Republican Governors Stand With Texas

This has been a pleasant surprise.

I would love to be as wrong about CW2 as Alabama football in 2024.


  1. This is very heartening to see. How much is honest and how much is posturing by opportunistic RINOs? Time will tell I guess.

  2. I’m beginning to think our poster Juri might be on target with this. All of a sudden these swamp-cucks are singing a strange tune (Bonnie Blue Flag). Yes they sing it poorly and horribly off key, but there it is.

  3. I’ve been talking about balkanization here for years. This process is inevitable and will accelerate as the imperial government continues to lose legitimacy.

    Do you think if Trump wins, every blue state won’t do just as much or more to defy any and every policy he puts forward? Of course they will.

    Assailed from both sides, the empire will tear itself into regional coalitions and chart a new course forward.

    Any way you slice the United states, the current general regions, West Coast/Pacific Northwest/Hawaii, Plains/Midwest/Ohio Valley, Appalachia/Deep South, East Coast/Virgina/Upper Appalachia, and Alaska easily on its own, all these regions economically are all larger individually than most other countries in the world. Alaska has a metric crap load of resouces it could tap and exploit if it weren’t for the bureaucracy keeping it all under thumb.

    There isn’t a reason for the empire to exist if its gravity can no longer hold its parts together, and this reaction to the border is just a symptom of that weakened influence.

    Its not going to happen all at once. But its happening for certain.

  4. Noticeably absent: Mississippi’s Tate Reeves and South Carolina’s Henry McMaster.
    Both part of the swamp that LOVES cheap illegal labor.

    • @Gunny,

      Nothing good comes out of South Carolina.

      Even “based Dixiecrat” Strom Thurmond had a mulatto daughter.

      • “Strom Thurmond had a mulatto daughter”

        Typical damn hypocrite.( Not to mention gutter morals, judgement and poor taste.)

  5. @ Gunny

    Also Arkansas, home of Tyson Foods. Lots of brown hands needed for all those big chicken factory farms and processing plants.

    • To drive down the wages of any WHITES.
      (REALLY, it pushes WHITES out of jobs. Jose and Garcia will do a number on your car, so they can get their cousin in your job.)

    • Yes I see confirmed cucks on the list up there. Their miserable records speak for themselves, as does Cheetohead’s. Politicians always grandstand on the latest fart that wafts past. It’s ever been so, even back to Ancient Rome. The one thing that’s kind of surprising about it is that they even expressed support for Abbott instead of the usual hiding behind support for “our democracy”. If they actually order their state guard units to side with TX, and defy Biden’s coming order to federalize the guard, we could be moving into unprecedented territory.

    • “Sloganism and Words.”

      And a gullible public that swallows lies.

      If the American public had any brains, they’d make politicians sign binding contracts on their promises. If they fail to perform the promise in time, forced to resign.

      (Jwz do this.)

  6. These are empty gestures. Federal law preempts state laws and constitutions. There is no legal way for the States to stop the border crossings without federal permission. All state National Guard units belong to the federal government. If these governors intend to use force to close the border, they will have to set up state militias outside the National Guard structure. Where will they get the people and weapons? All that is already in the Guard.

    • Sorry, you need to read Article I, section 10 again. They’re are under invasion so TX is absolutely correct here. Of course we just saw five supreme clown-court blackrobes commit an act of treason – proving (as if we needed any) that the constitution is indeed no more than as described by Jorge W. Busheron, the Caudillo of Crawford: Just a G-D piece of paper. Not even worth the paper it’s printed on now.

  7. In Ohio, The Secretary of State Frank La Rose, the Attorney General Dave Yost, and the Republican Leader are all backing Texas. So far Ohio Governor “Chester the Molester” DeWhine hasn’t made a move to support Texas.

  8. This campaign and this moment has been prepared. This campaign is what is called legal-agitation-propoganda. Behind it is military force. We are prepared to confront. Thanks to the GOP this happening. The same GOP that most of the Dissident Right gave up on and went to their watering hole instead, this same GOP was fought over by folks like myself. We won and persuaded the grand poobahs to move forward. You should all do the same.

    But it wasn’t easy. The enemy has tried to stop us at every step. Some of you will remember when the Papist Gay Grand Inquisitor Nick Fuentes tried to ambush some key Republicans including Abbot at a meeting in Texas. That was intentional and meant to defeat the campaign by getting inside the decision making circle, smearing by association, and subverting. In turn, some of you will understand that was a Fed attempt at sabotaging this campaign we are witnessing, or at the least infiltrating it and setting it up for failure later.

    So, in sum, be on the watch folks. You are wise if you understood this. Be wiser still. For, the enemy is devious and insidious in his efforts and has many types of spies and subversive in his service to so do so. Most of you recognize what needs to be done. But so does the enemy. Keep up the fight, don’t give up, be on guard, go with God and fear not what the Devil will throw at you.

  9. I don’t give an F about the Supreme Court. The right to secession is the last resort to maintain a people’s liberty. As such it is natural law. While we are at it let us a pass a constitutional amendment where 2/3 of the states can overturn a Supreme Court ruling! Anything you cannot leave voluntarily is either a toxic relationship, a criminal enterprise, a psychotic cult, or a tyrannical government. America is like Hotel California whereby states can check out any time they want (which is what Texas is doing now) but can never leave!

    • That’s actually been a pretty smart move on the part of Meatball Ron and Abbott. It’s way past high time that the shitlibs who support and endorse the ongoing invasion get to have them all in the cities where they reside. They need to go after the really super-rich towns like Chappaqua, Martha’s Vineyard and other locales where the one-percenters reside. The amazing thing is that the shitlibs are so totally insane that even seeing their own kids gang-raped by the invaders would only result in them doubling down in their insanity. There have been numerous such cases already.

      • ” go after the really super-rich towns like Chappaqua, Martha’s Vineyard ”

        They tried, the illegals were quickly removed.

      • Shipping illegals to all 4 corners of the US to Own the Libs – that’s the kind of deep thinking that I’ve come to expect from Whites in the US.

  10. The US Chamber of Commerce and CONserservative Koch brothers will donate the barbed wire cutters to the feds.

    • Koch brothers, despicable two, especially since their dad was so based.

      (There’s only one now, Koch brother)

  11. Yesterday afternoon, Governor De Wine joined Secretary of State LaRose, Attorney General Yost, and Lt. Governor & political leader Hustead in signing onto Governor Abbots letter.

  12. I actually hope we have another Little Rock/Ole Miss moment. This time much bigger with the consequences much greater. What would whitey do this time ya reckon?

  13. These lamers.
    They should have been paying attention to California 50 years ago , when this crisis started

    “Oh well, he-yuk, he-yuk, it ain’t happenin in my town, I donts care none.”

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