Poll Watch: 47% of Americans Agree Illegal Aliens Are Poisoning The Blood of Our Country

It is polls like this which changed my mind about Trump.

In the long run, the last eight years might not be so bad after all. If someone like Jeb Bush had won the Republican primary in 2016, we wouldn’t be seeing these numbers.


  1. Biden and Obama both deported more people than Trump, so even if you agree with what Trump says, it’s another example of Trump talking but not delivering. The first example of course is his foreign policy.

    If Trump actually deports more than Biden and Obama in his theoretical second term than you can come back and point out how wrong I am.

    This was aimed at illegal immigrants, but the media is acting like it was aimed at all immigrants legal and illegal. I wonder if the poll numbers would hold up if it was targeting legal immigrants.

    • As I’ve said many times, Trump is unquestionably the most convincing con-man since Charles Ponzi. It’s couples with the self-promotion skills of P. T. Barnum. He makes great promises. He had four years in office and what do we have to show for it? His entire ‘legacy’ was undone in a couple of months by Shitpants Joey and a sellout pack whores from the Gay Old Politburo. The basic situation has not changed much in terms of who actually sits in office. Yes our nice, shiny Titanic is now obviously on its way to the bottom so normies sense something is seriously wrong. I would not even consider voting for the clown unless he literally orders his Devil-worshipping daughter and her rondentine mate our of the fecking country. Maybe a nice new apartment in a kibbutz near Gaza, or perhaps on the northern border in range of Hezbollah artillery, missiles and drones.

    • “Biden and Obama both deported more people than Trump….”. Not true. Biden certainly not. If Trump actually deports more than Biden and Obama in his theoretical second term then it will be just by luck; we’ll see if he’s jew controlled.

  2. Well duh, retardicans.
    It’s been a major problem for over 50 years.
    Duke ran on this in the 70’s as a primary plank.

    Retardicans/Americans don’t realize the ship is sinking until the water is over their head.

    What a nation of tards.

  3. A secondary point which few consider.

    The more open our borders, the more dope flows in, bringing ruin to our nation.
    The cartels cause instability in Latin countries causing more illegals to seek refuge in America. A self reinforcing feedback loop to catastrophe.
    In ruins Latin nations while pulling down america.

    • Our elites want the drugs in here for themselves, so do the antifa type college brats and rioters. This is a big motivator in the desire for an open border, anti police type policies. As Countenance noted in his blog “Dope is the straw that stirs the leftist drink” there is a reason they have been pushing pot, it infantilizes adults and prevents the normal transition to conservative family life after 30.

  4. 83% don’t believe diversity has gone far enough ???
    Are these Biden voters in mental institutions?
    They need to be.

  5. “‘The Social Contract Has Completely Ruptured’: Ireland’s Housing Crisis
    Soaring rents have left many struggling to afford homes in Dublin. Two-thirds of younger adults in the city live with their parent” The New York Times

    Same in much of America.
    People are too dull to make the connection to immigrants.

    • Immigrants who live in these extended family compounds with 5 adult incomes to pool together to drive the market rates to unaffordable levels for a single working white or white couple are the culprit for these insane housing costs.

      • Yep, for much of it.

        Plus Chinese mobsters, er party officials, pouring billions upon billions of hot money into real estate, Toronto and hongcouver being examples.

        Also, these Chinese bring over grandparents and great grandparents, get them on SSI and welfare. Makes 5k mortgage payment easy.

      • That may well be part of it. The other part is to consider who actually owns the properties being rented. Blackrock alone owns a massive number. I’ll leave it to all y’all’s imagination who runs Blackrock (those damned Amish again!).

  6. Dr. David Duke was always ahead of his time. He was patrolling the Southern border when he was about 27 years old back in 1977.

    White Supremacists


    Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke near the border in San Diego County in 1977. (Tony Doubek / San Diego Union-Tribune)

    In 1977, then-Ku Klux Klan national director David Duke announced that members of the white supremacist group would patrol the U.S.-Mexico border. He said armed members would assist the Border Patrol in stopping immigrants from getting into the U.S. illegally.
    — Los Angeles Times, “American militias have a long history on the U.S.-Mexico border ”


    (If this were any other country they wouldn’t be called “White supremacists” but rather just plain old “patriots”.)

    May God save the South from the DNC sponsored waves of illegal invaders to vote in 2024 and steal another election (and make it two in a row)!

    Admit it illegitimate-prez Joe Biden! You are trying to keep President Donald Trump from campaigning and eventually getting him off the ballot in 2024 through your endless lawfare circus against him. Plus, since you illegally came to power you have been “stuffing the ballot box” with illegals. Shame on you!

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  7. Trump is a neocon, which means he’s a globalist and a Zionist, which means he wants mass illegal immigration for the west but not for Israel.
    If you donate to, support or vote for him, you’re a sucker.

  8. Stop blaming the “immigrants,” who are merely pawns imported by the System. Blame the System that really poisons you, you and all humanity! See the Perpetrators, who instigate some of their victims to fear, hate and fight against some of their other victims.

    Polling questions are mostly propaganda, of distraction, confusion and disinformation. This poll about “blood poisoning by immigration” is designed to distract workers’ attention from their real deadly enemy – getting the polled native-born workers thinking that “immigrants” (imported new human resources) are the enemy, when in reality the System is the real enemy. Victims are being turned against other victims. While it is true that “blood” is being changed – that is, hybridization among all the races, ethnicities, creeds, etc. of the entire world is becoming the rule in the U.sury S.ystem’s population (pool of human resources) – such extreme mixing is not natural, it has to be forced, against nature. If the force of the private profit motive would be removed, the natural human tendency of ethnocentrism will reassert itself. Each kind of “blood” will purify itself when the real poison of Usury – class, private profit and property – is removed.

      • Then you are pleased with the system that causes the “immigration” (the deliberate importation) of millions and millions of foreigners. fleeing its devastating wars and following the lure of its fiat dollars and Hollywood lifestyle propaganda, into the system’s “homeland”?

        If you like the system, you must accept the consequences – all the things it must and will do to survive including the “blood” poisoning of your ethnicity. I believe you are real and sincere. Please read my comment again, and again, until it makes sense to you.

        • Merthyr Rising, I am not pleased with the ” System”, But what you propose, socialism/communism = SATANIC/STATISM PERFECTED, has proven itself, arguably, the most VILE, TYRANICAL,HELLISH governance, the world has ever seen, or known, …….ya, i know, you just can’t help yourself ……….

    • Sit still white man. Just wait, wait, wait. Don’t worry about those boys crossin’ the border. Go to sleep white man. You won’t even feel it when they cut your bourgeois fascist throats!

      • “Don’t worry about those boys crossin’ the border. Go to sleep”:

        I have never said or implied that “those boys crossin’ the border” (imported human resources from around the globe) are not a deadly threat to ethnic “blood” purity, culture, and life itself.

        What I say is that the deadly immigration (importation) now pouring into the U.sury S.ystem’s “homeland” is merely a SYMPTOM, and that the CAUSE of it, which is the disease itself, which is the system, needs to be recognized and eradicated.

      • No. And I don’t use expletives and urban “words” that need to be looked up in “The Urban Dictionary” to get a “sense” of what they might mean, if they mean anything at all. I tend to write very long, “run-on” sentences, which should have been edited before posting, to break them into bite-size pieces and reduce the verbosity. I’m sorry the sermonizing, or “preaching” style with rhyming and Bible references is old habit ingrained from seminary homiletics training. But what you probably really find “strange” is the socialist viewpoint and terminology that you are not familiar with. I am willing to learn about many different views, and admit I could be wrong.

        • Merthyr Rising – I don’t really care about your “me finding “strange” the socialist viewpoint and terminology that I’m not familiar with.”

          I’m concerned about white Christian peoples survival !!
          And Merthyr Rising, you should exclusively be also !!

  9. Well, the Magic Soil isn’t going to plant itself.
    We need replacements to keep the Ponzi going and to build Wakanda.
    Just think of the Curry bonanza and dog turd/cat meat buffets on every corner.
    Eventually every victim on the CPUSA totem pole will have its own lives matter group.
    Si se puede!

    • “We need replacements to keep the Ponzi going …..”

      That’s been the scheme for 60 years…..heading for a catastrophic crash.

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