Democracy Defenders Ban Most Oregon Republican State Senators From Running For Reelection

I’ve been surprised this story has gotten so little traction.

Did you hear the news that Oregon has quietly become a one party state?


“Some of the Oregon Republican state senators hit by the state Supreme Court‘s decision to ban them from running for reelection raged against the decision, slamming the court as “Democrat-stacked.”

The Oregon Supreme Court unanimously ruled on Thursday that 10 Republican state senators cannot run for reelection after refusing to attend Senate sessions for about six weeks last year to stall Democratic-backed legislation. …”

9 out of 12 Republican state senators from Oregon have been disqualified from running for reelection because of a constitutional amendment that was passed in the 2022 midterms.

New York Times:

“The majority of Oregon’s Republican state senators are prohibited from running for re-election as a result of their repeated boycotts of legislative sessions last year, the Oregon Supreme Court ruled on Thursday. …

In a state that once prided itself on bipartisan collaboration, voters altered the State Constitution in 2022 to ban such absenteeism. Under the new rules, lawmakers who have 10 unexcused absences during a legislative session are barred from re-election. …

The lawmakers involved in the boycotts included nine of the Senate’s 12 Republicans and an independent who was a former Republican. …

Six of the lawmakers will be left off this year’s ballot, although two of them have already signaled their plans to retire. Four others will be barred from the ballot when they would have been up for re-election in 2026.

The secretary of state, LaVonne Griffin-Valade, a Democrat, applauded the Oregon Supreme Court’s decision. …”

Once again, it is all a big joke.

We are told Ukraine is a democracy when Zelensky has banned his opposition.

In Maine and Colorado, the Democratic Secretary of State has removed Trump from the ballot.

The DNC has repeatedly rigged the Democratic primary for years and most recently in this cycle by cancelling the New Hampshire Democratic primary and changing the primary schedule by moving up South Carolina to benefit Joe Biden because Iowa and New Hampshire are too White.

Joe Biden’s Justice Department has indicted Trump with multiple felonies over his storage of classified documents. Biden isn’t facing charges over keeping similar documents in his garage.

Note: Remember, Joe Biden is like George Washington at Valley Forge in this winter of discontent with Our Democracy. They seriously expect people to believe this bullshit.


  1. “Biden isn’t facing charges over keeping similar documents in his garage”

    Because is always used double standard (two weights two measures)…… always. I don’t trust in Trump but i think that is preferable his victory.

  2. “They seriously expect people to believe this bullshit.”

    Hate to break it to you, but half the country or more actually do!!

  3. Heighten the contradictions, Comrade. Simply outlaw the useless Republican Party, declare the horrible Democrat Party the ruling Party forevermore in the People’s Republic and split the western part of Oregon from the rest of the state. Combined with Idaho, both new states would be happier.

    Of course, this would constitute a rebuke of ‘Liberal/Conservative’ politics in “Our Democracy” so the sacred “Will of the People” must be thwarted by any means necessary. The Republicans will futilely slog through the courts as their remedy, upholding “Conservative” values while the Democrats laugh at them. The Democrats will eventually collapse the State by bankrupting it leading to a resolution of this political impasse: not voting, democracy, lawyering or standard politics.

    When the money runs out and people must fight for the leftover scraps the Left will implode and its mis-rule come to an end. California and ultimately the U.S. are going down the same dead-end road inherent in democracy. Some have more to start with than others so they have further to fall before reaching the bottom. We aren’t voting our way out of this.

  4. “Oregon has quietly become a one party state”:

    In a heightened state of war, including internal war, the system may dispense with the illusion of “choice.” But a one-party state would be good, the best, if the one party is a people’s party, not this fake-“Democratic” party that serves the rich elites. BOTH of the twin capitalist parties must be banned, and replaced by the people’s dictatorship, until it finally wins the war and a state is no longer needed.

    Oregon is not a left state, but Fox-News conservatives of the eastern counties fantasize about seceding from Oregon and joining Idaho:

    • Merthyr Man, ” Must be banned and replaced by the people’s DICTATORSHIP, …..Merthyr Man, you are a BLOODY RED KHMER ROUGE in WHITE skin, the epitome of the modern man, your subservience to the state, your sublication to the state and your desire to control the state, to use the power of the state, to impose your world view on those who walk under the sun, is MODERN IDOLATRY for MODERN MAN, so Merthyr Man, you use your rich, personal blessing of intelligence, to circumvent the will of the LORD and CORRUPT his sheep and lead them astray ? Just where do you think your desire and action’s are going to accomplish ?

      • Terry, “dictatorship” of the people doesn’t mean people are under a tyranny. It means that government has come under the people’s control, instead of the elite’s control. People’s control of government should continue as long as a government (state) is needed. Government is needed to protect the people from the reaction of the elites who will constantly try to infiltrate, subvert and overthrow it. You know that the state, or government, is a Biblical concept. But there is good and bad government, the vast majority of it very bad.

        I don’t seek to “impose my world view.” I only wish to share it, in good will. I am not cult-ish. I’m open to correction and different views. My understanding is far from perfect. and it could be entirely wrong. Many years ago I was confused by libertarian sophistry and thought the new Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was brilliant. (But not for long.) If you bring new facts and logic, I’m open to that. Also pray for God’s direction.

  5. Politically, Oregon is two states.
    West of the Cascades, libtard wacko latte sippers;
    East of the Cascades, lumberjacks and ranchers.

    Thus the reason for the Greater Idaho Project.

  6. As is Mississippi as is Arkansas. They are in reality two states. Ethno-cultural realities overpower artificial state lines. Below Jackson Mississippi gets whiter and whiter. Arkansas gets whiter the further up you are from Little Rock whereas the more south you are from Little Rock the blacker it gets.

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