Charlie Kirk Has Rejected Civil Rights Icon Martin Luther King, Jr.


Matt Walsh has chimed in on MLK’s cancellation.  

It is MLK Day.

It is time for our annual tradition of exposing MLK as a degenerate communist who was elevated into the pantheon of our national heroes by the liberal mainstream media at the zenith of its power in the 1960s. Usually, MLK is celebrated on the mainstream Right and hailed as a conservative “civil rights icon” while the Alt-Right or lately the Dissident Right provides the counterprogramming.

This is 2024 though.

Over 80% of Republican voters agree with Trump that immigrants are poisoning the blood of the country. 1 in 4 Republican voters oppose laws that protect interracial marriage. 61% believe in the Great Replacement. 47% would support a National Divorce. 48% don’t believe it is important to condemn White Nationalism. 70% of Young Republicans are giving up on Our Democracy. Only 39% of Republican voters now believe that MLK Day should be a federal holiday. The hardening of racial attitudes began in the Summer of Floyd and has rapidly accelerated under Joe Biden.


“Conservative activist and Turning Point USA cofounder Charlie Kirk has a lot of opinions on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In 2015, Kirk called him a “hero.”

In 2022, MLK was a “civil rights icon.”

In December 2023, speaking before a group of students and teachers at America Fest, a political convention organized by Turning Point USA, Kirk struck a different tone.

“MLK was awful,” Kirk said. “He’s not a good person. He said one good thing he actually didn’t believe.”

For decades, conservatives have pointed to King and his idea that people should “not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” as a model for equality. …

“I have a very, very radical view on this, but I can defend it, and I’ve thought about it,” Kirk said at America Fest. “We made a huge mistake when we passed the Civil Rights Act in the 1960s.” …

Kirk’s comments at America Fest were merely a preview of his attacks on King. He recently said that he plans to release content to discredit MLK on January 15, King’s birthday, which is a US federal holiday honoring King.

“We’re gonna be hitting him next week,” Kirk said on his podcast this week. “Yeah, on the day of the Iowa caucus, it’s MLK Day. We’re gonna do the thing you’re not supposed to do. We’re gonna tell the truth about MLK Jr. You better tune in next week. Blake has already been preparing. It’s gonna be great.” …”

Today, if you support MLK and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, you are starting to be perceived as a cuck even on the mainstream Right. The ground is shifting against MLK worship. Charlie Kirk is supposed to be doing a special episode of his show today attacking MLK on MLK Day.

Meanwhile, Sohrab Ahmari and the post-liberal liberal faction of the “New Right” – who champion vaccine mandates, Lincoln, FDR, dysgenics and who loathe John C. Calhoun and Confederate monuments – are upset that MLK worship has collapsed among young Republicans.

Compact Mag:

“The anti-MLK turn on the right is an about-face of sorts. Until recently, conservatives of even the Kirk variety tried to claim MLK as one of their own; indeed, Kirk himself in years past hailed him as a moral “hero.” But if these earlier attempts to appropriate King as a crypto-conservative were naively ahistorical, they nevertheless flowed from good intentions: a desire on the right to come to terms with the secular canonization of a figure who spoke from within a radical strain in American Protestantism and the prophetic voice of the black church. …

Martin Luther King Jr. was a moral hero. May we continue to honor his legacy in the 21st century.”

Boomers and Gen Xers embraced MLK as a moral hero.

Glenn Beck held a stupid All Lives Matter rally in Birmingham in 2015 with signs of Lincoln and Frederick Douglas. It was at the very beginning of Trump’s rise in the Republican primary.

It was already clear years ago that a huge divide on racial equality was emerging between younger and older Republican voters. It was 3.8% to 40% in 2017.


  1. Typical end of communism. In the Soviet Union at the end , all our heroes and saints turned out to be murderers thugs and psychopaths. So at the finally we did not had any heroes left to honor.

    • ” So at the finally we did not had any heroes left to honor.”

      We have hundreds of the noblest heroes, both in mind and action, they’ve just been suppressed.

      Despicable, that communism erased your history, but that’s the nature of all jwzish systems. They remove the gold and replace it with manure.

  2. Accurate information on MLK has been available for decades. The hated and maligned John Birch Society exposed him back in the Sixties at the height of his fame. King was instrumental in getting Anti-White “civil rights” legislation passed. He rose to martyrdom status after assassination by a lone gunman.

    • Even one of clay-footed idol’s colleagues, another Rev. name Ralph Abernathy, spilled the beans about the woke saint’s depraved sexual life in a book about ten years after Keehng’s departure for his eternal reward. I think the title was And the Walls Came Tumbling Down. I remember there was even a tiny webpage back in the late 90s put up by and old black pentecostal woman which exposed him as a total fraud and exhorted negro christians to spurn all of speeches – which were written by jews or plagiarized. The “I have a dream” speech was basically a slight re-write of one given by another black preacher in 1956 – to the Republican national convention.

  3. Brad, people were pointing out all of MLK’s political, ethical, and sexual depravities in the 60’s. Ronnie Raygun still signed his holiday into law. See, dreams do come true.

    • That great “Conservative”, Pres. Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty in 1986 for illegal aliens that supposedly “solved” the problem of of illegal aliens invading the country. This greatly pleased the WSJ, Chamber of Commerce, “Conservatives”, Republican Party types and devastated the weak movement to end immigration and kick out illegal aliens. This was an even worse decision than elevating the “Rev. Dr.” (sic) MLK Jr. to sainthood.

      What was that great “Conservative”, Pres. Ronald Reagan conserving anyway? Certainly not the U.S. Now the WSJ, “Conservatives”, Chamber of Commerce, Republican Party types are fighting over who gets to be Captain of the Titanic after it has hit the iceberg. As the “Gentle Giant”, 6 foot 4 inch tall, 300 Lb., violent, stupid and destructive Philosopher of Ferguson’s “father (?)” said: “Burn the Bitch down!”, which is the logical end of these destructive policies in place for almost 100 years.

  4. With the departure of boomers, we could be seeing a shift among a remnant of the white population which could serve as a core for our people’s future survival. Good for those who’ve started to see thing as they really are. As the old Irish liked to say: More power to their wheel.

  5. BTW, how long until the reported FBI tape of one of the Church of Woke’s primary saints is released where he was screaming “I’m fuckin’ fo’ Jeeezsus!” comes out? It would be a fine ringtone to send to various cucks, especially those who claim to be Christian.

    • Trump promised to release all documents related to JFK’s assassination but of course, he didn’t keep this promise. He did release some JFK assassination documents that hilariously and unknowingly included wiretap information from the FBI confirming stories of the “Rev. Dr.” (sic) MLK Jr.’s perverted sexual proclivities and other bad habits.

      Even CNN had to admit this information was true (in a backhanded, dishonest way) while condemning the release of the documents. I thought this information about the sainted “Rev. Dr.”, patron saint of whoremongers and plagiarists, was newsworthy but the purpose of the Lügenpresse is to reinforce the Deep State’s narrative, not to tell the truth.

  6. “how long until the reported FBI tape …..”

    I fully expect the tapes will magically vanish in some ‘mysterious’ fire or be erased ‘accidently’.

  7. Because in the 60’s and 70’s the effect of MLK was still lower………today in the USA you’re facing the disaster of that project (monuments destroyed, White guilt and riots in the cities)

  8. “Boomers and Gen Xers embraced MLK as a moral hero.”

    This may be a manifestation of dying jw media.
    We are seeing the impact of a semi-free internet.

    Once the jwz lose their megaphone, their narrative crumbles.

  9. That’s okay. This is the Yankee Empire. Let them have their Communists/Marxists/etc heroes and leave their captive states alone to celebrate as they wish.

    The South (at least some of it) has a better idea for this time of the year.


    Today is the official holiday for Lee-Jackson Day in Virginia. We don’t need the permission of Carpetbaggers and scalawag politicians to do our duty. Join the Va Flaggers as we pause to remember and honor two of the greatest men the world has ever known. Duty, honor, and valor…and an unwavering devotion to God and Commonwealth. What will you be doing today to honor their memory?
    — The Virginia Flaggers

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  10. Equality and fairness is only one part of this new aged, neo-paganist religion of the Moshiach being pushed on us. There is also the climate crap, that earth loving nonsense that is being hammered into our brains relentless without end, and the safety, safety, safety crap. How many peoples lives have been saved by those iridescent yellow and green vests?? Are there any? We need our Moshiach people. We need him bad. Why Jews why, when Christ is in this world?

  11. Well, this Gen Xer NEVER worshipped MLK.

    I’m glad some normies are coming around and realizing what a colossal POS King was.

  12. Let’s face it. We need enemies. We need something to resist lest we turn on and devour ourselves.

    So let the Yankee Empire have its “Communist/Marxist/Woke/Anti-South/Anti-Original-USA/Anti-CSA/etc/etc” idols. We don’t accept them and that’s the way it should be as a constant reminder that we are not a part of and never will be part of them. Vive la différence! (literally: ‘long live the difference’)

    Confederate Memorial Day has been observed in North Carolina and throughout the South on different days and under various names since 1866. In that first year after the close of the Civil War, communities across the South hosted ceremonies at grave sites, on courthouse lawns, and at state capitols. That was the beginning of an annual tradition observed with memorial addresses by dignitaries, band concerts, the laying of wreaths and flowers, picnics, and community meals. Through the years, some southern states began to neglect this custom, but in many places it has continued.

    In North Carolina 10 May, the date of the death of Gen. Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, was originally named by the members of the Wake County Ladies’ Memorial Association as the day of remembrance. On that first Confederate Memorial Day, the citizens of Wake County secretly made their way to Raleigh’s Oakwood Cemetery, since THE RECONSTRUCTION MILITARY GOVERNOR HAD THREATENED TO SHOOT ANYONE WHO GATHERED FOR SUCH A PURPOSE. Nevertheless, Raleigh citizens assembled then, as they have every year since, to honor North Carolinians who wore the Confederate uniform…
    — “Confederate Memorial Day” by Charles C. Davis, 2006

    Makes life a little more “exciting” to a degree.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

  13. Conservative right-wingers love to call King “a commie,” the worst possible name they can think of. But King was never a communist. He didn’t even understand what it is, or what socialism is, a concept that doesn’t require a very high IQ to grasp, but weaker minds are easily confused, distracted and disinformed, like he was. He thought he was “socialistic, but I see the relative merits of capitalism,” as he confusedly put it. Over the years he repeatedly denounced communism – as “cold atheism wrapped in the garments of materialism,” as “incompatible with Christianity” and as a destroyer of humanity that “robs man of the quality that makes him human.” He imagined that he stood on some “middle ground” when he demanded equality and “social justice” WITHIN the class system.

    So he was merely a populist, a “reformer” of the class system that cannot be reformed – populism being a mere temporary “pressure-relief valve” that preserves the system in a time of crisis. But the system doesn’t tolerate any populist “reform” very long, or really at all. So for years, the populist reformer was being investigated about his “communism” and “communist connections,” especially after he really “went off the reservation” by making (reading?) speeches in opposition to the war on Vietnam, which was soon followed by the assassination. He was being secretly tape-recorded by the FBI, which was trying to build a criminal case against him. They found “dirt” but they did not find any real evidence that he was a communist or involved in any alleged communist plot against the United States.

    • He as a stooge who was handled by (((Stanley Levinson))), high-ranking member of the CPUSA. He was a ‘graduate’ of the Highlander School in Monterey, TN – a longtime indoctrination facility of the CPUSA and its allies (mostly run by Jews naturally).

      One of the things a few understand about communist societies as actually run is that they are merely the flip side of the same shekel as debt-racketeering capitalism. Both end up with a small oligarchy running the show and living like kings, with a nomenklatura to carry out their orders – ruling over a vast open-air gulag of zeks. In many locales, it was literally (((the same people))) who were in charge under both nominal systems. Great way to get the goyim killing each other, too. Yes there are some historical caveats, like the Georgian gangster taking down the Kosher Nosetra in the old USSR, and the Chinese going their own way (crazy in some cases). The structure is essentially the same.

      • Levison was not a party member, and that charitable school in Tennesse was never a “communist indoctrination center.” If it had been, it was an abject failure at creating disciples of Lenin. But I agree that King was being handled and directed (including ghost writing King’s speeches) by Mr. Levison. The FBI with its years of investigation including spying, wiretapping and tape recording, never found evidence that either Levison or King was ever a CPUSA party member. Levison had “communist sympathies” and friends in the CPUSA, but if he was a real, thoroughgoing Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist instead of a super-wealthy Trotskyian-Khrushchevian “neo” Marxist revisionist, he would certainly have expressed that in King’s ghost-written or orchestrated statements about communism. and about capitalism, which it turns out are not communist statements at all, but vaguely “socialistic” leaning-toward-capitalism populist capitalist verbiage. I stand by all my statements in my previous comment.

        Re: “few understand about communist societies as actually run is that they are merely the flip side of the same shekel as debt-racketeering capitalism. Both end up with a small oligarchy running the show and living like kings, with a nomenklatura to carry out their orders – ruling over a vast open-air gulag of zeks”:

        Not the same at all. There is a world of difference between the two opposing systems, human moral failures and imperfections and outright betrayals causing those “ending up with” situations notwithstanding. Compare and contrast typical socialist leaders such as Leonid Brezhnev who always lived in an apartment, Stalin with his peasant-ish lifestyle, and socialistic Moammar Gadhafi who always lived in a tent (he said he would never stop living in a tent until every citizen of Libya could have a house) with typical capitalist leaders like Obama, Reagan, Clintons, Zelensky et al, who tend to live in mansions with every extravagance, and some of them own not just one but several mansions, while millions of subjects (human resources) are homeless or extremely poor. The DREAM of climbing the ladder to join “the small oligarchy living like kings” is all the capitalist system has to offer the poor, whereas real communism gives common people the hope, and eventually the reality, of a class-less society with real equality, and real freedom. The difference between the two opposite systems (two different coins not two sides of the same coin) is historically factual, logical and very common-sensical. Now I rest my case.

        • Merthyr,

          If you want a contemporary example of who the communist racket operates, look no further than South Africa’s ANC. Totally corrupt, imploding in every way economically and busy genociding the Afrikaner farmers – who remain too stupid to not hire blacks as farm workers. There’s no shortage of white shantytowns now in the former western-style cities. Even St. Mandela did nothing about nationalizing the gold and diamond mines – leaving Schlomo and his white step-n-fetchits to loot away. Marx himself was a relative of the Rothschild crime family, though he was distant enough that he wasn’t supported by them financially -probably thanks to his father’s bogus “conversion” to Christianity to improve business prospects.

          Hell a couple of years ago the ANC put down a miners’ strike more ruthlessly than the old Apartheid regime ever did – the western lie-machine didn’t bother to mention it as it didn’t fit the narrative. The “old socialism” you refer to is most often called “communitarianism”. It’s more of a way of life rather than a political ideology and can work admirably only in homogenous polities of small size. Re-settling a few thousand Palestinians is a Welsh mining town would destroy whatever communitarianism existed there.

  14. Some day MLK Day will no longer be commemorated and Jan 15th will be known as “Rosa Luxemberg’s Body Was Dumped Into the Landwehr Canal Day”.

  15. Charlie Kirk is a weathervane. He is most concerned with what is good for Charlie Kirk which means the old, establishment, Government approved “Conservatism” is rapidly dying out and Charlie Kirk doesn’t want to be left behind.

  16. Actually, his 1967 Riverside Church speech against the Vietnam War was the only thing I ever heard from him that I mostly agreed with. This from a white racist.

  17. Seems like it was a ‘bait and switch.’

    Get the White majority to go with ‘color blind conservatism’

    Then when the libruls felt the time was right they unleashed Critical Race Theory and alot of anti-White ideas.

    Now the jews are being tagged as ‘White adjacenr’ OT some non-sense and rag head loving libruls are big mad at Zionist oppressors judes.

    Not sure how this will play out but Big ZOG may have mossad rig all the voting machines to get Trump back in to serve Israel and then the Evangelicals sons can get drafted to die in another Mid East War for Israel. After that there may not be many Whites left.

  18. Michael King aka Martin Lucifer Coon Jr was just the type of imbecile,degenerate monkey that the Jews use to achieve their Satan directed agenda of destroying Whites who are God’s image.Even Coon’s handler Stanley Levison(New York Jew)was caught on FBI wiretap saying how utterly stupid Coon was.Glad to hear Whites are waking up but I truly believe its too late.If it is God’s will then we will rise again but if not there is no need to despair because our true all-White home awaits us in Heaven with our Father.We must have faith and more faith.Never allow doubt to creep in because that is the Devil.I look at the Southern towns I knew and my parents knew and they are destroyed.Integration,jobs taken away,God removed from schools and everywhere,and mass immigration have made our beautiful White,Christian South the image of Hell on Earth.The Jews used their Satanic power to promote race mixing,drugs and paganism to our youth.The Jews are the enemy of the Cross and the enemy of the White race.May I live to see them all receive their just punishment.

  19. Kirk is such a clear false-player and wanna-be gatekeeper. He always has been. How are people still falling for it?

    Yes, it’s good he’s helping to normalize criticism of liberal icons but look how he’s doing it. Look how he’s setting it up. He’s not fundamentally rejecting liberalism. He’s engaging in a sort of disingenuous “color-blind” rhetoric. The people who employ Kirk (and who are using him as a puppet to promote their psy-op) want to ensure the fundamental nature of liberalism is never questioned. Liberty, equality, fraternity! “We’re just trying to avoid some mean ol’ liberal double-standard!”

    When I pray imprecatory prayers, Kirk’s name is on the list.

    • Compared to the usual MLK worship among conservatives, this is an improvement and a step forward. It is a concession. I try to highlight positive developments.

    • Having spoken with Kirk on and off for years, I can state matter of factky, that he, as well as others around him, were made aware of King’s degeneracy but chose an opportune moment to publicly support it. Yes, TPUSA has said some stupid RNC Black Republican stuff over the years and he was always castigated for it.

      But one thing you guys dont understand is how powerful the oligarchy is in silencing its opponents. It takes special ability to navigate its headwinds. I do believe these winds are favorable now. So, I wouldn’t hit on Kirk too hard for creating a national operation capable of now emulating your talking points and making them heard worldwide. Take the W and take ownership of it and join in the movement forward.

      • I agree with your assessment. If whites are going to unify and go forward we’re going to have to forgive a lot of past behavior I’m afraid. If Kirk is moving our way, that’s a good thing.

  20. As a long time and proud critic of MLK, all I can say to this rising turn around on MLK by the young is, “God bless you my children, you have grown into good Americans. Keep the faith.”

    • What ppl miss is that the deification of MLK points to gross stupidity of the American population. The first mention of MLK as some paragon of virtue should have been dismissed with raucous laughter.

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