Coach Red Pill Has Died In Ukraine

Ukraine is a democracy!

Zelensky is fighting for our freedom!

Note: In his last video, Gonzalo Lira tried to flee Ukraine and escape to Hungary after being tortured in a Ukrainian prison.


  1. Sad….at core he was very well intentioned.

    Did he have a secret death wish ?
    Criticizing a jw dictator while in his country ?

  2. The world has become a strange place.
    Ukraine has become a strange place.
    Trannies, Nazis, a corrupt Jewish autocrat being propped up by our corrupt ‘liberal’ elite in a proxy war between them and Russia while inflation skyrockets from decades of corporatocracy and replacement migration.
    The Canada of my youth is gone.
    I don’t recognize it or the world anymore.
    It is turned into this kind of soft dystopia.

    • Hunter Wallace supported Ukraine from the get go. His only contention was that he didn’t wanna pay the taxes to arm them, but he morally supported Ukraine from day one.

      • Proof/Links?

        I read this blog regularly and I can’t recall him ever being pro-war in Ukraine or pro-any war for that matter.

  3. Guess that more-or-less proves he wasn’t a CIA plant, unless he was one who went off the reservation. RIP Coach Red Pill.

    • There’s a tremendous irony that this guy simped for – and ultimately died for – Putin who is a guy that has imprisoned numerous journalists for criticism of Putin, the Russian government and the invasion of Ukraine. There really is nothing noble in dying for the sociopaths that run our countries now.

      • Well, you’re busy here simping for Kosherkraine run by Globo-Pedo. Zelensky imprisoned more scribblers than Putin has. He and Globo-Pedo murdered a journo in Moscow last year (daughter of A. Dugin). Yes there’s evidence that Putin is also under Jew control (at least to a degree) so it’s a serious error to assume he’s the white savior some believe him to be. He could not be a white savior even it he wanted to. He’ll be lucky to save his own country and himself.

        BTW, Russia didn’t start the war in 2022. Globo-Pedo started it against Russia in 2014. Thanks to Jewish influence, Putin did little to respond until he had no choice. Take note that some 20 planeloads or more of Jewkraine Kosher oligarchs, their harems and spawn all departed just one week in advance of the Russian response to eight years of war waged by NATO and its retarded Ukroid puppets. It would not be surprising if Putin let them know when to depart.

  4. You seem like a rational,reasonable guy, Wallace. Do you think it would be a good idea to go to a country that is at war and that you are not even a citizen of and run your mouth about said country? As well as giving away positions of the defending military to the enemy. The way I understand it he was warned numerous times to keep his mouth shut by Ukrainian security services before they finally jailed him. These Ukrainians – these are serious guys and Ukraine is not some namby-pamby Western liberal Democracy with all of the protections afforded by a liberal Constitution.

      • The very same thing could be said of Julian Assange: that Assange deserves what he gets because he was stupid enough to continue publishing otherwise-hidden facts about the horrendous historic crimes of the imperialist system. He has been in prison now without being charged (because there is no case) for over ten years, and has aged at least twenty, and can only look forward to spending the rest of his life in prison in the U.S., after he is extradited and goes through a sham trial. He is a citizen of Australia which totally ignores his illegal imprisonment and torture, and will let him die like Gonzalo – because he was stupid. Anyone who raises their head above the crowd within reach of the arm of the Empire is stupid. Since that reach extends everywhere, that means all REAL dissent, which is any dissent that goes one step beyond the well-marked limits of allowable “dissent” (plenty of “dissent” is allowed, even encouraged, on all harmless subjects like sports, entertainment and U.S. party politics) – must be stupid. People whose lives are focused on gathering money look upon anything that doesn’t “make money,” and especially on what loses, or risks losing money, as stupid! There is no courage, no truth, no real moral fibre in this completely money-corrupted population (I don’t call it a people). All who do not bow down to and obey the god of the system of usury are stupid and deserve to be punished. Yes, it is a sad ending for “Coach Red Pill” with the untreated double pneumonia, full body edema and all, BUT it’s really his fault. He knew he could have been here in the states managing his wealth portfolio, and live to a ripe old age like most of the upper classes do.

    • He didn’t go there in the middle of the war. He lived there prior to the war with his Ukrainian wife and half-Ukrainian children. Once the war started, they refused to let him leave.

      Hunter Wallace endorsed his death.

    • @Ringo.

      500K of those serious Hohols are dead or disabled for life from the even more serious Russians.

      Gonzalo Lira was a martyr for the truth of what is really going on in Neo-Israel.

    • Yes Lira’s behavior was reckless. I’ve been to Xi’s China and would never dream of making Winnie the Pooh jokes, which Xi somewhat uncharacteristically allowed to get under his skin – especially since it was the disgusting Jewsmedia lie-machine that made the jokes in comparison with their favorite boy Housenigga Hussein: the ultimate empty suit. Xi is a serious figure and it’s never a good idea to make a fool of yourself overseas.

      Lira had a wife (or baby-momma) and two kids there in Kharkov. He should have gotten out after the first warning from the Jewkraine Gestapo and taken his family to a safe place. Riding hundreds of miles on a motorcycle to the border to seek asylum wasn’t the sharpest move either. Why not get to Kiev and walk into the Hungarian embassy? Why not the Chilean embassy?

    • Slight correction: he was already in Ukraine when the war started, so he didn’t go specifically looking for trouble. I also haven’t seen any evidence he was “giving away positions”.

      Having said that, yes, it was remarkably dumb. I was honestly shocked the Ukies let him get away with it as long as he did. I realize it was just because of his passport, but it increased my opinion of them a little.

  5. In one of his last tweets en route to the Hungarian border, he says if he falls into the hands of the United States instead of Hungary, “the U.S. State Department would return me (to Khazar-kraine because) I’m not a black lesbian druggie, or a transgender grifter. Besides, Victoria Nuland hates my guts, or so I’m told.” Trying to reach the Russian or Belarussian border through all the trenches and minefields would have been suicide. But if even just one tenth of one percent – instead of what it is, less than 1/100th of one per cent – of the U.S. population actually cared about truth and justice, such an uproar would have been raised about this U.S. citizen journalist’s illegal imprisonment, and torture, that the U.S. government would have been too embarrassed and would have had to release him.

    The U.S. population, with only a handful of exceptions, is pleased with imperialism, because they all think they get something out of it. The upper and upper-middle classes feast on the “flesh” of the foreign victims, and the poor workers feed eagerly on the crumbs that fall from the tables of the rich who are feasting. Not some but ALL of America is responsible. AMERICA tortured Gonzalo Lira to death.

  6. Have you heard about Texas defying the federal government and border patrol in order to secure its borders from migrants? I think the situation is deserving of it’s own article on OD.

  7. Is this real? This can’t be real. THIS CANT BE REAL! I’ve been following Coach Red Pill long before this war launched by Putin began. There has been non stop drama, contrary reports and outright disinformation coming out about Coach Red Pill since this drama with the SBU began. This still doesn’t seem confirmed.

  8. Gonzalo Liza believed in free speech above all. He fought for truth irrespective of the consequences. You gotta admire that in this day and age…one more dissident murdered by the Zelinsky regime.

  9. After the fall of communism in Romania in the early 90s a story surfaced that was suppressed.

    A dissident of the communist occupation of Romania was imprisoned sometime in the 1980s He was locked in a large cell with 5 other detainees dissents he did not know.

    Over months with then he befriends and confines his plans to liberate Romania.

    One night when he falls asleep his prison mates he thought where new bothers in freedom brutally beat him until a guard steps in before he’s beyond saving his life!

    While recovering in the hospital he reflects and realizes they were plants to get info!

    Never trust anyone!

    Seriously win!

    The Sword is the ultimate weapon


  10. Apparently he had a wife and two kids in Jewkraine. Zelensky and the gang will probably throw them on the front line along with whoever else couldn’t buy their way out of that Globo-Pedo colony. Sad they all didn’t get out when things got hot.

  11. Sad to see Gonzalo gone. He was wisecracking, chummy, funny and made you feel like you and he were in a cafe around. Not a true expert, but had perspectives on things many of us have. I’d say it was unwise to hang around, but this shows what a lie “democracy” is in Ukraine. Much like in Israel or here. Is bulldozing an American girl protesting Palestinian oppression any less a crime, or the persecutions the J6 and Charlottesville people have gotten? In America they aren’t killing us yet, although you could look at Randy Weaver and Edgar Steele and see what’s to come. This federal government will not protect you. Like Karl Logan, I look at the Europe I knew and America and don’t recognize it.

  12. The gaycist right led by Grindr Greg Johnson, and his ‘power bottom ‘ Frodi (GtK) are probably having themselves a celebratory felch because CRP is dead.

    Hohols and their trannie supporters will be giving each other ‘reach arounds’ at the rave now that Gonzalo Lira died in jewkrainian/kahzarian custody.

    I hope the SBU goons, and.the jews that control jewkraine meet a Spetsnaz ‘wet work’s team in the very near future.

  13. Hunter Wallace sure seemed to have changed his tune. He was a Ukraine shill at the very start of this. Now he is latching on to the general sentiment and therefore trying to flip flop on his previous position. We wont let him forget so easily.

    He even made the false equivalent that Ukraine was fighting for its independence and freedom like the Confederacy, and Russian army was the equivalent of the Union forces.

    In reality, It was the eastern breakaway provinces that could be seen as somewhat similar to the confederacy, with Zelensky’s regime acting as the Union. And just like the British elite supported the Confederacy, so did the Russian elite. The only difference is that Russia put their money where their mouth was.

    The Ukraine war made me see all these so-called (current and former) white nationalists for what they truly are: Useful idiots. Everyone from Hunter Wallace to Counter Currents and Red Ice low-key provided cover for Ukraine. And against all odds, it was actually the MAGA crowd, Tucker Carlson, Nick Fuentes and other populists that took the real oppositional and truthful stance exposing what Ukraine actually was all about.

    I am ashamed to ever have identified myself with the white nationalist movement.

    • “white nationalists (…) low-key provided cover for Ukraine”:

      I remember too how some WNs responded to the “Ukrainian Nationalist” and Neo-Nazi dog whistles (like “Russians are mixed race orcs”) with knee-jerk reaction of support for the “based racialists” – mostly low-key support as you say, but some high-key, to the point of going there to fight as volunteer soldiers! But I think when most WNs first heard about Ukraine less than two years ago, most of them had never paid attention to, and knew nothing about the history of Russia and its southwestern borderlands (“Ukraine” simply means “borderland”). Most WNs still don’t know the history of the U.S.’s (and some other Western powers’) role in creating and weaponizing the new “Ukrainian” identity, to use against Russia, pitting “Slav against Slav,” since the 1920s (with a very short intermission in the early 1940s) for more than a century! Better education is needed. Everyone needs to know the facts, and the truth will make you free.

      “The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.” Maximilien Robespierre

      • Good point. Keep in mind that most Murikans are so pig-ignorant of simple geography they could not point to the place on a world map. If one can’t do even that much it might be advisable to take the proverbial advice about those who are thought to be fools keeping silent rather than opening their opening their mouths and removing all doubt.

  14. Scott Ritter claimed Lira was either a Ukrainian agent all along or had been “flipped” to become one. I don’t know what to believe any more. And not just about this war.

    • He was a fraud on every level: it’s a pity that uninformed and good American nationalists take this half-mentally ill, half-con seriously.
      So as the farcical Anglin.
      Everything about this character, Lira, is absolutely false.
      His situation in Ukraine.
      And his fake family.
      It is not because he told some truth that he was a good person,

      In short, no great loss.

      • He belonged to the upper class and was never socialist, and the “coach” material that he published about women (“All Women are Two women,” “You can’t save them,” et cetera) was very bad – and as a woman, which your handle suggests you are, you would especially hate it.

        But that is an entirely different matter from his doing independent journalism about the war, and being arrested, tortured and killed for doing independent journalism about the war, and the United States being complicit in the murder – and he is important because he represents (he is one of, an example of) thousands being killed in the U.S. proxy’s torture prisons.

  15. For my response to the sad loss of Gonzalo, go to Larry Johnson’s website on Gonzalo Under S. Clark in the posts.

  16. I do wonder if maybe the Ukies just wanted to deport him, and our State Department- several of whom he’d personally insulted, like Vicky Nuland – said to just let him rot.

  17. Alexander Mercouris of The Duran was a friend and confidant of Gonzalo Lira, and he says in this video made in the wake of the Lira’s death explains that Lira stayed in Ukraine to be with his two children. Mercouris begins this podcast with his eulogy to Lira.

    Speaking only for myself, I enjoyed Lira’s podcasts from jewkraine. Only he and Patrick Lancaster were the only Westerners to bring us a counter-narrative of the jewsmedia and ZOG’s war.

    Hindsight is 20/20, and Gonzalo should have tried to get his family out of Kazaria to Russia, Hungary, or back to the JewSA. None of us know the reasons they didn’t leave. What we do know is the jewkrainian ashkenazi run US State Department of Blinken, Snyder, and Nudelman did nothing to pressure fellow jew zelenskyy to allow him to leave.

  18. The Chilean Jew Gonzalo Lira, complete degenerate, SBU asset, might be dead. He was being taken care of in a hospital, so possibly he died, or else his Ukranian handlers sent him away with a new identity. People are easily duped by these intelligence ops.

    • Possibly jewish based on mother’s full name:

      María Isabel López Hess

      Father’s full name = Gonzalo Ángel Lira Valdés

      Father’s name not obviously jew. Not up on Spanish jew names or the common names of marranos (fake converts to Catholicism). Hess is sometimes as German (gentile) surname but sometimes jew also. Many Germans moved to Chile in 19th century, jews came along too. The whole PUA schtick smells of gefeltefisch.

      If an SBU asset (by no means impossible) he was using the videos to trap local Russians to hand over to SBU. The whole bizarre escape plan was pretty suspicious IMO. Doing an ‘Easy Rider’ cruise hundreds of miles to the Hungarian border?? As I noted above, why not seek asylum at Chilean embassy?

      Of course it’s not as if outfits like the SBU would hesitate to terminate someone no longer of use to them, like tossing a used condom in the garbage.

    • Of course. And you’re the only one smart enough to see through their tricks.

      The thing I hate most about being on the “far right” is all the weirdos and cranks you’re surrounded by.

  19. In Larry Johnson’s website, Ariadne’s post offered a thoughtful analysis of Gonzalo, how he seemed at loose ends and had tried several possibilities, then wound up in Ukraine, possibly to re-invent himself. It recalls Byron, who, having shot his wad in Britain, went to Greece to help fight for its freedom, failed, and died of disease there.
    A lot of people are like this; types who seek to remake themselves in another country or insert themselves in war or political troubles because it adds meaning to their lives. Orwell, went to fight in Spain, and as he said, discovered who he was.
    He almost got killed by the reds who were “allies.”.
    If Gonzalo was a kind of double agent, playing both sides, which isn’t impossible, he suffered the fate of many players on the edge; once you tick off the wrong man or lose your usefulness, you can be flushed away. I think he was a truth-teller. He was a kind of parrot (and I’m not being derogatory), and finally, he had to be strangled.
    Probably after his very personal (and accurate) attack on Victoria Nuland, she decided enough was enough. She has the power, the neocons run everything.The US government couldn’t care less, shrugged, and the Banderists, who simply like to kill whomever is on the list, grabbed Gonzalo.
    This is the risk playing both sides. Someone will decide your death is “necessary”, and that’s it. Your ego and sense of self-importance and finesse is meaningless. This is the political world we have now.
    As for Hunter being Pro-Ukraine, that is exaggerated. Many people favored a “free Ukraine,” but it becomes obvious no such thing existed. Also, we are still caught up in anti-Russian phobia much like we still haven’t shaken off the German/Nazi thing.
    We are more propagandized than we care to admit. The conditioning is subliminal.
    As Alex Linder says, Christianity is the ultimate mind control we’re tied to.
    Gonzalo, whatever his waffling and side-shifting, told a lot of truths, and was enlightening…and fun. I miss him.

    • “As for Hunter being Pro-Ukraine, that is exaggerated. Many people favored a ‘free Ukraine,’ but it becomes obvious no such thing existed”:

      You are correct to say “no such thing ever existed.” In addition, “Ukrainian ethnicity” also did not exist until rather recently (a little over one hundred years ago) and “Ukrainian nationalism” is mostly, if not entirely a Western capitalist invention. Since the Revolution (1917) and Western intervention in Russia in the 1920s, Ukrainian nationalism has been developed, promoted and used by the capitalist West (including the U.S., Britain and Germany) as a weapon to attack and destroy Russian socialism. The U.S. military invaded Russia to overthrow communism the first time over one hundred years ago, under President Woodrow Wilson. Then in 1946, immediately after it had finished using Russia to do all the heavy lifting in WW2, the U.S. contemplated “Operation Unthinkable”: a full-scale military invasion of Russia, but settled on sending in special forces and agents to foment a proxy war using the Ukrainian Nazis it was training in Germany, and keeping them supplied with weapons and backed by relentless worldwide pro-Ukrainian propaganda. The U.S. proxy war against Russia in Russia’s southeastern borderland (“Ukraine” simply means “borderland”) continued at least from 1946 to the present. Fighting with bombs and guns went on in Ukraine through most of the 1950s until Russia was able to liquidate the last of the active U.S.-backed terrorists, but the fuel of relentless U.S. propaganda kept “Ukraine-ism” smoldering until it flared up again in the twenty-first century after the U.S.’s (Nuland’s, Hillary’s and Obama’s) Maidan coup, beginning with anti-Russian violence inside “independent” Ukraine and finally, directly against the Russian Federation. The U.sury S.ystem is determined to destroy Russia, because the two systems (Russia will always represent socialism, more than any other nation, and the communist party is still the second-largest party in Russia today) are complete opposites and absolutely incompatible. If the world-wrecking private-profit system ever wins its global war and manages to destroy even the memory of socialism, the human species is probably doomed. Here are some tidbits to get started researching the real beginning of the U.S. war in Ukraine:

      “Under Operation Sunrise, some 5,000 anti-communist Eastern European and Russian personnel were trained for operational missions at a camp at Oberammergau in 1946, under the command of U.S. General Sikes and SS General Burckhardt. This and related initiatives supported insurgencies in areas such as Ukraine, which were not entirely suppressed by the Soviets until 1956”:

      “The BND, the West German intelligence service under former Wehrmacht Gen. Reinhard Gehlen, formed a new relationship with Bandera. It was a natural union. During the war, Gehlen’s senior officers argued that the USSR could be broken up if only Germany wooed the various nationalities properly. Bandera had continued lines into the Ukraine, and in March 1956 he offered these in return for money and weapons”:

    Gonzalo Lira Death Exposes Ukrainian Crime Gang In US – Kolomoisky
    56m space
    MegaGroup, DNC, Wexner, Epstein repurposed the cyber, nukes, and bios haul from old Soviet Union collapse to conduct election operations including bioagent lockdowns all over the world including the US. We said that in 2016 and 2017. The new Epstein document dumps are proving…

    If anybody here is able to contact Rowan B [of niqnaq.wordpress], send him this with my compliments [he got to the rotten core ahead of all i learnt since]

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