Rolling Stone: Who Is Dusty Deevers?

We need Dusty Deevers in the U.S. Senate.

James Lankford will be looking for a new job soon anyway.

Rolling Stone:

Dusty Deevers is a fundamentalist preacher. He’s also a state senator. And he insists he doesn’t see “any firewalls” between his two roles — as he crusades to outlaw porn, end what he decries as the “abortion holocaust,” and abolish no-fault divorce in Oklahoma. He argues that the sole purpose of government is to “promote what is good in accordance with the will of God.” …

Deevers did not respond to an interview request from Rolling Stone, but he has detailed his political and theological views extensively in podcasts with like-minded interviewers, including calling porn “fundamentally an evil.” He augments his views with moralist policy thought poems like this one on X: 

Pornography is the opium of the masses. 

The powerful keep it to suppress the virulent. 

The immature assume it’s a harmless supplement. 

The greedy promote it to enslave the voracious consumer appetite. 

The Devil employs it as bait for a banquet in the grave. 

Ban porn. …

Sounding every bit like a Margaret Atwood villain, Deevers speaks of government as “a system of force to bring right judgment and right practice under law.” He speaks of government as wielding “the sword of violence or justice” — as though the two concepts were synonymous. He insists that “God’s word tells us especially how the Civil sphere is to operate,” and he inveighs against the “acidic effects” of “the doctrine of men.” ,,,”

Sorry, there is no such thing as a healthy culture that is soaked in pornography or which has no fault divorce or legal abortion. A permissive culture will be permissive across the board.


  1. Someone with a spine in the Grand Old Politburo Washington Generals (R) wing of the UNI party club that we aren’t in.
    I am wildly entertained.
    Listening to Sleaford Mods sample the Dukes of Hazzard car horn!
    GBH? The punk legends Grievous Bodily Harm.

    • The Jewish God. The more I learn about “Christianity” the less I like it. Maybe if usury were banned or controlled but noooooo, we can’t do that goy!

      • “Maybe if usury were banned”

        In the middle ages the Venetians put a 5% cap on loans to control usury. Most of the jwz moved out.

        For industry and commerce there needs to be available capital, but not life crushing usury.

  2. “Sorry, there is no such thing as a healthy culture that is soaked in pornography or which has no fault divorce or legal abortion. A permissive culture will be permissive across the board.”

    This isn’t the case. East Asian cultures are famously porn-soaked and have very low fertility rates. But they also have little bastardy and homosexuality compared to the West. Few kids are born, but those who are almost always grow up with their biological father in the house, not having to deal with the round-robin of stepdad’s and momma’s boyfriends the way American kids do.

    I don’t know what people thought would happen when they banned abortion. Where women supposed to think “I can’t kill my kid now guess I have to get married and start going to church?” Of course that wasn’t going to happen. In Poland they banned abortion and were rewarded with among the lowest fertility rates in the EU and now they’ve got a Left-wing government.

    “No one wants their daughter to be in porn.”

    Um, yeah, they do. He should spend some time at the visitation room at a local jail. He has no effing clue what he’s up against.

    • As I said, there is no such thing as a healthy porn soaked culture. South Korea having 0.84 births per woman is consistent with this. It is another aging, dying culture like Japan which is the oldest country in the world and one of the first to legalize abortion.

        • Good point.

          South Korea and Japan still have all sorts of deep cultural problems just like the West. Feminism is a big issue in South Korea. Japan has all sorts of weirdos like the hikikomori. Both countries are getting older and dying like most European countries.

          I wasn’t aware that porn was illegal in South Korea. That’s somewhat surprising, but it is generally part of a complex web of issues that degrades cultures and brings down family formation.

    • Albert ” I don’t know what people thought when they banned abortion ” we thought/we think, we passed legislation/a law, that made the state sanctioned murder/ BLOOD SACRIFICE of the UNBORN, ILLEGAL and against the law, quite simply, ALBERT ……

    • Anti-abortion is the one social conservative positions that I can’t in good faith understand, it’s just retarded. Birthrates arguments is easier for me to understand why people think that argument is persuasive but is also very dumb.

      We don’t need *more* white people we need *less* non-white people in white countries, as well as globally. If whites stopped propping up “the global south” their populations would collapse to historical norms.

      This notion that abortion is a backstop against degeneracy is ahistorical and assumes the progressives linear PROGRESS OF HISTORY™?

      Abortion was illegal during the roaring 20’s did that prevent flapper floozies??? It’s completely ahistorical and reinforces progressives view on history. In the past there was traditionalism, slowly we worked towards liberation. Nope. Even in the dark ages, during extreme social conservatism you can find periods of (generally 10-20 years) of social liberalism.

      Cultural liberalism has come and gone in society as well as social conservatism. There’s been many different reasons but the most common through line has been destabilizing events. That can manifest from technological advancements dislocating large swathes of the population, war, poltical/econmic turmoil etc. During times of mass de-stabilization social liberalism will follow. Tyrannical cultural conservatism can be attributed to periods of social liberalism, this is the primary cause peddled out by the establishment but seems to be less frequent than destabilization, but has/can happen.

      I’d add that a social conservative tradition that’s completely outdated also engenders a backlash, eg with modern medicine there’s no need for families to have 5+ children where the assumption was that some of the kids would die before adulthood. If you tried to push families to have 6, 8, 10 kids people would not accept that.

      I’m all in favor of depopulation. The problem we have is that efforts to depopulate are done underhanded and often target the wrong populations. Depopulation done consciously and explicitly doesn’t require anti-family pathologies.

      I don’t want a world of 15 billion people. If America stayed super majority white but had a billion people, it would still require a police state. Regardless of their percentage of the general pop 250-300 million black and brown people will require a police state. With 700 million whites technocratic solutions would be required as well. It’d necessitate more elite planning.

      Birthrates is simple Big-Line investors selling perpetual growth to trads. When it would undercut trad social conservatism

  3. So Dusky Divas wants to jail consumers of porn? If the gubbermint’s job is to “promote what is good in accordance with the will of God” I’d have thought that might include jailing the producers of porn, even if – dare I say it – these folk aren’t Gentiles.

    • This is example of why Deevers is either ignorant or yet another grifter. Going after the users – who are in many respects victims – never works, at least not as a first step. Going after the producers by making them massively liable for all manner of damages, from both users and the state of OK itself, would actually accomplish something. Drafting a law to accomplish this requires some real thought to avoid obvious (though largely imagined) traps with “freedom of expression” under the first amendment. I find it interesting that all the folks complaining about Deever have magically morphed from being active supporters of outlawing “mis-information” to staunch defenders of the constitution. Funny how that works.

      Going after porn is a fine idea. The devil – as always – lies in the details of how to actually accomplish something in the area. It’s better to work quietly to go after those who produce the vast river of sewage than to grandstand for a media which is owned by the same gang who’s selling the putrid stuff. Interesting also how one rarely if ever sees the professional feminists complaining about the stuff. As you note, the usual suspects are the ones who have long been in control of the entire porn industry. If Deevers were truly devious, he’d grandstand for the media about going after the fapping neckbeards while quietly drafting legislation to unleash swarms of piranha-lawyers upon Schlomo’s Porn-Hub et al. Take a page from Koba the Dread’s book.

      • “Take a page from Koba the Dread’s book”:

        Yes, Koba’s (Stalin’s) laws making divorce and abortion essentially illegal, in addition to the rapid progress of industrialisation and agricultural output in the thirties, led to a population boom in Russia, while the West was sinking in the Great Depression. Those were the happiest years of the Soviet Union, and little did most of them know what lay ahead.

        But if Russia had followed the “free love, easy divorce and abortion-on-demand” path that was laid out by Trotsky, it would have become another morally-corrupted Weimar basket case unfit to resist Operation Barbarossa. Trotskyism almost destroyed Russia!

        Don’t forget that Mao did the same thing as Stalin, leading to stable marriages and an enormous population increase, that continued until after Mao died, when the revisionist capitalist roader Deng Xiaoping made the deal with the U.S., in which the U.S. required China to reduce its birthrate as part of the trade deal – hence the disastrous “one-child law” that created great demand for abortions and other un-natural birth control methods, and a generation of mostly males who can’t find wives! The U.S.’s one-child scheme has been rescinded under Xi Jinping’s national-restorative leadership, and China is encouraging normal marriage relations again, and restricting abortions to what is medically necessary. Historic cultural “Chinese characteristics” (Confucian culture and ethics) favor marriage and large families and are opposed to abortion and unnatural relations.

        As it says in Scripture, “Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

    • “So Dusky Divas wants to jail consumers of porn?”

      Typical self-righteous know-it-all preacher, smearing manipulative guilt on with a trowel. In a million years, he’ll never address the crucial issue of race . He’s bent his will to the jwzish fabrication of ‘we’re all God’s children’, ‘all races are equal’ etc. bs.

      in an all WHITE society porn is meaningless. Young people will form healthy couples and porn will be relegated to the dark corners of obscurity.


  4. “No one wants their daughter to be in porn.”

    Jesse James was one of the biggest names in porn.
    Her dad, a retired cop, is just fine with her doing porn.

    A big problem with many bible advocates, they project their simple concepts onto others.

    • “Jesse James was one of the biggest names in porn.
      Her dad, a retired cop, is just fine with her doing porn.”

      I have an extremely difficult time believing that. “Just fine” with it implies exactly what, anyway? That he didn’t disown her because of it? Did someone interview him, and this is how he reacted? Or does he go on tour with her, getting in front of cameras and bragging to the world that he’s the proudest father on earth because his daughter does interracial gangbang bukkake on camera for the world to see?

      Also, I would suggest that a retired cop might be a little jaded, having seen the underbelly of society, as in, “at least she’s not a crackhead streetwalker prostitute”. His “just fine with it” might come from a place of relief that she didn’t get into worse alternatives.

      Lastly, a retired cop doesn’t necessarily imply someone who is a stellar example of integrity and character. There have been quite a few who wound up in jail for drug dealing, taking bribes and payoffs, and dabbling in crime as a side gig with the benefit of working from the inside. Sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      • “difficult time believing that. “Just fine” with it implies exactly what, anyway? ”

        He didn’t have any objections or see anything wrong.

        “Did someone interview him, and this is how he reacted?”

        Yep, he was on a news segment talking about her life.

      • The point was, some people are ok with their daughter doing porn.

        “proudest father on earth because his daughter does interracial gangbang bukkake on camera for the world to see?”

        You’re being hyperbolic.
        I have no idea the types of porn she did.

  5. “But they also have little bastardy and homosexuality compared to the West.”

    Thailand and Philippines have swarms of ladyboys and single moms.

  6. “As I said, there is no such thing as a healthy porn soaked culture.”

    As I posted, now deleted, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Holland all had wild porn and were healthy stable societies, prior to the mud invasion.

    Denmark produced some of the weirdest bestiality stuff.

    • None of these countries are healthy societies. Every single one has major social problems like mass immigration, especially Sweden and the Netherlands, where natives are being replaced at a rapid clip. There is no such thing as a permissive, but healthy culture.

      • I said,
        “were healthy stable societies, prior to the mud invasion.”

        Prior to the mud invasions, all the Nordic countries had low crime rates. Sweden was close to being an ideal society and tolerated ‘promiscuity’ outside American standards. Rape was next to zero and gang rape was unknown.

        I’m saying……., RACE IS THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENT

        HW, I agree with you “race isn’t everything”, but it is ESSENTIAL.

        “There is no such thing as a permissive, but healthy culture.”

        Yes there is, When permissive among your own WHITE kindred. Being permissive to non-whites, in any capacity, is suicide. There can be the most restrictive laws among non-whites and society will still be a mess.


        • Northern European countries like Sweden and the Netherlands developed a permissive, liberal, antiracist culture and mass immigration from the Third World flowed from that. Racial homogeneity was lost because of permissiveness. The same self centered, permissive mindset and values is reflected in everything from feminism to porn to abortion to gay marriage. It is happening now in Ireland which is following in the footsteps of Britain in the 1950s and 1960s.

          • “Racial homogeneity”
            That’s the thing to protect.

            There has to be selective permissiveness. I don’t see it as a blanket issue.

            Like Sweden, 12 yr old kids could buy whiskey and porn , without becoming a depraved sociopaths. In an all WHITE society there is a framework to keep people from going off the rails .

        • Listen to the CARS Album,


          And get off this autism thing about nudes

          Seriously win geeks!

          Chad! Win or lose

          Identity Dixie did an article on cuckolds

          Face reality!

          Fight and Win!

      • I’ve thought about that and I can’t make any correlation, aside from the inverse, muds are big consumers of the grossest porn. They’re a big segment of the consumers.

        This mud invasion is a product of ((propaganda media )), just as is toxic feminism, homosexuality, trans, etc.

        All media driven 🙁

        • Arrian, thank you for your response, but what I actually meant too imply by that was, the mud Invasion’s of the West, are judgement of the West, for their spiritual wickedness, we have lost/ are losing Gods protection, we have taken it/ him for granted and as he allow’s us, to do what we want, we ah,, we find ourselves all alone and left too our own devices and things are seeming too be some what uncertain and unsteady too say the least

  7. Though I think the alt-right has a lot of good points, it’s stuff like this that reminds me I’m actually a liberal. If I have to pick between Voltaire and the Grand Inquisitor, I’m picking Voltaire every time.

  8. There is no such thing as a permissive, but healthy culture.

    I really don’t want to say this, nor do I want to believe it, but I’ve got a bad feeling you may be right.

    I mean liberalism (or more precisely, the permissive associated with it) has delivered some very real human goods. What, we really can’t say that some societies of the past were too uptight? Come on.

    But damn, if there’s no way to put any brakes on it, then the terrifying thought is that price of total civilizational dissolution (look around you, it’s not pretty) just isn’t worth it.

    Execrable fucking libtards.

  9. “the sole purpose of government is to promote what is good in accordance with the will of God”:

    Yes. I agree. Scripture says government is “for the praise of them that do well.” It should allow or encourage the goodness of man (or God in man). But there are two kinds of states, or governments. One kind is the enforcer of class exploitation, corrupting its population of “human resources” with the propaganda of selfishness, lust and greed (encouraging the evil inclination of human nature) in order to protect and advance the interest of a small class of exploiters of the “human resources.”

    The other kind of government works to protect the people from the rule of the exploiters, to allow the GOOD inclination of human nature which is GOD working in or with us (“Gott mit uns,” if you will) to be expressed. Its sole purpose is to defend and promote what is good in accordance with the will of God, just as the evangelical right-wing populist said.

    But a MIXED (both good and evil) government, that the evangelical populist seems to want, tries to ban specific sins (such as porn use) to tamp down the worst demoralizing effects of exploitation, class, private property, and private profit, while at the same time protecting the evil class system! But after mixing good food into poison, the poison still remains poisonous. “Reform,” which is just lukewarm, is always incomplete and unsuccessful, because Populism is not revolution.

      • Terry, I think the first sin is pride: men wanting to be equal to or greater than God, and then treating fellow humans as inferiors, objects and slaves. Fornication is an abuse or mistreatment of others, in thought or deed. The ethic of capitalism is “the virtue of selfishness” expressed in for-profit business, and by that “moral” standard the for-profit fornication (including porn) industry is “good” because it is profitable, and is to be protected, because it is private for-profit business.

        When the masses of “human resources” are alienated, impoverished and losing hope, they are more likely to fall for the sales pitches of the vice industry that sells them alcohol and other drugs, and all kinds of fornication.

        Christian socialism won’t eradicate the evil inclination (pride, greed, lust) in man, but it protects and encourages the good inclination in man much more than the greed-based system that is presently in control.

        • Merthyr Man, thank you for your response, I actually meant the greater sin, of the two i mentioned, …….” ” The ethic of capitalism is, ” the virtue of selfishness ” ……that is debatable, you get what you pay for in this world, quality don’t come cheap …….. If everything was accessible to everyone without effort, nothing would have value …….

  10. When I was a young tike, I could see porn on the upper shelves of a grocery store or the local bus station. This was all in (what was) a totally huwhite Christian town at that time.
    My mom and dad raised Christian hell against it, and also against the value-neutral sex ed curriculum in the schools, and they succeeded.
    So, I do track with what this dude is trying to do but is it in any real sense practical?
    How do you police consumption?
    They need to police the production.

  11. There are a few things to like here. He has six kids. This would be a good idea:

    “Deevers has also filed a bill providing eye-for-an-eye punishment for anyone bearing false witness. It would subject an accuser, found to have “willfully made a false report,” to the criminal punishment that would have accompanied a guilty conviction for the alleged offense.”

    But then there’s stuff like this:

    “The first bill on his docket classifies “any abortion as homicide” and “allows for the prosecution of the mother of the unborn child.””

    Wonderful, so if your daughter gets raped by some thug and tries to kill the rape-spawn, she could get the chair. Even most pro-lifers are going to be opposed to this.

    • ” if your daughter gets raped”
      or she gets drunk or someone puts Rohypnol or something else in her food or drink.
      People do make serious mistakes, why make it worse.

      Besides, she can just go to another country for an abortion

    • Slaves were not cheap by any means. One had to be very well-to-do to afford even an elderly house slave to cook and clean. Poor white farmers didn’t own slaves even in the deep south. Young field slaves were the equivalent price of a high-end Tesla in today’s dollars. How many people who’d shelled out that kind of money for workers would just wantonly abuse them? Yes there have always been unstable types who might, but they were quite uncommon. Countless owners freed slaves upon their passing in order that families would not be broken up. That’s historical reality.

      Uncle Tom’s Cabin was likely Rothschild-funded propaganda. Both sides in the Dred Scott case were surprisingly well-funded to be able to take such a case all the way to the Supreme Court. In today’s dollars, taking a case through multiple layers of court systems all the way to the SC is going to be well into seven figures. Expenses are no trouble for those with the ability to create money out of thin air via the ‘magic’ of usury-rackets.

  12. My theory is, or at least my pet theory is, this is the end result of a society that can’t think of anything except themselves, what they want, what will give them pleasure in the short run is pretty much all that concerns them. That’s what the atheists don’t like about God, it tells them that there is something in the world except them, they don’t dig that. The reverend LaVay, if he could be called that, said this, to a satanist, their own birthday is the most important day, he makes no effort to hide that self absorption and self adoration is the goal.

    That sounds like a damn good description of modern western society to me.

    When enough people in a society begin to believe that sex is just there to fuck and or jack off, rather than produce a healthy family structure for children, this is what occurs.

      • That’s why traditional Christianity regarded them as in the scripture – the Synagogue of Satan. As you might have noticed, the chosenites gather about centers of porn, prostitution, drugs, gambling and other vices – often addictive in nature – like flies gather around shit or buzzards around a rotting carcass. Hell, the (((Sassoons))) – nicknamed “Rothschilds of the East” used their British Empire servitors to rocket-propel opium addiction in China starting in the 1820s because the Qing Dynasty demanded payment in silver for all the porcelain and other goods they were exporting. Britain basically had to stop silver coinage for a couple of decades around the turn of the 18th-19th century because of this and the massive debts piled up with endless wars against France.

        Lyndon LaRouche was not entirely wrong when he named the Brit royals as “the biggest drug-pushers on earth”. The Chinese have not forgotten their ‘Century of Humiliation’ by any means. Let’s hope that their wiser ones remind that one hellbent on revenge is well-advised to carry a shovel to dig his own grave – even if he gets his wish. Imperialism in never a net gain for the natives of the imperial homeland in the end. Just look at Britain now if you doubt this.

  13. I support banning porn- BUT it’s not a state issue.

    State laws on requiring proof of age on porn sites is a better and more realistic state solution. A federal ban is needed.

    What pisses me off though is that many social conservative positions are about as unlikely to pass as a law against race mixing.

    If you’re going to squander pragmatically chances of winning for your principles (sometimes that’s smart) than I wish they’d lose elections on trying to ban race mixing. Losing elections on abortions is pathetic.

  14. With me, it has never been a lack of faith in Christ, it is my lack of faith in Christians. When Christians become warriors once more and bring back blasphemy laws, remove tax exempt statuses from churches, ban porn, abortion, no fault divorce, gay marriage, gay adoption, trans surgeries, etc., then I’m all the way back in.
    I can still picture being a kid & my mama standing at the sink washing dishes and singing this:

    Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before.
    Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe;
    Forward into battle see His banners go!

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