Poll Watch: Genocide Joe Is Still Sinking

It is almost February.

The Revenge Tour won by double digits in Iowa and New Hampshire. Mitch McConnell is now deferring to Donald Trump as “our nominee.” Trump’s power level is increasing with each passing day.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has spent January trying to pump air into the tires of his splintering coalition. He delivered that speech at Valley Forge in which he compared himself to George Washington. He released that first campaign ad which featured footage of Charlottesville and 1/6. He followed up the Valley Forge speech with a speech at Mother Emanuel AMC church in Charleston. It is an election year again which means it is time to run on the usual themes of abortion, democracy and white supremacy.

Pew Research Center:

Currently, 33% of Americans approve of Joe Biden’s job performance, while 65% disapprove. Biden’s job rating has not been above 40% since April 2022.

Young adults are negative about Biden’s job performance. Biden’s job rating is low across all age groups, including young adults. Just 27% of adults ages 18 to 29 approve of the way Biden is handling his job as president, while 71% disapprove. …

It isn’t working.

He has sunk all the way down to a 33% approval rating.

In the Biden White House, the assumption was that Israel’s war in Gaza would be in the rearview mirror well before the 2024 election and that all of those young Democrats who are mad about the genocide of the Palestinians would have time to forget about it after the pivot to “racism.”


President Biden last week pressed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to scale down the Israeli military operation in Gaza, stressing he is not in it for a year of war, two U.S. officials told Axios.

Why it matters: Biden’s comments during the two leaders’ call last Friday reflect the growing U.S. concern about the continuation of the war and the president’s desire to see it end long before the November elections.

A Biden adviser told Axios the White House is very concerned about losing young voters, many of whom are opposed to the president’s policy on the Gaza war.

A source close to the White House said Biden can’t have the war and the growing death toll to continue dominating the news cycle as the elections get closer. …

See, the problem is not what Bibi Netanyahu and Israel have unleashed in Gaza. It is the optics of it dragging on in an election year and causing so much damage to Joe Biden with young voters that he loses key swing states to Trump. He needs those huge margins in places like Dane County, WI.


    • Unbelievable that some idiots still support this treasonous scumbag. But they do exist.

  1. If Trump wins the election because of dead brown people triggering a split in the lefts anti White coalition, I call that a win win.

    I feel no need to navel gaze over it. Lifes a bitch and then you die.

    As George Patton said in that movie, nobody ever won a war by dying for their country. They won it by making the other guys die for theirs.

    I won’t White Knight for brownie to save them just so they can hold a pillow over my face in my old age because I let them into my home out of the goodness of my ever bleeding christian heart.

  2. Brandon is the laughing stock of the world and some leaders don’t even return calls.
    They won’t be punked by his poseur puppet string pullers.
    If it gets too soft and weak they will make a move hence all the Russia wants Alaska talk.
    Are Russia’s ICBM’s diverse and inclusive? (/s)

  3. > President Biden last week pressed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to scale down the Israeli military operation in Gaza, stressing he is not in it for a year of war, two U.S. officials told Axios.

    How can anyone take gaslight quacks like Axios seriously? Satanyahoo got multiple standing ovations with every sentence before congress some years back. If he have a speech next week, it would require at least three days due to all sheer scale of the fellation. Hell, why even bother to come? Bibi could deliver a pre-recorded video to them and they would all stand an applaud for three days running to show their loyalty.

    As for Shitpants Joey, he can’t even control his bowels, much less apply pressure to Satanyahoo. Ironically, old Joey is in a way much like the average voter our here in the open-air gulag. Koba knew of which he spake: Those who cast the votes decide nothing; Those who count the votes decide everything. He’s just there to put a face on the retardery. Satanyahoo will do as he damned well pleases.

  4. People remember vax mandate and everybody knows somebody who’s suffered the health consequences of it!

    This is why we’re stuck with Trump. Because too many of these “conservative” activists refuse to talk about it.

  5. Lizard brain sociopathic glowniggers like Mike Baker are already predicting Biden will not make through a full second term

  6. Mossad and Shin Bet have turned against Bibi. The open letter by several former directors of these agencies calling for Bibi’s resignation has sealed his fate. He will be gone soon. But what remains is that his war on Gaza has been a huge success, and the successes grow day by day. His replacement will be dealing from strength.

    Similar to Biden, who will not be the Democratic nominee, Bibi is at the end of his 50 year career.

    A very superior article is up on Unz.com, posted on 1/22 by “Alastair Crooke” concerning the Israeli strategy in Gaza and the West Bank. What it shows is that Bibi is doing nothing new. He is following an old and frankly brilliant military strategy. Keeping in mind that for these Jews everything is military.

    This article is must reading, if you want to understand what these Jews are really doing. We might even learn some things from their experience, because in the near future our people will be in control of a nation with a large and hostile minority.

    How to control them? How to defeat them, replace them little by little? We can learn from their experience.

    • Re: Genocide Joe is sinking:

      Who cares if he goes up or down in the “scientific” (contrived, manipulated) polls? But the puppet-figurehead’s standing might have been boosted a little (every little bit helps) by the decision of the Empire-controlled International Court of Justice to “order” Israel to “submit a report, due in thirty days.” Submit a report! One of the 17 paid-off or craven panel judges, the one from Uganda, thought even that was “being unfair to Israel,” implying that Israel did something wrong: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2024/01/27/wsws-554/ The anti-genocide movement in the West is already being controlled from within, and soon it will be brought under full control and finally silenced. The expression “Genocide Joe” will be forgotten, thrown down the memory hole.

      As long as the system finds Joe useful to be the figurehead (POTUS), he will remain the figurehead, or else someone like him will be the next figurehead. American politics including the results of fake opinion polls is meaningless, a waste of time to “think” about.
      There are no “better candidates,” no real elections, and you can’t vote your way out of it!

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