Presidential Election 2024: “I Have Nothing to Say”

It’s a new year 2024 – another *#$&@ Presidential Election year. So many of “our people” will be putting all their time, their hopes, dreams, prayers and just daily TV watching, internet time following the US Presidential campaign… more like a (fixed) horse race”

“A revolution is not a dinner party”
Mao Zhedong – Chinese Nationalist Communist Revolutionary

“An American Presidential Election Campaign/horse race is not a Hillsdale College Libertarian, Constitutional Law seminar”
J Ryan – Occidental Dissent

In my lifetime, certain groups of “our people” have used the Presidential Election as an opportunity, vehicle to present certain issue, positions to the American public, to challenge the system “powers that be”, status quo.
Such as:
1968 AL Democrat governor George Wallace Independent Party Presidential Campaign

1968 Eugene McCarthy and later Robert F Kennedy anti Viet Nam War Democrat primary Presidential Campaigns

1976 Ronald Reagan GOP primary challenge to President Ford (protesting giving away the Panama Canal and not fighting the Russians enough)

1980 Ted Kennedy Democrat primary challenge to President Jimmy Carter primary campaign to… bring back the Kennedy Camelot Liberalism of JFK

1992 Pat Buchanan, to a much lesser extent David Duke’s challenge to President George HW Bush’s United Nations, New World Order Yale version of the Harvard and Yale globalists system, open borders immigration, American cities falling down in to Black criminal, homo “Coleman Young, Marion Barry” American Cities are Dead populist campaigns.

1996 Pat Buchanan again against Bob “Been their Dole/Dull” primary challenge – Reform Party crusade.

2016 Donald Trump – the outsider “Make America Great Again” campaign.

White Americans like to do the Presidential “shake up the system” campaigns, get free news coverage, get the microphone to speak… or just be on TV… A lot of our folks want to be on TV.

My advice to our readers, to immigration patriots, race realists, Southern Nationalists, opposition to the Z*G, NWO, the LGBT, DEI powers that be is…

Don’t do it. The controlled anti White, Zio-BLM- homo, cuckservative, neo conservatives are not going to give us much or really any free publicity give us meaningful free media access. That window has shut.

We haven’t heard from the race denying, Ron and Rand Paul Constitutionalist Libertarian cult in a while. Make no mistake it is a cult, cult leaders and cult members believe that “THEY” and only THEY know ….
THE TRUTH and they have a religious compulsion to spread this truth to save America, actually save the entire world as they don’t believe in any national borders (F*#$&@ idiot/traitors) so they usually can be counted on to try to jump in to the USA Presidential Election Campaign and get free media access to spread their TRUTH… and they end up losing ~ 99.6% and making any of us look like losers, loners, nut case fools – that’s something to be avoided.

The J media mafia, the system, cuck media and the “Sleepy Joe/Senile Joe” Biden Administration has put the word out that they are running…
They are running against the Unite the Right Charlottesville VA March, running against the Jan 6 2021 supposed MAGA attempted coup. They are presenting themselves as the defenders of DEMOCRACY against a “Racist NAZI dictatorship take over one that supposedly restore segregation, Jim Crow, Slavery, move to exterminate Blacks, Muslims, Gays, Jews, the disabled, little kittens … Catholics like Joe Biden and the legacy of John f Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy…. blah, blah blah.

We’ve all heard this before. My advice is to not speak with the mainstream media or really any media about this fixed USA Presidential Campaign/fixed horse race. Sure, it’s OK to participate in very local campaigns, Trump campaigns and other populist state and local campaigns. But don’t “butt Show” waving Confederate Battle Flags, Swastica flags – those that will do this are probably being paid to do so or are Antifa actors. I recomomend – never do taped interviews, never let the mainstream media or any national law enforcement in to your homes, cars to see your guns, look at your book and literature collections. These people are not your/our friends even if they look and sound “White”.

We’ve shown this best ever instructional video on how to avoid and survive hostile police encounters Link. Now please do the same with the media in this 2024 Presidential Campaign. Learn to say and think this phrase:

“I Have Nothing to Say”. Link


  1. Re: “It’s a new year 2024”:

    It’s New Year’s Day today, the 14th, on the ancient Julian calendar, one week since Old Christmas on the 7th.

    “We haven’t heard from the race denying, Ron and Rand Paul Constitutionalist Libertarian cult in a while”:

    Ron Paul is very old now, but not any wiser. Angela McArdle, a younger and female member of the Von Mises laissez faire cult, has taken over leadership of the declining membership of the Libertarian Party,

    See the new chair of the Libertarian Party: She doesn’t understand and is very afraid of socialism.

  2. My often given advice still stands-

    Never talk to the police
    Never talk to the media
    Never talk to the IRS
    Never talk to the FBI
    Never “Fed post” online
    Never rat out folks that are “on our side,” even marginally.

    Nothing makes me turn against folks more than those who act like gossipping little 14 yr old girls.
    I cannot accurately express how much I loathe so-called “infighting.”
    Despite the fact that I actively dislike a LOT of people with whom I share 85-90% of the same political views, I suck it up & stay neutral and keep my mouth shut about them. Nothing is ever accomplished by constantly purity spiralling until the point that you are twirling around alone.
    I’ve been around this lane of the Internet for a long time now, even though most folks don’t know me other than from Twitter, the old TRS forums, or the old chat live streams on YT, yet I know quite a bit of embarrassing (possibly illegal) personal info about a number of folks on this side of things, but
    it’s all going with me to the grave.

    I guess my point in this silly rant was to say, KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT.
    Nothing good has ever come from it. Nothing good ever will.

    • Agreed and very well said.

      I’ll just add that I encourage our people to be….

      Sociable – do the day to day things good neighbors, friends do – encourage your White moms, get to know the names of their children, compliment the moms on how well behaved their children are. One idea I came up with that’s work well in real life is to make a young child’s birthday a…

      Co-birthday between the child and the mom who gave birth to the child on the child’s birthday.

      Most American small children think their birthday is all about them “Me, me, me – give ME $, presents, look at me etc. I try to impress upon the child and others that the mom did so much loving great work to give birth to the baby child on the child’s birthday, it wasn’t the dad.

      You’d be surprised how much mothers even liberal mothers respond to this honor and attention.

  3. “. I try to impress upon the child and others that the mom did so much loving..”

    A very good point.

    We need to steer deeply in the direction of NS Germany to honor mothers and show deep respect for all good mothers. Mothers deserve the highest respect of any institution in civilization.

    The j media has so corrupted this concept over the past 6 decades. They have demeaned motherhood into the gutter.

    “Everything I am, I owe to my mother”….. Edison
    “Every good attribute I have is because of my mother”…..Napoleon

  4. I and everyone I associate with IRL will be voting Trump. My work is already done as far as the election goes. I plan to work hard and pay off my debt, play video games, hunt and keep my expenses down to save for the future.

    There’s nothing else I need to be doing. I’m in line to advance at work, own property already, own my vehicle outright. Getting my health on track.

    Besides this I intend to keep my head down. There are no avenues of activism that I trust, least of all anything having to do with the dissident right. Anybody having anything to do with this toxic fringe at this point and wants to be publicly identified as such is likely a Fed, an accelerationist who just hasn’t decided which church to shoot up yet, or a sociopath looking for a cult following. I won’t stick my neck out for any of it again, ever.

    Everything politically that I care about is now mainstream and the overton window is moving the right way. Its a good time to let nature take its course, as any way the election goes is likely to only move it further.

    I hope more folks start to see it this way, and get themselves as far from the dissident sphere as possible. Its a liability nobody needs to accept anymore, and has nothing left to offer.

    Given a couple more years, most of the left libertarians that crossed over and became the alt right, are gonna exodus back to the left politically and stop pretending to be pro white. Its already happening with the israel thing. They care more about hating jews than anything else. TRS and their abortive political party was this way. Fuentes’ AF thing was this way. Everything thats left of the dissident right is still more antisemitic than it ever was pro White. Most of this stems from these people having never been of a genuinely right wing worldview to begin with. They can’t be so long as they hate their own race, are degenerates, or can’t bring themselves to understand the virtue of chauvanism for ones own. Now that its ok to be publicly antisemitic and hate White people at the same time (especially the rural working class), they are all going to be flying palestine flags ironically instead of the nazi flags they were before. Their faggotry seems limitless.


    • Seems like reasonable advice to me. I’ll likely not bother to cast a meaningless vote in the God-forsaken state I’m – Trump had no prayer here even in 2016. Jaye is in Illinois (Chicago to boot) so he knows very well how bad it is. I’ll be looking for ways to exit this worthless shithole of a state. Not that easy with family here since the 1820s.

      That all being the case, don’t fall into the trap of expecting Trump to do anything differently this time around. Use the time to continue the actions described in your first paragraph. One of the big errors made by many on our side of the coming divide was to go back to sleep, assuming things would be returning to a better state under Trump. They did not. Our side went to sleep or chased frauds like Catboy or Spencer as the enemies got more Soros-Prosecutors installed even in deep red states.

  5. Well, I am leaning toward not voting this coming election. I felt this way once before when the Republicans ran Romney against Obama. That pretty much made it clear to me that the GOP-E was not serious in wasting a lot of time trying to limit such an historic president to merely one term. So I stayed home. And for a trying year dealing with a series of temporary jobs because no one was hiring. Jobless recovery, you know. That election was the least stressful one because no expectations of change leads to no disappointment.

    There is nothing they have done to show me that the Republicans want to win in 2024. The Senate under McConnell’s leadership breaks all speed records to make their own private deals with the Biden White House and Democrats in both the Senate and Congress. In the meantime, the House GOP “extreme right” conservatives put on one clown show after another when they are not spending all their time passing resolutions against “antisemitism.”

    Now, depending on which article you read, the dark horse Congressman from Louisiana, epitomizing the Trifecta of Stupid – Christian Zionist Evangelical who proudly boasts about his adopted “black son” and wants to prioritize fighting antisemitism over border control – defied hard-line ouster threats or caved in to the Deep State and funded every thing the Democrats wanted including renewing the FISA act.

    The RNC has no plan of action in place to counter or match Democrats Ballot Harvesting. Indeed, all we see is that the RNC is trying to keep a popular candidate – Trump, whether we here at OD like him or not – and push through Nimrata Randhawa the Hindu War Karen if not as the presidential nominee but as a new running mate to stab Trump in the back.

    The Biden Administration’s Declaration of a Cold War against patriotic White Heritage American and Europeans will end the Anglo-American Empire. I am not sure that’s a bad thing. At the VDARE site, it is reported that, due to lack of enlistment (by stale pale White males with Toxic Masculinity Issues, the Royal Navy has had to mothball two warships. I suspect the same is happening throughout our armed services, though it is not being reported.

    Hamas knew what it was doing when it performed its own October Surprise and attacked Israel just before the 2024 elections kicked off. I think we see all these Antisemitism Investigations and choruses of endless love and support for Our Closest Ally (but little else) because our Congress Critters are all being pressured to authorize involuntary military conscription – the draft which ended in 1973. Over fifty years ago. Thus what one of our posters referred to H/T The Scumbag’s Dilemma. I don’t think all that Epstein information coming out at this time is a coincidence.

    I can’t see another draft being authorized in 2024. Even if the first thing that is done in 2025 to do so, I can’t see any young Americans dutifully reporting to their draft boards. Assuming they are arrested and taken by force for military induction, I can’t see many young people these days in shape to start much less pass basic training. This is what you get when you demoralize your potential warrior caste to the point where they just get high, play video games, and watch porn in their free time.

    Even if he is allowed to win, I doubt Trump being able to pull another Abraham Accords out of his hat; the Biden Administration will have had four years or more to undo everything that was accomplished. It was Obama’s idea to strengthen Iran and Russia has figured out a way to thrive economically and form alliances with India and other countries despite any boycotts.

    I honestly believe the United States is headed for a collapse. Aside from loud-mouthed show-boating ignoramuses in Congress, the savvy Republicans understand this and don’t want to be seen behind the wheel when this happens. I suspect we are going to see a lot of Republicans voluntarily leave office (probably in the belief that they are two steps ahead of a real attack on the Capitol) and quietly leave public life.

    COVID-19 turned out to be an accidental dress rehearsal for what would happen if the federal government collapses. Knee-capped as he was by not only the Democrats but by many Republicans in his own party, Trump could not take dictatorial control (as Obama or Newsome would) and was forced to delegate each state’s COVID policy to the control of its governor.

    It’s too bad Ron DeSanctimonious was persuaded to jump the gun and challenge Trump for the Republican nomination. Assuming Trump gets it, he will have a second lame duck term in which everything he tries is thwarted. DeSantis would have been better served to see if he could get around Florida’s eight year term limit and be elected for another eight year term. Because I ultimately think that, with the collapse of the US petro dollar and the inability to staff its military, the power of FEDGOV will be greatly diminished.

    It would be ironic indeed if, by their excesses, the Imperial Deep State ends up destroying Washington and the states end up with too much power and autonomy to have the whims of whichever hostile ethnic group is running Washington enforced. There will be no formal dissolution of the union or violent conflict involving one group of states forcing the other to stay in a toxic union. I just think that the Tenth Amendment will be interpreted more and more broadly as Washington DC loses power and prestige abroad.

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