1. Responses to Brion, after watching this whole thing.

    1) Libertarians are gay.

    2) There is no constitutional argument that will be accepted by the left, or the federal government controlled by it, that doesn’t serve their interests. Those interests being primarily the dillution and erosion of the franchise of native born White citizens who are held in contempt by the federal government and the leftist institutions/corporations that collaborate with them.

    3) The necessity of the states to assert their sovereignty in this situation is of paramount importance and thats what all the focus should be on.

    4) Congress is part of the federal government. The first action of the states against the federal government should be to withdraw their delegations as an immediate declaration of the illegitimacy of the federal government. Force the establishment politicians to declare their loyalty by doing so.

    5) Raise a civilian militia the moment any resistance is shown by the states national guard to follow the order of the elected governors of our states. Seize their assets in the states and disarm them.

    6) “Pennsylvania Democrats” are just like Kentucky Democrats, generally conservative working class types. Only a minority are leftist anti Whites who populate the big cities. Many Appalachian states are this way. Fetterman isn’t an anomaly.

    7) There will be no circumstances in which Biden must blink unless a confrontation is forced on the federal government.

    8) The senate will never convict in the case of impeachment. It would be meaningless. To say nothing of the fact our elected congressmen are mostly traitors and won’t impeach unless they smell a profit. Refer to point 4 above.

    9) Its the states place to force this confrontation.

    • “2) There is no constitutional argument that will be accepted by the left, or the federal government controlled by it, that doesn’t serve their interests. Those interests being primarily the dillution and erosion of the franchise of native born White citizens who are held in contempt by the federal government and the leftist institutions/corporations that collaborate with them.”

      The federal government (and European governments) is controlled by Communist Jews whose only allegiance is to annihilation of all whites everywhere

  2. Re: your mention of the Abbeville Institute:

    The blog of the Abbeville Institute https://www.abbevilleinstitute.org/blog/ is interesting, very well written. The latest entry is about the Confederate guerilla Quantrill’s raid on Lawrence, Kansas in 1863. I see that McClanahan Academy is not the same as Abbeville Institute.

  3. 1) I appreciate the sober, intellectual mind of Brion McClanahan. In saner times, he could have been a tremendously talented thought leader within a Nationalist/Constitutionalist political framework. But we no longer live in that world.

    2) None of what Brion says here matters if the entire institutional apparatus of the Federal government, including its military leadership, as well as Civilian economic interests, are unwilling to do what is necessary and right. This is doubly so when you consider that most of said institutional, economic, and military leaders are openly hostile to the will of The People and thus support this violation of Constitutional law.

    3) The US Constitution was effectively, and in all practical terms, overturned in 1964, and since then we have only ceremoniously pretended to adhere to the principles within it that don’t directly conflict with the Civil Rights Act…but with each passing day, TPTB find new and creative ways to declare the skeletal remnants of it to be in conflict with the Civil Rights Act, and thus no longer legitimate. (White people owning guns is White Supremacy, White People speaking their minds is hate speech, Christianity is Facism, etc)

    4) I fully support Abbott and every effort being made here. I do not believe Abbott is engaging in kayfabe or Kabuki. I’m sure there is a bit of political posturing to draw attention to himself, but I don’t think he isn’t genuine in his immediate motivations. The problem is, the only thing that matters here is power.

    ***The final question that I have to ask is, is anyone truly willing to make historical moves here, the kind that history books are written about? Are there enough 2nd Amendment loving Texans willing to exercise the intended purpose of that amendment (I.e. not skeet shooting or gun show collecting)?

    Are the Generals and Admirals of The JCS willing to engage in that kind of confrontation? It is indeed a Rubicon from which there is no turning back.

    Brion is great. Love his work, but when a government is no longer legitimate, the last remaining thing is power, and the willingness to seize or fight for it. We are quickly on that downhill trajectory

  4. None of these libertarians are even remotely inquisitive about how flawed their Constitutional system must have been from the start since it has resulted in the current hellscape that is America.

  5. I have some Funko Pops I found in the trash he can have.
    All clownshoe aside is the Brandon cancelling LNG exports a slap against WEF Abbott?
    Texas is the main source of LNG for FUSA, OMG they are like Russia!
    That is low as Abbott is in India looking out for American workers.

  6. Meanwhile, Gov. Abbot is 10,000 miles away in India recruiting more Indians (dot, not feather) to migrate to the U.S. and become “New Americans”. They will need H1-B visas which the Republicans in Congress will be more than happy to provide once suitable bribes, er, I mean “campaign contributions” are paid. Greed for money will be the death of the U.S. ultimately.

    Greed is a vice, not a virtue as Michael Douglas infamously stated in the movie Wall Street. Greed weakens a nation, clouds rational judgement and leads to absurd contradictions. Now the governor of a border state is properly rallying support to prevent hideous wogs from invading while encouraging other wogs to fly into Texas and eventually displace real Americans. Either way the end result is the same except that some well connected politicians and businessmen profit off of the country’s descent into Hell through H1-B immigration.

    Tell me again, why should Whites serve in the U.S. military which is part of the government which wants them six feet under, dead and replaced with the Third World?


    • Schizophrenia like behavior is common for lifetime servants of regime. This happens all the time.

      When Soviet Union was reformed, then lot of apparatchik’s supported our cause, rejected violence ….and were very surprised when they lost the right to command.

      For example Mr. Gorbachev supported free speech, glasnost like he said….but he was very angry, when papers published something what he didn’t liked. Free speech is good thing but when you don’t like something, then you have the right to call into newspaper office and demand that paper will not talk about certain things.

      Free economy is also wonderful. This is capitalism…but Gorbachev was agricultural specialist himself and when kolkhozes begun growing something what Gorba didn’t liked, he picked his phone again. Economy is free until Gorbachev thinks that you are doing stupidities.

      Transition politicians and transition Governments are often stuck in the old system even when they have best intention. Human psychology. Of course Mr. Abbot is stuck in reaganomic ideas. In the 1980thies bringing in few really gifted people wasn’t big problem.

    • @Puppy RE: Why I’m here.

      Scumbags are necessary for max entertainment value. Its like pro wrestling. If there’s no heel to hit you with a steel chair when the referee looks away, then the show is just…sports.

      Blogs are like that. They need a source of unreasonable, unpredictable and recalcitrant contention to keep it interesting otherwise its just…journalism. And journalism is gay.

      The comment section is often as interesting as the article/post. Thats the paradox of new media.

  7. What I’m wondering is how long will the Republicans stay on this issue. We all know Corporate America that works Illegal Immigrants for $2 an hour are super mad right now. Any thought of preserving our national independence is bashed among Corporations who want zero national borders, zero fair trade, zero minimum wage laws, zero Unions, and zero European American rights in general. Things are getting very interesting now. ?

  8. O’Brandon says money for Ukraine or else.
    The UNI could close the border anytime if wanted.
    The CPUSA (D) wing wants lifetime wards of the state who will vote or lose the EBT card.
    The Grand Old Politburo (R) wing wants cheap labor and a perfectly manicured green at the chamber of commerce golf course
    The rest of us are stuck in a Scylla and Charybidis of BioLeninism.

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