3 American Soldiers Dead In Jordan After Drone Attacks

It was only a matter of time before the first American troops stationed at one of these outposts scattered across the Middle East had the honor of dying for Israel.


“Three U.S. service members were killed and 25 more were wounded Saturday night in the drone attack. The assault marks the first time American troops have been killed in months of drone and missile attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq, Syria, and now Jordan that began not long after Hamas militants killed 1,200 Israelis on Oct. 7. The hit impacted the base’s living quarters, according to a U.S. official, who like others was granted anonymity to speak about a developing situation. …”

BTW, ISIS has nothing to do with why these troops were stationed there. They are essentially human shields or trip wires in the conflict with Iran.


  1. ” trip wires in the conflict with Iran.”….and Syria…..and Lebanon….and Iraq…..and eventually Russia.

  2. “Pelosi suggests Putin is behind wave of anti-Israel protests in US”

    Twist the narrative to push their agenda

  3. “Navy again lowers requirements as it struggles to meet recruitment goals”…..NYpost

    There’s a flood of these articles….a military of and for tards.

    (The navy use to have a terrible time with gangs on bases and ships, dealing dope, pimping on ships and contract killings. They’d toss girls overboard who refused to be pimped. It’s going to return to that. And the commanders with turn a blind eye and hide under their desks, for fear of being called ‘racist’.
    Incidents like these will cause more quality recruits to shun enlistment.)

    Who remembers the race riots on the carriers Enterprise and Yorktown?

  4. Someone is escalating. The question is who it is and what he wants. Uncle Joe is trapped. When he ignores the provocation , things go worse. When he counter escalates, then this may end up like Gaza where Hamas lured Jew into trap and Jew cant get out anymore.

    Such things are normally countered by parallel aggression. Hit back somewhere else and something else.

    Dementia Joe handled the Middle East crisis surprisingly intelligently. This was probably the reason why Syrian attack happened. Force Uncle Joe to act and hope that he makes a mistake.

    Best possible answer at the current moment is propaganda. Declare that attack came from some kind of goat liberation movement what US doesn’t consider hostile group, everything was accident and negotiation are coming to avoid such tragic events in the future, then memory hole whole thing and then the ball is back on the enemy gate. Enemy is now who must think on the next move.

  5. BREAKING: 3 US Troops KILLED, Biden Blames ‘Iran Backed’ Groups


    41 seconds ago

    1 minute ago
    I’d say a false flag operation by the CIA is much more plausible than a “Iranian backed militant group”. Well folks, you people wanted Trump out, and you got it. Now enjoy your endless wars…..

    3 minutes ago
    New wars, massive inflation, dead soldiers, rigged primary, mass illegal border crossings…. Elections have consequences.

  6. “drone attack”

    If that’s true, who would want to join the military, when you risk attacks by machines? Machines that are anonymous , cheap, easy to build, relentless and remorseless pursuers.

    Where are the countermeasures?
    Why isn’t the military prepared for this?
    Spending too much in Ukraine?

    “Oh hell, who cares, there just peasant soldiers. That mic isn’t on, is it?”
    Mitch and Lindsey

  7. I’m sure there have been several killed already before the bloody-flag came out for flapping by gaslight media. The way this bullshit works is that after an Murikan grunt is killed, they’ll wait a bit and then announce a chopper “accident” with fatalities either in the states or at some other shithole halfway around the world from Iraq or Syria. The fact that this was announced on government mouthpiece CNN means the jews running the regime in Sodom-on-Potomac really are getting desperate to launch the big war against Iran. You never see folks like the Littlest Chickenhawk, Bolton and their fellow armchair generals getting their asses blown to bits in Murikan uniforms – just some retarded white boys who signed up to fight for those who want them dead.

    Muh’Izrael has been taking some actual casulties from Hamas this time around, so Satanyahoo and his harem of ho’s in DC want Joey Shitpants to send in the Invincible Rainbow Legions to fight Hezbollah and Iran. Meanwhile all the ho’s are talkin’ shit – even about reinstating the draft. Remember Gen. Smedley Butler’s great truth about this crap: War is a Racket. These elite assholes can’t be bothered to defend our own damned border from an ongoing invasion but they want to send troops and foment wars all over the world. If there were any patriots in DC, they would kill all of those giving the orders for these foreign wars. Not to worry, DC is the very last place on earth there would be anyone who stands for the founding stock of the old republic – now long gone.

  8. “ISIS has nothing to do with why these troops were stationed there”

    Can’t agree with that. They are there to provide support and sanctuary for ISIS and such groups. Just remember, it was only a couple days before the Gaza war kicked off that a drone attack on a Syrian military academy graduation resulted in the deaths of about 100 people.

    The United States used to talk about targeting “terrorist training camps” – the reality is the United States runs terrorist training and support camps, that’s what US military bases are.

    • They were “officially” in Jordan but likely really in Syria (which is illegal under UN rules). It was unlikely to be a drone. Probably a ballistic or cruise missile from either Iran or perhaps one their allies in Iraq.

  9. FoxNews, MSNBC and CNN are more than happy to tell us about every hair on Trump’s asshole, but, not about the 3,000 US troops in Jordan.

  10. Pink Palmetto Princess ladyboy Lindsey clutches his mythical Rapture Express ticket.
    No apparatchik will have any skin in the game or let their spawn anywhere near a recruiting office.
    Joined at the hip with the indispensable “chosen” has worked out so well for FUSA.

    • Had to be something bigger than drone munitions, which might kill three but would not result in 34 injured. Could indeed have been sent from “Our Greatest Ally”. Perfect excuse to ramp up the war since the Suez shipping route is now shut down by the Houthis. If the AD was turned off or made dysfunctional in advance, you can bet it was done by either Israel or a dark ops unit from the Deep-State. War cries and white feathers are flying in Clown-World.

  11. Who’s to say this drone isn’t Israeli?

    A provocative attack to pull us into war with Israhell’s enemies, à la USS Liberty or the Lavon terrorism.

  12. Unless they’ve been conscripted, I have zero sympathy for them.
    They’re fighting for what exactly? Certainly not the betterment of their own country.
    Do not get involved in Israel’s wars!

    • “…Unless they’ve been conscripted, I have zero sympathy for them…”

      I don’t agree with this at all. Most people do not know the extent of control the Jews have on our society.

  13. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who fell and were injured in this senseless attack. We owe them gratitude for their service and sacrifice, and we must find ways to support them during these difficult times.

    • ” . . . we must find ways to support them during these difficult times.” Couldn’t agree more with that sentiment. How about withdrawing all U.S. troops, naval forces and Air Force units from the Near East immediately as a show of support for these troops?

      Israel claims the UN aid agency in Gaza was helping Hamas and I believe them, too. How about zero dollars for the UN starting immediately, withdrawing from the UN and kicking them out of the U.S.?

      Next good idea involves NATO, can you guess?

    • “injured in this senseless attack”

      ” senseless attack”….. that’s a media term.
      What is senseless about wanting foreign invaders, Americans, out of your country ?

  14. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who fell and were injured in this senseless attack. We owe them a debt of gratitude for basket random‘s service and sacrifice, and we must find ways to support them during these difficult times.

  15. Jordan says it is not in their territory. The Zog base was not in Jordan. So, it is in Syria, where Zog is nothing but an illegal invader.

    • As I said in another comment here, the attack is not on Jordan. The U.S.’s long-standing and infamous so-called “refugee camp” (the most important ISIS recruiting station, which has always been protected by the U.S. from the Russians and Syrians who really fight ISIS) is in U.S.-occupied southern Syria, near the border with Jordan.

      Americans are so stupid, they just don’t get it, don’t know anything that their “noble” imperialist military does. Keep reading either liberal or conservative “news” sources, whichever flavor you prefer, and you will all remain ignorant.

      If Americans knew…. No, they won’t.

      • See the map showing the U.S. occupation of southern Syria (the white area on the map) with several bases surrounding and protecting the U.S.’s main recruitment camp for its ISIS proxy army:


        You can see that Tower 22 which was hit is very near the unmarked border in the desert. The drone attack was evidently designed to try to begin to dislodge the U.S. from southern Syria and gain control of the Al Tanf “refugee camp” to stop the re-growth of the U.S.’s ISIS proxy force.

  16. Why dying for non whites will always be a waste. They are all this way.


    If our troops must for some true reason be based in this region, there must be a policy of massive and disproportionate reprisal when they are attacked.

    The argument of proportionality, which most recently has been made by the guerilla forces of hamas, and their misguided proponents in the West, against Israels response to being attacked in the way they were is dysgenic and an unnatural/racially masochistic reflex of malaligned moral faggotry. Its an argument only suited for internecine conflict. Not racial conflicts.

    Much as I dislike jews and could care less if they get blown up by brown people, their overwhelming and disproportionate brutality in response is the only effective strategy against guerrilla warfare when time isn’t a luxury, and has been totally appropriate under the circumstances. Watching them unabashedly declare their own interests paramount and waging a war of extermination and vengeance against gaza…. just makes me realize how cuckolded Whitey has become by this ideology of weakness and utter lack of resolve to do whats necessary. I can only attribute it to a mindset rooted in an abundance of resources that never forces us to make hard decisions. If I’m right, this is a self correcting problem. If I’m wrong, we are doomed I’m afraid. Nobody else has this problem. Nobody thinks its a virtue or wants to be like us. They just want our stuff.

    No, it isn’t Christianity. Christianity conquered the world one occupation or genocide at a time and Whitey was the herald of Christendom for more than a thousand years. Soft times and soft men. Hard times and hard men. Its all that explains this.

    Chauvanism for ones own permits no equivalency between the lives of your own and those of your enemy’s. We are going to be forced into this realization by circumstance eventually and it will be clear then why our ancestors had to win prosperity with a sword. Altruism loses all evolutionary advantage when universally applied.

    Some differences are irreconcilable, and resources are limited. Its us or them, and they have never hesitated to do whats necessary. That seems to be a thing only we do and always to our own detriment.

    Why did these three people die? We will probably never really know what they are doing there. Its certainly not for any national interest we can identify. If its not for ours, it doesn’t matter why. It was wasteful and a shame.

    Rumor mill has it these were Green Berets out of Fort Campbell. You never know about rumors, it really doesn’t matter I guess. Likely all White regardless. Probably decent folks. Lost for no reason.

  17. I was looking at some jew media about this case, and they were saying he never expects to pay this, and he lost on purpose in order to energize his base. That is why he did not testify, and chose an incompetent defense attorney.

    All of that is obviously true. He has been rolling that way for a year now. The zombies eat it up. All the zombies are sure to vote for him now. Even good people are all riled up. And that to me is depressing.

    Doesn’t matter. It all changes after he is nominated. The yids will stop giving him cases, and the zombies forget everything within 90 days. Anything older than 90 days doesn’t exist.

    What matters is that Trump is the weakest candidate. The dems have built him up, and he will be nominated. Then they will tear him down, which won’t be hard. He can never get 50%, even legitimately. They can steal it again if they have to, because it will be a close election. The Turtle will be working with Schumer to make sure he loses.

    What we need is 30 States. 30 States acting together can call a new constitutional convention. All that convention needs to do is one thing: Abolish the Federal Reserve System. Without the Fed Zog will implode, and I mean immediately.

  18. Note that U,S, troops under attack are occupying the main oil and gas fields of Syria, where the U.S. is continuing to steal over 90% of the Syrin people’s oil and gas, year after year. International law never applies to the U.S. and its most valuable colony, Israel.

    The U.S. is also still maintaining the large “refugee camp” (ISIS recruiting camp) and surrounding Syrian territory along the border with Jordan. The U.S. is re-building and beginning to use its ISIS proxy army again, shuttling new ISIS forces in training around Syria and Iraq by truck and moving ISIS commanders around by helicopter, supplying the renewed ISIS army with tons of weapons, and protecting it from the Iraqi and Syrian government forces which would otherwise have preemptively destroyed its new bases in the strategic Hauran valley. a very rugged Hauran wilderness territory in western Iraq that extends into eastern Syria. ISIS is an imperialist proxy force that the U.S. claims to be fighting against, but Russia is responsible for destroying ISIS in Syria, two or three years ago.

    Note that ISIS only attacks the “enemies” (victims) of the U.S. and Israel. ISIS never attacks Israel, Jordan, KSA and other favourite, fully-relialble U.S. colonies and satellites. Even the Iraqi puppet government, put in place by the U.S., periodically passes resolutions ordering the U.S. to withdraw from their country, but the U.S. doesn’t care what Iraqi people want. The U.S. is determined to remain permanently in occupation of Iraq, and is even increasing its forces and building more bases in Iraq,,and in Syria, in utter defiance of the weak governments and strong will of the people of the Iraqi and Syrian nations. You see, this is what imperialism means, and you give your approval and consent to it whenever you “vote” in the U.S. “elections,” where ALL the “choices” (candidates) are capitalist, and therefore, imperialists.

  19. I was proud to serve. I was serving my country.
    I do not understand why some of our guys died in Jordan.
    Well, actually, I do understand but the answer infuriates me.
    These young men thought they were serving their country against all enemies foreign and domestic.
    The foreign enemy is the domestic enemy, dual citizens, and I will advise by two young nephews to never follow in my footsteps.

  20. I Hope that southerners will never send anymore men in USA wars……..given how they treated the statues and culture of their ancestors, they should not shed a single drop of blood for the U.S. empire.

  21. Yeah. Imperial troops sometimes lose their lives to the angered natives in occupied territory.

    • Like when the U.S. Empire invaded the Philippines in 1899 and for three or four years fought the stubbornly independence-minded indigenous people called “gooks” (the U.S. military invented the word “gook” during the Philippines war) even with the U.S.’s vastly superior weapons and logistical field support, more than 4,000 U.S. soldiers did die. What is important though is that none of the big business tycoons who immediately began to profit from the new colony was harmed or involved in the struggle,

      • ‘War Is a Racket’ is a speech and a 1935 short book by Smedley D. Butler

        He was right then. Even truer today.

      • Yes. Another of the many “glorious and honorable” chapters in American history which they barely mentioned in history class.

  22. This is interesting: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2024/01/29/the-cradle-228/ Zionism might not be completely monolithic. Maybe not all Israelis want to exterminate the indigenous Palestinians. In 2023, beginning well before October, there was a quiet purge of Israeli soldiers and officers who were known or suspected to be sympathetic to the Palestinian cause or actively collaborating with the Palestinians, sharing Israeli intelligence and weapons with Hamas. Now it is revealed that a lot of the guns and ammunition being used by Hamas in Gaza belonged to the Israeli military and were supplied by sympathetic Israelis, or smuggled in by greedy Israelis who were being paid well for the stolen goods.

    Some of the rocket and missile explosives launched at Israel by Hamas and most or all of the bombs and mines being used by Hamas against Israeli tanks on the ground in Gaza were fashioned from thousands of Israeli munitions dropped on Gaza over the years that had failed to detonate. Hamas is literally using recycled Israeli bombs (actually American, American made bombs and given free to Israel).

  23. I’ve seen the sensible haircut Republican droneoids saying the U.S. needs to massively respond to this, and what are the Iranians doing while the U.S. military is responding? We could be on the verge of a major middle east war. Who’s to say that China or Russia won’t be involved?

    I used to think that the open borders cheap labor greed heads donor class were the worst of petty self absorbed assholes, but lately the Republican pipsqueak war big mouths are giving the leftist donor class a run for their money when it comes to being totally irresponsible.

    • They won’t like it when the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire comes for their sons to serve the Empire thousands of miles from home while it tries to also conscript their daughters to work in “National Service” along side Trayvon, L’Marcus, Dontaine and the rest of the young bucks. It’s always a shock to these types when shit like this happens, who coulda thunk it? Stupidity is a mortal sin.

  24. We need a rousing round of bomb bomb Iran with apologies to the Beach Boys.
    If only Juan McLame were here to teach us how to lose.

  25. Has anyone else noticed how the invasion on the southern border has been put on the ‘back burner’ because of this latest “Gulf of Tonkin” incident.

    Sure, there could in theory be multiple crises at the same time, but this acts as a buy one get one free slight of hand distraction.

    Look squirrel.

    The 34 wounded in the supposed drone strike were from the Arizona National Guard that are protecting pissreal’s borders, instead of Arizona’s. Just a cohencidence.

  26. Three U.S. soldiers will be the excuse for major escalation of the U.S.’s long war against Iran going back at least to the 1950s when the empire removed democratically-elected, Russia-leaning, socialist Mohammad Mossadegh (“Before his removal from power, his administration introduced a range of social and political measures such as social security, land reforms and higher taxes on the rich including the introduction of taxation on rent of land. His government’s most significant policy was the nationalisation of the oil industry) by a coup and installed a puppet monarch (the Shah) who would fight Russia and give Western capitalists free rein to loot the Iranian people’s oil and other natural resources.

    The remaining Palestinians of Gaza (over 30,000 are dead including the missing) will be starved to death or die of thirst. The United Nations relief agency is being de-funded to cut off even the very minimal amount of food and water that is being trucked into Gaza (only one tenth as much per day as was being trucked in daily before October). Almost all Western states have stopped funding UNRWA now. The U.S.-controlled International Court of “Justice” did nothing to help Palestine, and soon the fake-left-led anti-genocide protests in the West will be stopped, and the last dissenting independent journalists will be silenced, and the empire will have gotten away with yet another real genocide, this one being its most intense and blatantly obvious ever!

    Note that the U.S.’s proxy Israel has begun bombing (or missile-ing) the very center of Damascus, and in daylight hours, not just night attacks on “Iranian” targets outside the city like it did before. One inner city strike hit near the South African embassy in central Damascus, and maybe it’s not a coincidence! The U.S. gives Israel precise, satellite data based targeting directions for all the strikes being made on Syria and Palestine. Israel is merely an arm and hand of the empire.

    The U.S.’s proxy army called ISIS has been rebuilt and is being deployed again in Syria and Iraq. The U.S. is protecting the new ISIS bases in the Wadi Hauran wilderness of Iraq and Syria from being bombed by Russia and attacked by Iraqi militias. Your tax dollars are still funding ISIS, which the U.S. sometimes pretends to fight, but Russia really does fight.

    The U.S.’s Baluchi (of Baluchistan) proxy army has also been activated in western Pakistan and eastern Iran, along with MEK and the Kurds. The U.S. has an endless supply of money to pay all these mercenaries, but they do work very cheap. Thanks to the irresistible power of its endless supply of fiat, debt-creating, private banker DOLLARS, the empire is still advancing in every direction. The Whore of Babylon still entrances, corrupts and rules the world. Babylon hasn’t fallen yet.

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