Pro-Palestinian Protesters Swarm White House

Joe Biden’s reelection campaign rests on the premise that all of this simmering discontent in the Democratic coalition about Israel will be forgotten by the 2024 election.

Unlike 2020, the activist Left is currently more worked up about the war in Gaza than democracy or white supremacy. They aren’t fighting with the Proud Boys in Portland. They are showing up to protest Genocide Joe at his events. It is getting more and more reminiscent of the Vietnam protests.


      • And over half a million marched in London two days ago, and there were close to a million marchers in London a few weeks ago. France, even Germans do it, but the U.S. population – which is the third largest after China and India – hardly stirs.

        • Well that show the shear size of all the Wogs in Europe. Combined with the usual anti-White anti-Colonialist White Commies in Europe, they can get a very strong Axis coalition.

          In contrast, there simply isn’t that many Wogs in the USA. But there are enough around the DC-New York City Acela corridor to mass up on the WH and try to overrun it. The liberal-left coalition is encircling itself.

  1. What he’s counting on is that people will think Trump is even worse on Israel. He’s counting on basically asking Israel to play nice, but still sending them all the money and aid. I think strictly speaking Trump is worse on the issue, but not by much and Biden will still run into problems with his base.

    • There is also the issue of blackmail perpetually hanging over the heads of Congress, government officials, big business types, top academics, judges, lawyers, TV, news and media types and other scumbags as demonstrated by the Epstein affair. Those perverts cannot withstand scrutiny so they are kept in line by threats to reveal their sordid secrets and also bribes for members of Congress. This keeps both Republican and Democrat politicians in line supporting Our Greatest Ally no matter what but puts them at odds with much of public opinion.

      Bribery, blackmail and money are the three pillars of “our democracy”, the public be damned.

      • > Bribery, blackmail and money are the three pillars of “our democracy”.

        Hell yes – and we have the finest congress money can buy to prove it, too.

    • Don’t get me wrong, what Biden is doing is embarrassing. I’m just claiming Trump would be even a little bit worse.

      I’ve had a pretty substantial fallout with Zionism as an ideology if your memory is long enough to remember when I at one time defended it. I’ve moved to defending inclusivity of assimilationist Jews instead of defending Zionism.

  2. “””…..They aren’t fighting with the Proud Boys in Portland…”””

    Of course not. Boys don’t have the money to buy them off. This was clear already years ago when regime tried to send brats against MAGA. Brats want good life not gunfight in some remote village.

    Those protests have clear message. Dear Jews. You own the banks and large corporations . Could you kindly arrange us 500K year jobs so we have something to do. Then we will leave you alone.

    In the Soviet Union was similar problem. Young brats didn’t liked to stay on the bottom of society. Then comrade Stalin calmly explained that State apparatus can not expand endlessly. So the only chance to get good jobs is slaughter all current position holders. And the year 1937 happened.

  3. Looks like Israel and the Jooo$ have achieved the impossible; pushing the left and right together. The Right hates the Jews as much as the Left loves the Muslims……..for reasons that escape me, as they have NOTHING in common.
    Geopolitics…… I’ll go to my grave never having figured most of it out.

  4. Not so good street theatre. The “protesters” are working at a job, of course. The billionaire Jews pay them well.

    The dispute here is between Satanyahoo with his Sephardic/Hasidic Jews fighting against the Ashkenazi Jews for control of Israeli government. That struggle is ongoing.

    So Ashkenazis in America “Soros” hire these “protesters” to oppose “Biden” who is suppporting Satanyahoo’s war. Not to support Amalek. All the Jews consider non Jews to be Amalek. The issue is the power struggle between two sets of Jews in Israhell.

  5. The Palestinian Christian leader of the socialist PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) said it so well:

    “In today’s world, no one is neutral. A man is either with the oppressed or he is with the oppressors. He who takes no interest in politics gives his blessing to the prevailing order, that of the ruling classes and exploiting forces.”

    If you remain silent or choose to ignore this most obvious, textbook genocide,
    it means that you support the genocide! No one is neutral. No-shows at these anti-genocide protests, and using craven, hedging, weasel words and “listening to both sides,” about the genocide means you support the genocide. “These are the times that try men’s souls” – to see what you are really made of.

    • That would be George Habash. He tried to assassinate a couple of people I know. But failed.

      He was a man of his age. A secularist, a nationalist, and a clandestine political revolutionary. He was also nominally a Greek Orthodox Christian. Like many Middle Eastern Christians he was drawn to leftwing nationalism for its ideas of an avant garde intellectual group using secular reason to awaken nationalist tendencies and thereby sidestep the religious divide of so called nations like the “Arabs.”

      Basically he was a downwardly mobile child of PMC, hated colonialism and Jews, so was proto-Antifa dude. Christians like him thought they could manipulate the Moslem masses in a manner that would keep them as higher class leaders of de-Islamicized Arab republics.

      In this they were drawn to Baathism, French Oriental Revolutionary Masonry, Italian Carbonarism, and Socialism. Opposed to them were Christian phalangists like in Lebanon, Christian ethno-nationalists like Assyrians, or simple religious focused activists like most Copts. George and others lived in a time very different than our own but one which was somewhat similar in light of competing factions.

      Nonetheless, the French colonial authorities saw men like him as useful in keeping the Arab street relatively calm. So, he linked with French connected mentors in Lebanon, then was educated at the American University of Beirut. By then Hitler’s invasion had destroyed the French supremacy, the Cold War complicated the political street, and Zionism made men like Habash militant. His sister died during a march fleeing the Israeli War of independence which had spread to Lebanon.

      Due to his deep research into politics, a life navigating a world of colonial authorities, Moslem predominance, and rising Israel, amd his training by the French and Americans, he was a psychological warfare genius. In turn, he gained control of a Moslem dominated group of Arab secularists and became Nassir’s agent among them. By then, he was hated by the British and French but managed to get past their efforts to silence him.

      Meanwhile, his actions encouraged the Jordanians to clamp down on his competitors in the PLO, thereby continuing his groups relevancy in the face of rising Fatah. He them coordinated the takeover of four airliners and blew them simultaneously on TV shocking the world and startiing the PLO to revolt in Jordan which became the genesis of Black September.

      The subsequent Jordanian War weakened his competition in the PLO, made his group popular with White Leftists in Europe, and helped him create the modern terror phenomenon. Nonetheless, like the rest of ethnic Christian secularist radicals in the end he merely empowered Moslems and marginalized his ethno-religous community. The Lebanese Christians were more successful. But for George he was in the end an Anti-semite First and so didn’t care. He died in 2008 in Jordan.

      • Aryan G B, that is an intelligent comment worth reading. You are well informed and accurate. Thanks.

  6. If it was a few dozen pro-White protestors milling about outside the White House instead of rioting Pali protestors tearing at the gates Sleepy Joe would have called in a napalm airstrike.

  7. I’m tempted to care, but I don’t see how its my problem.

    The entire political apparatus, and pretty much everybody including the dissident right I’m sad to say, (besides MAGA of course) did everything they could to get Biden “elected” in 2020, so everything thats happened on his watch is their doing.

    Its a consequence of not having priorities straight, which I guess its no surprise that only salt of the earth White people still get.

    Nobody is perfect, but politically the working class that supports Trump is as close as its gonna get right now. Everyone else owns this mess, as we wouldn’t be anywhere near this problem if the deepstate hadn’t engineered the plandemic, the media hadn’t run cover for it and hid the stolen election, and if the democrat party hadn’t outright stolen key states. And… we wouldn’t be here without the intentional black pilling that suppressed sentiment and turnout on the right in 2020 to hurt Trump.

    I’m totally content to leave this at everyone elses feet to suffer the fallout of their retarded/outdated world views. Whitey is gonna do what he has to in any case to get by. That will never change.

    • How was sitting out the 2020 election “did everything they could to get Biden ‘elected’ in 2020”? It’s one thing to actively vote for the blatant puppet Biden in a “worse is better” strategy (which can dangerously backfire). I suspect the number of dissidents who did this in 2020 was very small.

      At the end of the day, Trump was his own worst enemy and did far more damage than a few dissidents by continually pandering to his enemies both on the so-called right (Sheldon Adelson, AIPAC et al) and the so-called left (Democrats like Feinstein, Schumer, et al). There was brazen fraud in 2018 and he did absolutely nothing to fight it. Add in the pandering to the WEF-Fauci racket, refusing to enforce all manner of laws against BLM and Antifa, topped off with calling his hapless supporters to DC to protest after the big steal – where many languish in prison without trial to this day. Following the advice given by his Devil-worshipping Son-in-law and his daughter didn’t work out so well.

      As it turns out, more normies than ever are starting to comprehend that they have zero friends in the District of Corruption and things are profoundly wrong. Jews are not smart the funny Angels as portrayed on Talmudvision and the great replacement is for real. Would they have ever come to even this minimal level of knowledge after a second four years of Trump selling them out? Our host has made the point several times that many of the points those in the dissident right were pushing as recently as the Trump era have become widely known and accepted now. While one can argue around the edges of this assertion, it’s hard to make a convincing case that the normies remain as stuck on stupid as ever.

      • You and ISA are both right. I witnessed several key districts where pro-Trump GOP folks undermined Trump agents in local GOP districts thereby costing him one if not two States.

        On the other hand you are right as even that wouldn’t have made a difference. Basically Trump blew a solid chance to turn the shop of state. But he did succeed in illuminating the corruption and waking people up.

        Folks like me figured this all out in the equation. If Trump lost, we figured Biden would fuck it up so badly it would fire up enough Whites to go ape shit. That has occurred.

        We also figured it would be a race of numbers. Can we get enough Whites awake and organized before they are overwhelmed by the Dems great replacement.

        As thing have played out with Biden dissolving the borders and preparing mass amnesty and naturalization, they’ve figured that out too. As one great Patriot once said: “Its who can get there the firstest with the mostest.”

  8. The way to end this is the same as the end of the Vietnam war.
    Get out about 500,000 protesters to block all roads leading into wash DC.
    That ended the Vietnam war.

  9. house-speaker-mike-johnson-calls-to-fire-any-federal-workers-who-take-part-in-planned-walkout-over-gaza-policy. Nypost

    Freedom ?

    • All those angry or pleading phone calls, letters and emails about the U.S. genocide of Palestine that you send to your “elected representatives,” which your “representatives” completely ignore, do have one effect: The White House and congressional office staff who have to actually hear or read those communications say they are being so “emotionally drained” by them that some have prepared letters of resignation, and some are demonstrating in front of the White House against the genocide of Palestine.

      I don’t expect the staffers to really resign from their jobs, and what they think makes no difference, has no effect on the escalating, mass-murderous course of capitalist-imperialist warfare.

  10. The U.S. anti-genocide rallies are the world’s smallest (relative to the huge U.S. population) and probably the world’s worst-led (misled) anti-genocide rallies. The 100,000-strong rally in Washington last weekend was run by libertarians and fake leftists, featuring speakers of the Democratic Party such as Jill Stein of the Green party and Democratic party, Cornel West of the Democratic party and Andre Carson of the Democratic party.

    Socialists were not invited and not allowed to speak at the event.

    “Cornel West addressed the rally toward its conclusion. West specializes in a type of speaking that acts more on the nerves than on the brain, full of sound and fury that, if one gives it a moment of thought, signifies nothing. As typical in all his remarks, West shouted about “love warriors,” the need for “love in freedom and freedom in love,” “truth across the world rising again,” and other moralistic generalities. West referred to Biden and other officials in the administration as war criminals, although again he made no reference to the Democratic Party itself, with which he has a long association. West concluded his remarks by declaring, “We are calling for more than ceasefire, we are calling for an end of the siege, an end of the occupation, and for Palestinians to live a life of dignity.”

    How is this to be achieved? Through what means and based on what perspective? West offered nothing, except the hope that Biden and Secretary of State Blinken would change their ways (…) Excluded from the demonstration was any reference to the essential issues in the development of a movement against the genocide. Nothing was said of the history of Israel and Zionism or its role as a bulwark for imperialism in the Middle East. No one referred to the interests motivating imperialist support for the genocide, the three decades of unending war, the preparations for war against Iran, the relationship of this to the ongoing US-NATO war against Russia or the developing conflict with China. There was no reference to the working class or the growth of the class struggle throughout the world. The words “imperialism” and “capitalism,” let alone “socialism,” were not uttered”:

    • Sadly they aren’t the world’s smallest. There are eastern European countries like Ukraine and Estonia where support for Palestine is nonexistent. Even in Russia the pro-Israel urban middle class is often more vocal than the common Russians who tend to be anti-Israel and, at least if they are Muslim which a lot of them, pro-Palestine. The bourgeoisie is a Zionist loving cancer everywhere, but in a lot of Slavic countries the working class is indifferent to the whole conflict.

      • You are correct. Sorry I was being hyperbolic, too hyperbolic. Instead of “are” the smallest, “might be” the smallest would have been sufficient.

  11. Nobody talked about this as an “attack to our democracy” and prosecute Trump… Im in favor, but this are double standards.. some are good some others arent…

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