Jury Rules Trump Must Pay E. Jean Carroll $83.3 Million In Damages For Defamation

Are you looking for a reason to support The Revenge Tour?


“A federal jury on Friday said Donald Trump must pay E. Jean Carroll a total of $83.3 million in damages for defaming her in statements he made as president after the writer said he had raped her in a New York department store in the 1990s.

The massive civil verdict — which comes on top of a $5 million sexual abuse and defamation verdict that Carroll won against Trump last year — was delivered less than three hours after the nine-member jury began deliberating in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. … ”

New York Times:

“The meeting turned ugly fast.

In October 2022, Roberta Kaplan flew to Donald Trump’s estate, Mar-a-Lago, in Florida, to question him under oath in the defamation lawsuit that her client, the writer E. Jean Carroll, had filed against him after she accused him of sexually assaulting her.“

She’s not my type,” Mr. Trump said when he was asked if he raped Ms. Carroll in the mid-1990s in a dressing room at the Bergdorf Goodman department store in New York.

Then he shrugged, looked at Ms. Kaplan and pointed at her.

“You wouldn’t be a choice of mine either, to be honest with you,” he said, according to a transcript of the deposition. “I would not, under any circumstances, have any interest in you. I’m honest when I say it.”

She began another question, then paused and reminded him, “I’m an attorney.” … ”

Look no further than the E. Jean Carroll verdict.

As Jason Kessler points out, the same people who were behind the Sines v. Kessler lawfare case in Charlottesville – Reid Hoffman and Roberta Kaplan – which resulted in a $25 million judgment in civil court against the Unite the Right organizers are the ones who are behind this bullshit lawfare case against Donald Trump and this $83.3 million judgment. They are on the enemies list.

Note: This is one of the reasons why I am more indifferent to the outcome of the election. If Trump wins in 2024 and takes revenge against all of his various enemies, some of those enemies are our enemies.


  1. This is exactly what has me voting for him again. Maybe he does nothing if he wins, but he’s the only possibility of anybody actually doing anything. And what does he have to lose? He’s approaching 80 and at the end of the life, why not vote for a possibility of some fireworks rather than none at all and staying on the current trajectory?

    • The jwz have turned our courts into mockeries of justice.
      From family courts ruining families to contract judgements ruining commerce, ie Winklevoss vs. Zuckerberg……..on and on it goes.

  2. The truth, Trump did not rely on the truth to save him and he deserve what he gets.

    Repeat after me Donald—–“I boned the skank and she loved it.” See, wasn’t that easy?

    • “Jewish financier of the Trump defamation lawsuit, Reid Hoffman, bankrolled the lawsuit against Charlottesville organizers.
      Both cases were litigated by the obese Jewish lesbian Roberta Kaplan.”

      They corrupt everything they touch.

      • The truth is your only defense, why couldn’t he tell the truth? Trump made himself into a playboy billionaire figure on his own accord, now he expects people to believe he didn’t do it? Who believes him? The fault is not in our stars but in yourselves, why couldn’t Trump say I am a sinner, please forgive me to the jury? He deserved what he got for lying to the jury.

    • Because her claim was he was a random stranger who approached her in the dressing room in the department store near Trump Tower and had sex in that dressing room. Really? He spent his days stalking women in the dressing rooms of the local department store like some Salvadoran with a twenty year old car you typically see arrested for this kind of stuff? 30 years had gone by and even if true the evidence and statements are too stale to rely on. I bet this is a bunch of blacks and hispanics from the bronx on this jury, whenever anyone sues any big corporation these types of juries always give them powerball type payouts simply because they think whitey and big business owes them.

  3. > This is one of the reasons why I am [no?] more indifferent to the outcome of the election. If Trump wins in 2024 and takes revenge against all of his various enemies, some of those enemies are our enemies.

    That’s one big “if”, when you look at his record from 2017-20. Maybe he will take revenge. Let’s hope so.

  4. Big things need big reason so before taking revenge, people must get angry enough to support unusual measures. For Stalin, it took more than 20 years to arrange his Great Purge.

    Of course The Donald has nothing to lose. And he wants to go to the history as great stateman. Doing useless things like building the wall what will be taken down after him is not historical event remembered after centuries.

  5. “If Trump wins”. If you believe they stole the election from him in 2020….you think they’re not going to do it again? How long are you gonna stay on this hamster wheel like your vote even matters?

  6. Uhmmmm.

    Am I understanding this right? Some woman claimed Donald Trump raped her ~ 30 years ago and Trump responded words to the effect that:

    “This women was ugly, I only dated attractive women, I never had any interest in her”.

    Trump was found completely innocent of any sexual assault against this woman, but she and these Je* financiers, Jew lawyers sued Donald Trump on behalf of this woman that falsely accused him of rape and some idiot jury found Donald Trump liable for $ 85 million in defamation – for what? For saying she was too ugly for him to have any sexual interest in her?

    Well, if anything good came of this latest nonsense financed by Je* financiers, Je* “Money getters” it will be to deter Trump people from making this anti Southern Confederate grave desecrator, AIPAC representative in the United Nations, Dot Indian crazy woman Niki Haley Trump’s VP or anything more serious than say…

    US Ambassador to the United Nations. Maybe Nicki can serve along with Harry Potter actress grown up Emma Watson who has some special United Representative for world feminism, some BS like that?


    Does our country/society even deserve to exist after all this #*&$@&? How to more educated or mountain Islamists in Afghanistan feel about all this *@#&@? I be they feel the same way about these spurned women suing Donald Trump and winning $85 million in defamation that Donald Trump said she was too ugly to rape or even notice.

    As always the Js bankroll this #*&$@&.

    Maybe “The Donald” is getting a little tired of these Js f#*#&@ with him. President Nixon for some reason never held a grudge for the Js at the WaPost taking him down.

  7. “The Jewish financier of the Trump defamation lawsuit, Reid Hoffman, bankrolled the lawsuit against Charlottesville organizers.”

    He respond :


    The J money getters bring this on themselves .

    No of course not all ethnic Js are evil and no we can t blame all our problems , our dispossession and the Great Replacement of our people on the Js , on all Js


    Q: If the shoe fits ?

  8. “If Trump wins in 2024 and takes revenge against all of his various enemies, some of those enemies are our enemies.”

    Hunter, you’re more intelligent than that. There’s no damn way in hell the ZOG that had him arrested on 91 felony counts, is trying to bankrupt him, accused him of being Putin’s stooge, and impeached him TWICE is going to let him win in November.

    And he’s not going to “take revenge” on anyone. He’d actually have to be the “Hitler” they’re accusing him of being, and he’s not. He’s a 1960s-style Kennedy Democrat. If he had been the “Hitler” of their imagination he would have had Hillary and Comey arrested in January of 2017 and E. Jean Carroll (and a hell of a lot of others) would be in a camp or a prison right now. Or getting a free one-way helicopter ride.

    The only question that remains is how bad with the country become, and how will MAGA react, when Trump gets railroaded like Christ before the Sanhedrin and sent to prison?

  9. RW is right. If Trump supporters believe the election was stolen from him in 2020 what makes them think he will win in 2024? Has the system charged in those 4 years? No, it has become more malevolent. The thing we should have learned from the Trump presidency, but we didn’t, is that the system cannot be reformed from with.

    • In 2020, I didn’t vote because I was blackpilled on Trump, but now I don’t really feel invested in mainstream politics. I think Trump winning in 2024 would be the better outcome though.

  10. I see Trump’s buddy Vince McMahon is in some deep shit. When are people going to realize that the leadership in this country from politicians to corporations to the media, etc are all just depraved, degenerate trash. There will be no salvation found within the current system – it’s completely irredeemable. Voting for Trump or whoever is being put forth by the scum that runs this country as some kind of savior in the future isn’t going to change a GD thing about the trajectory this country is on. While the rest of us chumps try to lead decent, moral lives and play by the rules the elites in this country are living in a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • The whole Vince McMahon thing shows that society no longer rewards men with sex for becoming rich and powerful…that’s the main reason men strive for this. Do you think these other places outside the Anglo Empire blueball their elite men? Really what this is going to do is cause men to think to themselves that this society, this culture is not worth fighting and dying for. And then the Vandals sack Rome while the populace sits back.

  11. Would you look at that. The same one causing Trump issues also was involved in the persecution of Unite The Right leaders. Something tells me this isn’t Free Speech America anymore. ?

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