3 American Soldiers Killed In Jordan Were From Georgia


All three dead American soldiers were blacks from Georgia.

2 of the 3 American soldiers killed by the suicide drone in Jordan were young black women from Georgia. I haven’t seen any photos of William Jerome Rivers. All three of the soldiers though were from Georgia and were stationed at what used to be Fort Benning in Columbus.

Daily Mail:

“The American soldiers killed in suicide drone strike on a US base in Jordan have been identified as Specialist Kennedy Ladon Sanders, 24, Specialist Breonna Moffett, 23, and Sgt. William Rivers, 46.

The drone attack late Saturday impacted a base in the northeast part of the country known as Tower 22 near the Syria border, and resulted in three deaths and at least 34 other injuries. 

Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said all three soldiers were assigned to the 718th Engineer Company, a US Army Reserve unit based out of Fort Moore, Georgia. …”

I’m not trying to minimize what happened because they are black.

As a rule, I don’t think women have any business serving in the military. I certainly don’t believe they should be stationed as human shields garrisoning illegal, far flung imperial outposts like al-Tanf in the Middle East. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t send anyone there to die for Israel, but these are soldiers of the American Empire who were stationed there to advance its foreign policy goals.

This is not my war. It is not my fight. I am not invested in it.


  1. The new imperial military is becoming mostly non-White. But the plan is to have millions of high-tech self-aiming drones with artificial intelligence, and a new generation of truly effective biological weapons, and improved chemical and nuclear weapons, and of course foreign proxy armies like ISIS and the Ukrainians, do most of the killing, making up for growing indiscipline and other weaknesses in the homeland’s basic cannon fodder. They still want the imperial military to be as large possible, however. Recruiting standards must be lowered a little more as the pull of the economic draft grows ever stronger on the poor.

    • “have millions of high-tech self-aiming drones”

      This will lead to autonomous drone hunting drones and
      an endless cascade of countermeasures and counter countermeasures.
      Endless profits for MIC.
      Warfare has just made an abrupt step into new tactics.

      What’s even more disconcerting and scary are the robots, like Boston Dynamics’ ‘rover’. Image a robot that can gallop after you, like a horse, with 20 kg of c4.

        • “only needs to score a meager 50 on the ASVAB”

          They go way lower than that.
          You known the recruiters ‘help’ then , with those scores.

      • Problem is most of the kids can’t pass the piss test, this pot culture has really got the youngest generation. Pot smoking, social media, and fatherless families are fueling the rampant black teen crime reminiscent of Clockwork Orange.

  2. So Afro and Anglo Southerners are being used and dying as goy slave Janissaries for ZOG? It’s a parasitic relationship that ZOG has on us but this isn’t new for us Southerners, both Afro and Anglo alike.

    • I think Afro Southerners figured it out before Anglo Southerners. For decades I thought my Black friends just didn’t understand. I think most Jews are as appalled as we are but what’s happening has been a huge wake-up.

        • Did you ever consider some are forced into the military by economic or medical conditions? Some young families that can’t afford care for their kids.

          • Negroes have endless welfare opportunities outside of the military. Most males in the ranks are there to bang white girls, while the females are there to get brownie points for gubmint jobs and AA scholarships at places like Haavaahd.

  3. “This is not my war. It is not my fight. I am not invested in it.”

    That applies to all WHITES !

    HEY Biden, why aren’t these troops on the Mexican border ?

    (This is nothing but a pretext to start war against Iran and eventually Russia. This serves dual purposes, serving the goals of israhell and get joe reelected as a war president. “We gotta to stand behind da prez, it’s a warrrr.”). ………joe is dangerous !

  4. I need to ask; Hell I got to ask – does anyone on here feel we are winning the fight against the Jews and ZOG ? Cause quite frankly I sure don’t feel like this has been a winning of late, what with all that’s been going on.

    • No, not right now.
      But as Don Black says,” history is full of twists and turns, we don’t know how it will unfold”.

    • Would whites kill innocent women and children like the Jews have? In the eyes of God we have already won. We are morally superior, there are no two way about it. And we, not the Goddamned Jews are worth of the blessings of God.

      • Can’t a mensch have a decent meal without whiners like you complaining?

        At the end of the day, the reason for this comes back to what Solzhenitsyn’s “Old Ones” in the gulag gave as the reason for the disaster under the Bolsheviks: Men have forgotten God. That’s why all of this has happend.

        This really refers to Christians. Most have turned away from God so of course those who serve the devil are having a great time feasting away (be sure to see the link) – kind of like Belshazzar in Babylon. Jews are just the tool. Even if they all were teleported to an asteroid tomorrow, the actual root of the problem would remain. This is not to absolve them of their choice to serve the evil one, but to remind that they are not gods. Sometimes I think those who obsess on them prattle on as if they were gods.

      • Well said Sir.You are a true man of God.Whites are God’s image and we alone have loved Him.The Jews destroy us to hurt the Father.The Jews promote every cult and radical belief possible but only Christianity do they hate and fear and try their hardest to stamp out.When the Jews despise you then you are doing right.God bless you.Jesus is my eternal Master and the one who loved me enough to give His life so that I won’t suffer in Hell.

    • They’re kind of self-destructing. If all the various diversities start killing Zoglodytes along with each other … who am I to complain?

      • “They’re kind of self-destructing”

        Yeh, but in the process they cause the suffering of 100s of millions suffering tormented deaths.

  5. Huh…. well. So far we have a win win win in the latest middle east conflict? Is that even possible? I’ll be damned.

    Sure makes me feel better about it. Its all going nowhere good though and its only a matter of time before some White boy gets bombed.

  6. > Lacking any defensible justification for why the three dead US troops were in Syria/Jordan to begin with, the White House resorts to saying they were generically “fighting terrorism.”

    Anyone who believes that bullshit is beyond retarded. There were there to make sure the oil stolen from Syria gets routed to Turkey, thence to Israel – who of course gets it at a discounted price. Somehow I can’t imagine those three would do anything at all to stop the invasion going on at our southern border. Llord Larry Fink of Blackrock thanks them for their service.

    • WH spox said they died “fighting on behalf of this administration”. Apparently she misspoke. Of course what she meant was “on behalf of the Netanyahu administration”.

  7. I really don’t care about Jews or any non-whites; that being said I don’t wish ill-will against anybody. Truth be told I just wish to be in a collective of white separatist who wish to be isolated and left alone from the diversity mob. that’s all.

    • It’s Colt 45 Malt Liquor for YT. (It works … every time). Whenever you hear Uncle Schmuel playing the Mighty Wurlitzer, just remember the four-word title of Gen. Smedley Butler’s little book: War is a Racket. This concept does not even require a mid-wit IQ to understand.

  8. “So far we have a win win win in the latest middle east conflict? ”

    Far from it, we don’t know where this leads.

    • @Arrian,

      The New Jersey National Guard and Illinois National Guard recently deployed 1500 and 300 troops respectively to Iraq. Kuwait, and Syria, and from the looks of it, most of the people being sent to steal Syrian oil, and illegally occupy Iraq are White men and women.



      I suspect that gullible White men in the “red states” that support Texas governor’s Operation Lone Star will join their state’s National Guard, under the misimpression that they would be sent to the US-Mexico border, in order to keep the illegal caravans of wogs from crossing the border, but what in fact will happen is that they will be sent to the Middle East to fight and die for pissrael instead. Don’t forget that US military recruitment did not meet its quota due to White not enlisting.

      USZOG could call that gay op, “Operation Onwards Christian Soldiers.”

    • Not sure why anyone would believe Zog’s narrative. Jordan says no attack occurred on their territory. We also know Zog has lots of zogbots fighting in Syria and Iraq and Gaza, and they need to account for the deaths and injuries from time to time. So they stage helicopter crashes in Missouri and so on. Or Drone attacks in Jordan, that according to current Zog reports killed some darkies and injured 34.

      One small drone injured 34? Not believable. And there is that number. 34. Freemasonry has 34 degrees. The 34th degree being Bnai Brith ( all jews). So are they telling us that all these dead and injured got that way fighting for the 34 (Jews)? Why use that false number ?

      The air defenses allegedly did not work. Not believable. It is the military version of all the CCTV not working, such as at Epstein’s cell and at many other hoaxes.

      I’ve seen some billboards around the country saying, verify what the media says before you believe them. Good idea.

      Anyway, I call bullshit.

  9. “This is not my war. It is not my fight. I am not invested in it.”

    This exactly the attitude most young people have, especially non-Whites who are about half of the young population and the vast majority of the non-White population in most cities now. The draft age population of LA, Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, Houston etc. is overwhelmingly non-White and unsuitable for military service, and everyone in the U.S. Government knows this.

    It’s hard to imagine these people operating Patriot missile batteries, Aegis destroyers with their complex phased-array radars or maintaining and repairing F-15s and F-35s for the Air Force. The military relies on contractors to do much of the maintenance now on military bases, ex-military guys who are getting paid great money for what they learned in the military. The contractors are civilians though and not deployable as civilians, leaving the military short of technical people where they need them, in war zones.

    The Pentagon can’t wait to institute conscription again, although they will call it “National Service” this time as they try to also conscript young women into non-military support roles. The burden will, of necessity, fall upon young, White guys; no one else is qualified in large enough numbers or reliable enough, either. The choice for the U.S. Government will be: start conscription and try to enforce it thereby extending the life of GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire by a few years or Give up the Empire, and they are not going to do that unless forced to by massive public opposition through non-coöperation.

    Naturally The Usual Suspects, the wealthy and well connected, except for a few tokens, wogs, etc. will be exempt from conscription. It will be up to Whites to give the finger to GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire this time and do like George Bush II, Rush Limbaugh, Dick(less) Cheney, Trump, Al Gore, John Bolton and the rest of the war mongers did during Vietnam and avoid dangerous military service by whatever means possible. There is no shame in that. GloboHomo Shopping Mall wants Whites dead, six feet under, they don’t deserve any loyalty, they aren’t loyal to us.

  10. Supposedly Biden got over 100% of the Black vote. Let the Blacks get what they voted for – fighting wars for Israel.

  11. I have no issue with them being black. What I said before remains:- if they joined the military willingly and went willingly, then no sympathy.
    The military and government never helps anyone domestically. Their wars are not ours.

  12. one last thought on this: how do we even KNOW THAT Iran did these strikes ???
    Could be a Jew Screw* (i. e. false flag)

    • Notice that America doesn’t have comprehensive vocational education or widely available apprentice programs ?

      That’s by design.

  13. HW,

    I believe you are involved, as are your children and wife. All of us inside USZOG are likely to become involved, if USZOG goes to war with Iran, Yemen, and Hezbollah for the defense of the zionist occupying entity in Palestine.

    Col. Douglas McGregor said on Judge Napolitano’s podcast today that Hezbollah has cells in Mexico that could work in collaboration with some drug and human trafficking cartels to get fighters and contraband (i.e., weapons) into the USA.

    Sure, you live in a rural area, but there are other ways you could potentially be affected, such as the electric grid brought down. Lots of USZOG bases are in the South.

    If you’re interested, begin listening at the 21 minute mark where Col. MacGregor talks about the danger of a war with Hezbollah and Iran could trigger on the US-Mexico border.

    • Terrorist attacks in the U.S. on a large scale would work to the U.S. Government’s advantage in the short term. The Lügenpresse, which for decades now has filled the role Pravda had in the USSR, would be clamoring for attacks on Iran while supporting the suspension of what is left of Constitutional liberties. Since terrorists would use firearms to attack the electric grid it’s goodbye 2nd amendment as just one example of their logic. A military first policy would mean the U.S. Government would try to institute conscription again for the first time since 1973.

      “We’re all in it together” would be the national slogan after multiple terrorist attacks. The public, clamoring for safety, easily panicked and knowing nothing beyond the superficial would either approve of or be indifferent to the U.S. Government’s actions. “Doing something” would include rounding up its real and perceived enemies such as “White Supremacists”, anti-immigration organizations, the useless DJT etc. No doubt The Usual Suspects, through such impartial, liberty oriented organizations as the ADL and AIPAC would set the agenda. Eventually, inflation would wreck the dollar and thereby the power of GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire since all of their bullshit costs money which the government prints by the ton backed by exactly zero grains of Ag or Au.

      When the money goes bad it’s the end for GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire, not until then though. Ending silver coinage, which Great Britain did in 1947 and the U.S. did in 1964 was the last link in the already weakened chain that restrained Government spending and its malevolent influence. That is why you never find “silver” coinage in pocket change with a date earlier than 1965 in the U.S., the same year LBJ sent troops to Vietnam and the nation wrecking immigration “reform” act was passed too.

      • > Ending silver coinage, which Great Britain did in 1947 and the U.S. did in 1964 was the last link in the already weakened chain that restrained Government spending and its malevolent influence. That is why you never find “silver” coinage in pocket change with a date earlier than 1965 in the U.S., the same year LBJ sent troops to Vietnam and the nation wrecking immigration “reform” act was passed too.

        The coinage Britain ended in 1947 was already debased (50% silver) – replaced with cupronickel (75% copper, 25% nickel). Prior to 1921 it was sterling (92.5% silver). Besides the 1965 debasement, even the humble US cent was debased in 1982 from bronze to copper-plated zinc. Pre-1982 pennies are worth over twice their face value in copper (illegal to melt of course). Britain also further debased their bronze and cupronickel coins (1d, 2d, 5d, 10d) to plated steel in the early 1990s.

  14. The Blacks learn from other Blacks to get cushy rear-area jobs in the military,retire with a pension then get another government job with second pension and social security.Oopps this ain’t what the Spingarns promised them. (Spingarns:Jews who founded NAACP in 1905).Most military casualties in the Jewish murder productions are Whites because Whites are valiant and like to be Rangers and other elite troops.Now that White males are getting wisdom lets see how the military convinces the gorillas and Spanish speaking racial filth to be cannon fodder.There is blood on the hands of the Satanists who’ve caused the murder and maiming of millions of White men going back to the War Between the States.May they be spared no mercy by the Judge in Heaven.

    • “Blacks learn from other Blacks to get cushy rear-area jobs”

      And blacks with rank will steer fellow blacks into easier positions.

      Blacks will get a faster promotion track and WHITES will get the work,

  15. Has anybody else noticed this?


    I was wondering why she was everywhere all of a sudden when nobody cared a couple months ago. Being used as a litteral psyop by NATO and the MIC ahead of the election.

    This stuff is fascinating. But, if a normal guy like me, that doesn’t study and immerse himself in the methodology of these systematic manipulations, can smell a rat and see an artificial pattern emerging around something/someone (we would call that a forcememe I guess), how do they expect to fool or surprise people that are already prepared for such things?

    Do other people see patterns like that, or is it just me? I’m genuinely curious how effective is stuff like this swifty forcememe at getting people onto bandwagons?

    Taykor swift used to be like a conservative posterchild. Now she’s being pimped out by Soros. That makes me anything but a fan of her. Maybe other people don’t remember when her music got sold out from under her.

    • Taylor Swift’s image at least is certainly being used as part of a psyop. See my comment on the Nixon/MSM post.

  16. I’d say when the NYC-DC empire falters, the nations in the Eastern Hemisphere need to invoke their own Monroe Doctrine and keep the Deep State Empire out of their neck of the woods. Why on earth is there this base in Jordan!

    • > Why on earth is there this base in Jordan!

      Because Satanyahoo demanded it. Who do you think has all the names compiled by Epstein, Ghislaine, and whatever other honeypots Mossad has in operation? There’s a reason that the entire congress gives repeated standing ovations at every fart that bursts forth from Satanyahoo’s mouth. The Jordanian regime (Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan) has been a comprador state for the empire for decades. They’re probably lying about the locale as Jordan’s population contains lots of Palestinians. The operation at Al-Tanf is to ensure that oil stolen from Syria goes to Jordan, then to Turkey for refining and for Erdo to get his cut, thence to Israel at rock-bottom prices. Stolen oil is 100% profit.

    • Oh please.

      Anyone familiar with women in combat knows they fly into a blind panic at the first rifle report. 1976 US Korea incident, every woman deserted the front lines.

  17. While the U.S. lost three soldiers who were illegally attacking Syria, Israelis entered a Gaza hospital disguised as medical doctors and cold-bloodedly murdered three patients. See: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2024/01/30/south-front-807/

    Bodies of Palestinians are being taken from hospitals and scenes of conflict in Gaza, and some of the bodies are returned later with organs missing. Newsweek and other mainstream media deny “allegations” of organ harvesting in Gaza: “The Israeli military confirmed that organ harvesting from Palestinians did take place, but it ended in the 1990s.” Or maybe it went on longer, into the 2010’s: “‘This activity ended a decade ago and does not happen any longer,’ a spokesperson told Israel Channel 2.”

    Israeli organ “donation” personnel have also been active in Ukraine, collecting organs from fresh cadavers (including bodies of children) in Ukraine. It may be a billion-dollar industry, much of it probably black market or grey market and money-laundered. Once again, “the love of money is the root of all this evil.” The solution to the private profit motive is real socialism, including nationalised, socialised medicine.

  18. Perhaps we should revert the citizenship to 1791, where only Whites could be citizens; and these will be none of our business!!!

  19. If the case of these three illegal invaders (three U.S. soldiers in Syria) was taken to the U.S.-controlled International Court of Justice, it would be more likely to be deemed an act of genocide than the real U.S,-Israeli genocide of Palestine! When the case of over 30,000 Palestinians slaughtered in Gaza was brought before the International Court of “Justice,” it was NOT deemed a genocide. The court’s decision to ask Israel to submit a report about how it has been “taking care to avoid committing any act of genocide” indicates that the life of one American soldier is worth more than ten thousand Palestinians!

    Even one imperialist fingernail is worth more than the lives of all (three million) “human animals” who lived in the Gaza Strip and stood in the way of immensely profitable new real estate development (to be built over the ruins of Palestinian Gaza), and Western corporations exploiting the large new oil fields and gas fields tin Gaza, and building a brand new Mediterranean Sea-to-Red Sea shipping canal through the center of Gaza.

  20. These three were reservists and as such have no business being in a potentially combat situation. I remember in the 80’s, National Guard engineers were in Central America just road building as a “training exercise.” Of course roads are handy for tanks and trucks to use for invading Nicaragua. It was very low key then, but I could see how the Guard and Reserves were being slowly inserted into overseas duty.
    This revved up in the Balkans, and finally hit full stride in Iraq and Afghanistan, where Guardsmen were thrown in the front lines “policing.”
    The military is now so desperate for bodies they’ll deploy whomever they can. In Iraq, they even grabbed sailors and dressed them in BDUs to do combat duty.
    I’m not really sorry to see these people get wasted. I’m not happy about it, but you’ve got thousands of troops in these tripwire locations ready to get hammered.
    If for some reason the oil gets cut off and the helicopters can’t fly in and out and everyone is getting droned, then you haven’t got “outposts of freedom,’ you’ve got Dienbienphu.

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