1. There is an old Roman Republic saying, “To have peace, prepare for war.”

    Applying this dictum to internal politics it’s clear, the country has not prepared, for War, for Civil War. But, a distinct minority of traitors aided and abetted by foreigners has prepared for war. I don’t know how it will end but I know how it will be going thru to the end.

    There are easily 1,000,000 non-White, full time and well armed gangsters, who are organized by the Left and conditioned to violence. They are further organized by political cadres of Leftists who’ve seized control of the commanding heights of power and TOTALLY dominated much of the populous areas of the country, especially its courts and bureaucracies.

    In contrast, although outnumbering and outgunning this collective of Blacks, Browns, Yellows, and White Ethnics, the predominantly larger group of White Normies is exactly the opposite. Neither organized or conditioned to violence they complain about not being left alone to go fishing and larp about being slightly pacifist and isolationist.

    Since, most of the Dissident Right, the overwhelming majority of Republicans, and almost all other White normies haven’t prepared for Civil War, they will get it instead. Most readers here will live to see deprivation and loss and probably die because they liked Chic Filet instead of prepping for the coming storm. There is a storm coming. And it’s no bueno. Some, but few know it. Do you?

  2. So about 5:00am EST this morning have state and local law enforcement show up at the “ranch” and break down the door and arrest J.R. Biden for willfully aiding and abetting criminals from all over the world entering into the USA illegally. He is guilty as charged and there are billions of witnesses to his crime. No need for a trial just execute him immediately and be done with this charade by this imposter who stole the 2020 election. J.R. has no immunity so he is now an easy target for all his enemies who want to get rid of him sorta like the way every Dem alive is going after Donald Trump today.

    Banana Airstrip 666
    “Where you think we ain’t, we is!”

    • Unfortunately, while this is a correct position, it isn’t held by the leadership of the state. Instead, they plan to do that to Trump.

  3. Orange Roadrunner says meep meep as the UNI-Party Wile E. Coyote braces for impact.
    Love that Photochop of Emmanuel Trumpstein in Eazy-E Compton hat and Jheri-Curl hair with MAGA on the front of the hat.
    Greatness has left the building as the Great Leap Retarded burns it all down better in the KWAN.

  4. Thunderdome cage match trial by combat.
    The winner gets to rule over a steaming fourth world turd…for a few more years.
    Finally some good kayfabe Kabuki in this fading banana republic.

  5. Donald Trump, Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson. With honorable mentions to guys like James O’Keefe, Joe Rogan and Greg Abbott, Ron Desantis.

    These guys have done more in the last couple years to advance White Interests inadvertently than White Nationlism 1 & 2, and every White positive political figure/movement going back to Lindbergh, including the failed dissident right, has managed combined.


    This interview is gonna be big. If for no other reason than the sheer brazen defiance of our queer imperial government and the corporate janissaries that carry its water.

    The deligitimization of western governments, as currently constituted, is the only way forward that doesn’t have to end in civil war, or the extermination of Whitey.

    Truth, unmired by ideology and autistic faggotry, is our greatest defense. I do hope Tucker doesn’t get himself killed. The cost of this kind of accelerationism could be massive to these guys.

    We really are in uncharted water, somewhere on the far shore of the rubicon. No going back now, no idea where this leads. Definitely interesting times.

    • A Zio-Stooge Interviews another Zio-Stooge and the end result will be nothing will change whatsover. “Whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him” – Albert Pike. There is nothing organic that happens at the top of the Food Chain now – it’s all carefully crafted whether it be Carlson “getting fired” from Fox then going to X and then going on to interview Putin, Punished Trump being persecuted by the US Jewdicial System, Sleepy Joe “doing nothing” while the jews genocide Palis or at the US border, etc.

    • Absolutely correct on all points. Focusing on the political, it is not accidental that non-White nationalists have done more to advance White Nationalism than all WNs since Lindbergh.

      The reason is simple. Politics is the art of the possible. It is not possible to name “Duh, Jew” every moment like David Duke and expect to advance WN interests. It is possible though to at least Stfu about it. Or in the case of Trump to be allied with right wing nationalist Israelis to work for a common cause.

      In the case of Trump, it’s White Conservetive Nationalists, and right wing Jews that have given access for Trump to push his agenda. It’s the right wing normies who got Trump elected. And it’s Trump that is using all of that to push the GOP Congressional Caucus in making immigration and the border central issues of the party and stopping “China Doll” McConnel aka “Cocaine Mitch” from advancing his American sellout.

      Again, there is a reason all this happened. It didn’t happen by going fishing. It happened by getting involved. Entryism is how the commies gained so much power in this country, and it’s how we will do the same. White Conservative Nationalists like myself getting involved in politics is how Trump was enabled to push nationalist policies. In contrast, public Neo-Nazi larping is gay and very fedy. Be smarter and less autistic.

      “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”

  6. The U.sury S.ystem ordered its hands in Pakistan to lock Imran Khan in prison for ten years, for daring to criticize the U.S., and to make sure that he will not be elected president of Pakistan again. He is still the Pakistani people’s choice. The U,S, is running the upcoming election in Pakistan, as usual. The U.S. made a mistake when it (s)elected Khan last time.

    The U.S. did the same thing to U.S. presidential candidate Eugene Debs, whisking him off the campaign trail (after a “seditious speech” against involvement in WW1) to prison for a ten-year sentence, to make sure his campaign would fail, and that his socialist party would fail.

    The U.sury S.ystem “meddles” constantly in elections, all over the world. The U.S. ran the election that put pro-capitalist traitor Boris Yeltsin in power. The Almighty Dollar that the U.S. prints so freely (as many as it wants) buys EVERYTHING the system needs! There is no shortage of greedy men who will do ANYTHING for gifts of U.S. money, including betraying their own people and destroying their own native land.

    • Another example, only one of hundreds of examples I could cite, is the U.S. operation to frame Lula, the Brazilian people’s choice, and put him in prison so he could not win the election for a second term as president of Brazil. I could go on an on. the empire does this all the time.

      So the system if it wants will have no problem removing Trump from the meaningless race for the figurehead position of POTUS, and install Nimrata Randhawa instead, or maybe Biden again or another Democrat. POTUSes are puppets or robots. Even the current DE FACTO PRESIDENT of the United States, President Tony Blinken, is a robot steered and driven by the nature and logic of the capitalist-imperialist system. The system cannot change, and it cannot be reformed. History proves that populist reform is a temporary illusion.

  7. As Putin told the Jew Tucker, it doesn’t matter who is President. American Presidents are just a facade, he said. They don’t run anything.

    Presidents can have an impact on their party, like Trump, who has pushed the Republicans relentlessly left, but Presidents don’t control anything. They are a facade.

    It was juicy when Putin doxxed Tucker as CIA. Who destroyed the Pipeline? Putin answers, you did, Tucker, it was you. Tucker protests that he has an alibi. Putin answers, you Tucker have a personal alibi, but still it was the CIA that blew up the pipeline. QED.

    Tucker’s ancesters don’t seem to be Jews, but with his Chabad red wristband, obviously he has converted to Judaism at some point.

    What comes to mind is gaining the whole world while losing your own soul. He has followed the path of Trump, Milei, and Mikey Johnson, into perdition.

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