Democrats Flip Former George Santos Seat In New York Special Election

This was the most stereotypical GOP race ever.

1. Elect a Jewish homosexual conman in New York’s 3rd Congressional District. They are proud of him before his scandals come to light.

2. Get embarrassed by relentless trolling from the mainstream media.

3. Expel George Santos from Congress.

4. The GOP establishment handpicks an Ethiopian-born Israeli-American with no political experience or name recognition to run for the vacant seat in a special election simply because she checks all the right diversity boxes. She runs on being pro-Israel and serving as a paratrooper in the IDF. Democrats run a veteran Italian pol who ran for governor in a lean Democratic district.

5. She loses in a landslide.

6. GOP squanders their most vulnerable seat with a razor thin House majority thereby making it even harder to accomplish anything.


“NEW YORK — Embrace calls for stronger border security. Acknowledge the advanced age of President Joe Biden. Pledge to support law enforcement and Israel.

Democrat Tom Suozzi hit on all these points during his campaign for a bellwether House district on Long Island — successfully turning his party’s chief vulnerabilities into assets.

And the strategy worked.

Suozzi’s 8-point victory Tuesday against Republican candidate Mazi Pilip came as Democrats nationwide are grappling with the GOP’s leveraging of the southern border crisis to its advantage, Biden’s low approval ratings and concerns about his age. …”

Washington Post:

“Mazi Pilip, the Republican in New York’s 3rd Congressional District race, is not well-known on Long Island. She had just started her second term as a Nassau County legislator when the local Republican Party tapped her to run for the congressional seat.

Pilip, 44, is a mother of seven children who was born in Ethiopia, immigrated to Israel and served in the Israel Defense Forces before relocating to the United States. She has made supporting Israel and opposing illegal immigration key features of her campaign. And with far fewer years in elected office compared to her Democratic opponent, Pilip has relied on her biography as a way of giving herself credibility on these issues.

Mazi has described herself as a paratrooper in the IDF and has regularly featured a picture of herself holding a firearm while she served. …”

All you can do is laugh.

They run these type of joke candidates over and over again.

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  1. Let’s see if this post will make it.

    I don’t get the sense that the GOP has any interest in winning the majority of anything this year.

    Forcing the quirky Santos out in the face of the Democrats keeping truly shady characters like Eric Swalwell banging Fang Fang the Chinese spy just smacks of blatant self-sabotage.

    My theory is that Joseph Robinette Biden is such a horrible president and Kamala Harris is so unpopular that no amount of cheating – however careful – can justify his re-election. Especially in the face of the number of uncowed people loudly vocalizing their plans to vote for Trump across the board.

    So Trump will probably win in 2024. Therefore the only thing let for the GOP establishment wing of the Uniparty to do is cede the Democrats the majority in both houses to stymie anything and everything Trump tries to do.

    Either that or Biden and company have made such a mess of things that this country is finally going to crash and the GOP Establishment doesn’t want to be seen behind the wheel when it does.

    Or maybe a combination of both.

  2. After this (s)election the Grand Old Politburo will have outlived its usefulness in the Long March?
    Good, good, bye bye Whigs.
    At least we know what kind of burn it all down we are getting with the CPUSA or democrat comrades.

  3. Yep. As always Hunter. You called it 100% correctly. The Evil Party vs the Stupid Party. Boy did the stupid party do something stupid here.

    You aren’t young enough to remember the last time the GOP did anything even remotely this stupid. IMO It was back in the race for US Senator from Illinois – the favored rich, White system Republican from wealthy and very Republican Dupage County suburb of Chicago was forced to withdraw because of a sex scandal. The Democrat candidate was a then completely unknown mixed race community organizer with a Muslim name Barack Obama picked by Lib and Communist Chicago Je*ish political consultants David Axelrod and ex Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers. The unknown half Black guy with an Islamic last name was

    Barack Obama

    The GOP then slated Alan Keneys a Black “Conservative” talk show host with pro life backing. Blacks vote > 95% anti White, Lib Leftist Democrat in chicago/Illinois.

    Barack Obama won in a landslide, same as in this White flight only 3% Black Queens/Long Island suburbs Congressional district – one of the wealthiest Congressional Districts in the USA once held by sane and sensible Congressman Peter King. Pretty much the entire GOP vote in this area is running against New York City Black Dem rule, Black crime – there is something like a 15% Jewish vote so obviously any competitive GOP White candidate has to be pro Israel, but doesn’t have to not defend our border , support our people’s great replacement to appease this 15% Jewish vote.


    Yep – the GOP Stupid Party at it’s worst. The Black Ethiopian Jewish immigrant woman married to a Ukrainian Je* (of course supports 95% billion American military aide to Ukraine’s Je* president to slaughter White European Russians).

    Well, no reason to ramble.

    The GOP isn’t called “The Stupid Party for nothing”.

    • Yes I do remember Illnoize’s infamous ‘Model-T’ election for senator (you can vote for any color you like as long as it’s black). The kneegrow vote was the usual lopsided one in favor of the half-negro offering with the Muslim name – D’Won Housenigga Hussein. Poor Keyes, with far more African ancestry than D’Won, ended up getting clobbered. The Kosher-Nosetra running Hussein’s campaign even un-sealed the divorce records of the white lawyer from Shitcongo who was married to the actress who played Seven of Nine on some Star-Trek spinoff. Keyes never had a prayer. The Gay Old Pedoburo in Illnoize might as well drop the pretense and just join the D-jerseys. They all part of the ‘outfit’. Like Californistan, it’s now a de-facto one-party state. You don’t even get on the ballot in most races unless the outfit (Kosher-Nosetra and their honky step-n-fethcits) says OK.

      As for the stupid party, it’s a misnomer. Calling them stupid implies their behavior is a bug when it is really a hard-wired feature. Rev. Dabney (one of HW’s greatest discoveries) described their operation perfectly all the way back in 1870. Like all ‘conservatives’ they are the mere shadow following the vanguard D-jerseys whose sole purpose to to conserve the gains made by the revolutionary party on long march to utopia – which invariably ends in mass graves and totalitarian rule by an oligarchy.

    • I remember that well as I am a resident of the PRI.

      I had never heard of Obama before and most people I know didn’t either. He came out of nowhere. Then the GOP runs Alan Keyes against him, virtually assuring a landslide loss for the GOP.

      I think the GOP likes being the minority and when you think about it, it has its advantages. Nobody can blame you when certain legislation is passed and you can send your fundraiser letters out to the dupes saying ‘See, we tried. Give us more money so we can keep fighting.’

  4. I miss George Santos. He tricked the kosher uniparty and got into Congress. Ok, he is a fag and a fake Jew. But he is still a hero. I hope he runs again.

  5. You do realize that Santos isn’t actually Jewish right? His whole thing was he was Jew-ish but not Jewish, meaning he’s like a Jew but not a real Jew. I admire Santos for ripping off society so much. He should be considered an icon, by exposing how full of garbage that politicians actually are. And I usually don’t back Republicans.

  6. I like Santos, too.

    I despise the GOP for removing a duly elected candidate for whom his district voted. Instead of buckling to media pressure, especially with such narrow voting margins, the House Leadership should have grown some balls and kept him, pointing out that Santos was up for re-election in less than two years and it is supposed to be up to his constituents to take him out via the vote.

    It’s not like they are stuck with him for six years so he has time to get involved in passing something truly disastrous like Oklahoma’s Senator James Langford right after election, knowing his constituents have six years to forget about it.

    There should be a recall mechanism for senators who pull the kind of stunts that Langford was talked into.

  7. This may be as good reason as can be found as to why the Republican Party was in a minority for 40 years. Kicking somebody out of congress for lying is like giving out speeding tickets at a NASCAR face.

    • > Kicking somebody out of congress for lying is like giving out speeding tickets at a NASCAR race.

      Thread winner!! That’s a quote worthy of Mark Twain or Will Rogers. Three cheers for a fellow Copperhead!

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