Joe Biden Launches Air Strikes On Yemen


It was a face saving token gesture.

I’m less angry with Trump for launching cruise missiles at Syria now that Joe Biden has attacked Syria, Iraq and Yemen and supported the genocide in Gaza. In particular, the fronts in Lebanon and Yemen could spiral out of control at any moment and suck us into another war for Israel.


“The U.S. and U.K. conducted airstrikes against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen on Thursday after the group defied repeated warnings to halt its attacks on merchant and commercial vessels in the Red Sea, President Biden said.

The big picture: Biden said in a statement that at his direction the military forces, with support from Australia, Bahrain, Canada and the Netherlands, “successfully conducted strikes” against several targets “used by Houthi rebels to endanger freedom of navigation in one of the world’s most vital waterways.” …

Zoom in: An American military official said at a Thursday night briefing that the strikes were conducted by U.S. Navy warships and submarines, which launched precision-guided munitions in order to hit specific targets and avoid civilian casualties. … ”

Oh BTW, House Speaker Mike Johnson continues to suck.

We spent months covering how these people are bought tools of AIPAC.


  1. The Yemenis are incredibly brave. They have already been bombed to the stone age, and are now being bombed more. Courage in battle was always a chief virtue among Arabs, (but not of the spineless, money-worshipping U.S.-puppet rulers including Al-Sisi put in charge of Egypt, and the King of Jordan, and the royal House of Saud.)

    The South African leadership is also courageous. While all WHITE and lighter-skinned nations of the world either support the genocide or do nothing to help Palestine, it is a BLACK nation that dares to defy the all-powerful Anglo-Zionist system by bringing the U.S.-Israeli genocide of Palestine before the International Court of Justice:

    • Yes, this is true. The rest against the West. The West is maintained by the Anglo-Zionist system, or more accurately, the Anglo-American system, with Zionism as just another recent movement supported by the WASPs or more acfurately, the Judeo-Catholic-Yankee regime So, an attack against the Anglo-Zionists, is an attack on the Anglo-Americans, which is therefore on attack on me even if its predomknantkybrun by Judeo-Catholics.

      The kaffir-commies running South Africa aren’t so brave, its just they realize the Anglo-American system is damaged if not collapsing and they see more White treasures to be looted. The Anglo-American system maybe corrupted, it maybe cooped, it may even be hijacked. But reforming or changing it should be the goal, not nose diving the hijacked plane into the ground. If it goes, your life will suck beyond belief, so its not something you should want. As the saying goes, “What’s worse than war? Being the loser.”

    • The same black nation you’re praising has been exterminating white farmers for decades. All the Israelis need to do is file genocide charges against the ANC regime in response. I rather doubt they would because they hate whites more than their black golem do. How is Malema’s cries to “kill the boer, kill the farmer” any different that what we regularly see and hear from various jews regarding arabs? Yes ‘muh Izrahell’ deserved to be put on trial for what they’ve been doing, but I find it curious that all of the Arab neighbors of the Gazans can’t be bothered to bring charges. Instead we have the totally corrupt dysfunctional ANC regime making some kind of play.

      Kindly don’t repeat any leftoid Jew-BS about the land being stolen. The Afrikaners – primarily Dutch protestants fleeing Catholic persecution in the Spanish Netherlands with some French Hugenots mixed in – arrived well before the Zulu and other Bantu migrated there from the north. The only ones there were the Bushmen, who are not even the same race as the Bantu. The Bushmen were hunter-gatherers and had little contact with the Afrikaners, who ended up having their families put in concentration camps by the British when they decided to take over the place so the City of London could have more diamonds and gold.

      • I have known about Boer murders, and also about the German genocide of Bushmen in German Southwest-west Africa, for many years. You could say that South Africa with its Bantu murdering of Boers is a like a little black pot calling the Anglo-Zionist genocide of Palestine, which is a VERY LARGE black kettle, black.

        In spite of their failure or crime of overlooking murders of White farmers, I will continue to give the South African leadership credit, or praise, where it is due: for bringing this historic case of genocide before the so-called justice court – and to world attention – WHEN NO OTHER STATE WOULD DARE TO!

        It doesn’t require a very high IQ to see the genocide of Palestine for what it is and decide to oppose it, while “higher-IQ” people are using their intelligence to rationalize or obfuscate the historic crime (the genocide) and their involvement in it or their craven unwillingness to lift even one little finger to oppose it. For example, this is how high-IQ German WHITES lie to pervert justice in the court:

  2. I am curious Hunter, at what point of international or domestic crisis would you support military action by the US?

    • How about repelling invasion? That is specified in the U.S. Constitution in three separate places as one of the duties of Congress. That is the purpose of the U.S. Army ultimately.

      The U.S. has been invaded for years now through the southern border and now to a lesser extent, across the northern border. Congress has done nothing, neither has any president for about fifty years. That “conservative” scumbag Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty for the invaders, the consequences of which are still being felt as the Democrats and their “conservative” Republican allies plot another amnesty that will be the final nail in the coffin of what’s left of the U.S.

      Click on the link then press ‘Ctrl f’ after typing “invasion” in the box.

  3. GONZALO LIRA, a U.S. citizen, was murdered by the U.S. through its Khazar-krainian proxy.
    He died of double pneumonia, pneumothorax, and systemic edema. He became extremely ill in mid-October due to exhaustion, worn out from torture, cold and deprivation of food, but his condition was ignored, denied and deliberately left untreated until it was too late.

    The “American people” couldn’t care less what their system does. They are interested in which capitalist-imperialist party might win the next so-called “election.” Gonzalo Lira’s father received a handwritten note, Gonzalo’s last communication, a week ago. The father says “I cannot accept the way my son has died. He was tortured, extorted, incommunicado for 8 months and 11 days, and the US Embassy did nothing to help my son. The responsibility of this tragedy is the dictator Zelensky with the concurrence of a senile American President, Joe Biden.”

    I hasten to correct Mr. Lira: It is not the figureheads Zelensky and Biden who did it. It is the very nature of the system to commit these murders, MILLIONS of murders, and tortures, and maimings and cripplings, of any innocent people who get in the way.

    • I’ve met Gonzalo. This is terrible news. He might be been wrong to do what he was accused to have been doing, and even brought it upon himself, but Gonzalo was a true believer, and I can’t knock him for that. Whether he did or didn’t do what he was accused of, he should’ve been treated better by the Ukrainians and especially by the US. This shows the Biden regime is truly horrible and the US State Department has proven it no longer works for Americans, but rather an organized crime group called the Democrat Party.

  4. Deciding your political position based on who bombs brown people is dumb. Most of them need bombed from time to time because they are impossible to deal with unless you threaten force.

    In other news, balkanization is moving forward at pace because other brown people are trying to invade our home.

    This is stuff thats actually important. Yemen can get wrecked.

    • “Deciding your political position based on who bombs brown people is dumb. Most of them need bombed from time to time because they are impossible to deal with unless you threaten force (…) Yemen can get wrecked”:

      Yemen must NOT be wrecked, any more, Bombing any people is always evil, regardless of skin colour, and must be stopped. Imperialism “threatens force,” and also kills, millions. Imperialism offers its “deal” (exploitation) to foreign peoples, and bombs into submission, or “to the stone age” like Yemen (that has been bombed by the U.S. for over sixty years!) all those who are “impossible to deal with.” You seem to be a very thoroughgoing capitalist-imperialist, the opposite of an ethno-socialist who respects all races and ethnicities and socialism in all countries.

  5. The big fear of the Biden administration people who are making the decisions (not addle-brained Joe) is another big war starting 120 miles north of Gaza with Hezbollah. Our Greatest Ally has taken heavy casualties in their Stalingrad-like battle in Gaza, not the type of war their high-tech army is designed to fight. They do not want to get in another big battle in southern Lebanon like they did in 2006, with heavy casualties again.

    It seems likely Our Greatest Ally will demand U.S. troops do the fighting, else Israel will threaten to use nukes against Hezbollah. The precedent for this is the Yom Kippur War of 1973 when Israel was surprised by Arab attacks, lost men and war materiel more than they expected and demanded that President Nixon immediately resupply and re-equip them. When Pres. Nixon hesitated the Israelis threatened to use nukes against Syria and possibly Egypt if not resupplied immediately. Pres. Nixon caved in to the nuclear blackmail, stripped U.S. Army units in W. Germany of TOW ant-tank missiles and ammunition and shipped everything he could to Our Greatest Ally, setting a very bad precedent.

    The weakened state of the over-extended U.S. military, the shortages of manpower, weapons and ammunition and the fact that this year is an election year will make Corrupt Joe hesitant to get involved. All bets are off after the election though.

    • “Nixon caved in to the nuclear blackmail, stripped U.S. Army units….

      In Vietnam of bullets and artillery and other essential weapons causing a big increase in deaths of US soldiers. US troops died so that israhell could have excess weaponry. Goy blood for jwz convenience.

      Gen geo brown made a big issue of this and saying…….

      that Israel was becoming a burden to the Pentagon and that he believed the reason for continual military aid was due to Jews having control over America’s banks, newspapers and elected officials.

    • Hezbollah, Hamas, Houthis, Baathists, Talibanis, Mullahs, etc etc all deserved to get wrecked and obliterated. I’d like nothing better than to land with the Marines at Acre and blow the shit out of Hezbollah and even call in indirect fire on Hamas, or place a mobile GPS coordinate on some Iranian scientist working for the mullahs, or wven walk into a cafe in Kandahar and place some suppressed 9mms in a senior Talibani one to the head two to the chest and one more to the head.

      But, aside from age slowly catching up with me, the fact is our government has no real strategy for properly executing larger plans to exploit such actions, let alone following up on any of them with long term strategy, and most importantly not having the resources to do it. The only reason things are continuing to work such as lights at your home, is because the system is capable of running on autopilot for some time without proper leadership.

      However, adding additionally stresses onto that autopilot system by stupid pilot error thru the Biden Admin, is risking nose diving the plane into the ground. 12AX7 correctly identifies the lack of resources the US has now. We simply aren’t prepared to do Jack shit. So if Biden pushes escalation, we could see flat defeat overseas. Then the war will be coming to Hunter’s fishing hole.

      • > Then the war will be coming to Hunter’s fishing hole.

        If war comes to Hunter’s fishing hole, it’s fully upon your own head. Instead of invading every shithole on earth while inviting their natives here, the folks you serve should have been looking out for the national interest instead of exclusively serving the interests of usurers and other criminals (e.g. themselves). While stooges like yourself were playing Rambo in Kabul defending sacred Sackler poppyfields from the goat-men, actual invaders were pouring over our borders and those of every single “Aryan” (a people who no longer exist, by the way) country. Assuming for a nanosecond that you’re not just an outright treasonous POS, you’re a fecking moron. Jews at least have the excuse of being the spawn of Satan, what’s yours?

        So you finally figured out the Titanic has hit the iceberg. No amount of deck-chair feng-shui, hand-waving or virtue-signaling is going to alter the basic outcome at this stage irrespective of the lights being on for now. Maybe we should be thinking about lifeboats instead of more adventures in the Dar-al-Islam on behalf of a bunch of treacherous genocidal assholes. Schlomo and the Mujahedeen fully deserve one another. We owe them absolutely nothing, regardless of whatever the dead reprobate preacher Cyrus Scofield’s heretical bible commentary says about the Synagogue of Satan. If you make bargains with the devil or his servants, you have a very significant chance of getting burned.

        • Personally, I am glad I got my chance to jump out of airplanes, throw hand grenades and shoot machine guns at Muzzies. I only wished I got to do it more. The same goes for our military and foreign action against the sand niggers. We should’ve done more not less.

          So yes, I am also glad we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. I am glad Bin Laden and Saddam and hundreds of thousands of other Islamic-fascists and Jihadis are dead. We should’ve killed more. We should’ve also invaded Syria and Lebanon, and intervened in Yemen and Sudan. Ultimately we should’ve worked to get the Suez Canal back and forced the Gulf Sheiks to give up their oil and natural gas wells back to those who discovered and built them, namely us and the Brits. We should’ve also done the same in Iraq and Afghanistan.

          But we didnt. We also didn’t deploy a huge army to the border, militarized and fortified it. Nor did we deploy National Guard and and US Marshals to the big cities and border states to expel the illegal aliens and troublesome foreigners. We also didn’t mobilize our defense asset base, rebuild our national industries, or secure our supply chains. These are the things that ultimately cost us the most.

          Instead, we continued with a small build up, kicked the crap out of world class dictators and barbarous potentates, but in other regards conducted business as usual. We opened up mortgages to criminals, liars, frauds, and poor people who couldn’t afford it just so we could jump drive financialization of the remaining American economy. The economy appeared to roll along, we appears to have defeated our enemies, and Republican and Democrat politicians sailed serenely into gilded retirement.

          In short, the problem wasn’t we did too much but, we tried to do what we did without enough resources or long term strategic aim to our national interests except filling the pockets of our corrupt ruling class. This isn’t the fault of soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen. It’s not the fault of good American families in middle America who barely knew how bad things were at home. It’s the fault of people who were reading places like here who didn’t get involved.

          So, I got involved. On both ends. By wielding a unit of soldiers, and wielding a unit of politicos. So, you can put your blame on me or people like me where the sun don’t shine. You guys are all Johnies come lately. People like me made this movement. So take it from me when I say, interventionist foreign policy, or military action wasn’t the problem.

          We didn’t properly intervene on a large enough scale, we didn’t properly mobilize the country for the limited aims we did take, and the country half assed its way through two wars. We let things fester, like in Afghanistan until we abandoned it and gave it to back to the Talibanis. We let Yemen fester till it got intermediated range ballistic missiles. We let Lebanon fester till Hezbollah turned it into an even larger Gaza fortified statelet. Still, none of this would’ve really caused most of the problems we had today.

          Our problems today, those are caused by unsecured borders and supply chains, and the deindustrialization, and deAmericanization of our country thru trade, educational, and immigration policies. At this point, whether we invade or not, the world is still going to collapse on your head and wipe out Hunter’s fishing hole. Even if we pulled out of every country in the world, the world will still invade until after we are prostrate and divided, the big coming war with China wipes us all away. All things foreseen, forewarned, and foretold.

          • The cake was already baked before you were born. Empires always fail when overextended. You should have read Smedley Butler’s little booklet and saved yourself the trouble. It was inevitable when the WASP elite handed over the financial reigns to foreigners in 1913. They weren’t anything near as wise a Bismarck, and even he could only keep Germany (not a very large empire) off the path of ruin for so long. Wilhelm II fired Bismarck and immediately put them on the ruinous path. The American Empire (founded 1865) contained the seeds of its own destruction which spouted in 1871. Nobody tried to pull up the toxic sprouts so 1913 was the result. Sic transit gloria mundi or as the Chinese say ‘thus the mandate of heaven was lost’.

  6. I am so glad the US borders are secure. Oh, that’s right, they are wide open. Some jihadis could just walk right in, and with little imagination they could give the criminals in D.C. a real bad day.

  7. Yet we could probably wipe out Yemen in a wild, all out assault. I understand many experts say we can’t maintain such an attack, but I think we could do it, anyway.
    As we see, Israel in effect controls the Congress and government, and if sucking America means a win for Israel, so be it. bankrupt us? We’re a people waiting to be bankrupted. we almost seem to crave it.
    The quandary is why the Islamic nations don’t unite. They are content to wait and see I understand that, because our missiles and bombs would ruin them. Besides, they feel our weakness. As they said in Afghanistan, “you Americans have clocks, we have time.” Then, if they choose, they could flood “refugees” into Europe, and who’s to say their governments would soon become Islamic due to “democracy” at the polls. Ah, democracy. who was it that said you basically defeat an enemy with his own weapons? Iran is what we and Israel want to eliminate, but so far they’re holding back. I’m reminded less of Terrorism or Pearl Harbor or the usual symbolic banner words than Bismark’s diplomacy, where he always waited for the right moment,
    carefully lined up his forces and strengths, then struck.
    I keep remembering two philosophies: Clausewitz said war is the continuation of policy by other means, and that its purpose…that of the military…was to force the enemy to submit and come to negotiation. This is what Scott Ritter and Lt. Col. MacGregor keep repeating.
    Or there was Rush Limbaugh: “The purpose of the military is to kill people and break things.”
    Which strategy is in control? Which in the minds of our rulers?

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