1. IF the heads of the democratic party really hate Trump, and this isn’t just political theatre, they hate him because he said mean things about the Obamas (Trump claimed Obama was an Indonesian Muslim born in Indonesia and so was an illegitimate president), Clintons and Bidens, not because they disagree with him on policy, there was little-no policy difference between Trump and neocons like the Bush regime, Tony Blinken and Victoria Newland.

    Trump’s a draft-dodging chickenhawk, supports the ethnic cleansing/genocide of Palestinians, supports invading Mexico to ‘go after the cartels’.
    He nearly started a war between the US and Iran by assassinating Soleimani, an act of war.
    He said he’d make peace with Putin but didn’t say how.
    He also said Putin made a mistake by intervening in the Donbass.
    He also said he’d build a wall to keep the cartels out and get Mexico to pay for it.

    Mark my words, if Trump wins, the Trump regime will absolutely be an Israel 1st, wall street 1st, imperialist, interventionist regime.
    IF they really hate Trump they hate him for personal, not ideological reasons.
    Insofar as this is a real fight, it’s a fight within the criminal globalist Zionist cabal, not between the cabal and an outsider, Trump couldn’t possibly be more of an insider.
    Trump is a neocon through and through.
    Same as DeSantis and the two Hinjews.
    Same as the republican party and US conservative movement as a whole.

  2. Re: “a cease and desist letter”:

    The “U.”sury “S.”ystem can no more cease and desist from orchestrating its so-called “elections” in the “homeland,” than it can cease and desist from genociding the indigenous people of Palestine in order to build up its chief colony and most important, center-of-the-world military base (called Israel) regardless of whether (as now seems extremely unlikely) the International Court of Justice asks Israel to cease and desist from bombing Gaza – and no more than the U.S. can cease and desist from genociding the poor people of Yemen who happen to be sitting on a large reserve of untapped oil, and in a very militarily strategic location at the mouth of the Red Sea (from which China could be blocked) and in legal possession of the unspoiled, paradisaical large island of Socotra, that will become a tourist industry and real estate development goldmine. Yesterday, the U.S. with support of Britain, Canada, Australia and other puppet allies (but not Saudi Arabia this rime) stepped up the genocide of Yemen which had already been bombed back to the stone age, with even more heavy bombing. Courageous little Yemen responded to the bombing with this official statement: “We, the Yemeni people, are not among those who are afraid of America. We are comfortable with a direct confrontation with the Americans.”

    U.S. “elections” will continue to be staged, and imperialist war (hot, cold, proxy, financial, psychological and hybrid) will continue to be waged – against working people in the imperial “homeland,” and all humanity, all around the world. By its nature and logic, the system CANNOT obey any “order to cease and desist” from doing what it must do to continue to exist. Worrying about how the next U.S. presidential election will turn out is a distraction and waste of time, in my opinion.

    • ” . . . build up its (the USA’s) chief colony and most important, center-of-the-world military base (called Israel) . . . “

      You have it ass-backwards, the U.S. is a colony of Israel. Our Greatest Ally extracts money, weapons, fuel, supplies of all kind as well as unlimited diplomatic support from the U.S. (and has since 1948), not the other way around. The U.S. receives no benefit from this arrangement, only costs in terms of money, military equipment, endless espionage against the U.S. (Jonathan Pollard, the Rosenbergs et al.) and poisoned relationships with Arab and other countries.

      The rest of the world readily sees this one sided relationship that is detrimental to the U.S. and beneficial to Israel, it is common knowledge. Only in the U.S. has there been de facto censorship of this fact and a massive propaganda campaign maligning anyone who dares point out this one-sided relationship. When (rarely) boxed in by the fact that this one sided relationship benefits a foreign power to the detriment of the U.S., not the other way around as it would be if the U.S. actually were a colonial exploiter of Israel, the supporters of Israel lapse into: 1.) blaming the U.S. as the exploiter, Noam Chomsky style lying. 2.) Rely on bogus, heretical, “Christian Fundamentalism”, non-sensical arguments to argue for present policies to continue. 3.) declare all opponents Nazis.

      Facts are stubborn things that cannot be refuted here: it’s the small country 5,000 miles away that is exploiting the U.S. because of their control of money, blackmail (Herr Epstein) and the corrupt, ridiculous political system that is the ruin of the U.S.

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