Poll Watch: Record Low In U.S. Satisfied With Way “Democracy” Is Working

“Democracy” is on the ballot in 2024.

By “democracy,” Democracy Defenders mean our current system of censoring the internet, deplatforming their opponents through mob violence, civil lawsuits, weaponizing the FBI against their political opponents, ballot harvesting, month long elections, week long vote counts, invoking the 14th Amendment to remove their political opponents from the ballot, indicting their political opponents to send them to prison, etc. Unsurprisingly, less than a third of Americans now have any confidence in “democracy.”


“WASHINGTON, D.C. — A new low of 28% of U.S. adults are satisfied with the way democracy is working in the country. The current figure is down from the prior low — 35% measured shortly after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol by rioters trying to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election. …”

It might prove difficult for Joe Biden to rally the 70% of Americans who perceive the current system as illegitimate to “defend democracy” as it is working for them today.

Note: Satisfaction with Our Democracy is down 7 points under Joe Biden from 1/6. This is another reason why beating that dead horse is unlikely to work in 2024.


  1. “Our Democracy” will go down in history as one of those dogma tropes showing how dumb ass people can truly be. In the years ahead, we should never stop using it against our enemies past and present.

  2. Notice when Satisfaction with our democracy tanked for Republicans. When they threw their votes away on Ross Perot effectively electing Clinton and putting corruption and Anti White ideology in power so they could spend the next few months bragging about how they have principals. 32 years later the country still suffers and no one remembers how Clinton got into power in the first place. And don’t ever remind a principled conservative of the repercussions of his vote for Perot. They get very angry when you do that. Cause muh principles.

    • What, they were supposed to vote to re-elect George H.W. Bush?
      Perot was a better candidate in ’92. Anti-NAFTA, keep manufacturing jobs at home, deficit reduction (yes, that was an issue then too!)
      And it’s a myth that Perot gave us Clinton. Slick Willie was so far ahead the entire fall, he still would have won, just with a slimmer Electoral Vote margin.

  3. It is very obvious, without reading any polling results, that most people are cynically aware of many negatives of the present, fake-“democratic” system: including economic inequality, universal greed, ubiquitous falsehood and corruption, endless warfare (hot, cold, proxy, financial and hybrid wars) overproduction and wholesale destruction of the natural environment.

    It is important (it is essential) but not quite enough for people to become cynical and see the corruption and injustice. They must also become (be made) aware of the POSITIVE: the better future that is possible and is surely coming by historical necessity if mankind is to survive. Real democracy and the fall of the present, anti-democratic system will come about by the general spread of accurate knowledge, including explicit, fully-developed class consciousness – whereas the continued existence of the present, class system of fake “democracy” depends on common people’s ignorance being maintained by sufficient censorship, disinformation, and all kinds of distractions and division, and violent suppression of dissent. Truth on the other hand is nonviolent, and in the end, the peaceful “pen” of truth will finally prove more powerful than the violent sword of the lying elites. In the meantime however many voices of truth will be executed or otherwise forcibly silenced.

    Maximilien Robespierre said it so well: “The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.”

  4. American people have been so “dumbed down” they don’t even know the distinction between Democracy and Republic.

    Stupid parrots waiting to be plucked and cooked.

  5. No breakdown by age? Just like with support for Israel and the jews I am sure that the lower the age of the respondents goes the less support there is for modern-day jewish Democracy. Der Kinder know better than anyone that it’s all fake – and ghey.

  6. Poll Watch: Record Low In U.S. Satisfied With Way (((“Democracy”))) Is Working

    I guess if you as a White person, that being constantly castigated makes you feel that way.

  7. I was looking to see what the Libertarian Party is doing (I very, very rarely do that, not even once a year) and I found this discussion between Angela McArdle, the national chair of the Libertarian Party, and a socialist (albeit a very weak one): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Kloq0TqQd4 She seems surprised that they have more things in common than both being Irish. I read that the little Libertarian Party is imploding, apparently not needed to help swing the next (s)elecftion.

  8. Liberal democracy is dead, the living/walking dead.
    Your constitutional republic is dead too.
    The sooner people get over that, the better.
    The nation state is also dead, at least in the west.

    Instead we have a cabal of crony capitalists conspiring with the state and organized crime (drug and human traffickers, hitmen), many of them Jews and Zionists.
    This cabal will do whatever it takes to stay in power; lie, cheat and steal, continue to rig the economy and elections, bribe, blackmail, censor, debank, deplatform, dox, frame, smear, murder, mass murder, genocide, terrorism, color revolution.
    Now and for the foreseeable future, there is no political entity capable of significantly challenging the cabal, not even close.

    So in light of that, what can we expect?
    Expect waaay more poverty, obesity, mental illness, civil unrest, crime and drug abuse, street and pharmaceutical.
    Expect families and communities to continue to break down generally speaking.
    Expect more replacement migration.
    Win or lose the election, Trump isn’t coming to your rescue, no one in business and politics is, we’re on our own.
    Just about everything that happened under Blinken would’ve happened under Trump.
    Whatever solutions we come up with have to be grassroots.

    • “Expect waaay more poverty, obesity, mental illness, civil unrest, crime and drug abuse, street and pharmaceutical.”

      Typical brown society, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba and such.

      • Ultimately, the battle is between the Global South and the Global North i.e. wogs vs. civilisation and the wogs, led by The Usual Suspects and White traitors, are winning. For now.

        They will collapse civilisation eventually, of course. Rhodesia and South Africa come to mind as examples and the Global South will be even worse once the U.S. goes down.

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