Chris Christie Drops Out

As Donald Trump said last night on FOX News, no one cared that Fat Bastard was ever in the race. He wasn’t running a serious campaign. There was never any path to the nomination that ran through owning Trump to impress The Bulwark crowd and the CNN/ MSNBC audience.

And yes, Nikki Haley is going to get smoked. It doesn’t matter if Christie dropping out boosts her in New Hampshire enough to eek out a narrow win. The primary is basically over before it began. If Desanctus drops out after losing in Iowa, it will be faster because Nikki Haley has a lower ceiling.

Note: I didn’t waste my time watching any of the debates to hear what Chris Christie had to say. He came across as Ron Perlman doing his annoying “Hey, Lil Donnie” routine.


  1. The US 2-party nomination process is like a big WWE Battle Royal when the bit wrestlers get eliminated at some point earlier on during the match so that only the 2 Big Name wrestlers are left at the end – and the whole process is just as fake as any pro wrasslin’ match.

    • You can’t have free elections without free speech. Our “freedom and democracy” is a complete sham.

  2. I like Christie.
    I like em cause he’s an honest scum bag.
    You take one look at his fat ass eatin’ a donut and you know right away he’s slimy scum.
    It’s the guys who can hide their douchebaggerey behind a cultured, genteel façade like Barack Obama and Tony Blinken that bother me.
    At least with Biden, Kamala and Trump everyone pretty well knows they’re scum, except a few dumbhards.

    • I kind of see your point. Krispy-Kreme is a ‘honest’ crook in a way, ditto for Cheetohead. As for heels-up Harris and Joey Shitpants, both they still try to preach a kind the perverse inverted ‘Woke’ morality but the mask falls off frquently, unlike the insufferable sanctimony of Gavin Newsom or Liz Warren.

      • Yep, and guys like Mitt Romney, DeSantis and Nikki Haley are good at hiding their sociopathy on the right unlike say Bush W, Trump and Christie.

  3. “Nikki Haley is going to get smoked”:

    To the contrary, I see Nimrata Randhawa being “puffed” (promoted) by the system and its “news” media. Wall Street, MIC, AIPAC, and the whole system loves her, and wants her – to be the next puppet-figurehead sitting on the POTUS throne. She will be the next POTUS, or she will be the Vice-POTUS, or she will at least be the next Secretary of State and therefore the next De Facto POTUS, like Blinken is, and Cheney was – the De Facto POTUS – if the system decides the Republican party should be given its turn this year. But who cares? The Presidential election is trivia. The “Chabad tunnel” story is also trivia, in my opinion. Meanwhile imperialism marches on. Ecuador and Guatemala both voted “wrong” (left) so now they need to be destabilized with CIA contra gangs and with sanctions, respectively. What’s happening in Myanmar? Millions and millions of people are having their lives destroyed. A little illegal tunnel construction between buildings in New York City is almost meaningless in comparison to the mass murder of millions.

  4. Don’t think I’ve seen or heard anyone mention something that struck me more than a year ago, I think: Trump hasn’t looked this good in years. When he was president, he put on quite a bit of weight, didn’t he? I don’t have a strong eye for that kind of thing, but I’m pretty sure he did. It’s almost as if, in preparation for the Revenge Tour, as you call it, Mr. W., he decided to get back into shape, as if he were a boxer who’d let himself go.

  5. The problem I have with Christie is his foreign policy. He’s right to attack Trump. He’s wrong to take more interventionist positions than Trump. Though Trump himself is proven to be fraudulent as an anti-interventionist. The difference may be that other Republicans are more honest than Trump.

  6. Prediction, if Trump gets thru all of his troubles and becomes the presidential nominee, he’ll pick MS Nikki as his running mate. The MAGA crowd will rationalize it and continue to stand by him.

    • He picked Mike Pence (a total cuck) last time. Why would anyone expect Cheetohead, who is 100% hot air, to act any differently this time around?

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