Poll Watch: The Selzer/Des Moines Register Poll

Stick a fork in him.

Desanctus is finished.

He drops out on Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Sure, it isn’t official yet, but DeSantis bet the farm on Iowa and is getting crushed by Trump. We already knew it was over because the SuperPAC cancelled its spending.

Ross Douthat is correct about the Ron DeSantis campaign.

New York Times:

“Here DeSantis might be compared to the foil in many romantic comedies — Ralph Bellamy in a Cary Grantvehicle, Bill Pullman in “Sleepless in Seattle,” the boyfriend left behind in the city while the heroine reconnects with her small-town roots in various TV Christmas movies. He’s the guy who’s entirely suitable, perfectly sympathetic and yet incapable of inspiring passion or devotion. … ”

All the money in the world can’t buy charisma or a personality.

The more you saw of Ron DeSantis the more you realize you didn’t want this cornball to be president. Seriously, he makes Ted Cruz in 2016 look like a rock star in retrospect.


  1. The whole election, “Our Democracy”, is a ridiculous spectacle anyway. Just treat it as low class, comic relief; a low rent clown show with tragic consequences no matter who gets elected. Events will be in the driver’s seat anyway as the country lurches from one crisis to another no matter who gets elected. Just stay away from trouble, take care of your own families and help like minded people and let the diversity clowns like Idi Amin, Secretary of Defense, make things go from bad to worse.

    Whites staying away from the military is a good example of what to do.

  2. I think his problem is that Trump and Desantis basically compete for the same voters and Trump is in his way. Most Trump voters would vote for Desantis as their second choice, or Vivek. Haley on the other hand relies on never Trumpers. That’s why I think Desantis is well positioned to lead in 2028, but Haley is at her ceiling. The problem with never Trumpers is they’re against Trump because they’re war mongers, not because Trump is also a war monger.

  3. The Father of the Vaccine will choose Brown Sarah Palin as his running mate to shore up his losses with Suburban Soccer Moms which is the demographic that Trump got annihilated by Sleepy Joe in 2020. And her unflagging support for Israel means she is kosher certified.

  4. The Dems are succeeding. Using the prosecutions as their tool, they are getting an unelectable Republican nominated.

  5. So Meatball Ron gets the poleaxe. Not even his phenomenal level of Schlomo-schlong fellation worked for the hapless chump. The Clown-Cult of Cheetohead continues to clatter and rattle down the track. It’s almost as much fun as watching Gomez and Uncle Fester at the model-railroad crossing…

  6. Ron DeSantis had both the tools and the ability to beat Trump, even counting Trump’s advantage of quasi-incumbency, if you snapshot time back to the November 2022 to January 2023 time frame.

    He just didn’t execute.

    And I write this as someone who has been for Trump all along.

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