Secret Tunnel Discovered Under Chabad HQ In New York City

Sure, it happened, but it is bad optics.

Perhaps there is an innocent explanation for this?

Why is the NYPD pulling soiled mattresses out of a tunnel underneath Chabad HQ? What is Jared Kushner doing under there? What kind of Satanic rituals is the cult performing?

New York Post:

“A riot broke out in a historic Brooklyn synagogue when a group of rebellious Orthodox men tried to stop police and construction crews from filling in a secret tunnel they illegally dug to reach a closed-down women’s bath.

The enraged men, thought to be mostly in their teens and early 20s, were filmed tearing down wood panels and wooden support beams Monday at the Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters in Crown Heights.

Other footage from the temple on Eastern Parkway showed cops trying to hold back dozens of Hasidic Jewish men as they pushed their way into the 20-foot-wide enclosure underneath the women’s section, toppling over wooden pews in their anger.

Synagogue leader Rabbi Yosef Braun condemned those involved, saying they arrived “ready to destroy and deface the Holy Walls” — calling it “mind-boggling.” …”

In his first act as president-elect of Argentina, Javier Milei came to New York to pray to the corpse of a dead Chabad rabbi. The Chabad cult was also instrumental in getting Trump elected who used to go around telling people that he was the Moschiach and the King of Israel.

Note: The fact that these people like Jared Kushner and Ivanka will be catapulted back to power by a Trump victory is one of the reasons why I am hesitant to support him.


  1. “The tunnel allowed members of Chabad (a Hasidic Jewish sect) to attend the synagogue during lockdown.”……… (And what else ?)

    Jwz are always doing covert things, hidden tunnels, false walls, hidden compartments, multiple homes, front businesses, fake accounting etc.

    Why did Anne Frank’s family have a hidden apartment in the wall?Smuggling, hiding criminals ?

    Why do rabbis hollow out talmuds to smuggle heroin through airports?

    Why did Abe Saffron have hidden compartments in his homes?
    Hiding his gold, diamonds, cash he made in organized crime.

    Why are so many jwz involved in jewelry, coins, hotels, casinos etc.?
    To launder the billions they make in drugs and criminal activities.


  2. “president-elect of Argentina, Javier Milei came to New York to pray to the corpse of a dead Chabad rabbi.”

    I’m sure he couldn’t be crypto, nope, can’t happen, everyone is honest and forthright. People in power are always honest./s

    Argentina and Israhell and the only two countries in the world to have kosher McDonalds.

  3. This is one factor jwz will live in tightly packed communities, ghettos and such. It makes tunneling, secret passageways, false walls and hidden chambers much easier to create and conceal. Plus, so many people coming and going it is easy for a criminal to hide from and evade police, making it a hive for criminal activity.

    They have done this in all major cities, London, Berlin, Lisbon etc.
    Underground brothels, gambling dens, fencing operations, opium dens etc. There are numerous accounts of this in historical literature.

  4. Sorry, but as misguided as the Jews maybe, the Moshiach lovers have a right to free exercise of religion. It does not matter if they hate my guts. I am better than the Jews and I am going to treat them in the way I would like to be treated, FAIRLY.

    • “I am going to treat them in the way I would like to be treated,”

      Are you going to treat a rabid dog the same as your family dog?

  5. Leftists are single issue voters. For women it might be abortion. For the rest of them its usually gibs me dat. Conservatives always have their precious principles that are unbending. Unless the Republican candidate thinks and acts exactly like them they won’t vote for him out of principle. So we throw out votes away on third party candidates that we know cant win like Ross Perot or we don’t vote at all. We then wonder why the Left controls every institution in America while we always lose every political fight.

    Bill Clinton was elected with 43% of the vote. He would have lost badly to Bush if principled conservatives didn’t vote for Perot. We are still dealing with the fallout from that idiocy. Hillary Clinton would still be a corrupt lawyer in Arkansas if we didn’t throw out votes away on Perot.

    Bush was a traitor, a deep state pos. But he wasn’t totally focused on the destruction of White America the way the Clintons are.

    • Agree. In Europe, purity is also problem. Left votes as block without caring anything. Their candidate could be convicted paedophile but they support him anyway.

      Our side drops our guys even by most ridiculous defamation. Recently this started to change but still enormous amount of ours giving up their support by smallest mistake.

    • Looking back, even the Bush Jr. years seemed culturally quite normal. No teachers yet had the gall then to secretly “transition” troubled teen girls keeping their parents in the dark, gay marriage was still “pretend”, blacks went to jail, etc. Back in the Bush Jr. era in the 2000s TV commercials still had mono-racial couples, adults at that time while wanting “fairness” still didn’t want their daughters getting involved with blacks. It will be apparent to future historians that the country went mad when they elected a black president. This would have been impossible with the Bush-Dukakis electorate a generation before, however too many sensible people had died off to be replaced by boomer Meatheads, Gen X children from broken homes, and Generation Bastard that such a baffling move was possible.

  6. This rioting by the Chabad Hasids may be shocking and amazing to most people, but it’s not unusual. I’ve seen videos some years back showing them rampaging in the streets, and getting so violent, they were even overturning cars! This tendency is so well known, that in the Old Barney Miller. Show, they had an episode showing some Hasids entering the station, and the next scene showed it in complete disarray as the result of their rumpus. I would hate to have these folks as neighbors!

  7. Years ago I read about the skeleton of an infant being found in the basement of an old synagogue. This was in a MSM publication.

  8. “…one of the reasons I am hesitant to support him (Trump)” but has a picture of Trump in the banner(and not the Geno-Joe type of picture). Trump is a puppet of the jews just like Biden and almost every president going back to 1913.

    • Oh, I have the banner up because the Revenge Tour is about to hit the primaries in Iowa next week. I often put up banners related to the news. The previous one was Biden taking a selfie over the ruins of Gaza

    • Something most of you don’t know.

      It’s considered righteous for an orthodox jw to go to prostitutes during his wife’s period, so he doesn’t become unclean

      Just so very righteous.

  9. So far I’ve seen four different excuses for the tunnel.

    1) To get to the womens changing rooms

    2) because they can’t agree who owns the house…. as if that somehow makes sense.

    3) Dodging NYC’s lock downs during Covid.

    4) A place to study….

    I mean. What the fuck? None of these explanations make them look like anything but shifty kikes. Why wouldn’t they just say “no comment”.

    • “Why wouldn’t they just say “no comment”

      Because they need a distraction story so that people don’t start investigating there real actions.

  10. Reports of blood stained books found in the tunnels?

    Not all Jews are involved in child sacrifice, but, we do know that Jewish cultists have been accused of child sacrifice for centuries, and Judaism is a cult that fits all formal definitions of a cult.

  11. There are two hypotheses that immediately come to mind.

    1. 500,000 children a year go missing, and jews have tunnels with beds underneath their synagogues.

    2. They were attempting to take a shortcut to visit their father Satan.

    Why bifurcate? It might be both.

    • It could indeed be both. A member of the club would have to carry out what’s involved in number 1 in order for the visit to their father (number 2) to be fruitful. Pedophila and child sacrifice is an essential element of Satanism. Chabad are Satanists, even moreso than most Talmudics. Hilarious that Kang Jared is involved. Quelle surprise!

  12. It is interesting to note the Chabadniks are a very small percentage of Jews, worldwide and in Israel. Not only that but they consider Zionism to be a sin. They even repeat perjoratives of the US government that are used by the far right such as calling it ZOG. I ask, how many Chabadniks are on Amren and OD? They use Israel, are exempt from military service in the IDF, while at the same time considering Israel to be against Judaism.

    Despite this they have a huge outsized influence in World Jewry and of course in Israel. It’s almost like they are the Jews Jews. How do they get this influence? Probably, because they fight for it. Look at them fighting the cops in the synagogue. If Rightwing nationalists had a tenth of that energy and moxey, and divide and conquer sophistication, they’d crush the opposition. Bros, hate the game, not the players.

    • “they consider Zionism to be a sin (…) They…are exempt from military service in the IDF”:

      I had thought they took the MOST Zionistic stand: that there should be NO “concession of territory” to the indigenous people of Palestine. Also, they seem to serve in the military (IDF) and they vote and otherwise participate in the Zionist colonial government. In my understanding, they are very religious, theocratic, right-wing (capitalist), anti-communist and anti-secularist. They oppose all secular, progressive Zionism, but not the colonial enterprise itself. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Not only that but they consider Zionism to be a sin.

      Piss off hasbara rat. Plenty of “far right” Jews oppose “zionism” in Israel. Among many of them, being called a zionist is a term of derision. But we need to be clear on what this means. They don’t oppose the state or its expansionist goals in any meaningful way – on the contrary, they are typically at the forefront of advancing those goals. Their “opposition,” such as it is, is based on obscure religious reasoning that doesn’t amount to any real world difference at all. (If you knew what you were talking about, you would mention this. Pretty telling that you don’t. Now hurry up and foad, thanks.)

      • What is a hasbara rat? Sounds like your calling me some sort of rodentia mammal common to the Levant as if comparing me to a rat will make me mad or something. I’ve never heard of it but whatever agent provoceteur Silver, I am not Jewish so keep spouting derision, because you make a poor argument otherwise.

        Chabads are like a few hundred thousand at most worldwide. So they aren’t representative of most Jews. In turn, the Lebbevitcher Rebbe was clear in his denunciation of Zionism. Ordered his followers not to assimilate or settle in Israel en mass or support Zionism because they are anti-state and consider Israel a heresy. Chabads have instead mostly settled in Israel as Yeshiva students for the last hundred years or so and refused as a community to recognize Isreal the state as anything other than idolatrous. They like other anti-Zionists make fun of the star of David as a idolatrous constellation on a flag and constantly try to evade conscription or serve in the IDF.

        Nonetheless, they do say Jews as a religious people have a right to all land in Israel. Also over time many have moved there individually. Most seek religious exemption from serving in the military cuz studying Torah or whatever. But, it is also true they have involved themselves politically to gain support for their religious settlement efforts. In this they are Jews Jews, exploiting Israeli funds and military resources to support their religious non-Israeli government directed settlements. They are overrepresented in the illegal settlements in the West Bank.

        In short, they operate as a distinct class of Jews, who oppose Zionism and the State of Isreal but will still use it to their own sectarian ends which is to overthrow the State of Israel and turn it into a theocracy run by their rabbis. Netanyahu has found it expedient to gain their support for his margin of victories in elections which in turn have given them outsized influence. That is why I call them the Jews Jews. Internal domestic politics in Israel and within the Jewish community is far more complex than most of you realize. But, keep on being simple anti-Zionists, it just speeds up the return of the Messiach.

  13. @”aryan” globalist bro

    Nice attempted deflect. Now, what have you to say about that mattress, shlomo?

    • I didn’t want to speculate.

      So far, I have heard like half a dozen different explanations. I honestly don’t know. Whatever it turns out to be, it appears creepy.

      • Speaking of creepy,
        Epstein had tunnels under that temple building , the one with blue and white stripes, on pedo island.

        As guys on TRS said, “like the rodents they are they have to burrow”.

  14. The fact that these people like Jared Kushner and Ivanka will be catapulted back to power by a Trump victory is one of the reasons why I am hesitant to support him.

    Understandable. But the only difference is Trump’s got them in the family. Others just appoint yid outsiders to important positions. Works out much the same. Who’s more likely to catch on to how FOS yids are? Not sure there’s an obvious answer to that.

    • Why does everyone get worked up about a couple hundred people larping fascist salutes like they are in either a football league or military formation. As if that accomplishes anything except to give audience viewers feelings.

      I think both right and left put way to much into such things. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of lefties are quietly organizing hundreds of thousands of black and brown foreigners to take over the streets of Rome. Keep larping and then the fascists won’t have a country anymore and the lefties will be put in prison as the new WEF tyranny wipes them out.

      See you in the cattle cars folks.

  15. Make of it what you will, here is a passage from George Lincoln Rockwell’s autobiography, This Time the World (1962):

    “Another lady, festooned in ostentatious fur pieces and a crazy hat with a berry at the end of a stalk, arrived in a cab, and insisted on telling me about the ‘Jewish underground.’ I told her I knew about it, and we were fighting it.

    ” ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘but we have got to dig them out! They’re down there now, GRINDING up the bones and the flesh!’

    “She explained to me that the Jews had underground passages running from their “SIN-igogs” and honeycombing the earth everywhere. In these wicked resorts, she explained desperately and passionately, the devils were mashing up people they plucked from society into a poisonous slime which they then put in the food of the rest of us secretly, to ruin our minds!

    “This woman was the wife of a one-time US ambassador, believe it or not. I sent her away with as much sympathy as I could muster.” – This Time The World (chapter 13, page 320 in the standard edition)

  16. Guys don’t pay attention to the videos of them pulling out the blood stained children’s mattresses or the baby chairs. Speculation about that is just “antisemitic conspiracy theories” …

  17. If the tunnels were found under a church they would have been investigated for human/child tr*fficking. If the tunnels were found under a mosque they would have been investigated for t*rrorist operations or better yet, for H*mas. But the tunnels were found under a synagogue so some delinquents/bored teenagers were blamed for it and the case quickly closed without investigation. ?

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