Joe Biden Authorizes Retaliatory Strikes On Iranian Backed Targets In Iraq and Syria

Is there anything in the cards which could change the trajectory of the 2024 election over the next nine months? It didn’t happen in December or January.


“The U.S. on Friday began striking Iran-linked targets in Syria and Iraq in response to last weekend’s deadly attack on U.S. forces in Jordan, the U.S. Central Command said.

The big picture: While President Biden faced pressure from some lawmakers to strike inside Iran, U.S. officials have stressed the administration does not want to see a wider war in the region.

The retaliatory strikes, which were launched at Biden’s direction and are expected to last several days, hit 85 targets linked to Iran or Iranian proxies in Syria and Iraq, the U.S. said.

They came nearly a week after the U.S. says an Iran-backed militia killed three American soldiers and wounded more than 40 others in a drone attack near the Jordan-Syria border. … ”

In the last week, Joe Biden has launched air strikes in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Somalia. American troops are still under attack by militias all over the region. We are edging closer toward war with Iran. Deterrence has failed. Israel is getting ready to invade Lebanon. Palestinians are starving to death in Gaza.

2024 is shaping up to be a foreign policy nightmare for Joe Biden with the war in Gaza spiraling in the Middle East, the onset of famine in Gaza and Ukraine aid dying in Congress.


  1. The purpose of Israel’s war against what’s left of Palestine is ethnic cleansing. The Israelis plan to push the remaining Palestinians out of Palestine and into Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. The Israelis get to expand their country while they strike one more blow against Western Civilization, once again speeding up our downfall and erasure.

    The Israelis can’t and won’t live with Palestinians. We must and have to live with them. And support them. Most of all, Palestinians need to become American voters.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a society that still has the will to defend itself? Must be nice to be jewish.

    • Kicking out of Gaza inhabitants gives nothing to Israel. Main threat is Northern border with Syria and Lebanon. Also whole Muslim world who knows well who really starting all those wars. So wiping Gaza off the map will not increase Israel security not even a little bit. Same in Ukraine. Random acts of terror on the Russian territory do help Ukraine not even a little.

      Current war is sign that Jewry downfall entered terminal phase. Like Hitler screamed in the end of war that all units must attack on all directions. This is sign that competent leadership and situation analysis ceased to exist and panic and agony settled in.

      For us this is good news. End is near.

      • “Kicking out of Gaza inhabitants gives nothing to Israel.”

        It fulfills their ancient mandate to occupy the land, ushering in the coming of moshiach.

        Every mitzvah they perform brings their salvation closer.

    • You can always convert (he-he). Non-elite converts ain’t given tickets to the 666-Club tho, and the non-elite tribe members don’t take too kindly to converts getting into the ticket line. Unless you’re a shiksa who’s at least as attractive as Ivanka, you’ve no chance of becoming a Queen or a Kang of Zion’s gold-paved streets ‘n sheeit for your comin’ out party.

    • @John Holmes,
      Jews in Israel want them as far away as possible.
      Jews in the West tell us we must take, and accept them or we’re these low life Y waysists!
      I just can’t imagine why anti Semitism still exists…

  2. We could sure use you fellas on our own Southern border instead of over there in the Middle East defending the ones you obviously truly care about. (I know since the 1860s and before that the American South is the last region the Yankee Empire wants to help out other than make it a captive consumer market for its own northern manufacturers.)

    …Now and then
    I miss you
    Oh, now and then
    I want you to be there for me
    Always to return to me

    I know it’s true
    It’s all because of you
    And, if you go away
    I know you’ll never stay

    Now and then
    I miss you
    Oh, now and then
    I want you to be there for me…

    Let the South become independent and defend itself.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

    (the Yankee Empire sure won’t)

    • “Let the South become independent and defend itself”

      Unless the South has a large nuclear arsenal and delivery systems it’s a futile idea. The South would just be a vassal state, as Germany is.

      • Elon Musk
        Should I make the Texas Institute of Technology & Science real?

        It would of course have Advanced Social Studies too.
        4:00 AM · Feb 4, 2024

        I have a degree in Physics and I think the South should go nuclear before it secedes if possible. We would be “naked” without a nuclear arsenal for defense as a deterrent to discourage other nations from trying to destroy us.

        But more importantly we need God for our protection/defense or else our cause is ruined.

        Secede Now!

        May God Save the South!

        • You are correct. Note that it has worked quite effectively for Rocketman in N. Korea. Not even the War-Sow and her numerous kosher piglets what to mess with him directly.

  3. The group that acts in the name of Joe Biden (Blinken, Burns, Sullivan, Nuland, Schumer, a couple of others, all Jews) is trying to put the brakes on all of this. Election year.

    They might tell Biden after the fact what was done, and they write the scripts for the teleprompter speeches and the teleprompter answers for the prearranged questions asked by the presstitutes. The funny part is they live stressed lives fearing that their pet President will go off script. Like he did after meeting with Xi Jinping, and Blinken looked like a rat cornered by a badger. And they couldn’t forcefully just push him out of the room like they usually do.

    I just think that it is eery how they keep this brain dead half alive creature as President, but that is how our country dies, a Cabal of Jews in total control in the name of a Papist pervert.

    So they are putting the hard squeeze on Satanyahoo. They want this Gaza war ended. These Jews in D.C. know exactly what they are up against with Hezbollah. They are clearly outmatched, and losing a war in an election year is bad Joss. Very bad.

    Not that I care about Palestine, rightly renamed by later Romans after old Philstia. None of my people there. We have a power struggle right now in the heart of Europe, in Ukraine. Hopefully the Viper Zelensky will be out this week, and the Slavs can have some peace.

    • The handless pianist is every bit the puppet as Joey Shitpants. His boss War-Sow was there in Kiev this past week and give him orders to fire Zalushny, which he has done now. I wonder if they can really control Satanyahoo, who seems hell-bent on taking on Hezbollah in South Lebanon and dragging in the Murikans (already in drag). As we’ve seen lately in Gaza, the IDF of today is not the IDF of 1967 or even 1982. The Imperial Rainbow legion is likewise not to be compared to the one deployed in WW II, or even Vietnam. If they run our of ‘Ukrainian’ meat, they’ll just sheep-dip some Poles and Romanians to feed the meat-grinder. War-Sow wants her piglets well-fed.

    • “fearing that their pet President will go off script.”

      They have a kill switch, to mute Joe’s mic. Evidently the clod controlling it has lapses in judgement.

  4. Odd, that none of the targets are in Iran, so far.
    Is this a signal that the US fears the consequences of such an action ?

  5. Retaliatory strikes? We’ll they did make it a war zone. Are they suprised the other side did something unkind?
    Here’s an idea; when non white races are in their own countries minding their own business……leave them alone!
    They can have their oil or whatever other commodities they’re sitting on. It’s their country and their resources, NOT ours!
    Get the troops onto the southern border so they’re actually doing something useful for the ordinary citizens.

  6. I look forward to the Arthur Fleck memes of “You get what you fucking deserve” when a USZOG terrorist B1 Lancer gets shot down by a modified S-300 or S-400 over Syria.

    Recall that the Sers shot down a then state of the art F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter/bomber with low tech anti-aircraft batteries in 1999.
    A true FAFO moment for the empire of lies.

  7. This is interesting

    Ironically, the only counter to this tactic is to distrust everyone. Or, get unplugged and out of the matrix.

    In the meantime, when you look at the history of the dissident right, and the fringe left, the open assault on the White middle class, think of this article. Remember you don’t really know people you follow online. Where their money comes from.

    • Epoch Times is a bad source. If it tells you any truth, it is to get you to believe some crucial lie, especially about China.

  8. War War War and it only benefits Israel and the Military Industrial Complex. Always and yet our Southern border is wide open. Why don’t they put our military on the Southern border instead and do something pro Nationalist for a change? ?

  9. 250,000 citizens of the U.K. marched against the genocide on the streets of London again last weekend (Saturday) in spite of violent police repression, that is growing week by week.

    Relative to the population of the U.K., that means there should have be at least one-and-a-half MILLION U.S. citizens marching against the genocide in Washington D.C., every weekend, week after week, but most weeks there are NO large marches against the genocide taking place anywhere in the U.S.!

    However, street protests no matter how large. cannot stop the twin governments of the U.S. and UK from doing the genocide of Palestine (through their Zionist colonial military proxy). To actually stop the genocide, and all other acts of imperialism, a real people’s revolution is required, which would have to begin with a sustained (long) general strike across the entire economy. But the minds of the capitalism-corrupted population of the imperial “homeland” is almost entirely focused on making money. Remember what Silent Cal said: “The business of America is business!” Business “must” continue growing, and therefore so will imperialism.

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