The 2022 Midterms

This is an unusual step for me.

I’ve decided to stop complaining and vote in the 2022 midterms. Normally, I am deeply cynical about politics, but I have changed my mind over the past two years. I’m a swing voter. Occasionally, I will vote for Republicans like Donald Trump or Jeff Sessions, but I generally sit out elections.

Here are the issues that moved me off the fence:

Donald Trump Is No Longer President

I was blackpilled throughout the entire Trump presidency.

The fact that Trump is gone and is not on the ballot in 2022 cannot be underestimated. After Trump left office in January 2021, the average Republican voter became much more radicalized. I’ve spent the last two years documenting this positive shift in public opinion polls. Trump was a lightning rod who annoyed millions of rightwing voters, but he ceased to be the center of attention two years ago. Joe Biden has spent the last two years aggravating rightwing swing voters while Trump has been out of the picture on Truth Social and holding rallies on Newsmax. Insofar as he has been in the news, it is largely because the Biden administration is trying to destroy him, which if anything makes him look sympathetic.

Joe Biden’s Abuse of Civil Liberties

As I have explained, I was much more critical of Trump and Republicans than Joe Biden and Democrats until around February 2021. The crackdown on civil liberties which began early in the Biden administration is the single most important reason why I decided to vote in the 2022 midterms. Joe Biden and the Democrats have weaponized the DOJ and FBI against local police departments and their political opposition. This has gone far beyond threatening to indict, arrest and prosecute Trump. Everyone in Trump’s inner circle has also been punished by vindictive Democrats while the January 6 protesters have been largely thrown in an American gulag. The “rule of law” is now completely partisan.

In spite of all this, I was still on the fence about voting until the Dark Brandon speech in which Joe Biden explicitly moved beyond describing Trump and his associates and the January 6th protesters as “Enemies of Democracy” and extended his rhetoric to “MAGA Republicans” who are “semi-fascists.” In the eyes of the Biden administration, anyone who Democrats classify as “far right” or a “domestic extremist” or a “MAGA Republican” is a “fascist” who deserves to be crushed by the government. This is a net which is broad enough to include millions of people who despise Trump and don’t even vote for Republicans.

It is now commonplace to hear Democrat court historians like Michael Beschloss compare Joe Biden to Lincoln and Reconstruction on MSNBC. Lincoln and the Radical Republicans created a police state and gulaged their political opposition in states like Missouri. Southerners were driven out of Missouri after the War Between the States. The fact that these people are talking like this about MAGA and invoking the example set by Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant should alarm you.

The bottom line: if you oppose the Democrats, you are an “Enemy of Our Democracy,” even if you don’t even support Trump or Republicans. This is why I would rather not have them in power.

The War In Ukraine

Donald Trump was impeached by Democrats for hesitating to arm Zelensky.

In retrospect, I regret not taking seriously enough the possibility that Joe Biden and the Russiagaters in his base who were foaming at the mouth and who were out for blood after the defeat of Hillary Clinton would start a war with Russia. I didn’t pay enough attention to what was going on in Ukraine while Trump was president. I didn’t care about the Hunter Biden laptop or his corruption. Instead, I was angry about Trump’s failure to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan, which is small potatoes compared to what Joe Biden has done and how much the war in Ukraine has already cost us and threatens to cost us.

Every single Democrat in Congress has voted to spend tens of billions of dollars in Ukraine. Republican opposition to funding Ukraine has been growing since March. To his credit, Sen. Tommy Tuberville voted against the $40 billion for Ukraine in May and Katie Britt has also criticized the same Ukraine spending package. The only way to defund Zelensky and to stop the war in Ukraine is for Russiagaters to lose power in the House and Senate which is why I am voting for their demise.

So far, it is only Russia’s patience which has stopped the war in Ukraine from spiraling into World War III. This is probably unsustainable due to the Pentagon’s “boiling the frog” strategy. Again, the Democrats have started a war with Russia, which might have been avoided under a Trump second term. This is a compelling reason to not want them to remain in power.

The January 6 Committee Show Trial

I’m sick of hearing about 1/6.

If Democrats lose the House, it will be the end of the 1/6 Committee. Instead, House Republicans will focus on something else like impeaching Joe Biden, which will at least be better television than this droning on for two more years.


Usually, we vote for Republicans and nothing happens, but to my astonishment the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade. Alabama Republicans ENDED a woman’s right to choose in Alabama. This was a bold step forward in reclaiming state sovereignty. They delivered a big victory for their voters. This is a major reason why I am happy with them and will vote in all the state races in November.

COVID Policy

I got a ton of shit in the comments over COVID.

This was in large part due to our experience with COVID in Alabama. Life simply wasn’t disrupted in rural Alabama like it was elsewhere. If you live in a state like New York or Michigan or California, it felt like the world had been turned upside down, but none of that shit really happened here.

We have Gov. Kay Ivey to thank for it. COVID was one thing that illustrated just how important it is to not have a Democratic governor. It could have been a hell of a lot worse. In other states, The Science was invoked to justify vaccine mandates to fire thousands of people from their jobs.

The George Floyd Riots

I learned my lesson in Charlottesville.

I went to Charlottesville thinking there isn’t much of a difference between the two parties. When it comes to a willingness to maintain law and order, however, it turns out that there is a major difference. This is why I supported Glenn Youngkin over Terry McAuliffe and was happy when McAuliffe was defeated. Youngkin really has been a major improvement over McAuliffe in Virginia.

Look at what happened in Portland, Seattle, Richmond and Minneapolis. Look at what happened to Kyle Rittenhouse in Wisconsin. It was the same thing that happened in Charlottesville. Democratic governors are willing to bend to the mob and allow BLM and Antifa to riot and cause chaos.

Yeah, I would much rather have Kay Ivey or Brian Kemp than go through something like that.


I don’t have to look far from home to see how Democrats handle this issue. The Gump is on my doorstep.

Montgomery is now overrun by homeless people and beggars who are strategically positioned at nearly every major intersection. The murder of Thomas Hand, Jr. in Montgomery is what immediately comes to mind when I think about how Democrats manage crime. There is a reason why White people are fleeing Montgomery in droves: homelessness, drug addicts and crime are what flourishes with Democratic mayors. Fortunately, it hasn’t gotten San Francisco level bad, but we have some the same issues here.

The Gump is showcasing how Democratic mayors typically operate across the country.

Gas Prices

Highest gas prices ever?

What’s not to like about that in rural America?

It just happened to coincide with our trip out West. I remember filling up at $7 a gallon in California. It is still insane out there. The only reason that gas prices have dropped is because so many people were crushed that demand was destroyed. Trump era gas prices were a lot better.


Where do I even start?

The stuff about the peasants cutting back on meat to fight climate change for Nanny Bloomberg was all too real. The standard of living of the working class and middle class has DECLINED under Joe Biden who has focused his attention on … what else … Ukraine.

The price of everything has gone up over the past two years because of the way Joe Biden has mismanaged the economy. A Spiderman ball for my son at Target costs $25.


Oh, I have been completely banned from all payment processors and social media platforms with the exception of Gab and Telegram. So there is that too. Florida and Texas have passed laws to try do something about this. Those cases are winding their way through the courts. Democrats banned everyone from the president to COVID critics to MAGA normies on social media for spreading “misinformation.” They will decide what is true for us.


Joe Biden has exceeded our worst expectations on this issue with over three million illegal aliens crossing the border. It took Donald Trump years to get illegal immigration under control, but it was under control when he left. Trump could at least say he was blocked by Congress and the federal courts whereas Joe Biden is trying to speed up the Great Replacement.


Here in Alabama, the Alabama state legislature passed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and a bunch of other “trans” related bills. Once again, Alabama Republicans are not really the problem.

Historic Monuments

There is, of course, the ongoing issue of our monuments which continue to be torn down by Democratic mayors in the South. Virginia Democrats wielded power in Richmond to destroy our monuments. Empowering them in the Virginia state legislature had disastrous results.

Gun Control

Once again, I don’t have a reason to be angry with Alabama Republicans who have been sound on this issue. My own congressman voted against the gun control bill that passed Congress after the Uvalde shooting.


I guess that is what we are calling it now.

The Democratic Party is explicitly anti-White. In contrast, anti-Whiteism has at least become an issue in the MAGA wing of the Republican Party. As a rule, Republicans never used to talk about White people, but this has become much more common over the past two years since the Great Replacement has gone mainstream. It is now mainstream to oppose “Wokeism” which means anti-Whites.

For all of these reasons, I would rather just not have the Democrats in power in 2023:

  • Kay Ivey is vastly preferable to a Democrat governor
  • The Alabama state legislature banned abortion and passed “anti-trans” laws
  • My congressman voted against the gay marriage bill and the “right to contraception” bill and the gun control bill
  • Tuberville and Britt have been critical of Ukraine spending.

In general, I don’t have much to complain about at the state level, so I plan on voting in this election.


Democracy is on the ballot.

If you oppose Joe Biden, the White House Press Secretary will call for you to be censored on the internet. You can be fired from your job because of his COVID policies. The FBI might show up at your house to ask you questions. Challenge him and everyone you know can be sued, indicted, arrested and imprisoned by his police state. You will be labeled an “authoritarian” and a “semi-fascist” and an “Enemy of Democracy” for voting the wrong way by this tyrant.

Note: I will probably be back to my usual cynicism next year. I swing back and forth. The Democrats really are asking to get thrown out of office.


  1. “I regret not taking seriously enough the possibility that Joe Biden and the Russiagaters in his base who were foaming at the mouth and who were out for blood after the defeat of Hillary Clinton would start a war with Russia. I didn’t pay enough attention to what was going on in Ukraine while Trump was president”:

    Trump would have done the same as Biden, and Biden didn’t start a war against Russia. The war has been going for decades, going back to Wilson and Truman. The U.S.;s proxy war using Banderites in Galicia began no later than 1948.

    • There wasn’t 18% inflation during trump.
      Trump didn’t hand a Ukrainian mobster 50 billion, enough to educate 250,000 doctors.

    • “Trump would have done the same as Biden…” Right wing copium. The line from a lot of people on the far right- Trump lost to Biden but they are both the same anyway.

      Trump wouldnt have funded the ukes with billions of my tax dollars but think that if it makes you better.

      • “Trump wouldnt have funded the ukes”:

        He did. It was being done in his administration. Trump himself says he would have fought Russia EVEN HARDER than Biden. He criticizes Biden’s “weak” handling of the war, says he would not have let Russia get this far. The Repubs, including MAGA and populist Repubs, are no less imperialistic than the Dems. We need an entirely different PARTY.

    • I watched an interview with Trump where he was discussing Putin’s operation in Ukraine. He said if he was still president, it never would of happened, because he told Putin if he tried it, he’d nuke Moscow off the face of the Earth. Then he said, I could tell Putin believed I’d do it about 5%. 5% is all you need.

      • Sounds made up. I doubt he ever told Putin he would “nuke Moscow off the face of the earth”. Just more big talk from Trump.

  2. All very good points and valid.
    I hope 10s of millions of voters share your sentiments.

    ( instead of calling it ‘gun control’ , which has positive connotations, we should call it ‘gun prohibition’, which it is and has negative connotations.
    This would remind people of the failure of prohibition.)

  3. If something actually changed for the better and stayed that way instead of being overturned when then next leftist politician takes office I would also vote.

    I believe all politicians should have term limits (4)years so they can’t get payoffs to keep that position.

  4. Brian Kemp

    Greg and Travis McMichael: Hear Their Side

    Politics = Prosecution

    I believe with every ounce of my being that the arrest and prosecution of Greg, Travis and William “Roddy” Bryan began at the office of Governor Brian Kemp. If you scoff at the idea, I encourage you to read on and try to keep an open mind. At the end, you may continue to disagree that politics played a significant part in the arrest and prosecution of Greg, Travis, and Roddy. On the other hand, you may have an awakening and truly understand that the arrest and prosecution reeks of backroom politics at the highest level.

    Do you recall the controversial TV ad that Kemp played while running against Stacey Abrams in 2018 to become Georgia’s next governor? Note that in the ad, Kemp points a shotgun at a teenager he calls “Jake.” Kemp keeps the gun pointed at Jake while questioning him about conservative policies he intends to implement if he’s elected governor. After watching the video, ask yourself if you find any irony between Kemp’s campaign video and what happened to Greg, Travis, and Roddy.

    Kemp’s shotgun video was designed for political gain. Similarly, he used Roddy’s cell phone video and his own authority as governor over the GBI and others in a way that was itself tantamount to political gain. Kemp has since taken credit for the change to Georgia’s Citizen Arrest Law and the establishment of the Georgia Hate Crime Law. He signed both with great fanfare on May 10, 2021, in a ceremony at the Georgia State Capital. On that occasion, Ahmaud’s mother, Wanda Jones, was present. The Atlanta Journal Constitution published an article about the event that was titled “A birthday present to Ahmaud, Georgia overhauls citizen’s arrest law.”

    The politics doesn’t stop with Governor Kemp, however. On February 2, 2022, members of the Georgia House of Representatives issued a Proclamation making February 23 of each year “Ahmaud Arbery Day” in Georgia. The proclamation reads in part: “WHEREAS, on February 23, 2022, the State of Georgia honors one of its most distinguished citizens. . . .”
    — “Greg and Travis McMichael: Hear Their Side”

      • On February 2, 2022, members of the Georgia House of Representatives issued a Proclamation making February 23 of each year “Ahmaud Arbery Day” in Georgia.

        While I don’t know the mechanics of this resolution/proclamation, e.g. if there was ever a vote on it, in the context of elections it seems worth nothing that per Wikipedia Republicans outnumber Democrats 103 – 77 in the Georgia House.

        And I have no idea why Georgia needs a state legislative body with 180 members — probably half that number would be sufficient, and save a lot of money.

    • It wasn’t called “National Jogger Day”? Will Feb. 23 of every year be a national holiday like the ridiculous whore monger/pervert/women beater/plagiarist holiday, MLK Day?

  5. Dems vs GOP

    Open Tyranny vs. a Gilded Cage

    Running to the rural areas to White people reservations is a means not an end. We have to ultimately take back our cities and centers of power, treat Leftists the way they treat everyone else: as enemies, not political opponents.

    Republicans are not offensive minded, they only ever play defense trying to stem the tide against constant Leftist aggression. Any good they do can be undone as long as demographics keep getting worse.

    I’m saying not to vote, but I don’t think it matters.

  6. It is a civic duty to vote.

    Moreover, it never hurts.

    If someone up the line is cheating you of your vote, then that’s on them – NOT you.

    Don’t let the failures of bad people deter you from fulfilling your duty as a citizen.

    Do what is right no matter how much wrong is being done around you.

    This is what a statue of Robert E. Lee means to me, among other things.

    Always do what is right.

  7. “COVID was one thing that illustrated just how important it is to not have a Democratic governor. It could have been a hell of a lot worse. In other states, The Science was invoked”:

    It didn’t matter whether Republicans or Democrats were in charge, because U.S..”health care” policy is caring for the health of big business. Now, Biden says “the pandemic is over,” while thousands are dying and Long Covid cases keep increasing. With each new infection with a different Cstrain, the chance of developing Long Covid increases. The U.S. population will only get sicker and sicker until, when or if, it is decided to take the steps necessary to eradicate the disease.

      • Because most of these guys are probably old, and still think the Democrats/Republican thing still works. They don’t care about the next generations. They probably ignore the blaring faults of the Republican politicians. For all of their money, you never see them start a white party.

  8. There is a low-level establishment op encouraging right-wing young people not to vote, some e-celebs shilling this, and some memes out, ironically even using ‘they’re all Zio’ etc … this is being noted on 4chan /pol/

    Tho it’s sad to see politicians with otherwise largely helpful opinions, grovel re Israel … party differences are bigger these days, more than before

    Trump got me voting again too … God bless that flawed man

    • Of course.

      If the Democrats control Congress, it will be worse than we expected. At least that is my take on the last two years.

      • So the guy(Soros) putting up the big bucks to sue DeSantis isn’t paying off the other politicians?
        If the Republicans “get in” and are the majority, do you think they will actually try Hunter Biden, the DOJ, and the IRS? Do you think they will stop Biden’s insane immigration plans?

        • If they get in and do nothing, then Biden is a lame duck for two years. They aren’t going to pass anything good until 2025 at the earliest

          • Only if they don’t do what the Left wants, and so far, they pretty much give in to them. Republicans like immigration and amnesty, so we will be stuck with millions and millions of low IQs from Mexico and Central America. They cannot deport them, so it’s a matter of time til they give them all amnesty. Meanwhile, they let more and more in. Once they give them amnesty they can count them in the population statistics, if they don’t count them as white. Most people think there’s only a few of them here.

          • Doing nothing – preventing any legislation from passing and refusing to accept any judicial picks – would be actual opposition. That’s not what the Repukes have ever done though. They’ll always find an excuse for some bi-partisan bullshit as they did many times during the Tea-Party’s fake-and-gay congress in the last two years of Housenigga Hussein’s teleprompter-readership.

  9. I no longer feel like a citizen, I am merely working, consuming and residing in a particular economic zone of the New World Order. I am currently allowed certain privileges with the understanding that they can be revoked at any time for any reason or no reason at all. That being the case I no longer wish to give the Regime the appearance of legitimacy by voting for any of its approved candidates.

  10. “Usually, we vote for Republicans and nothing happens, but to my astonishment the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade. Alabama Republicans ENDED a woman’s right to choose in Alabama. This was a bold step forward in reclaiming state sovereignty.”

    It’s got nothing to do with state sovereignty. Pro lifers are already trying to ban late term abortion at the federal level. It’s a weird cult by people who think the problem with America is that George Floyd isn’t having enough kids.

      • If abortion is murder, why should the woman not be charged with such? You have refused to answer this before. I wont ask again.

      • I don’t know where you live, but there will be millions more blacks around. Probably the whites aborting their babies are not Christians like us, and probably low brows.

          • Blacks, too? They are always reproducing everywhere else. World wise, black population is the largest growing race at 15%, while whites are in a negative figure for reproduction. It’s just so expensive to have kids, and unless you’re a minority, you don’t really get any help.

          • “It’s just so expensive to have kids, and unless you’re a minority, you don’t really get any help.”

            All by design.
            It’s been in process for 70+ years.

          • Well yes and what do you propose is the solution? To ban abortion and have millions more of them running around, so you can save a few white low income babies??

          • >… not anti-black.

            Given the demographic profile (criminality, academic achievement, etc) of Blacks in aggregate, recognizing that an increasing black population, which may well be a consequence of state level abortion bans or restrictions, is objectively bad for America, is not ‘anti-black’.

            >I’m pro-White, …

            How? — since you are not a WN, you are (seemingly) willing to watch as Whites become a minority population in America, without opposing this, or perhaps even rhetorically objecting to it — and it is hard for me to imagine anything worse for Whites as an ethno-cultural population than losing control of their homelands.

          • How can you be pro-White and support White mothers murdering their own children?

            If the argument is that 20 million black abortions justify 30 million White abortions, you should just admit that being anti-black is more important than any bullshit about White children

          • I don’t support the idea of whites deleting their own fetuses.
            But you can’t legislate morality.
            These people will just have more and more low income/welfare babies.

            If you are prowhite, then you should be against blacks having more babies because they prey on us and live off of us. They have no problem stalking us, robbing us, assaulting and killing us. There is little punishment for doing so. There is no advantage to having more of them.
            So that should clue everyone in, that TPTB want us reduced in number. Maybe not totally gone, but definitely not in power, and just a slave class.

          • Abortion is one of the reasons why I lost interest in White Nationalism.

            The fact that some people are willing to justify the deaths of tens of millions of White children because blacks have abortions just to me disproves the idea that “securing the future of White children” is what matters. Getting rid of blacks matters far more than protecting White children

          • I’ve said hundreds of times here that I don’t support abortion. I have also said that a culture which is pro-abortion will be liberal, degenerate and at best indifferent to race

          • <<Abortion is one of the reasons why I lost interest in White Nationalism.

            I don't know if all right wing or WN prowhites are pro abortion. They probably are for other races, but not whites. I wouldn't say this is because of the white low birthrate, but because of valuing one's own.

            <<Getting rid of blacks matters far more than protecting White children.

            Probably the white low rent people who have kids outside of marriage and cannot support them, would go way down, if they weren't mating with blacks, and if the culture was back to condemning illegit births.

            We can't just ignore the groups that have it out for us, and pretend like if we leave them alone, they'll leave us alone.

          • Once indentation is no longer possible it can be difficult to tell who is replying to whom.

            @ Hunter Wallace SEPTEMBER 26, 2022 AT 7:51 PM

            >Abortion is one of the reasons why I lost interest in White Nationalism.

            Abortion has nothing to do with White Nationalism — it is a social issue/problem to be addressed within the more important goal of making sure Whites maintain control of their homelands so they can survive is a self-governing, coherent ethno-cultural population.

            Your thinking on this is really mushy — some of what you write is just plain odd.

            Perhaps you ought to review this comment — I think Whites being a disliked and disadvantaged minority will result in a good deal more ‘anxiety and depression’ amongst them, which has the potential to reduce the white birthrate far more than abortion ever did.

          • I’ve been repeatedly told for years by people who are Alt-Right or White Nationalists that abortion is a good thing because blacks are aborting their children. They see it as a trade off that works for them. They are fine with 30 million White abortions because blacks abort their children at a higher rate. It is the same way with Christianity and the constant bashing of Christians because of the obsession with Jews who are the sole cause of all our problems.

            I’m consistent on this issue. I’m not the one going around saying “we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children” and then turning on a dime and justifying 30 million White abortions. There are lots of people who are more anti-black or anti-non-White than pro-White. Human sacrifice is okay with them so long as blacks are doing it a higher rate. Then there are the people who would include anti-White White leftists in their White ethnostate simply because they are White and who are oblivious to the reality of American politics.

          • @ Hunter Wallace SEPTEMBER 27, 2022 AT 8:53 AM

            I do not recall ever seeing any discussion of abortion in the context of White Nationalism — ? — if I had, I would have ignored or segregated it, because as I said, I consider it subordinate to the goal of preventing white civilization and white populations from falling under the political control racial aliens who either express no good will, or are openly hostile, toward Whites — this outcome is prima facie objectively bad for Whites.

            I find it bizarre that you seem willing to ignore this existential threat to Whites and white civilization in order to have what you see as a ‘consistent’ view on abortion, essentially an unrelated issue.

            As for ‘anti-White White leftists’, as I said before I think they would be a far more manageable problem (as they were in the 70s and 80s) without ‘diversity’, which leads directly to anti-racism, one of the major foils dividing Whites.

          • 1.) The subject was endlessly debated in the Alt-Right when it was still a thing.

            2.) I live in one of the blackest parts of the United States. I’ve never seen the blacks who live here as an existential threat. I have lived in this area for 42 years and have never once been bothered by them over my political views. I can’t say the same about anti-White White leftists.

            3.) The people who really are the existential threat in the sense that they are eager to engage in violence and harassment for political reasons because they see us as morally evil are overwhelmingly White leftists. Of course, there are Jewish elites, but everyone knows that. That’s not in dispute. The problem is that the people who come to our events and who engage in physical violence seem to be given a pass for being White.

            4.) The anti-White White leftists are by far the greater menace. Blacks had long been under control here. They are the ones who tore down Jim Crow and who put blacks up on a pedestal. They have repeatedly interfered in our internal affairs. The problem with the border, for example, is simply another effect of sharing the same country with those people as they are the ones who have unleashed this flood of immigration.

          • “Then there are the people who would include anti-White White leftists in their White ethnostate simply because they are White and who are oblivious to the reality of American politics.”

            You’re the one telling us it’s this giant tragedy that they’re aborting their children, I’m the one who doesn’t care. White abortion patients are overwhelmingly either ideological Leftists or trashy thots. Along with a few respectable Whites who don’t want to spend 30 years taking care of some Down’s syndrome kid.

          • @ Hunter Wallace SEPTEMBER 27, 2022 AT 7:09 PM

            1) OK — but that doesn’t mean abortion has anything to do with WN — it just means you wasted a lot of time/energy with others in the Alt-Right ‘debating’ it.

            2) I’ve dealt with this before: your anecdotal experience is not relevant to a demographic argument about Blacks in general — I recently saw it said that you know you’re dealing with an inferior intellect when they cannot or will not recognize the validity and significance of a demographic argument, or fail to comprehend and appreciate the significance of per capita — like it or not, this occasionally fits you.

            (Note: if you search the medical literature, you won’t find much on how exactly smoking causes lung cancer — the statistical association is strong enough for smoking to be deemed causative — a lot of medical advice is similar: it is based on mass population epidemiological studies — a modern equivalent is the GWAS = genome wide association study.)

            3) I dealt with this already too — nearly all the violence in America is ordinary criminal violence, and this is OVERWHELMING committed by Blacks.

            4) This is the same as 3), which I already dealt with (‘they would be a far more manageable problem … without diversity’).

            You say nothing about white replacement, which I called an ‘existential threat to Whites and white civilization’, and said was ‘prima facie objectively bad for Whites’ — which is not a surprise, and just cowardice on your part.

            >I don’t believe politics are heritable.

            It doesn’t matter what you believe — what matters is whether there is evidence that characteristics and behaviors rooted in a person’s genetic makeup have been shown to influence political views — and there is such evidence, both direct and indirect, e.g. that political ads have very little persuasive power.

          • linkWhite Nationalism is the required ante to play the game of the enemy. Whites won’t win without racial collectivism; the nostalgic pull of a dreamy cultural landscape where Whites shared values and behaviors without acknowledging those were properties of Whiteness is insufficient against a global enemy that lumps all Whites into one despised category.

            The genetic characteristics of Whites as a race are the reason they have created uniquely successful and desirable societies (‘without acknowledging those were properties of Whiteness’), and for their own self-interest and even survival these societies must be preserved and protected as the homelands of white people.

            Make a note of it.

          • Whites don’t believe in racial collectivism.

            Millions of White people see at as their moral duty to do as much damage as possible to all the bad racist White people like us. They are drunk on ideology. This is the reality of our situation. We preach racial solidarity and the greater good to people who don’t believe in it and wouldn’t give either of us the time of day

          • @ Hunter Wallace SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 AT 6:25 PM

            Didn’t you just say political beliefs aren’t heritable?

            The lack of racial solidarity among Whites stems from an era when it wasn’t needed, since Whites comprised a supermajority and didn’t face racial threats to their existence as a coherent, self-governing ethno-cultural group — obviously things are now radically different — so given what’s at stake, this lack of racial consciousness among Whites is a problem to be addressed, not a reason for resignation.

            Again you don’t say why the racial displacement of Whites should not be opposed.

          • >The anti-White White leftists are by far the greater menace.

            I don’t believe this, but you ought to consider the source of aberrant behavior on the part of Whites, especially anti-white behavior, which from an evolutionary standpoint of tribal self-interest and survival is obviously pathological:

            linkNon-binary was a low effort hack for white members to escape their relegation to the bottom of the oppression stack but other coalition members are already moving to nullify this advancement in woke technology

            What motivates Whites to engage in such sexually and racially aberrant behavior? — perhaps it is in large part a desire to recover lost status and escape blame as the US has become more diverse, while at the same time the media began promoting freakishness in the name or ‘tolerance’, and scapegoating Whites for the problems of non-whites — the decline of Christian influence has created a moral vacuum, filled by the the secular moral canon and secular moral absolutism promoted by the media — low status Whites, as well as Whites who are intellectually and psychologically weak, respond to these incentives offered by the media.

  11. The midterms, indeed all national elections, have only short term tactical significance from the perspective of White Advocacy.

    We absolutely should participate in them and vote our own interests EVERY time. Even in the years we don’t think there are candidates that will actually pursue White policies, we can and should still be at least voting for people that will grind the system to a halt to slow the machine.

    We absolutely should ALSO be 100% honest with ourselves that the establishment of both parties belly up to the same trough, are equally oppoosed to our interests, and will not relinquish power without a fight. This necessitates a strategic long view of local and state level political development so that states begin and continue to become more assertive of their own sovereignty.

    Understanding that you can have both the short and long term perspective without them being at all at odds is what is missing here.

    I voted for McConnel in his last election because the bitch that ran against him was disgusting. This doesn’t change the fact that I think he’s a corrupt race traitor married to a disgusting slope communist, and should have been tossed out on his ass decades ago. Her winning would have been terrible in the long run. Mitch’s influence is on the decline and there’s not much more he can do to damage his brand irreparably.

    There is no contradiction.

  12. Our current election system is fraudulent due to electronic rigging.

    Voluntarily participating in fraud is evil.

    The consequences of legitimizing evil are predictable and well-known.

  13. I wish I could vote for Vitaly Milinov, Russian Duma Deputy who said the following in parliament a couple of days ago.”The era of the iPhone soy cuckolds is coming to an end.” Slava Russia!

      • No way. He’s now a citizen of an enemy country. Btw, in the old Soviet Union, sodomy was punished by five years in prison. On first offense Say what you will about Stalin, he took a hard line on social deviancy and did not try to race-mix the Russian people. He also banned abortion. You hear that, Brad?

  14. The GOP had full control of the Senate, House, and White House after 2016 elections.

    The Great Satan went into overdrive against Trump.

    Jeff Sessions could have shut down the Russian Collusion Witch Hunt.

    The Senate GOP could have shut it down.

    Paul Ryan and the House GOP could have shut it down.


    Antifa and BLM tactics rose into prominence and were praised by Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio.

    The Charlottesville Alt-Right was defamed by the same MAGA people whose homes are now being raided by the Great Satan.

    The Alt-Right and the Democrats are both Nazis and Patriot Front are Feds……


    • All true.

      At the same time, Paul Ryan is long gone. Liz Cheney and people like that will be gone after the midterms. MAGA has also radicalized under Joe Biden without Dump in office. There has been a lot of movement over the past three years

      • Guarantee that once Trump gets in, it’s going to be the same crew all over again, and he will turn a deaf ear to whites. He will channel more and more money to “immigrants” like he did before. The whole “immigration” thing is just a big drain for pouring money down, and there is NO advantage to having Trump in the White House. MAGA people just like the fact he talks tough, and they like him putting down the Democrats, but none of that changes anything.

        • Trumpism w/o Trump really boils down to pulling off the same scam Cheetohead did with such great success. Say great things to get the base fired-up and then literally do the opposite when you’re in office. DeSantis has upped the ante on the scam with his recent Martha’s Vineyard operation. It’s a very effective political stunt but those invaders will not be deported, nor will the incurable white shitlibs of Martha’s Vineyard repent of their false religion. The one good thing it accomplished was to expose the utter hypocrisy of white (and Jews posing as white) SJWs. They don’t really give a rat’s ass about poor migrants but are using them as a weapon. Nobody with an actual moral sense should listen to anything they say or write about any issue whatever.

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