New York Post: Orthodox Jewish Students Used Mexican Laborers To Build Shawshank-Style Tunnels Underneath Chabad HQ

So, the latest official explanation for the Jewish tunnel underneath Chabad HQ in New York City is that a couple of Israeli teenagers hired some Mexicans to build the tunnel to expand the complex to fulfill a kabbalah prophecy related to the Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson who is that corpse that Javier Milei was praying to a few weeks ago out of the belief he was the Moschiach.

New York Post:

“Extremist students from an ultra-Orthodox Hasidic group secretly hired migrant laborers to help them build a controversial tunnel at the sect’s world headquarters in Crown Heights — all to fulfill what they felt was a religious obligation to expand the holy site, The Post has learned.

Six renegade members of the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement secretly began digging the 3-foot-high, 20-foot-wide, 50-foot-long tunnel themselves, using crude instruments and their hands. They stuffed the dirt into their pockets so that their work wouldn’t be detected by the sect’s leaders and wider community, a source in the Orthodox community told The Post.

“You’ve seen the movie ‘The Shawshank Redemption’? That’s what these young men did at first: They dug and put the dirt in their pockets,” said Eitan Kalmowitz, a member of the Lubavitcher community in Crown Heights. …”

Who knows?

It might be true.

Maybe it was Mexican workers living in filth. That’s the most charitable explanation.

Regardless, everyone had a lot of fun with it making memes and the incident was used to raise awareness. I read somewhere that it was the Chabad leaders who called the police in the first place. It still doesn’t change the fact that this cult has connections to powerful figures like Trump and Milei.


  1. flew from Zurich Switzerland to Chicago recently. The entire first class section was Hasidic jews. Wonder why there would be such a concentration of a tiny minority flying that rout?

  2. “New York Post: Orthodox Jewish Students Used Mexican Laborers To Build Shawshank-Style Tunnels Underneath Chabad HQ”

    Hey, Hey ! Now don’t go around insulting a Shawshank-Style imprisoned type Goyim with a ZOG style Prison now !

  3. Without the Rabbi knowing? Not even told? Zero possibility. As to Milei, he thought by seeking Lucifer’s blessing he would succeed. It was a bad choice. He has failed. The Legislature there and the Courts have blocked him.

    • The Argentine Retard should have just openly offered a sacrifice to Satan like the founders of Haiti did, since he’s hellbent on turning Argentina into an even worse disaster.

  4. “It might be true.”
    I deeply doubt that. Has all the odor of a ‘cover story’.

    Remember all the anti-Semitic threats coming from israhell ?
    All from a mentally disabled Israeli teen.
    So mentally disabled that he had a room full highly sophisticated computer equipment to spoof the source of the threats.

    (” Removed the dirt in their pockets”, how GD TV can you go.)

    • Some of the bomb threats called in to synagogues across America were the work of a black Bernie Sanders supporter from Missouri, if I recall correctly.

  5. “They dug and put the dirt in their pockets,” said Eitan Kalmowitz,

    He’s watched too many Leslie Nielsen movies.

    • Its quite obvious that there is no militart genocide taking place in Gaza. Despite the horrors of war in an urban environment, Israel’s actions are militarily legitimate. If it was actually focused on genocide the military would’ve already killed hundreds of thousands of Gazans.

      The fact is the Gazans have fortified virtually the entire area and in particular have placed their most sensitive equipment and leadership behind and embedded within civilian entities in a deliberate attempt to camouflage and shield them. In turn, many of the Gazan civilians, being the hardened human animals most behave as, commit shaheedi (martrydom) by remaining in these targeted areas.

      If Israel was fighting a true conventional war like in WWII, there would be tens of thousands of more dead Gazans. As it is, the civilian Gazan dead is actually quite low due to Israel’s attempt at being as surgical as possible, giving advanced notification of strikes, and condictong them strictly within the laws of war and their own rules of engagement.

      That a Britisher is defending Israel against the charges is likely due to the fact that if in fact the nigger, spic, coolie, and slope run third world like the Kaffir-Commie run South Africa succeeds in declaring genocide, it will essentially make Western militaries incapable of fighting any conflict without being considered genocidists. The non-Western world will of course continue with their actual genocidist activities.

      • You leave out the part about hospitals being bombed, which will make it very difficult for the far more who have been seriously injured to receive proper care, thus making the final death toll much higher. Shame on you!

      • “Israel’s attempt at being as surgical as possible”

        Israeli snipers killing old women in a Gaza church is “surgical”?

        Israeli leaders have been openly talking about expelling the population of Gaza – to Europe, to Sinai, to an assortment of Arab countries which receive US aid, or even to the Congo! Blatantly planning the ethnic cleansing of Gaza. Destroying all buildings and infrastructure to make Gaza unlivable.

        A smaller ethnic cleansing was recently committed by Israel’s ally Azerbaijan. 100,000 Armenians were expelled from Karabakh, and there was surprising support for Azerbaijan in the media. I think Israel was testing the waters using Azerbaijan as a proxy, seeing if the world could be made to accept ethnic cleansing.

    • The Anglos are the absolute worst white fellators of Schlomo and the Kosher Nosetra. Cuck Island is a complete farce. A rapid Clown-World shithole ruled over by Kang Chuck the Turd. Prince Andrew was one of Epstein’s favorite clients. Murika is merely following them down the path to hell. I seriously doubt if they could do anything to lower their reputation.

      It’s kind of telling that none of the Arab neighbors of Gaza could bother themselves to bring the charges against the Zionist state. Instead we have the utterly corrupt and genocidal ANC bringing charges. Oh and the British and their (((City of London))) overlords are the ones primarily responsible for bringing the ANC to power (along with the Murikan puppet regime). They get all the gold and diamonds more cheaply than they did with the Afrikaners in charge.

  6. Trying to reframe the incident as young yids pulling “The Great Escape” or “Shawshank Redemption” scenarios cuz Holocaust oppression or something, is a new low for the perpetually aggrieved supremacists. It all suggests that there is something actually quite scandalous that the Libbivetchers were hiding by coming up with these PR spins. At any rate, it won’t gain traction. Just reading the street, listening to various cafe clubs, going to community groups, its clear that what is mostly pushed out in the media today is almost entirely accepted and consumed by a very small percentage. Everyone else isn’t buying.

  7. Does anyone think that Jews are going to do dirty hard manual labor? Of course they hired Mexicans to get dirty and sweaty.

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