Washington Post: A MAGA Created Nightmare Is Unfolding For Ukraine

Sure, the Speaker of the House is a cringe AIPAC stooge, but at the moment I appear to be getting what I wanted in exchange for voting for the Republicans in the 2022 midterms. Ukraine aid has been stalled in Congress for months and appears to be dead in an election year. The foreign aid package for Israel also never passed the Senate. Gridlock has been better than a Democratic Congress.

Washington Post:

“Contrary to the positivity expressed after Wednesday’s White House meeting, prospects for passing any deal on immigration policy and Ukraine aid in the Republican-led House are near zero this month and even slimmer in the months to come. From the beginning, far-right House Republicans have intended to kill the aid by linking it to immigration reform — and the White House and Senate fell into the MAGA trap.

The fate of both efforts falls on one man, House Speaker Mike Johnson, who is beholden to his right wing and to former president Donald Trump. It is increasingly evident that Johnson (R-La.) has no actual plan or political incentive to compromise on either issue. The result is a legislative mess that will likely result in no Ukraine funding coming out of Congress this month or perhaps ever. U.S. support for Ukraine could dry up — a nightmare scenario for Ukraine and for U.S. strategy in Europe. … ”

New York Times:

“The Republican disconnect explains why, with an elusive bipartisan bargain on immigration seemingly as close as it has been in years on Capitol Hill, the prospects for enactment are grim. It is also why hopes for breaking the logjam over sending more U.S. aid to Ukraine are likely to be dashed by hard-line House Republicans.

The situation encapsulates the divide cleaving the Republican Party. On one side are the right-wing MAGA allies of former President Donald J. Trump, an America First isolationist who instituted draconian immigration policies while in office. On the other is a dwindling group of more mainstream traditionalists who believe the United States should play an assertive role defending democracy on the world stage. …”

It hardly matters now.

Even if another round of Ukraine aid cleared Congress, it wouldn’t change the outcome of the war. It would only extend the misery for a few more months. Everyone is already dead in Ukraine.


  1. Europe is about to give $60B in aid to Ukraine and NATO is probably going to announce on the 2nd anniversary of the invasion that they are giving Ukraine the $300B in Russian assets that have been frozen in the West since the invasion began. A whole generation of Russian men is being annihilated in the muddy cow pastures of Ukraine as the Russian military employs their centuries-old tactic of sending human waves at the enemy.

    • ‘opening up”) “they are giving Ukraine the $300B in Russian assets that have been frozen in the West”:

      This is Russia’s logical and inevitable “karmic reward” for opening the door to let the U.S. (the U.sury S.ystem) come in to dismantle and destroy, rape and pillage the Russian people’s hard-won communism (that was still standing at the cost of over 20 million lives sacrificed to stop the fascist forces of capitalism in WW2) thanks to the deluded Glasnost (“opening up”) revisionism of proud Gorbachev (so susceptible to personal flattery) and the treachery of the U.S.’s alcoholic stooge Boris Yeltsin (who the U.S. put in place by manipulating the Russian election) – so that Russia could have the “honour” of joining the capitalist West, run by the U.S., the greatest so-called “nation” that has exclusive right to print (create out of nothing) those amazing, fantastic and world-worshipped ALMIGHTY DOLLARS. All of this death and destruction is caused by the love of money, human greed and pride, the evil inclination of human nature. But some men (and women) resist and overcome it, because there is another inclination or side to human nature, which is God, working in us: Gott mitt uns (German), Duw gyda ni, ??? ? ????????. The love of God is stronger than weapons of war and the lure of money.

      • Odd that a pinko would shill for atheistic communist Russia, and still cite “the live of God.”

        That’s some serious cognitive dissonance.

        • Red not pink.

          Not shilling, just stating plain facts. You should read accurate history, not propaganda.

          Read the red letters of the New Testament, especially the Sermon on the Mount. Christian socialism is not “doublethink.”

      • The series of question marks near the end of the previous comment was supposed to be the Russian expression in Cyrillic, following the Welsh and German forms of it. But instead of cyrillic letters, WordPress produced question marks.

        Other thoughts that occurred to me today: The West’s century-long colonial genocide of the indigenous people of Palestine parallels the West’s century-long (mostly slow but sometimes fast) genocide of the eastern Slavs (Russians) to colonize the vast land area of Russia and take ownership of its enormous natural resources. The West also intends to wipe out the vestiges of Russian socialism and erase even the memory of socialism in Russia, and the very idea of “Russia” itself, which would forever be bound up with the ideas of Lenin, Stalin and communism; these must all be buried and erased, completely, once and for all – just like the memory and idea of Palestine must be erased completely, once and for all, along with all the people, every Palestinian man, woman and child, so the colonial project can proceed.

        Russia would have a population of over 300 million today, almost as large as the U.S.’s 380 million (and without the U.S.’s cheating “help” of mass immigration) if it had not lost over twenty million people to Operation Barbarossa in the 1940s, and millions more to the U.S.-led invasion and proxy civil war in Russia in the 1920s, and to the U.S. election coup in 1991 and the U.S. takeover of Russia from 1992-2001, and now the U.S. proxy war against Russia in “Khazarkraine.” The U.S. has been running an anti-Russian insurgency in Khazarkraine hot or cold continuously since 1946. The U.sury S.ystem has never stopped being at war with Russian socialism – except when it was using it for about three years in the 1940s.

        This week happens to be the 80th anniversary of the lifting of the Siege of Leningrad, that ended on 27 January 1944. in which 1.5 MILLION Russians were killed or died of starvation, in that city alone! (Twice as many could have died if there had not been a succcessful evacuation of almost two million, just before the rest were trapped inside.) The 900-day siege of Leningrad was absolutely genocidal, as Joseph Goebbels clearly explained when it began in 1941: “St. Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities” are “intended to be wiped out,” because “we want to divide Russia into its individual parts” (in order to colonize and settle it and steal its resources). Goebbels said these cities with their inhabitants must disappear, so that Russia will “no longer have a spiritual, political or economic centre.”

        There is no “third alternative,” only two possible systems – the selfish, egoist system of the pursuit of private profit and the opposite system of common wealth and fraternal, selfless service to others.

    • Ukrainians are dying at 10:1.

      The jews in Kiev, London, and D.C. are the ones sending young, middle aged, and elderly Ukies to their deaths.

    • If you believe that a whole generation of Russian men have been lost then you are apparently listening to the absurd junk put out by the msm. Russia has been quite reserved in their use of frontal assaults and after the failed counteroffensive of last summer Ukraine is on its last legs. I say this not as someone that cares either way. Just an objective evaluation.

  2. All 3 articles above are so heavily skewed, typical.

    I don’t understand, why haven’t the Russians just mass produced katyusha-like rockets and bury the other side high explosives ?
    Why waste the human lives ?
    Just don’t understand.

    Besides , massed katyusha attacks are super demoralizing and would cause the Ukrainians to quit the battlefield, leading to overall reduced casualties.

    • @Arrian,

      I believe that initially, Putin and his advisers thought that the war could have been avoided by Ukraine not joining GAYTO, and becoming a neutral power.

      The Russian armed forces have held back from leveling Kiev and other Ukrainian cities which is very unlike how US and NATO armed forces conduct war.

      That being said, Russian air assets missiles, drones, and aircraft should cut the heads off of the jewkrainian snake (i.e., Zelenskyy, Zelusny, and Bakanov) by targeting them. That might allow Ukrainian dissidents of the Zelenskyy regime to negotiate peace with Russia, and end this unnecessary brother war.

      • ” held back from leveling Kiev and other Ukrainian cities ”
        I don’t mean to level cities, just a walking barrage to dissolve front lines as soon as they form.

        I’m always an advocate for standoff weapons.

        “might allow Ukrainian dissidents of the Zelenskyy regime to negotiate peace with Russia”

        I don’t want to see a negotiated peace.
        I want the Russians to erase the current (((government )) and establish a ))Ukranian(( one.

  3. Ukraine is doomed, and it has nothing to do with MIGA, Zion Don, or his sycophants.

    Ukrainians were stupid enough to elect a jew, after another jew orchestrated the Holodomor, and then aligns itself with US and UK ZOG have earned their Darwin Award.

    • It’s strange how the US Far Right is so big on Blood and Soil but when it comes to Putin doing the invading they turn into weak-kneed schoolgirls. The Right keeps looking for salvation in these guys like Putin in Trump that could not care less about the White race or White Nationalism or Christian Nationalism or any of the rest if it.

      • “It’s strange how the US Far Right is so big on Blood and Soil but when it comes to Putin doing the invading they turn into weak-kneed schoolgirls.”

        The Ukraine is not a country. It was an administrative district created by the Soviet Union. Its name literally means “the border” and that’s why it was always almost universally “The Ukraine” before 2021 and not “Ukraine”. Further proof that they are not a country is that they are composed of people who are racially Polish and racially Russian,which is exactly what you would expect if someone drew a circle around part of Russia and part of Poland on a map and said “Here’s where we’re going to put the Ukraine”,which of course,is exactly what the Soviet Union did.

        Further proof is that Ukrainian isn’t a real language either,but just Russian with Polish slang thrown in.

        Not attacking Putin isn’t based on fear of Putin,it’s based on the fact that we like what Putin is doing,largely.

        We obviously don’t endorse everything that he does. We don’t have a right-wing leader anywhere in the Western world. We’d like one,but until we get one, someone who is shutting down kiddie fiddlers propagandizing toddlers with gay porn and kicking in the doors of gay night clubs to put perverts in jail while at the same time shooting missiles at Ukrainian trannies is a pretty good compromise.

        I mean,talk about weak-kneed schoolgirls…Ukraine’s English-speaking envoy is a literal dude in a dress who has to swallow fistfuls of female hormones every day and put a plastic tube in his inside-out manhood in order to not off itself.

        Nobody here is looking for salvation any more. Personally,I’ll settle for the damnation of people like yourself.

      • Straw Man argument. No one on the “far-right” believes that either Trump or Putin are saviors of the White Race, unless your definition of what constitutes the White dissident right is the same as framed by (((MSM))) zogbots.

        The land that Russia entered in February of 2022 is historically Russian soil occupied by Russian blood.

        Historical Ukraine/Galacia was a postage stamp sized nation.

        Neither the four oblasts, nor Crimea ever were considered Ukrainian, untill Ukie Nikita Khrushchev gifted that territory to his people.

        • “The land that Russia entered in February of 2022 is historically Russian soil occupied by Russian blood.”

          Any distinction between the two races/cultures is artificial.
          They have far more in common than any Russian of central Asia or Russian Orientals.

          • @Arrian,

            “Any distinction between the two races/cultures is artificial.”

            Likely was the case prior to 2014, but after 500k dead Ukies, and the demonization of everything Russian in modern day “Ukraine ,” that attitude have changed for Galacians now.

            Though some wise Ukies fled to Russia and surrendered to the Russian Army, most have nothing but animus for their Slavic brothers to the east fed by ZOG gaslighting propaganda.

            Lest we forget that Russia has lost at least 50k dead, and scores more disabled for life. That number doesn’t include the 14k killed by AZOG Battalion l, before the Russian SMO commenced, and the lives lost in Donbas since by Ukrainians using NATO and old Soviet era weapons.

            Of course, White Russians and Galacians have more in common with each other than the people who populate Eastern Russian zones. Perhaps that commonality will allow future generations of both Galacians and White Russians reconcile.

      • That’s because Ukraine is a fake country. Find a map where Ukraine exists from before it’s creation by the nascent USSR in 1918 (it doesn’t exist). The word itself means ‘borderland’. Only the northwest corner (Galicia) has a history separate from that of Russia, whose traditional founding took place in Kiev in 988. Galicia was part of the Austrian Empire, then Poland from 1918 until invaded by the Red Army two weeks after Germany invaded. From 1991 until 2014 the fake country was a looting field for Jew oligarchs. Starting in 2014 it became a NATO/EUSSR colony of the empire and launched its war on Russia that year.

        You’re historically illiterate on the area. The Ukrainian language itself is basically a western Russian dialect – Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian are all mutually understandable. The Ukrainian SSR was created in the Soviet era to satisfy a Bolshevik faction and keep the area under Soviet control as most of it was handed over to Germany in the early part of 1918 and in turmoil. Both Germans and the Poles entered the 1918-21 civil war in the USSR on the side of the anti-Bolshevik forces (whites). Crimea wasn’t even part of the Ukrainian SSR until Krushchev gave it to a party ally in return for his support in the power struggle after Stalin’s demise.

        Putin, who was a Col. in the KGB, started out as a pro-western liberal and remained so until 2006, when he was apparently surprised to discover that the Neo-Klowns running Murika intended to carve up Russia and started a war on the border with Georgia (after they’d aided the Chechen gangs who carried out the Beslan massacre). He foolishly signed two Minsk agreements with the Jewkraine puppet state which were ignored while the empire built up the largest military in Europe to invade Russia. By 2022 he had no choice but to intervene – or face the invasion of Russia proper (which includes Crimea). For someone who spouts blood and soil, it’s curious that you supporting a clown-world puppet regime led by jews.

        Putin is weak in many ways and might well be partly controlled by oligarchs who are allied with clown-world. It’s foolish to think that he’s some kind of savior for the western remnant. He’ll be lucky if he manages to save Russia, but he’s done a number of good things. Most of the jewligarchs in Russia are now expelled or in prison, though Putin still allows Chabad to operate. Clown World’s gaslighting campaign, jewish-funded nazis, etc. have been highly successful in New Khazaria and resulted to a white-on-white slaughter, while all the Jewligarchs like Kholomoisky left a week before the fighting for the places in Israel, US, Switzerland, etc. Putin is least to blame as he had no choice but to intervene on behalf of the Russian population in the Eastern and Southern parts of the fake country, who were already being slaughtered (since 2014).

    • “…orchestrated the Holodomor”:

      But not in the way that you think. “Holodomor” is “orchestrated” only in the sense of being created – as a useful anti-communist and anti-Russian myth, in the same sense that The Holocaust myth was “orchestrated” (created). The Holocaust and Holodomor myths both appeared in Western media at about the same time, decades after the events supposedly took place. Please study accurate history of famines in Russia.

  4. Ukraine has only been in our orbit since 2015 anyway. With the inevitable breakdown of international coalitions along East/West lines again, maintaining a satellite proxy that is as geographically vulnerable as Ukraine is from one of the better land based militaries in the world was never gonna work. Besides, Ukraine competes directly with US farmers for grain production, so this will let us sanction or tax their cheap grain enough to keep it flowing to China and India, and keep our traditional markets open for our better quality stuff.

  5. Russia is fighting NATO. The Ukranians are not losing much ground, and what they are losing was all preplanned by the American General in charge of the war. They are slowly moving behind the formidable defensive barriers that have already been completed by Zog. There the line will sit until Spring.

    The CIA has arranged alternate financing. Loans, gifts from the eurofags, dark money transactions. Zog’s Ukranian proxies are nowhere near defeat. What they are not getting is enough to win. For that to happen, Zelensky will have to go. Once Z is gone, Mikey will come through with the money. He is not standing on principle, he is following CIA orders. Considering his constant cucking on spending and on the border, it seems he must be compromised.

    The Ukie military has been put under direct American control, and the top General is a Yale and Princeton graduate who speaks six languages, including Russian and Arabic. He has been recruiting Takfiri terrorists to fight in Ukraine. A lot of them are coming. A 200,000 man NATO army is also in training, the stated goal, to fight the Russians in the Baltics. Obviously, Zog has decided to close the Suwalki Gap, isolating Kaliningrad. That is when the SHTF.

    The new Putin (p the 3rd) in January predicted a five year war. But he said conflict, because this remains a not-war for now. Five years was optimistic. A 9 year war is more likely. This is not a border dispute, this is World War 3. At the end of it, I do not believe the United States of America will exist, in any way, shape, or form.

    Breaking news in Iranian and Russian media says the Iranian and Russian negotiators have completed the process of crafting a strategic military alliance. The draft is complete and approved by the Iranians. All that remains is P3’s signature, and any attack on Iran will be considered an attack upon Russia. And vice-versa. A similar agreement was implemented between Russia and China last year.

    These various conflicts, in Europe, in the Levant, in South America, in the South China Sea, between Iran and Pakistan, they are all One. This is one war, World War 3.

    One final red pill. Zog is importing fighting age Chinese in huge numbers. Various retards like Fat Zogbot Alex Jones say “Biden” is importing an Army to fight against us. Other retards say Zog plans to fill up the U.S. military with them. No, no, no. What the CIA is doing is what they always have done. They import them to recruit them and train them and send them back home to fight their own governments.

    The CIA will, already is, organizing an Army if Chinks to go back and fight the PRC regime. This to, is part of WW3.

    • Rangewolf, ” Russia is Fighting NATO ” well obviously, but as a American Protestant, two years into this war, it still seems underlying everything underneath, that this is a Catholic/ Western oriented people and a Orthodox/Eastern Oriented people, at war with each other, why? Is it rarely spoken of, or reported in that light …..

    • Rangewolf, “organizing an Army of Chinks to go back and fight the PRC regime, here we are economically conjoined at the hip with the PRC, the elites all heavily invested in the PRC, GOD only knows, how much of our government is under their imploy ……..if anything, they think after the dust settles, they will implement the Chinese system here …….

    • Interesting explanation. You’re correct about the Russia-Iran alliance. Note also the whole scenario which suddenly appeared in the German okrug about a Russian army-horde of ice-orcs prepared to invade Germany. Your scenario is quite plausible.

      The fact that the top Murikan General is a “Yale and Princeton graduate who speaks six languages, including Russian and Arabic” doesn’t mean s/he/it/they knows shit about fighting actual wars. Given the laughable performance of the Imperial Rainbow legion against the bearded goat-men in Afghanistan (the graveyard of empires), I expect Martyanov’s point about places like Haavaahd, Yale and Princeton manufacturing smart-sounding idiots is mostly true. All three are naturally totally run by jews (Quelle surprise).

  6. The republican party is absolutely a Globalist party, your head is up your ass if you haven’t realized that by now.
    They love mass immigration for the cheap labor and because it deracinates and atomizes the peasants, makes them easier to exploit.
    They hate borders, except when it comes to Israel.

    Ukraine appears to have lost the war.
    This is about republicans and democrats saving face.
    Republicans are trying to say; Ukraine lost because democrats wouldn’t fund our borders, dems are trying to say; Ukraine lost because republicans are racist.
    The reality is; Ukraine would have lost even if they got billions and billions more in funds because they ran out of able-bodied and willing young men.

  7. “The Ukie military has been put under direct American control, and the top General is a Yale and Princeton graduate who speaks six languages, including Russian and Arabic. He has been recruiting Takfiri terrorists to fight in Ukraine. A lot of them are coming. A 200,000 man NATO army is also in training, the stated goal, to fight the Russians in the Baltics. Obviously, Zog has decided to close the Suwalki Gap, isolating Kaliningrad. That is when the SHTF.”

    All this shows is that NATO is full of egomaniacal fools. I’m not sure that Putin actually wants to commit to a victorious offensive, since he’s been trying to prevent a direct NATO intervention through various forms of appeasement, pandering to Israel, etc.

    The Russians can break the Ukrainian army. The day is coming. The reinforcements will not matter, unless NATO is planning on full scale WWIII, they are just going to be ground down to nothing.

  8. You act like Communism and Capitalism were opposing forces.Both were run by Jews(like all the fabricated isms)and the great Cold War was theater to keep the slaves in line and enthused.Hitler knew he was fighting the same enemy in the USSR and the West.It was a death sentence to criticize Jews in the USSR so to believe they were at any time persecuted is to fall for the theater production.The Satanic Jews love to see White Christians die(as well as Slavic Christians)so they bring about phony wars to kill off millions as a sacrifice to their master in Hell.Do you also believe the stupid scandals between the GOP and Democrats which never amount to anything because they are both controlled by the Jews.Russia still has its Jewish Central bank just as it did under Communism.It still has its Jewish oligarchs pulling the strings.Ukraine is Jew run and has banned Christian Churches.When you leave out the true culprit then you aid the enemy.All the pretend politics and fighting just mask the one real enemy of Man.

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