Donald Trump Gets Good News

It is the single biggest question of the year.

Does Donald Trump get convicted and sent to prison in one of the four bullshit cases against him before the 2024 election? I’ve gone on record as bullish on Trump on this front.

Yesterday, we got confirmation that the Georgia case with Fani Willis is collapsing into a lurid sex and corruption scandal involving the prosecutor. It is a lucky break for Trump.

New York Times:

“Fani T. Willis, the district attorney prosecuting the Georgia election interference case against former President Donald J. Trump, acknowledged on Friday a “personal relationship” with a prosecutor she hired to manage the case but argued that it was not a reason to disqualify her or her office from it.

The admission came almost a month after allegations of an “improper, clandestine personal relationship” between the two surfaced in a motion from one of Mr. Trump’s co-defendants. The motion seeks to disqualify both prosecutors and Ms. Willis’s entire office from handling the case — an effort that, if successful, would likely sow chaos for an unprecedented racketeering prosecution of a former president.

“While the allegations raised in the various motions are salacious and garnered the media attention they were designed to obtain, none provide this Court with any basis upon which to order the relief they seek,” Ms. Willis’s filing said, adding that her relationship with the prosecutor, Nathan J. Wade, “has never involved direct or indirect financial benefit” to Ms. Willis. … ”

The fog of bullshit also cleared in DC in the Jack Smith case where the trial has been indefinitely postponed thanks to a ruling by U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for D.C. It was scheduled to begin on March 4.

New York Times:

“The implications are already coming into focus. On Friday, the Federal District Court judge overseeing election case, Tanya S. Chutkan, formally scrapped her plan to start the trial on March 4. She was bowing to the reality that time had run out to get the proceeding going by then, mostly because of the wrangling over Mr. Trump’s immunity claim, and said she would set a new date “if and when” that matter is resolved.

The disconnect between the expectations set up by the panel’s early moves to expedite the case and the weeks that have now accumulated without a ruling has captured the attention of some legal experts who are closely watching the case.

It has also caught the eye of Mr. Trump’s lawyers, who have been watching from the sidelines with something akin to quiet glee. Each day that passes without a ruling bolsters their strategy of seeking to postpone the trial until after the presidential race is decided. …

Depending on the justices’ actions, the election interference case could go to trial in Federal District Court in Washington as early as April or it could be delayed until after the election. If that occurs and Mr. Trump wins, he could ask his Justice Department to throw the charges out. Even if the charges were left in place, the proceedings against him could be frozen for as long as he is in office, under a longstanding Justice Department policy against prosecution a sitting president. …”

The political news is even more favorable.

It is now February and Joe Biden shows no sign of recovering in the polls. At this point in the 2020 election, Donald Trump was polling at 50% and appeared to be cruising toward reelection before COVID struck, the economy capsized during the lockdowns and the Summer of Floyd.


“WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fewer than four in 10 U.S. registered voters say President Joe Biden deserves to be reelected, while less than a quarter say the same about most members of the U.S. House. As is almost always the case, voters are more inclined to believe the U.S. representative from their own district should be returned to Congress, with 55% holding that view. …”

Joe Biden is polling at 38% nine months out from the 2024 election.


“With presidential primaries underway and a 2020 general election rematch seemingly the most likely outcome, a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS shows former President Donald Trump narrowly ahead of President Joe Biden in what’s shaping up to be a close contest nationally.

The poll highlights voters’ conflicted feelings about the leading candidates. Broad majorities of Democrats and Republicans say they’d be satisfied if their party’s candidate won such a rematch. Still, a sizable minority of voters express a desire for another option if Biden and Trump are the nominees.

Overall, 49% of registered voters say they would back Trump if an election between the two were held today, while 45% support Biden and 5% say they’d vote for someone else. Those numbers are identical to CNN polling on the contest in the fall, and the demographic dynamics of the contest appear to be steady – with a wide education gap among the most notable demographic divides, and smaller differences by age or race than in other recent presidential elections. …”

Biden is still losing in the CNN poll.

Maybe another war breaking out in the Middle East will turn this around? Maybe a showdown on the border with Texas over the nullification of federal immigration laws will sway Independents?

Note: BTW, this is the reason why the media wants to focus on trivialities like MAGA vs. Taylor Swift. They are grasping at straws to try to change the trajectory of this race.


  1. Remember, all of you Trump haters:

    Attacks on Trump are attacks on all working or middle class, white, Christian, straight men. Trump isn’t working class and he’s barely a Christian, but he is beloved by millions of us who identify that way, and as such, he is the proxy by which TPTB attack us.

    This Fani Willis person was punishing Trump in order to punish us all. It’s really that simple. Love him or hate him, he’s all the white working class has, so we must support him.

    • In other words, all the GOP has going for them is “at least I’m not a democrat…” There is no voting ourselves out of this mess.

    • This ^

      Trump will likely end up being mostly useless to us, and in many ways a detriment (see his effect on local and state races, which more directly affect our lives). But ultimately, he is a symbol that is attacked on our behalf. If he does down, they will be emboldened to kill us all.

  2. “Punxsutawney Phil predicts 4 more years of Trump.”
    But does that big Rodent say that his bigger Rat cousin, the Jew, will not be controlling Trump for the next 4 years ?

    • Jews controlled also Stalin, Putin Orban and a lot of other smaller guys. This is how this game is played.

      You must be Jew controlled puppet to get appointed. Only then you can come out of closet and go after them. When you expose your Jew hatred too early your political career is finished. Ask David Duke. Our side could have him and lot of others in high position if they only kept their mouth closed.

      Good news is that we have Jew haters on high positions. Similar to Soviet Union, many intelligent people understood that you don,t take regime down from homeless shelter. You must play along with the system and make career, also bring other dissidents to system until you are strong enough to challenge them openly.

      This is why Q is real. Dumber dissidents scream Sieg Heil and destroy their career. Wiser dissidents cater to Jews and make career like Stalin or Putin. American Resistance is much wiser than our one was back in the 1917 . Or Hitler later. This is why I think that system is filled with hidden dissidents.

      Jews think the same and purging white males as much they can because they also understand that a lot of they are hidden enemies and must kicked out from the system before uprising.

  3. Fani was tasked with prosecuting Zognald in order to build his popularity with the Zombies so he would be the nominee.

    All because the dems rightly view Zognald as their weakest competitor. He is unelectable and they know it

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