hate us. They despise our culture and learning, which they perceive as towering over their nomadic worldview. They fear our economic and social standards, which leave no room for their parasitic drives.”
        ? Joseph Goebbels

        • Good quote from goebbels.

          Odd thing, jazz was a WHITE man’s institution up until 1930s.
          Then in the 30s, ‘DOWNBEAT’, the jazz publication went bankrupt and guess ((who took over)) and started the mass promotion of nggr noise ?

        • One thing I think both AH and goebbels overlook is that a thin layer, 5 or 10%, of quality WHITES can keep a 90% mongrel society going.

          A caste stratified society , like India, can prosper for many centuries of race mixing before its final decay.

          • @Arrian,

            I cannot not speak for them, but I suspect that they would not see the net positive of controlling an alien people with top quality personnel and infrastructure.

            They were more of the belief that they could have diplomatic relations with non-European nations to keep the peace, and trade for natural resources. The NS hierarchy were pleased that they no longer had colonies in darkest Africa.

    • NSN, aka national socialist November,.” I don’t see much future for the American’s ” well, I don’t see much future for a bunch of tuetonic techno ravers, with a Turkish prime minister, yep I said it, mark my words, ………

      • @CSA Terry Smith,

        “I believe we were a light in the darkness, a cure for the illnesses of the world, a preview of God’s will and kingdom that will come. Life in NS Germany was so special, and holy, that we fought as a united people, until we could fight no more. Once broken the enemy had their way with us, and many cowards stepped into the void to try to show a different view, but in the end, truth will always find a way to reveal itself. Therefore, I would like to believe that National Socialism showed the world that living by natures natural laws is the only way to a truly happy and healthy society where everyone looks out for everyone else, and the state is the vessel of the peoples true will.”

        ???? ?????
        The Chief of Personal Staff Reichsführer-SS, SS-Obergruppenführer, who was the liaison between the SS to Adolf Hitler, in an Interview with Yu Semenov, 1980.

        Whatever events may come for y’all in what was once called “Dixie;” please use men such as Drs. Hill and Duke and Sam Dickson as your standard bearers and not Judah P. Benjamin and George Wallace.

        You refer to Teutonics as “techno ravers.” Well, your ancestors had a hand in creating the abomination that became postwar Western Germany. For you were the golems (muscle) that allowed the talmudic toxic ideology of The Frankfurt School jews to mind fuck the German survivors of the War for Jewish Hegemony. Never forget that. I will not.

        • November, if it had been left too me, the united states, would not be the kind of country it is today, I wish we would have stayed out of the world war’s, I certainly do not hate Germany or German people, my Grandfather was German Blooded, my wife, has a fair amount also, I love the South and I love the Baptist faith, I will do all I can too defend them both, am I a good Baptist, no, am I a good southerner, no, but I love them anyway, November, kind sir, I apologize to you and all the rest of the German ‘s, but I will never be a national socialist, or any other kind of socialist, ” To mind fuck the german survivors of the war for Jewish hegemony, never forget that, I will not ” I’ve always been aware of that, I don’t condone what happened, but I will not forget all the Germans who wore union blue either, we all have made mistakes, let’s move on and try to do better ………

  9. Trump will only be installed if certain people decide they need one more RINO cycle, otherwise they may not even bother with an “election”. Remember Joe Stalin’s words: “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” Yeah, voat moar hardur….

    One thing most people seem to disregard, is the border invasion. There are literally thousands every few days, a couple weeks ago, over 12,000 in in one week. Many of them are fighting age males; they are not coming here for landscaping jobs. Some of those coming in are obviously military, for example the Chinese who were recently videoed crossing the border. These are the people who will make up the left’s foot soldiers.

    Everyone would be advised wake up. They are going to make their final moves next year.

  10. My prediction is that Trump will win back the White House in the belief that he will be the president most likely to take the United States into war against Iran and its allies with the least opposition from his voter base.

    The idea is that with Trump as Commander in Chief, the military will fill its enlistment ranks with stale, pale male volunteers chock full of toxic masculinity and kosher nationalism. I believe this idea is misguided.

    Support for Our Greatest Ally diminishes more sharply the closer an American is to the age of military conscription. Even then, thanks to millions of abortions since Roe v Wade and military deaths stemming from police actions that ended in calamity since the Vietnam War, we don’t have the number of White bullet catchers that is needed.

    Whites are older and even those in the coveted age group are obese and out of shape. Assuming that AIPAC somehow orchestrates a Republican takeover of Congress, and the Gay Old Pedophiles either man up or are blackmailed hard enough to reinstate military conscription with the age limit raised enough to meet recruitment levels, there will be massive and violent unrest by both the right and the left. Much that will make the January 6th farce and even the George Floyd BLM-Antifa circus look like a tempest in a teapot.

    I keep reading about the names being released of those who boarded the Lolita Express to Epstein’s Island being released in fourteen days or less. American and Western society has become so debauched that I seriously doubt that these names being made public is going to make much of a difference. Years ago, Barney Frank did not lose his job when his boyfriend ran a gay bordello out of Frank’s apartment. There was that Senate aide who filmed himself catching anal sex on the podium of a Senate Hearing Room and that flap died down in no time. By pushing all this degeneracy through media and education on the goyim, the Usual Suspects have made it almost impossible to blackmail politicians.

    Assuming I am wrong, the military is going to have to whip any recruits into shape. The majority of them will have to go through fat camp before they can qualify for basic training making a combat ready force that much more difficult to produce with any speed whatsoever.

    Yes, we may see another Black Swan Event like that of September 11, 2001 and, I suspect, October 7, 2023 courtesy of MOSSAD, but there is still not much one can do with an aging obese population who is too pissed off about our broken southern border and being invaded by people from all over the third world.

    The last question that must be asked is how likely would Donald John Trump want to take the country to war over Israel when Netanyahu wasted no time sidling up to the Biden Administration once it appeared that the American Deep State’s coup against Trump was successful?

    Trump did not want Mike Pence as his vice president, but was talked into taking him anyway. How likely would Nikki NImrata Radnhawa Hailey AKA The War Karen be imposed on Trump as his running mate? Especially when the rank and file Republican on the right dislikes and distrusts her as much as the rank and file Democrat on the left dislikes and distrusts Kamala Harris?

  11. I think that too many people on our side of the aisle that it has to be us doing the rebelling in a “civil war two” scneario, unlike the Republicans I can see the Dems being willing to secede. Don’t forget that one of their gameplans for a 2020 Trump victory was to have the pacific states threaten to leave.

  12. There will be as Jesus predicted, “wars and rumours of wars” (Matthew 24:6) including a new U.S.- and UK-orchestrated proxy war in oil-rich (billions of dollars-worth of recently discovered still untapped light sweet crude) British-colonized eastern Venezuela (British Guyana’s Esequibo, on behalf of Exxon-Mobil and to destroy the vestiges of Chavist socialism in Venezuela) and further escalations of U.S.-stirred wars in northern Myanmar, Central Asia and the Caucasus, on the borders of Russia and China. The wars against Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq and Yemen will continue. The Khazar-krainian proxy war against Russia and the genocide of Palestine will continue. Various neocolonial wars in Africa and Latin America will continue. I won’t begin to list all the “little” wars – hot, cold, financial, psychological, proxy and hybrid – that will undoubtedly continue in 2024. The Class System requires constant, endless, unrelenting ever-escalating imperialist war – hot, cold, financial, psychological, proxy and hybrid- just to survive. The elites and their upper middle class toady allies, to keep their game going, must keep struggling to subdue and harness the masses of humanity.

    I predict that internet censorship and punishments for censored speech will become more severe in 2024. But even if the internet were censored totally, God can give us sufficient accurate information without the system-controlled internet, And if His “kingdom” – of peace and equality, freedom and fraternity – will never “come on earth as it is in heaven” because the earth was destroyed by nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, we can still look forward to “that blessed hope” of life in eternity, from which all evil ones are permanently barred. So be discerning, always weigh and examine everything, never stop asking questions. It may be the one question that you didn’t ask that is crucial. As Jesus said, “Be ye wise as serpents….”

  13. Sadly I disagree. Trump will lose in 2024. I myself cannot vote for Trump again. Trump got rid of criminal justice reform that got these thugs off the streets, wanted DACA and told telemundo he would implement DACA. Take the guns first ask questions later that put a big smile on the late Senator Feinsteins face, no wall and the caravans. Sorry I and others did not forget. Trump haters will always outnumber Trump supporters including the angel moms who were ignored once Trump won in 2016.

    • As I said on the show, we could do a whole six or seven hours on the failures of the Trump administration, which we documented here every single day for four years. It still doesn’t change the fact that Trump has dominated Biden in national opinion polls for months now. In spite of all his various failures, he is more popular than Biden and the country seems poised to take Trump back rather than put with Biden for another four years.

        • 1.) It was a midterm election, not a general election. College educated voters are more likely to vote. They always have a disproportionate impact in special elections and midterm elections which register voters are less likely to turn out.

          2. Trump voters are not necessarily GOP voters.

          3. The abortion backlash to Dobbs among women.

          Midterm electorates are not general election electorates. Voter turnout will be higher. Working class and unlikely voters are more likely to vote in general elections. Both groups tilt toward Trump which is why the 2024 election will not be a repeat of the 2022 midterms.

  14. Br&@

    I’m updated my traitor if the year award

    Can you proof it ?

    Same with helpful other of readers



  15. I respect you Brad & I’m sorry but this is pure copium. Trumps 30% to maybe 32% with non whites from who knows where (probably the South if it’s true) doesn’t change the electoral college.

    It’s still minimal. How many EC votes does Alabama or Texas get even with 50% more blacks voting for Trump? Zero.

    It’s why we have said for years… Vote fir the economic interests of your families.

    Trump & republicans offer bootstraps. Got Boots?

    • I never said anything about who I am personally supporting in the election. I am not really invested in the outcome.

      I’m strong believer in that the outcomes of elections are hidden in plain sight. Trump never led in any of the polls in the 2020 cycle. It was no surprise when he lost to Biden. Similarly, the GOP won the national popular vote in the 2022 midterms, which is what the polls predicted.

      It is highly significant that Trump has dominated Joe Biden in the polls for months now. He has never polled this well against Hillary or Joe Biden. I don’t see anything changing that over the next ten months. Biden is objectively less popular than Trump.

  16. Election 2024 will be the first time in recorded history that Americans will have a choice between electing two Presidential incumbents whose record in office is laid out there for everyone to see. This makes the need for debates totally unnecessary. Although, I suspect, the opposing campaign’s hyperbole will be amped up by one thousand decibels on each side’s media and supporters.

    But the conspiracy theorist in me is inclined to think that this campaign to harass and imprison Trump while bankrupting and incarcerating his supporters is really to set Trump up as a popular underdog that will generate anything from sympathy from even the most liberal American to a backlash of spiteful anger from conservatives and former Trump supporters. Quite a feat when you consider that the latter’s Trump Fatigue was so high in 2022 that many of his picks for public office suffered resounding losses to Democrats.

    These people, having partied hearty on a decades long Anti-White binge are now in the throes of waking up to facing the loss of a global hegemony which was only made possible by heterosexual, pale, “stale” males chock full of “toxic masculinity” they love to deride.
    So hung over, these bleary-eyed idiots stumbling around the shambles they have made of the American Empire they used to bully the rest of the world that they are tipping off the most ignorant citizens of the West to the identity of the string-pullers behind the curtain.

    Frankly, I suspect that Trump will be allowed to win because Our Greatest Ally needs American boots on the ground and the Zionists feel he is popular enough with White males to get them to voluntarily enlist into the military again if he’s the Commander in Chief
    Their desperation is making them naive. The Woke New Rainbow Military with its CRT agenda and purges of any White men suspected to be patriots with nationalist loyalties has been in effect since Obama first took office back in 2009.

    But IMNSHO Trump is a big distraction from the person we all desperately need to really pay attention to. His running mate. Trump only gets one term and he’s out and there is always assassination if he doesn’t toe the line. The one candidate running in the Republican primary that is getting massive funding from the donors is three guesses and the first two don’t count: Nimrata Randhawa AKA Nikki Haley the War Karen.

    President Randhawa and a House of Representatives run by the Trifecta of Stupid – a White anti-racist Christian Zionist with a Black adopted son who supports massive immigration as long as it’s legal WOULD be feckless enough to reactivate involuntary military conscription … fifty years after it ended to all intents and purposes.

  17. Lol. Complain all year and then vote for J6 was domestic terror clot shot billionaire loving clinton friend and epstein loving dump again. You all are ******* HOPELESS. Nighty night.

  18. Donald Trump isn’t interested in revenge. He wants to trade away his constituents expressed interests to the libshits for the social advancement of his family.

    I suppose his supporters think he’s clever for doing that though, and don’t actually believe in their expressed interests.

    • Cheeohead is amping up his latest scam – by “Normalizing White Identity Politics”. My own position is similar to JPS above. The one thing Trump cares about above all else is Trump. His fanbois share a similar blindspot with those of the Austrian Painter: they overlook the fact that he failed. To be fair, the Austrian Painter actually did have some genuine achievements to his credit before falling into the trap of invading neighboring countries.

      • @Exalted Cyclops,

        It would behoove to understand why NS Germany invaded Poland, took back the Sudetenland, Alsace-Lorraine, Norway, France, Russia, et al.





        By the same bottom line that you appear use to determine “failure” and “fanboi blindness,” it could be said that Christianity has been a failure for Europeans, as the churches in Western Europe are basically museums, and in North America, the percentage of Europeans claiming to be Christian is plummeting rapidly, especially among Whites under 40 years old, but we still see people shill for this dying Abrahamic sect, even as objectively, Christianity in the West has become an adversary of European’s survival.



        • > By the same bottom line that you appear use to determine “failure” and “fanboi blindness,” it could be said that Christianity has been a failure for Europeans, as the churches in Western Europe are basically museums, and in North America, the percentage of Europeans claiming to be Christian is plummeting rapidly, especially among Whites under 40 years old, but we still see people shill for this dying Abrahamic sect, even as objectively, Christianity in the West has become an adversary of European’s survival.

          No argument. As presently constituted, Christianity is finished in the west. It’s enemy territory now. While numbers are better in the US, the CZ’s are their own worst enemies. This doesn’t alter the fact that Hitler failed, though as I mentioned he at least did some things that worked (in contrast to Trump). What can we learn from Hitler and use to build on and what should we cast off? I think trying to invade other countries as Lebensraum ranks as something in the latter category. It seems some of the positive things Hitler did was building upon what remained of Bismarck’s ideals. It’s at least worth looking into.

          The theory that Stalin was preparing to overrun Europe is not proven, especially in light of his need to purge the party of Trotsky’s followers. The Red Army was in no shape to invade Europe. Hell the Germans came amazingly close to victory in their initial push due to the massive disorganization and chaos caused in part by purges of Trotskyites from the officer corps. Stalin may well have been full of enough hubris to think he could actually take Europe though. That was Hitler’s problem too.

  19. I didn’t have the guts to predict Michigan would actually beat Bama, but now that the Wolverines won last night, I’m here to gloat.

    Nick Saban’s program has been in decline since their last national title in 2020. They still have a good defense and a good QB, but they are lacking talent at the skill positions, and that was on display last night. Michigan’s defense abused their offensive line, and the offense flexed its muscles when needed most. It’s the twilight of the Saban era, and U-M took advantage.

    There was a Tik Tok clip going viral of drunk Bama fans before the game – a fat black guy and an old white guy – saying that they love America and only care about the Tide. (The black guy also said something about a mystery man named Willie). Like you said, that’s American Nationalism in 2024.

  20. “Israel Goes To War With Hezbollah”

    The Jews will flatten southern Lebanon, but will get their asses kicked on the ground. They will not prevail, and “if” Hezbollah can get a hold of some sort of anti-aircraft armament, the Jews will be soundly defeated.

    There has been a strong shift over time in anti-tank weaponry such that tanks are no longer effective. By cost alone, they are worthless. If you take out a $1-2 million dollar tank with a $500 rocket…big trouble. And this is a fact and is exactly what Hezbollah did in the last border war. The Jews flew in special forces to attack, and they were savaged in Lebanon and in Gaza by anti-tank missiles. We see the same effect on Ukraine now. “If” Iran decides to go all in and give Hezbollah everything it can, the Jews will be covered up in armed drones. They don’t have enough counters for this. There is some small possibility that Israel will be overrun. This is very bitter to me as I want all Jews reprimanded to Israel, confined and watched tightly by everyone around them.

    I think the Jews were originally going to move to China, but that was stopped by Xi. After they were whipped by Hezbollah, I think they were going to move to Ukraine, but their vicious inborn hatred made them attack Russia in Ukraine. That’s not going so well, so moving there is out. The only place I see left is Southern Argentina where some Jew billionaire has bought vast tracks of land and already built lots of housing, runways, etc. if they are overrun in Israel I expect they will go there.

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