Donald Trump Calls For Republican Governors To Deploy National Guard To Texas

Is this story going to be remembered as a mountain or a molehill?


  1. “Is this story going to be remembered as a mountain or a molehill?”

    Either way, the dissident right has no part in it.

    This has been obviously coming to a head for a while. Everyone but the dissident right and the left agitators have been watching the border and slowly learning to hate while the fringes and the muslims have been trying to out compete eachother for who can dunk hardest on the jews by jumping off a pile of dead brown people in palestine.

    Meanwhile it looks like normies are pushing the pedal to the floor on a confrontation with Washington over an easy political winning issue, the southern border.

    Here is hoping they drive the Trump Train full speed right into the swamps fat faces. J6 was the bundy ranch standoff compared to what this could end up being. Folks are spoiling for a scrap too.

    Here’s hoping all hell breaks loose. A fort sumpter event could set this powder keg off in a big big way.

    • “Either way, the dissident right has no part in it.

      “This has been obviously coming to a head for a while. Everyone but the dissident right and the left agitators have been watching the border and slowly learning to hate while the fringes and the muslims have been trying to out compete eachother for who can dunk hardest on the jews by jumping off a pile of dead brown people in palestine.”

      This has to be one of the finest paragraphs summarizing the Great White Chance that was lost. As I said, and I meant it, it could’ve been Kirk and Wallace walking with Elon Musk, instead of that annoying fuck face of a Jew. But, too many on the Dissident Right had to larp their inner little shit and be a pretend Nazi to own the left.

      “Meanwhile it looks like normies are pushing the pedal to the floor on a confrontation with Washington over an easy political winning issue, the southern border.”

      Some of us many decades ago left playing in the Dissident movement and started preaching to the heathen normies. Some where captured by Normie political slave traders like St Patrick was captured and preached to them there, others dusted their shoes off the Dissident Rightsphere, and went into the the lands of the Normie barbarians to spread the good news, still others walked into the wilderness and formed covert collectives gathering the arcana of the beliefs and facts of the movement.

      Over time we birthed new children among the veterans and alienated working and middle class. We’ve seen formations of avante guard shock groups like Proud Boys and other right wing fighters. They helped break the barricades down during pre and early Trump. We also spoke softly to the last of the boomers who either cried at finally seeing a generation they could be proud of after they fought in Vietnam, or old former liberals who got mugged by niggers and the government and has had their come to Jesus moment at end of days and seen hope in a new generation.

      Despite Trump’s self destruction in his 1st term, he succeeded in enlightening the masses to what we’ve been saying all these decades. This too was planned for as a backstop. It all came to head on J6, when half a million radicalized normies, stormed that cesspool of filth, called the Temple of Democracy. It grew stronger still in the face of rapid crackdown on White Supremacy by that senilic old Irish Nigger Papist Joe Biden and his court of commies. Since then, I’ve watched “my children” form a thousand points of light and rally millions of more converted normies into a cause which is shaking this country to its foundation.

      Now I look at a map of the new Confederacy. I think how much more deeply organized it would’ve been had the Dissident Right not been so incorrigibly like a bunch of Pharisee Jews from the New Testament with these new converts. Although I wish our Dissident Right had been more sophisticated and organized tens of thousands of cadres and militants covertly so it could lead these millions, I am pleased to say IronicSockAccount is correct that the normies took up where the Dissident Right left off. Its the normies who are pushing the pedal to the metal.

      ISA is correct. With this situation on the border, with the State Commanders in Chief uniting to support Texas, with parades of patriots descending on the last place the last guard of the last confederate army deposited its flags before fleeing into Mexico, they could drive the Trump Train straight into the fat swamp faces and make J6 look like minor parade drill. Our missionaries amongst the people of Sodom on the Potomac have managed to get into positions of influence and gather much of the GOP on its side. Still, I just wish we had it more organized and symbolized and ready.

      Fuck it. Damn the torpedoes, and let’s ride, full speed ahead!

      • @Ashkenazi Globalist Bro,

        You and philosemites that don’t like us focusing on the massive role American jews played in the Great Replacement in the USA from the 1965 Immigration Reform Act to the current moment. Too bad Mordechi. All three jews involved in this standoff against Texas sovereignty (i.e., Merrick Garfinkle, Alejandro Mayorkas, and DHS General Council Jonathan Meyer) should remind the philosemites and Trumptards amongst us that, “Every. Single. Time.” rings true.

        Be honest. Zionist yids like yourself only want to deport immigrants now because you have seen the huge protests against the genocide of the Palestinians in large cities that included muslims, Asians, blacks, and browns (i.e., your golems) against jewish power. Your tribe never gave a shit about open borders, and the browning of America, until those browns that HIAS, and other jewish NGOs lobbied for turned on you over Gaza.

        • I’ve supported and promoted deporting the foreign element in the US since a young student in high school and before you were likely born. It cost me mightily in my career because as you can tell I am not afraid to call a dipshit a dipshit. Nor am I a Jew. I am a colonial American, mostly of Southern background, and from military and border frontier family. I drilled little shits like you into proper soldiers and hunted the enemies of this country on various continents. I’ve put serious bad guys and traitors into the ground. So, I take umbrage at being called a philosemite foreign supporter.

          That being said, along the way I ve met loads of foreign fellow fighters, including Muzzies and Israelis. I usually liked the Israelis. But I especially liked our NATO allies and especially our Brittanic brethren. So not a philosemite, as much as I am not a bloody fool. Once you’ve seen the world, you will realize it’s a big place and it’s necessary to band up as much as possible just to secure yourself. No man or country is an island unto itself for very long, especially today. So, getting rid of NATO is dumb. Shitting on Israel is dumb. Pulling out of the Middle East is dumb. But contradistinctly we can’t do it all alone. We need allies. Some of the Muzzies, but especially the Israelis, NATO, and British (UK, AU, CA, NZ) are vital.

          So, the overfocus on “Duh, Jews” and neo-isolationism by the Dissident Right has allowed everyone of every political, religious, and political stripe to advance their power across the country, except for themselves. This is especially true for Papists, Pagans, and Pakis who’ve advanced in the former WASP dominated national security world. Take a look at any of the publications for the national security world and you will be surprised by the number of weird foreign and non-Jewish names. Clearly, doing nothing but going fishing and larping about “Duh, Jews” has only encouraged more foreigners to come and take over.

          While you guys focused on “Duh, Jews,” Mexico de facto reconquered large portions of its formerly claimed territory in the US. While you focused on “Duh, Jews,” the North Eastern combine, predominantly Irish Papists, moved South and took over huge portions of the illicit territory and much of the political economy. While you focused on “Duh, Jews” the Sand niggers infiltrated huge portions of the political economy, the old cities, and launched devastating terror attacks. While you all focused on “Duh, Jews,” and complaining about Dancing Israelis and thinking it was so cool and arcane, a mix of friendly Muzzies, neocon Papists, Yankee Republicans, and Israelis advanced by providing solutions which were executed by mostly Southerners. Focusing on “Duh, Jews,” like I see here is autistic, obsessive, and retarded.

          • Then you’re literally worse than a jew. Jews could not have achieved this massive level of destruction alone. It was accomplished with much aid and assistance from clowns like yourself. The white elite plus wannabes like you enabled all of this ruin. You should just go crawl away in a hole and die, but no we’ll have to just learn to ignore your endless retarded argumentation about types of issues. Fighting wars on behalf of the parasites who own most of the country is not patriotism. It’s at best stupidity. Uncle Schmuel thanks you for your servitude.

            The whole laundry list of invaders and parasites you mention: Mexicans et al, Muslims, Indians, etc – were all made possible by the Hart-Celler act of 1965 which was pushed primarily by jews and catholics. The civil rights laws from the same era made their advancement via racial preferences (given the Orwellian term “affirmative action”) were again supported overwhelmingly by jews, along retarded whites. Money is power, and the reason the jews became so powerful is because they control the private banking cartel known as the federal reserve, created in 1913. Once congress gave away power of the purse, it was a done deal.

            Western civilization is dead as is the United States, replaced by a Satanic Clown-World run by an utterly evil oligarchy made up of jews, goys and their comprador political class. NATO, EUSSR, and the fake-and-gay country known as Ukraine (which did not exist before 1991) are all full Clown-World – and yet here you are supporting all of them. The UK, AU, CA, NZ are all fully pozzed totalitarian woke regimes whose objective is to replace their majority populace with wogs SAP. The fact that you support and endorse them says all we need to know about you. Some of the fat cats were all just at Davos – just think what a benefit to the entire planet a nice small nuke set off there would have been. Klaus and his jet-setting cronies all sent to their eternal reward in a single blast.

            Actually it’s kind of unfortunate ‘muh Izraell’ is self-destructing since there will be no place to deport all the parasites should we be fortunate enough to reclaim our homelands. Half a million have already bugged out to go parasitize other unfortunate places. There’s a reason they’ve been expelled from 109 countries and it has zero to do with them being the chosen, or even being decent people. They were expelled because they cause trouble everywhere they go. Perhaps someone can start a Kosher-Moon project so they could all go there to live – like spiders in a jar.

      • I am reminded of a quote I kept from Anglin, that I’ve posted here once before:

        “ I dumped the Alt-Right as a whole, as it turned out that basically everyone involved in the leadership was some kind of [federal] informant. Overall, I’ve chalked this up to the wages of a political movement that is not explicitly Christian.” – A. Anglin,

        It’s clearly a religious battle. As it always has been.

        “While the Bible maintains that the Christian apologist is prohibited from adopting the starting point of unbelieving thought, he is encouraged to show the unbeliever the end result of his foolish philosophical principles if they are consistently followed. As defenders of the only true faith, we are to “answer a fool as his folly deserves, lest he be wise in his own eyes” (Prov. 26:5). That is, we are to put the unbeliever’s worldview to the test, showing how absurd it is when followed consistently. “-

        Even the Orthodox agree- There is no Neutrality!
        “It is appropriate to note that there are no non-religious people – absolutely every person, without exception, has his own confession, his own attitude towards God, just as angels and demons have his. If a person openly or only within himself renounces God, then he, voluntarily or involuntarily, becomes the slave of His adversary.”- + Metropolitan Agafangel May 9, 2023

        “…there is no religious neutrality, no neutral law, no neutral education, and no neutral civil government. Then they (i.e., we) will get busy in constructing a Bible-based social, political and religious order which finally denies the religious liberties of the enemies of God.” – Dr. Gary North

        “Those who refuse to submit publicly to the eternal sanctions of God by submitting to His Church’s public marks of the covenant–baptism and holy communion–must be denied citizenship, just as they were in ancient Israel.”

        “I am arguing that the evangelical testimony of historical sanctions that was available to the nations round about ancient Israel is still in operation. [Deut. 28)….. Christian Reconstructionists assert that this covenantal tool of evangelism is still operating, and that it still impresses lost sinners” [and that] …they will inevitably be confronted with the reality of God’s sanctions in history. They cannot escape it.” – Political Polytheism, 146-7.

    • It would have to be the Blinken-Nudelman state dept to do that. There will be very frosty day in the pit of hell long before that happens.

  2. Orange Jewlius had 4 years to straighten out the border mess instead he focused with laser-like intensity on Israel and the jews’ stock market.

  3. Mountain or a molehill? It all depends on what Abbott does. If I was a betting man, I’d put my money on cuck and hope I am wrong.

  4. More hot air from Zion Don.

    I am sure that he is monitoring the situation on the Texas-Mexico border.

    Did he mention that his Supreme Court nominee Amy Barrett Coney sided with Grachite Chief Justice Roberts, and the 3 non-White female justices?



    Could this have happened without widespread popular political support for this position? I think not.

    Several years ago the majority of county sheriffs of Virginia stated their intention to refuse to enforce pending gun control law at that time. Don’t remember the outcome, but it was pretty stunning to see such open defiance of state government. Now it’s gone to the federal level. A great step forward.

    If those 26 states seceded from the UNION, they would be a more than viable separate independent country.

    • In the states that have not backed Texas there is no backing for the Biden Administration amongst the public. Only the professional political class there would take a pro-Biden stand and only if forced to and for mercenary reasons, too. Corrupt Joe has pursued a border policy hated by the vast majority of people in the country but approved by the Democrat/Republican donor class only.

      Corrupt Joe has the support of the Federal apparatus but no popular support for his open borders program even in places like NYC and Chicago except for The Usual Suspects and the wogs who have flooded the country over the last fifty years. Blacks in NYC and Chicago have been protesting their displacement by new Third World horribles to zero effect with the Democrat Party. Corrupt Joe is shooting himself in the foot with his foolish open borders program and Trump, useless in his first term, is capitalizing now on this blunder.

  6. Trump: “When I was President, we had the most secure border in history”.
    It’s Big Lies like this that make me hate the man.
    And I’ll bet the MAGAtards all believe the lie.
    Try Eisenhower after operation wetback was completed in the 1950s.
    I’m so sick of these in-your-face lying scum politicians of both parties.

  7. Most presidential nominees will say all the right things to win office. The key is to actually DO the right things once in office.
    At least with Trump, you’ll know exactly what to expect. You’ve already had experience with him as leader. You can vote based on that experience.

  8. Trump did nothing about DACA, anchor babies, and floated the “American Dream Act” in 2020.

    Zion Don did not federalize the National Guard to put down the terrorist riots of BLM & fagtifa in the summer of St. Floyd of Fentanyl.

  9. Ann Coulter
    Anyone in a Southwestern state who strolls to the border & drops a brick will have done more to build the wall than
    12:09 PM · Jun 16, 2017

    • @Cesar i don’t think so……probably there’s an algorithm that doesn’t allora ti post certain things. I tried to post a link video from YouTube but nothing.

  10. These migrant WEF nation wreckers are just it Migrant’s, calling the Migrants Illegal only burdens the common tax payers more money spent running into the cycle of a legality!

    They can be deported and come back many times crossing the border for crime, work, and well fair and have done so since well a least the 1920s ?

    It’s not just a USA problem it’s a complex North America issue, Mexico has how many other nations of foreign people bottle neck in their country ready to be bussed to NYC ? Canada is the next best stop if the luck runs out for migrants in large democrat cities, for well fair comforts!

    I’m all about winning!!! let them be called migrants, and then let them migrant back to their original countries, or zones?

    Let them keep migrating, and migrating,

    Win, Win!

  11. Muh constitutional crisis?
    That GD piece of paper (h/t-Shrub) was thrown overboard long before the 1964 muh cibil rights flushed it down for all time.

  12. Abbott the so-called “border hero” governor IS IN INDIA NOW! He is overseas, promoting more big business deals. Abbott praises the “growing young work force” (“growing” is understatement!) – the ever-expanding pool of foreign-born “human resources” who are allowing businesses and industries to thrive in Texas. Abbott is NOT anti-immigration. He is not for the workers. Like all U.S, politicians, he serves the class that exploits the workers of Texas and the world. The nature and logic of the private profit system require ever-increasing importation of foreign-born “human resources.” Making a big show with border fence or razor wire distracts attention from and won’t affect the system itself, that disturbs the rest of the world and CAUSES the “immigration” (importation) invasion. The raging immigration is only a symptom, like a high fever. The system is the disease.

    • “The system is the disease.”

      That, I take it, means, Merthyr, the system that enables you to publish your Marxist boilerplate to the entire world, including the Red China that you admire and that has contributed to the modern world nothing at all, unless we count the ingraciousness with which it has always conducted itself toward the United States to whom it owes EVERYTHING.

      • John, what do you mean by China “owes everything” to the United States? Do you believe the “Mongoloid race” is incapable of real creativity, and that the “Aryan race” is the fount of new ideas and the real source of all human progress? Some believe that “ancient Aryans whose names are lost” actually invented the gunpowder and rockets and all the other “so-called Chinese” inventions, and that after the Aryan inventors died, the Han Chinese merely copied and preserved the Aryan inventions! Now suppose that China, or Chinese socialism “with Chinese characteristics” (in the mode of Confucius) really does “contribute nothing” to the world, either because Chinese “Mongoloid minds are uncreative,” or because China is too “turned inward” (the Confucian ideal) and “only takes care of itself.” But isn’t that kind of behavior really BETTER for the rest of the world, than the behavior of a certain “nation” (or empire) that does the opposite: always invading and destroying or colonizing and exploiting every country in the entire world? Note that Western banking Interests desperately want China to open up now, like it opened up once before in the days of opium, and like Russia opened to them in the 1990s. When China and Russia opened to the West before, they did “make contributions,” in a sense. And if China and Russia had continued contributing like that much longer they might no longer exist. I realize this is tangential to the post about Governor Abbott.

        • “What do you mean by China ‘owes everything’ to the United States?”

          Well, look at it, Merthyr. Does everything modern about China not strike you as simply imitation of the U.S.-led West? If it does not, well, you and I probably see things so differently that we’re incapable of any meaningful exchange at all.

          “Do you believe the ‘Mongoloid race’ is incapable of real creativity, and that the ‘Aryan race’ is the fount of new ideas and the real source of all human progress?”

          Yes, but that, of course, is a separate question. Even if I were of the view that the Mongolids are capable of real creativity, as you phrase it, I would be of the view that nothing about China’s modernization reflects any such creativity on their part.

          “But isn’t that kind of behavior really BETTER for the rest of the world, than the behavior of a certain ‘nation’ (or empire) that does the opposite: always invading and destroying or colonizing and exploiting every country in the entire world?”

          No, not in my view.

          Y’know, my friend, I recently saw, at YouTube, the first moments of a video to which a friend of mine had alerted me. It was probably fairly-recent video, captured, I guess, by smartphone, of street life in Saigon. In gushing about the excitement of the place, the videoman—who, I think, was neither Caucasian nor Mongolid—trained the camera on a Louis Vuitton store.

          That, apparently, is the great legacy of Ho Chi Minh, one, no doubt, of your Marxist-Leninist heroes. Half a century after he got—what? maybe millions?—of his people killed by persuading them to get with the USSR’s inane program of world transformation, his country is just another imitation of the U.S.-led West. The only difference is that it’s a second-rate imitation, meager in comparison with Japan, South Korea, etc., who were with the U.S. virtually from the start.

          Although I wish the U.S. were, in fact, always invading and destroying or colonizing and exploiting every country in the entire world—so that no American would have been killed in Ho Chi Minh’s war—it is, unfortunately, not.

          • You want Amerca to be in a constant state of war to avoid a different war; which the US could have stayed out of, and the end result would have been the same with much fewer deaths and fewer refugees. You sound like one of those evil jew neocons.

          • And how would you have replied, Tikkun, to a meaningless assessment that America’s triumph, in delivering modernization to the planet, amounts to “always invading and destroying or colonizing and exploiting every country in the entire world”? If that’s what it is, fine.

      • Re: China “owes EVERYTHING” to the U.S.: Sorry, John, I didn’t think of THE DEBT. Yes you are correct, China does owe the U.S. everything: China is holding many DOLLARS, which are debts, that the U.sury S.ystem creates and the Chinese people now owe to the system. Russian people also owe the U.S. at least 300 billion Dollars, and the U.S. is forcibly TAKING IT now! In the sense that I think you probably mean, not only China and Russia but all peoples, all nations, all workers of the world “owe everything they have” to the usury system. Khazarkraine owes everything. So does Argentina. It goes without saying that China owes everything, because everyone (except the elites) owes everything, Everyone (except the privileged elites) is BORN into debt now, like being born in original sin.

        On the post topic: Texas is just a “little U.S.” and Abbott is its little POTUS, different only in size or scale not in substance from the big, full empire and its figurehead Biden, and if this “little U.S.” ever seceded from the U.S. (extremely unlikely) it would still not have seceded from the usury system. “Border hero” Abbott is the very opposite of a socialist.

  13. Well, first thing, this morning, I am really disappointed, DISAPPOINTED in the land that I love, meaning KENTUCKY, yes you KENTUCKY, I just looked at the map, are we still suffering from that ailment, commonly known as ” Head Up Our ASSITUS ” !!! …… That KENTUCKY FRIED GOVERNOR, you all voted into the statehouse, mr.beshear, his name is ARABIC in origin, it means ” Messenger ” well I have a message for you Kentucky, ” Straighten up and fly RIGHT ” March with the RIGHTEOUS RED ! …….

  14. No State is seceding now, but only Texas has a clear legal right to secede, as Texas entered the Union via a treaty with Zog that guaranteed Texas the right to secede, a right that Texas still holds.

    Probably the best course in the end will be for the 30 or so States that want to secede to just all merge into Texas, become part of Texas. That guarantees them legal rights to Secede. As Texans.

    The legality does matter, because Nations like Russia value that, and a clearly legal secession is far more likely to get Russian military help. Something the New Nation will badly need.

    • The right of secession is natural law. Was there ever a treaty signed by the US government that it did not later break?

    • WV is 95% White – why would my state want to merge with a state like Texas which is only 50% White. And I still haven’t heard what White Texans are going to do with all of the Browns and Blacks if Texas breaks off from the JewSA.

  15. It looks like the Confederacy just got way bigger. Confederate President Jeff Davis did say that our cause would enter a new / bigger arena one day. It’s bigger now. ?

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